methis there something like tig for bzr ?00:20
treavesIf there is not, no one here would know, as no one here would know - or care - what 'big' is.00:24
pooliea curses gui00:25
poolieno, i'd recommend using the actual gui00:25
poolieqbzr/bzr explorer00:25
poolielooks useful00:25
spivOr even the actual cli :)00:25
thomi|work_wgz: thanks!01:43
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mgzmorning all09:04
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mgzargh, the command hooks again10:53
mgzthese tests are all broken10:53
mgzha, and fixing the test makes it fail spectacularly.10:56
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jelmermgz: :-S11:59
mgzwhat's the best help we have on using scenarios? I just poke around the code base looking for examples each time12:02
mgzand have no idea of the best way of doing things.12:02
mgz...using scenarios here is probably a dodgy idea, but amusing.12:02
jelmermgz: that's what I do too..12:04
jelmermgz, vila: Could I persuade either of you to have a look at my lazy-regex-pickle branch?12:13
mgz...that's actually what I was going to do before I got distracted12:15
mgzI wonder if 246 tests is too many... :)12:18
jelmer246 tests for what ? :)12:20
mgzoption help :D12:21
jelmerhmmok :)12:23
CaMasonhi guys. Is there a viable way to squash commits (without a merge operation)?12:57
CaMasonso for `A-B-C-D-E-F`, I'd like `A-----D----`12:57
CaMasonI figure I can do the second part with 3 uncommits, followed by a commit. But I couldn't go any further back12:57
CaMasonI suppose I could `bzr diff -r A..C > squashA.patch` & `bzr diff -r D..F squashB.patch`, uncommit back to A, then patch, commit, patch, commit13:01
mgzshelve works13:01
mgzavoids messing around with patches13:01
CaMasonuncommit F-D, shelve, uncommit C-A, commit, unshelve, commit?13:02
CaMasonI could also re-order with shelving too13:04
CaMasongreat. That completley complements our Git workflow13:04
mgzjelmer: could you set aside some time this week to team up on reviewing MvG's lazy import branch?16:16
jelmermgz: sure16:19
jelmermgz: that reminds me, could we perhaps talk through some of the HPSS reviews?16:19
mgzsounds like a good thing to do at the same time.16:20
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mgzI'm working from town tomorrow, so how about we say Friday, or do you think we can fit it all in the rest of today?16:24
jelmerfriday works for me16:25
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beunoquick quesiton20:47
beunohow would I run a plugin's command from python?20:47
beunoI'm integration qbzr into an IDE written in python20:48
beunoand I want the context manu to bring up qbzr's commit dialog20:48
mgzdo you want to yield execution to qbzr?20:49
mgzif not, use subprocess.call20:49
mgzotherwise, there are a couple of steps, but it's similar to calling a bzrlib command20:50
beunoI guess I could just subprocess it20:53
mgzyou'll need to work with the qt main loop otherwise, which may or may not be an issue for you.20:54
beunoit's a QT app, but also, I ahve zero experience with QT  :)20:54
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mgzah, you're doing the qt creator integration?20:56
mgzor a different qt ide... you said written in python...20:56
mgzstarting with subprocess isn't bad, but I recommend a post to the bazaar list with some details, as something more integrated may be preferable20:58
beunoyeah, I'll get the basics with subprocess21:02
beunoand email the list21:02
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pooliegoofd morning, hi beuno22:00
jelmerhey poolie22:02
pooliehi there22:16
lifeless♥ jelmer22:44
jelmerhi lifeless, what's with the question mark?23:07
pooliehi james23:21
lifelessjelmer: hah, surely your utf8 setup works ;)23:24
jelmerlifeless: hah, I see it now.. :)23:37
jelmerlifeless: glad you like it23:37

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