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djznanyone familiar with this bug : http://img829.imageshack.us/img829/6590/bugkde.jpg00:29
BarkingFishdjzn: I'm sorry, i can't see a bug in that picture. which bit is the problem?00:35
djznI click on K menu00:36
djznand it opens on top00:36
djznhappens every now and then, but not always00:37
djznand strangely the new activities slider is on the vertical position00:37
BarkingFishyou can move the new activities slider, it's a plasmoid00:38
BarkingFishbut I see the menu on top - that I'm afraid, I can't explain00:38
djzncould be something related to the radeon driver ?00:40
BarkingFishi honestly couldn't tell you, djzn - i would have tried it at the screen resolution you use, but unfortunately my system doesn't support that resolution. the largest I can hit is 1024x76800:42
BarkingFishanyone else in here with a screen that can hit 1280x1024 who could test djzn's issue please?00:42
BarkingFishi have a radeon card here, but it's an old one00:42
djznthis is a weird really weird issue00:48
djzni used it all day it was normal, suddenly when I turned on the comp. i get this00:53
djznBarkingFish: do you think this is related to resolution?01:00
* szal uses 1280x1024 and has never seen the menu appear anywhere else than bottom-left01:02
szalexcept when I used 2 panels and had the menu button in the top panel just for the lulz01:02
BarkingFishdjzn: no, in order to check it, i was gonna set my system the same as yours01:03
BarkingFishbut I can't reproduce an error without bringing my system to what you're using, and I can't do that01:03
djznthe thing is01:03
djzni was getting the menu Ok this afternoon01:03
BarkingFishi have to go, i'm in a conference circuit on here atm01:04
djznbut I have seen this in two kubuntu installations01:04
BarkingFishsorry, maybe someone else can pick this up :)01:04
BarkingFishbest of luck01:04
djznBarkingFish: thanks i'll look into this01:05
* phiscribe didn't know Daskreech was a ninja01:09
* Daskreech kills phiscribe silently01:11
earltenokay..  more than a little perturbed, and could really use some help, and insight into a few "why"'s - like why you can't just "reset" a plasmoid. Which leads me to...  I was using the system monitor plasmoid... and I accidentally dragged the temp monitor off it. Now, the temp monitor had been monitoring my CPU temp just fine...  now suddonly, it's empty. When I go in to configure it, I have no available sensors. Could anyone explain this small myst01:47
earltenof course..  the next question is.. "Is anybody around?"01:49
amasonearlten: there are heaps of people around01:52
amasonbut probably not many that know the answer to your question01:52
amasonwrt to why you can't reset a plasmoid i am guessing the answer is because no one has implemented it01:53
earltenthis is.......  frankly, somewhat infuriating. There's NO documentation on these things..  no way to uninstall the ones that came stock with the system, and as far as I can tell...  no way to reset them if they get screwed up. That's a pretty poor way to run an app01:54
earltenso much potential for awesomeness01:54
earltenand to get it back..  what do I have to do, reinstall my system? I have bitched about how user friendly linux is not for years..  and I was SO CLOSE to being super impressed...01:55
earltenthe other question I have is why paste operations in linux are not consistent. If I middle click, it pastes something entirely different from shift-insert. That's insane. Middle clicking is not efficient on most micee, including mine01:57
phiscribecut and paste is a per application thing in linux, thats mostly why its so goofy02:03
phiscribea brute force way to reset plasmoits would be to rename the hidden .kde4 directory02:04
phiscribebut you know about brute force right?02:04
amasonearlten: there are two copy/paste buffers in linux02:05
amasonthere is one in X02:05
amasonand one from your desktop environment02:05
amasonyou can configure klipper to syncronise the two02:06
amasonbut alot of people, me included find it really handy to have two different buffers02:06
earltenphiscribe: to some extent..  I'd rather not remove ALL my plasmoids02:06
phiscribei dont know whats inside that config file, one might be able to comment out the offending plasmoid and hope a defualt line gets re-added02:07
earltenI have a .kde directory, not .kde402:08
amasonthe desktop is always a WIP. as always you can submit bug reports for issues you find and or submit feature requests02:09
phiscribeim not booted into kubuntu atm, that might be it, take anything i say with a salt shaker02:09
