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Riddellwell 9 merges from KDE done, only 63 to go02:04
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Cookies for Everyone! | 11.10 Released! | Merges: http://pad.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-precise-merges | 4.7.80: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/Packaging - Merge with debian first
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jussibah, kmail/kontact sucks :(09:42
jussiI wish I could get my gcals into the darned thing...09:43
valoriejussi, kmail won't even start for me09:49
valoriei miss it a lot09:49
jussivalorie: it strats then gives a message it needs to cloase?10:00
skfinI miss kmail too :(10:01
valoriein my case, it says something about mail-agent or something10:02
skfinI use it in my desktop too10:02
valorieI used it from mandrake on10:02
skfinBut for laptop akonadi is too buggy10:02
jussivalorie: yes, this one? KMail encountered a fatal error and will terminate now.10:02
jussiThe error was:10:02
jussiFailed to fetch the resource collection.10:02
valoriesame on my netbook10:02
jussivalorie: thats fixable10:02
valoriebrand new install in both cases10:02
valoriethunderbird is soooo bad10:03
valorieI'm thinking of learning how to use mutt again10:03
valorieand I hate mutt10:03
valorieso ugly10:03
jussivalorie: go to akonadi configuration, local folders, modify, then add this path: /home/<USER>/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail/10:03
skfinI find that thunderbird is ok...10:03
valorieit is maddeningly slow for me, skfin10:04
valorielike -- a whole minute to view an email10:04
skfinKmail is a lot slower for me10:04
valoriejussi, where is akonadi config?10:04
jussivalorie: in kmeni...10:04
valorieoh god, I'm doomed to MUTT!10:04
jussikmenu even...10:05
valoriegot it10:06
valorieok done, but why isn't that already set by default at startup?10:07
jussiI dont know :/10:08
valorieI mean, what else would it be?10:09
valoriehmmm, why does it want api.opendesktop.org?10:10
valorieso strange10:10
valorieThere seems to be a problem in reaching this server or choosing a safe way to sent the credentials to server. We advise you to check the settings of the account and adjust it manually if needed.10:10
valoriefor gmail10:10
valorieI dunno......10:10
valorienow I think it's frozen10:11
jussivalorie: hows it going? 10:17
valorieit said it's all set up10:18
jussiI still cant get my gcal things to work...10:18
valoriehowever, since I have about one billion emails in gmail, I sorta doubt that10:18
valoriebut since my taskbar is telling me I need to restart, I probably should shut down once I finish reading up my important channels10:19
jussiSigh... :(10:21
valorieis your cal not importing, or what?10:22
valoriewould be lovely to have all of PIM working10:22
valorieI've never had that10:22
* valorie would love a pure KDE desktop10:23
skfinIt would be awesome if KDE had a good browser and akonadi wouldn't be such a resource hog, then I could use pure KDE desktop10:26
jussiit would be awesome if kontact actually worked...10:28
skfinRekonq is promising but a way too buggy for regular use.10:29
skfinAnd it lacks many features10:29
skfinPage load times are slow too, I wonder why, because my reference QWebKit browser loaded same pages quicker10:31
debfxjust use firefox or chromium, both have reasonable kde integration10:32
jussichromium <310:32
tsdgeosapachelogger: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dragonplayer/+bug/89394110:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 893941 in dragonplayer (Ubuntu) "Dragonplayer: Can't play mp3 even after installing the required codecs" [Undecided,New]10:33
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Tm_Tanyone here has upgraded from 10.10 to 11.10?15:22
Riddellthat's not supported15:23
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Tm_TRiddell: I'm well aware(:15:39
muntiKubu4.7.80 -> 4.8 B1 I'm guessing to be in PP soon?15:57
RiddellI'm doing 4.7.3 merges before doing 4.7.8015:58
muntiKubuso those are the bunch of updates yesterday?  I thought they were 4.8's.  thanks but will hold/wait.16:01
Andy80hello guys16:05
Andy80is anyone of you already working on experimental Qt5 packages for Ubuntu/Kubuntu?16:05
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yofelRiddell: something's not right here: http://paste.kde.org/149954 multiarch?16:24