phiscribemostly my blabbering is just to by your brain enough time to have a light bulb moment hehe02:09
amasonmost of the developers aren't paid and do it only in their spare time which as i'm sure you are aware can be close to zero some times02:10
earltenphiscribe: Hah.. that's a wonderful thing. I actually seriously appreciate you putting it that way02:10
earltenno luck02:19
phiscribekick it02:22
ubuntukubuntu en espa;ol_02:23
ubuntucomo me paso a kubuntu en espanol02:24
Unit193!es | ubuntu02:27
ubottuubuntu: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:27
brambleclawwhat are the x86 and amd64/EM64T architectures?03:37
amasonx86 = 32bit x86 instructions.... amd64 is any 64bit cpu like an intel core2 or greater that isn't itanium03:39
amasonEM64T i think is itanium03:39
amasonwhich you probably don't own :)03:39
brambleclawhey does anyone here run kubuntu 11.10 and know how to install the game "Planeshift"? i need help with wich to download and how to install it04:50
amasonbrambleclaw: i can't see that game in the repository04:52
brambleclawdoes anyone know how to install downloaded games/04:52
brambleclawit's not04:52
amasonah ok. so what format is your downloaded game in ?04:52
brambleclaw32 bit?04:53
amasonerm .. what is the package ?04:53
amason.deb / tgz / rpm ?04:54
amasontry chmod +x ./file.run04:54
amasonand then ./file.run04:54
brambleclawin the terminal?04:54
amasonyou may need to be root04:54
brambleclawwhat does that mean to be root?04:55
amasonyou need to have root privilages04:55
amasoni.e you can't be a normal user04:56
brambleclawoh ok04:56
brambleclawheres what i got04:56
amasonerm your being too literal04:56
brambleclawoh ok... :P i'm new to all this sorry04:57
brambleclawwhat do i need to do?04:57
amasonchmod +x ./thefileyoujustdownloadedandweretalkingabout.run04:57
amasondoes that make more sense ?04:57
brambleclawoh ok04:57
brambleclawyeah thanks04:57
brambleclawhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/746670/ did i do something wrong?04:59
brambleclawit is still in the "downloads" folder if that helps05:00
brambleclawis it case sensiteive?05:01
brambleclawok no...05:02
brambleclawok i had accidentally put in an "o" instaed of a "0" but when fixed it didn't help05:03
brambleclawi have the firefox web browser and have the downloads window open and it's there and when i tell it to open it it asks for a program?05:04
brambleclawwhich application should i use?05:06
brambleclawamason: i have it in my firefox "downloads" window when i try to open the file it asks for and application. which should i use?05:08
robin0800brambleclaw: if you right click the file choose permissions tab and select execute button05:08
robin0800brambleclaw: if you right click the file choose properties first05:08
brambleclawok checked the box for executable05:09
robin0800brambleclaw: now double click it05:09
hackers30no hablan en español05:09
brambleclawok and it's asking for an application again05:10
robin0800brambleclaw: it should give you choices05:10
brambleclawcan i paste screenshots to the pastebin?05:11
brambleclawit has an option to chose an application but it then opens a window called "another application..." that looks sort of like a dolphin window05:14
brambleclawit has a search option?05:16
robin0800brambleclaw: open konsole cd Downloads05:16
brambleclawi probably did this wrong :P http://paste.ubuntu.com/746677/05:17
brambleclawok so i capitalized the D05:17
brambleclawand now i got this "brambleclaw@Jonathans-computer:~/Downloads$"05:18
brambleclawwhat do i do now?05:19
robin0800brambleclaw: konsole  ./name of file and hit enter05:20
brambleclawcannot execute binary file05:21
robin0800brambleclaw: thought you made it executable?05:22
brambleclawi did should i restart the konsole?05:22
brambleclawok i did and it still can't05:23
robin0800brambleclaw: try sudo ./.....05:23
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robin0800brambleclaw:this is why a .deb file is always easier .run files are very hit or miss IMHO05:27
brambleclaw:P ok05:27
robin0800brambleclaw: you could ask in #ubuntu05:28
brambleclawdo you know what an md5 checksum is?05:28
robin0800brambleclaw: did you see this Check this forum thread for important installation information05:31
brambleclaw...no :P05:31
brambleclawi am really smart05:31
brambleclawsorry and thanks for all your help05:32
brambleclawyup heres an installer...05:32
NailbarHey all!05:36
NailbarSo the Kubuntu update is stuck on 62% with "Configuring linux-image-3.0.0-13-generic" and depmod is running at 100% CPU.05:37
NailbarIs there any other suggestion than to kill the process and reconfigure?05:38
phiscribehow long has it been sitting there05:38
Nailbar~15 minutes05:39
phiscribeis there a dialog witing for your input, maybe behind another, alt tab to see05:39
NailbarNo dialog05:39
phiscribehave you run out of disk space05:39
phiscribewhat worries me is you might not have bootable kernel now05:40
NailbarI still have a disk space05:40
NailbarAnd yea that worries me too05:40
NailbarBut the old kernel shouls still be there, right?05:41
NailbarSo if I reconfigure grub2 that should be accessible05:41
phiscribeshould be....sound like famous last words05:41
NailbarBut shouldn't it be possible to run apt-get after aborting this and let it continue?05:42
NailbarOkay, I'll go with that. Thanks!05:42
phiscribeincase grub is invovled, and you still have a running os, might wanna make a supergrub2 boot disk05:43
phiscribehttp://www.supergrubdisk.org/super-grub2-disk/   might not need it, but be a boy scout05:44
phiscribeof couse if your good with a grub promt no need, (i am not)05:45
phiscribeboot cd that is05:45
phiscribei might just be paranoid, (but they ARE watching me)05:45
NailbarWell it's good to have in any case05:46
NailbarI can skip the super-grub2 since I found the original Kubuntu CD.05:49
NailbarPlus I didn't find any empty media05:49
NailbarSo here goes..05:49
phiscribewell, if it wont boot at all, supergrub is better, but most likely it will boot, im just being catious05:49
phiscribefun fun fun05:50
phiscribeat least xorg.conf doesnt need editing hehe05:50
NailbarI'll be fine. What could possibly go wrong :-D05:50
* phiscribe waits for a east coast black out05:50
NailbarSo the upgrade finished with no other problems.05:53
phiscribeknock on wood05:54
NailbarHow did one reconfigure a package?05:54
Nailbardpkg reconfigure or something like that?05:54
phiscribeman dpkg-reconfigure05:54
phiscribedpkg-reconfigure (not just dpkg)05:55
NailbarReconfiguration went okay. Be right back then. (or not)05:57
NailbarBut I'm running the old kernel06:01
NailbarThe new one didn't show up in the boot menu06:01
phiscribeai caramba06:01
NailbarOh wait..06:02
NailbarThis is the new one06:02
NailbarI'm just confused06:02
phiscribeid be confused if i went a day and wasnt06:02
Nailbarsounds confusing06:03
NailbarBut it seems I'm safe for the moment06:03
phiscribelike military intelligence06:03
NailbarWhat? Military intelligence confusing? Naah06:04
NailbarBut thanks for all the help! I gotta get back to work.06:05
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earltenyour sister channel #ubuntu hosts a bunch of candy-asses who apparently find and honest and polite clinical analysis of their lack of help "offensive"07:24
phiscribeburn the hertic07:24
earltenI have never been so offended by arrogance or rude behavior07:24
phiscribea common mantra of hummans07:24
earltenand a complete and utter lack of willingness to help07:25
pangolinearlten: be aware the same rules apply in this channel07:25
earltenpangolin: so far the people here have been a ton better07:25
earltendunno why07:25
pangolinearlten: you got kicked because of your behaviour07:25
phiscribesmaller numbers of people make communications easier07:26
phiscribelarge amount of people, its all noise07:26
pangolinanyway, I hope someone here can help you.07:26
earltenwould anyone happen to have some insight into how to force a display as the primary?07:26
Tm_Tearlten: on Kubuntu?07:26
earltenhere's the hitch07:26
Tm_Tearlten: System settings -> display and monitor07:27
earltenit had been working, but after installing catalyst drivers it forces the primary to my DVI display and not the VGA oe07:27
Tm_Ttry setting it with fgrlxtools or what was the app named (:07:28
earltenTm_T: yep..  I set it, and it still displays the taskbar etc on the dvi display. Both Samsung, same resolution07:28
Tm_Tearlten: fglrx-amdcccle that is?07:28
NailbarHi! Does anyone else have this strange problem where audio output keeps jumping between speakers and headphones all the time?07:28
earltenlet me try07:29
phiscribeZaphodHeads "outputname like vga-1 goes here"  in device section of xorg, if all else fails07:29
earltenoh, yeah. I used andcccle also07:29
earltensame result.. more specifically, there's nowhere I can select which is primary in amdccle07:30
phiscribeNailbar its not loose is it, (the headphone jack)07:30
Nailbarphiscribe, It does it even when the phones are on the table07:31
earltenI am also using multi-display desktop with display(s) 1 instead of single display desktop (Multi-desktop)07:31
earltenI've also tried multi-display desktop with display(s) 207:32
Nailbarphiscribe: And even when they're not even plugged in07:32
phiscribexrandr --output DISPLAYNAME --primary     might work, but u gotta know the dispaly name07:33