debfxyofel: yep, bug #89382616:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 893826 in pkgbinarymangler (Ubuntu) "symlinked docs are different between architectures, depending on dpkg-deb package order" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89382616:37
yofelk, thanks16:37
debfxhm looks like we need to multiarch'ify phonon: bug #89317016:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 893170 in phonon (Ubuntu) "Incorrect Phonon location when used with Qt4 and CMake" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89317016:51
RiddellAndy80: no, I don't think qt 5 is at a stage where it's worth doing that yet16:55
Riddellyofel: hmm, "LGPL_EXCEPTION.txt' is different from the same file on the system" that's not an error I've seen before16:56
yofelsee the bug debfx has pointed to16:56
Riddelldebfx: maybe no bad thing to multiarchify phonon16:57
Andy80Riddell: it's not stable nor very usable at the moment, but I'd like to give it a try and see if Unity-2D can already run on it and how many changes do we need to make it work with Qt516:59
RiddellAndy80: I think we'll be too busy for a while in Kubuntu to make any qt 5 packages17:16
Andy80Riddell: I asked mainly to avoid duplicate work :) I was going to do it, but someone suggested me to ask here before starting this task. I'll keep you updated if I make any progress :)17:17
RiddellAndy80: thanks17:25
apacheloggerafiestas: ping18:33
afiestasapachelogger: pong19:20
BarkingFishping :)19:31
BarkingFishAnyone here have kdenlive installed on their systems? If so, does it work correctly?19:31
BarkingFishMy install is persistently dying, saying that mlt's SDL module is missing, which is fatal.  This problem surfaced previously, back in natty, but it got fixed.  19:32
BarkingFishI know it got fixed, I had kdenlive working perfectly until i had to downgrade KDE back to 4.6.2 about a week ago19:33
apacheloggerafiestas: who is doing solid mentor stuff for code-in?19:58
apacheloggerafiestas: http://www.google-melange.com/gci/task/view/google/gci2011/712722419:58
apacheloggerafiestas: turns out this is really an issue in solid as dragon already tries to inhibit screen saving but it aint working19:59
apacheloggerthe latin1ness of it is truly terrific btw19:59
Riddellbambee: do you remember why you added kubuntu_123_disable_remote_widgets_browser.diff to kde-workspace ?20:01
Riddelloh something to do with libkdeclarative20:01
apacheloggerRiddell: it was broken20:04
bambeeRiddell: there is not a comment ?20:14
bambeeusually, everytime I add a patch I add at least one comment..20:15
Riddellsays waiting until libkdeclarative can be linked to statically20:17
apacheloggerstatic linking20:24
BarkingFishwhat in the name of mike has happened to libsdl1.2?20:31
BarkingFishi've now got some weird debian thing with about 10 options, and with all of them installed, kdenlive *still* won't run.20:31
afiestasapachelogger: have to go to home now, brb in 15min20:37
RiddellBarkingFish: I guess nobody here knows20:45
BarkingFishRiddell: that's pretty unfortunate.  I know the problem went away when I was running the proposed updates PPAs, but since the issues with 4.7.3 and my downgrading to 4.7.2, everything's gone pie eyed again.20:47
BarkingFishI have every conceivable SDL package I can install on here, it's only since the changes I see from libsdl to the debian libsdl - for some reason now, mlt / kdenlive simply aren't picking the new package up20:48
yofelBarkingFish: wait, you're getting the MLT error? That needs a newer kdenlive than oneiric has20:51
BarkingFishyofel: it shouldn't do.  I was running kdenlive perfectly well until I downgraded to 4.7.2 last week :)20:51
BarkingFishunless the newer version is in one of the PPA's I took off when 4.7.3 broke my kit20:52
yofelBarkingFish: well, because the ppa has an updated kdenlive too...20:52
BarkingFishi don't mind the PPAs being on, as long as they don't break KDE when I use them20:52
yofelenable the PPA -> only update kdenlive -> disable ppa20:52
BarkingFishi also had the proposed updates in my sources, and various others I stopped using.20:53
BarkingFishif KDE 4.7.3 wasn't busted, I'd continue quite willingly to use all of them20:53
BarkingFishyofel: can I check, which PPA are you referring to, that I need to enable?20:56
BarkingFishi've just added the proposed updates source back to apper20:57
yofelBarkingFish: right, kubuntu-ppa/ppa has it (0.8+svn5945-1~oneiric1~ppa1)20:57
BarkingFishgreat, thanks :)20:57
BarkingFishyofel - I've got it now. I'm just pulling kdenlive and the -data file off of the PPA, I'll see how I get on after this21:06
BarkingFishunfortunately I now have apper bugging me about 359 new updates I need to do, and a whole set of 4.7.3 things I don't want :)21:07
BarkingFishone thing bugs me though - if you have a working version of kdenlive, which functions correctly without errors, why isn't it on general release to the whole of oneiric?  Can't you file a... what do they call it... an SRU?21:14
BarkingFishif the package in oneiric is bust, surely you can redistribute the working version without people subscribing to a ppa to get it21:15
yofelsomeone can put it into -backports, for the SRU you would need to get someone that finds the actual commit that fixed this21:17
Riddellagateau: I don't suppose you know if we should care about kubuntu_discard_actions_when_using_ayatana.diff patch in kde-runtime?  it doesn't apply but there's nothing in our changelog about if we wanted to remove it21:17
BarkingFishyofel - so would finding the commit be a difficult process, or would it be something that a relative kube-newb like me could handle?21:18
yofelno idea, I didn't try21:18
yofelit was fixed upstream - so you'll have to search there21:18
BarkingFishah, well I have kdenlive's channel, I'll see if any of their devs are about, or how to contact them21:19
Riddellhola toscalix 21:21
toscalixRiddell: hola21:25
QuintasanAndroid really sucks sometimes and I have no luck running Kubuntu on top of Transformer21:28
QuintasanCursed CrOS kernel21:28
QuintasanHmm, more like cursed Asus GPT hacks21:29
QuintasanBarkingFish: SRU upload should contain only the minimal set of changes required to fix the issue, we could either put new version in backports or just cherry-pick the upstream patches that fix the issue and request SRU21:31
Quintasanshadeslayer: Sill no luck with the CrOS kernel, lilstevie told me one can boot it off an sdcard but I do not have a spare one with me atm and I am broke :(((21:32
* Quintasan curses his budget21:32
Quintasanor, more precisely - no budget21:33
BarkingFishQuintasan: The second option sounds like the best idea - it seems silly to have a live version busted, and a working one held back for people to find if they ask about it :)21:33
QuintasanBarkingFish: Then I think you could ask upstream what how long ago the issue was fixed (or even better, ask them for the exact commit) and try looking for the code changed and create a patch21:34
QuintasanDo the packaging magic and ask us to review and upload :)21:34
BarkingFishi've requested contact from one of the kdenlive devs in #kdenlive, so as soon as I can raise one and find where the commit was that fixed it, i'll sort it out21:35
BarkingFishit appears most are probably asleep now, it's approaching 11pm in Europe21:35
BarkingFishi'll try and catch them again in the morning21:35
QuintasanI though IT specialist work during night and sleep in the morning :P21:36
* Quintasan is studying right now21:36
QuintasanI presume they are out of caffeine :D21:36
* Quintasan goes to grab some tea21:36
BarkingFishthankfully, I don't have that problem.  I'm never out of coffee.  If I woke up in the morning without coffee, it'd be an unpleasant day... for everyone else :)21:41
yofelBarkingFish: btw. the bug for this was bug 863186 - use it for the SRU (and read the sru procedure)21:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 863186 in kdenlive (Ubuntu) "[Oneiric] Kdenlive configuration vizard doesn't founding MLT SDK" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86318621:42
BarkingFishok, I'll do that probably in the morning, I'm on a slow net connection here atm, and can just about hang on to IRC :)21:44
Quintasanyofel, So, will you be up for setting up this Tracks thingy?21:53
yofelQuintasan: sounds interesting enough for to give it a try, but as I said, friday soonest21:53
yofel*for me21:54
QuintasanCool, I do not really fancy using old version hosted God knows where21:54
QuintasanIf something I can always rm -rf data from your PC ;P21:55
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ryanakcaJontheEchidna: Did you see http://lists.debian.org/debian-qt-kde/2011/11/msg00096.html ?23:23
JontheEchidnaryanakca: I hadn't, thanks23:29

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