phiscribebut it would be temporary07:34
earltenawesome, I will give that a try07:34
earltenfrom there, I saw some articles where I can set it to be persistent if it works07:34
phiscribexrandr -q     might give the display name07:34
phiscriberead my zaphoheads note above that might makeit perm, but many installations run with xorg.conf, i not got the time to explain how to get one, and dont have ati card to work with atm07:35
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mithropI'm  looking for a way to easily add colors in my shell, like in the Gentoo one. Somebody have an idea about it ?07:39
phiscribeare you using konsole mithrop?07:41
mithropphiscribe: yes :)07:42
phiscribemithrop  it should have a edit profile or edit colors setting, (not booted into kuubntu at the moment)07:42
phiscribemaybe unde prefrences07:43
phiscribei cant remember, i got roxterm in front of me and its under prefrences07:44
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mithropphiscribe: yes, there is a "Edit profil" option. But I don't want just a background. Gentoo colors a lot of displayed results, and some other things07:47
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earltenphiscribe: Not effective. But in the process I may have found an entirely different solution07:50
earltenwell..  work-around07:50
phiscribeah, well i was telling someone earlier, im just rambling to buy your brain time to figure it out hehe07:51
earltennot a solution to the issue, but a means by which I can effect the basic structure I am looking for07:51
earltenphiscribe: yeah..  that was me. :)07:51
uberdubanyone want to take a shot at why sleep, and resume decided to become iffy?07:51
uberdubseems to be since some upgrades07:52
uberdubused to work fine in natty07:52
uberdubits doing the same thing it was doing in slackware, I migrated from slack because its didnt work. Im guessing its the nvidia driver?07:53
uberdubI just dont understand why it worked fine before on the nvidia driver, and now doesnt07:54
phiscribeuberdub /var/logs  get your pipe and pull a sherlock holmes, or ksystemlog  if u can set nail a time, might make it easier to search07:54
uberdubyeah, forgot to look in there07:55
phiscribei got mostly desktops, dont ever use sleep, just power the monitors off is all07:55
uberdubyeah I know linux is great on a desktop07:56
earltenphiscribe: you're a heck of a fella. I thank you for your help and time.07:56
uberdubsleep seems iffy07:56
uberdubit was either the kernel upgrade, the 11.1 upgrade, or the nvidia upgrade I think that did it07:56
earltenwait..  phiscribe are you a fella? That was quite the assumption07:56
phiscribeearlten nah, people solve their own problems, they just need some feedback ot enter the flow :)07:57
* phiscribe wonders if everthing is connected via strings, how can anything be off topic07:57
uberdubshould I be looking at the pm-suspend log?07:58
phiscribeuberdub im not sure, cant hurt07:59
phiscribethats why if you had a time when it went to sleep, you might be able to search the whoel var log folder08:00
phiscribeor failed ot sleep or wake up08:00
uberdubhmmm, I could put it to sleep now08:00
uberdubit will crash08:00
phiscribethen check modified times, or open a input output monitor to see what is being writtedn too08:00
uberdubhmmmm, ok I think I know how to do that08:01
phiscribeshould be it08:01
phiscribeor something close08:01
uberdubyeah Im not sure what Im looking at when i opened it08:01
phiscribeis it time stamped?08:02
phiscribeugg 3 am gotta sleep08:03
phiscribegood luck08:03
uberdubthanks man08:03
uberdubtrying to read it now08:04
* phiscribe zzz08:04
NailbarWhile playing a song the speakers stutter so I hear only every other word08:05
uberdublong file it is time stamped08:05
uberdubat the end of it now08:05
NailbarIn pavucontrol I see that the Port keeps changing between Analog Headphones and Analog Output08:05
NailbarHow do I make it stay on Analog Output?08:05
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mithropphiscribe: I find the solution... The line "force_color_prompt=yes" should be uncommented... I don't really why it's commented by default oO08:09
eeanso, when can I apt-get install doom3? :D08:12
eeanI'm ready to be terrorified08:12
eean(not really, I could never play that game for longer then 30 minutes)08:13
haidti cant connect y5, please help me08:24
haidti cant connect wifi, please help me08:31
killownI am using krandr to get an extended desktop, but I can't move window across the monitors, can anyone help me fix it?08:35
haidtwlan0 of me disabled, how to turn on it??08:36
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helloworldHello! Is it possible to sync music from ubuntu to iphone?09:43
helloworldjussi: How?09:43
jussihehe, you didnt ask that :D09:44
helloworldjussi: I forgot :P Thanks dude09:44
jussihelloworld: I think you can also use ubuntu one09:44
helloworldjussi: Alright I will try both. Once again thanks09:45
rizzhello. is anyone here familiar with spring lobby?09:55
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bigbrovarHi guys, is there a way to improve font rendering on Kubuntu 11.10. I am trying out xubuntu 11.10 and it just highlight how bad font rending is on kubuntu. any way this can be fixed?10:28
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LINKSWORD2Hey guys, I'm trying to install a program called Utube Ripper, and I'm getting a return in Konsole that says "cannot find package: utube" and "cannot find package: ripper"12:35
LINKSWORD2I'm not sure if I'm typing correctly.12:35
szalyou didn12:36
szalyou didn't tell us what you typed12:37
LINKSWORD2sudo apt-get install utube ripper12:39
szalnow read your 1st line again & answer your own question ;)12:40
LINKSWORD2Don't treat me like an idiot. That's the number one way to get on my nerves... >.>12:41
LINKSWORD2If I was an idiot, I wouldn't be using Linux Kubuntu in the first place.12:41
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines12:42
szalother than that..  the space separates arguments; if that doesn't answer your question, then I'm afraid you can't be helped12:43
LINKSWORD2Then the appropriate thing to do is tell me how to fix it, instead of beating around the bush....12:43
szalLINKSWORD2: obvious answer: enter the correct name12:45
LINKSWORD2The correct name IS Utube Ripper12:46
* szal doubts that that is the _package_ name12:46
LINKSWORD2The problem is likely something to link the arguments is missing. A hyphen, perhaps?12:47
LINKSWORD2Google it.12:47
szalLINKSWORD2: 'apt-cache search utube'12:47
LINKSWORD2Looks like it's just Utube in the package cache lines.12:48
LINKSWORD2That's what I needed to know.12:48
LINKSWORD2Kubuntu is still quite new to me, and I don't know all of the basics...12:50
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LINKSWORD2So let me be frank with you. I had a college-level IQ in middle school, so I can do these things very easily, once I learn them.12:51
LINKSWORD2But I get an "attitude" with people when I feel like I'm being treated like I'm an idiot, because usually, I am...12:52
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LINKSWORD2I don't like to be treated like I'm an idiot, and I certainly don't deserve that kind of treatment.12:58
LINKSWORD2I'll leave it at that.12:58
georgehi, after running alsamixer, i ran alsactl store which returned me ~$ alsactl store13:04
georgealsactl: save_state:1547: Cannot open /var/lib/alsa/asound.state for writing: Permission denied13:04
georgeso as root it returned me ~# alsactl store13:05
georgeNo protocol specified13:05
georgexcb_connection_has_error() returned true13:05
georgewhat's wrong?13:05
georgeguess not...13:16
BluesKajHiyas all14:01
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rain_So i'm bored, and am in dire need of entertainment.........14:55
rain_No one? Hunh.......14:56
szalrain_: wrong channel14:56
rain_How is it wrong, when it fells soooo right?14:57
szalthis is support, not entertainment14:57
rain_What channel would you reccomend? New to IRC an..... well did I say I was bored already?14:58
Riddellrain_: #kubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-offtopic14:59
rain_k, thnx14:59
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marc-andrehi there15:08
nulledhello guys15:18
nulledanybody tried running eggdrop ?15:18
Deethow do i get wine to install programs from an .exe file? i've tried right clicking and opening with win, but that never does anything15:24
nullednot all .exe files are supported by wine15:28
Deetso far i have had -zero- exe files work with wine15:28
Deetincluding several applications that winehq says will work and things i have used before15:28
Deetfor future refrence, wine hates spaces15:30
Deetcurrent file works after a rename. gonna go play some AoE15:31
bosyihi. i installed icon tasks via ppa. how i can enable it to see in my desktop(netbook-plasma)? thanks15:33
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Joithey. anyone a clue how i can restore the normal kde desktop and not to have this plasma desktop or whatever thsi is?16:28
Joitor back to the installation desktop from kubuntu?16:29
kbroulikJoit: plasma desktop IS the kde desktop16:29
Joitkbroulik:  but you get it what i mean, dont yxou? else dont bother16:30
kbroulikno I don't get it, but I was trying to figure out and help but I think this is not needed.16:30
Joitkbroulik:  right now what i have is a kde enviroment without any start menu or other menus, all i can do is press alt-f2 for a command line  and start applications16:31
kbroulikthen start an application and live without a desktop.16:32
Joiti installed at the standard desktop, what comes with kubuntu at the first start, java and deinstalled it and anything was gone16:32
muntiKubuJoit: I think you go to system settings -> workspace behavior _> workspace and then select desktop instead of netbook16:32
Joitkbroulik:  well that is exactly what i DONT want16:32
qbitsounds like you've screwed it up pretty good, if you want to start all over form scratch rename your .kde folder in home directory to soemthing like .kde-bak and log out and back in a again16:33
kbroulikbut you said you do NOT want the plasma desktop16:33
JoitmuntiKubu:  ok i ll look for that16:33
qbitwhen kde sees no .kde directory you can start from scratch16:33
kbroulikor try entering plasma-desktop into the krunner but I think this is not what you want16:34
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qbitand later when you get it going again you can change the desktop by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing  Desktop Settings at the bottom16:35
qbitthen change Layout16:35
qbityou must unlock widgets before you can change this16:35
qbitre-lock them when you're done16:36
Joitqbit i got actaully nothing right now, all i can do is start some applications what i can remind and switch with alt-tab between them16:37
Joitat the other hand i installed much as i can right now16:37
Joitbut it shows noting from it16:37
Joiti remember as the 3d desktop came out it was only, to install it or not to install it to have it, but now its tied toether16:38
Joitwhat is the command to get the system settings from the konsole pls16:41
Peppermint`Schnaanyone have issue with a clean install of 11.10 where in packages are screwed up (A depends on B, but B is installed already) and various apps in terminal give errors like (bash: /usr/bin/appabc: no such file when it clearly IS there when checked)16:43
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peacePeppermint`Schna: mmm seems you have some weird repository16:45
peacePeppermint`Schna: i have no issue.16:45
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BluesKajPeppermint`Schna, dependency problems , if you have any ppas from the previous OS ,  comment them out in your /etc/apt/sources.list or remove them from /etc/apt/sources.list.d16:46
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new2nethow do I change my hostname correctly?  I did it with `sudo hostname newhostname` but it didn't work, some things are still recognizing my old hostname.16:54
Joiti guess i start from scratch desktop is locked at workspace and i cant even change it16:56
Peppermint`SchnaPeace-: BluesKaj: its a 100% fresh install16:56
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Peppermint`Schnaonly thing i have is what comes with it.16:56
Joitanyhow that sucks so big time, deinstalling one fking package and messing anything up16:56
Peace-Peppermint`Schna: paste the error pelase16:57
Peppermint`SchnaPeace-: bash: /usr/bin/wine: No such file or directory ls -lha /usr/bin/wine -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 9.5K 2011-09-15 21:49 /usr/bin/wine16:58
Peppermint`Schnathats one of the magic file not there, but ls says it is, many do that, google earth, wine, etc16:59
Peace-execute this :      type wine17:00
Peppermint`Schnaat ~/ for my normal user or in /usr/bin/ ?17:00
Peppermint`Schnawine is hashed (/usr/bin/wine)17:00
Peppermint`Schnawhat the biscuits does that mean?17:02
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mac4rfreehi guys17:38
mac4rfreewhich samba client is workin in Ubuntu 11.1017:38
mac4rfreenybdy can help me?17:42
genii-aroundmac4rfree: I generally just use   smb://servername  in dolphin17:42
Peace-genii-around: you scared him ... nu nu nu bad boy genii-around :P17:44
genii-aroundPeace-: Maybe it worked for him :)17:45
Peace-:P genii-around17:45
ragnarokQuestion: i installed an ubuntu 10.10 dvdrom and run apt-get update, upgrade, dist -upgrade. All done. I get a notification from package manager to update to ubuntu 11.04. i run it and it gets packages. WTF?17:54
OerHeksragnarok, current version is 11.10, so you might get more upgrades :-D17:55
ragnarokOerHeks: but i run the appropriate commands17:56
ragnarokdist upgrade is not enough?17:56
OerHeksragnarok, what did you intent to do ? 10.10 -> 11.10 ?17:57
OerHekscannot be done, you need to pass 11.04 first, AFAIK17:57
genii-aroundragnarok: To go from version 10.10 to 11.04 you would sudo do-release-upgrade. Then after 11.04 is completely updated, same thing again to go to 11.1017:58
genii-aroundetc, etc17:58
ragnarokOerHeks: upgrade to the latest thing17:58
ragnarokgenii-around: oh17:58
ragnarokgenii-around: then what dist-upgrade does?17:58
genii-aroundragnarok: dist-upgrade installs new kernels17:59
ragnarokgenii-around: ok so i run do-release-upgrade17:59
ragnarokthen do i run upgrade and dist-upgrade17:59
ragnarokbefore running do-release-upgrade again?17:59
genii-aroundragnarok: Yes, exactly17:59
esmirlinhi guys, is there any plasmoid to use as a simple applications menu, like the folder view one but just for app's?18:00
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Peace-esmirlin: the normal laucher doesn't fit?18:01
esmirlinPeace-: i want to replace kickoff cause it's buggy with bespin style so i though about using folderview plasmoid showing all applications (i think it's possible by setting it to use the application folder but don't know where it is in kubuntu) like very simple and clean you know what i mean?18:03
Peace-esmirlin: there is a qml plasmoid18:04
genii-aroundNot sure if it fits your criteria exactly but there's the lancelot plasmoid18:04
Peace-esmirlin: if you go on kde apps18:04
Peace-you should found qml launcher18:04
esmirlingenii-around: i used it but i want to be far away from main manu launchers... they're heavy and ugly18:04
esmirlinPeace-: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ylEqGH4CUt8/TjcPGIhsA6I/AAAAAAAAEEI/HLCKytElWa0/s1600/launcher.jpeg      ????18:05
Peace-esmirlin: you want this?18:06
Peace-there is18:06
esmirlinit looks amazing, but what i proposed... is possible?18:07
Peace-esmirlin: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Takeoff?content=14407818:07
esmirlinis there any folder in kubuntu where i can found all apps? like this i could open the folderview and showing all apps, that could be really nice and clean and don't have to open a "whole screan" to launch18:08
esmirlinactually i want to use icon tasks for launchers, and what i proposed for launching applications i don't use very often, then i can replace entierly kickoff18:09
Peace-esmirlin: https://nowardev.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/os-x-launchpad-menu-on-kde4/18:11
esmirlinok ill try it, thanks guys!18:15
esmirlingenii-around: by the way, didn't found the way to erase the tag in xbar from bespin hehe18:15
kierkkadonwhat's the package name for Android SDK? I can't find it in my package manager18:36
BarkingFishEvening guys, have a bit of a problem here. I've just installed kdenlive, and an error which I saw some while ago, back in natty, appears to have resurfaced.  One of kdenlive's modules, the SDL module, is missing, and without it Kdenlive will not start.19:25
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BarkingFishactually it's MLT's SDL module which is missing19:26
BarkingFishAnyone got any thoughts?19:38
qbitBarkingFish: I just tried installing Kdenlive here and it seems to run fine for me19:38
BarkingFishqbit: which kde version are you on?19:38
BarkingFishyeah, I'm on stable, 4.6.219:38
qbitlibmlt4 is showing dependency on libsdl1.2debian  >= 1.2.10-119:43
BarkingFishi'll check my system over and see if it's in there19:43
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qbiton mine I have libsdl1.2 debian version 1.2.14-6.1ubuntu4 and libsdl.debian-alsa version 1.2.14-6.1ubuntu4 as well19:47
BarkingFishi've checked my system, i have the libsdl1.2- files, and kdenlive won't run19:51
qbithave you run it from a konsole cli to see if it spews errors?19:52
BarkingFishnope, not yet, i'll do that now19:54
qbitsometimes you can get hints from the spew if you're lucky; other times it just adds to the confusion   :-)19:55
BarkingFishspews nothing whatsoever19:56
qbitalso right afterwards take a look at .xsession-errors in your home directory19:56
BarkingFishtells me the project and clip monitor connected, i get the ui, and it stops there19:56
qbitI haven't actually tried to do anything with mine, I just installed and ran it a couple of times19:57
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BarkingFish!info libsdl1.220:33
ubottuPackage libsdl1.2 does not exist in oneiric20:33
BarkingFish!info libsdl1.2-debian oneiric20:34
ubottuPackage libsdl1.2-debian does not exist in oneiric20:34
BarkingFish!info libsdl1.2-debian-all20:34
ubottuPackage libsdl1.2-debian-all does not exist in oneiric20:34
BarkingFishright, then why is it in apper as being available, and "manually installed" on my system when I try to get it again???20:35
qbitalas, for that I have no clue....20:36
BarkingFishmaybe this is why :)20:37
BarkingFish!info libsdl1.2debian-all oneiric20:37
ubottulibsdl1.2debian-all (source: libsdl1.2): Simple DirectMedia Layer (with all available options). In component main, is optional. Version 1.2.14-6.1ubuntu4 (oneiric), package size 208 kB, installed size 556 kB20:37
BarkingFishalas, one too many -'s20:37
phiscribeif its from a PPA source, it might show under manual, are you using custom ppa's?  maybe they are introducting diffrent libraries20:41
BarkingFishphiscribe: no, I'm using no PPA's whatsoever20:43
phiscribegremlins then....20:43
BarkingFishI took all my custom stuff out when I had all the issues with KDE 4.7.3 being busted20:43
BarkingFishI downgraded back to 4.6.2 and that's where I'm staying :)20:44
qbitI just added the ppa for 4.7.3 this morning and gave it a try, haven't beat on it long/hard enough yet to know what's b0rked20:45
qbithad to reboot twice before kwin didn't want to peg the cpu20:45
phiscribei had upgraded to 11.10 kicking and screaming, ive seriosly thought of going to ubuntu 5.something cause of stability20:46
qbitmine seems to be doing fairly well, but it's a fresh virgin install and not an upgrade20:47
BarkingFishqbit: on 4.7.3, plasma-desktop is having a multitude of random crashes when you do a considerable amount of different things20:49
BarkingFishadding widgets for example, trying to add panels, closing the systemsettings GUI, trying to run k3b and closing it, or cancelling a burn...20:50
qbithasn't happened to me yet20:50
qbitbut I will be on the lookout20:50
BarkingFishor any one of about another 50 or so situations that have bought a huge number of bugs into kde's bugzilla20:50
qbitI image with Clonezilla before any major upgrade, so if I see stuff I don't want I'll just put the old 4.7.2 image back20:52
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ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa20:59
BarkingFishphiscribe: can you remember how I add a ppa to software sources please?21:00
BarkingFishI have the ppa i need, but the line I put into the software sources / add dialog doesn't illuminate the OK button, so I assume it's wrong21:00
phiscribeadd-apt-repository ppa:nameofppa  along those lines21:01
BarkingFishah, i'm not doing it through command line, phiscribe - i'm adding it through the software sources dialog in apper21:02
phiscribeusage is for most irc clients /j #channame21:02
BarkingFish!it | nicolindalciucio21:02
ubottunicolindalciucio: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)21:02
BarkingFishphiscribe: got it :)  you type ppa:<name of ppa here> and that's the correct version, same as you type on the CLI21:04
semitonesdoes Kate's find/replace function have a wildcard that can be used?21:32
semitoneslike * stands for anything21:32
rorksemitones: kate supports regular expressions, you can use .+or . as wildcards (multiple / single characters respectively)21:40
semitonesthanks -- how do I tell it that .+ is a wildcard, and not the characters ?21:40
rorksemitones: extra options, set type to regexp21:41
semitonesok, thanks!21:42
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LINKSWORD2Hey guys, is it difficult to install Fedora alongside Kubuntu?23:11
Peppermint`Schnawhat could make kubuntu lose its apt mind? namely, installing an app it keeps says 83 removals, then, when i select something, it reisntalls those same ones, but then errors with 'package a wanted package b, but b was already installed'23:25
RiddellPeppermint`Schna: if that's a request for help you should pastebin some logs23:26
Peppermint`SchnaRiddell: i would gladly do so, /var/log/aptitude however /doesnt have the errors/23:29
Peppermint`Schnathey only show up /in/ aptitude and go away as soon as I do anything with the terminal23:30
Peppermint`SchnaI can show you the aptitude log of what i did to so far fix the sistuation (basicly purge a boat load of package then reisntall them, but i can easily re-break the system)23:30
Peppermint`Schnahonestly, i guess right now im more worried about the 'hashed' issue (which, might be related to the package issue, but i do not know)23:33
Peppermint`Schnaand this i have logs for23:33
Peppermint`Schnabash: /usr/bin/wine: No such file or directory ls -lha /usr/bin/wine -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 9.5K 2011-09-15 21:49 /usr/bin/wine23:34
Peppermint`Schnatype wine   wine is hashed (/usr/bin/wine)23:35
Peppermint`Schnaany ideas on that?23:35

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