buzz_argh! - builders - i386 26 1167 jobs (12 hours)01:20
buzz_how did the queue get that big! :)01:21
wgrantbuzz_: An issue with a kernel security update took out most of the builders for a day or so. They're back now and catching up.01:23
buzz_i see. good it is fixed anyway01:24
buzz_thanks for the info.01:25
psusidid I recently see the ability to remove a task from a bug was finally added?  how is this done?  I don't see a new command documented on https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/EmailInterface01:27
wgrantpsusi: It's not exposed through the email interface.01:27
wgrantOnly the API and web UI.01:27
psusiwgrant, wait, it's exposed through the web ui?  where?01:36
wgrantpsusi: Are you in launchpad-beta-testers?01:39
psusiI forget ;)01:39
psusidoesn't look like it atm01:40
wgrantYou need to be a beta tester.01:42
wgrantAnd also have either created the task, or be the bug supervisor for the project/distro.01:42
psusiwgrant, does that mean ubuntu-bugcontrol for ubuntu package tasks?02:27
wgrantpsusi: Right.02:27
psusik... can clean up those at least...02:27
psusisay wait a second... can't I just reassign tasks to other projects back to Ubuntu, and then delete them anyhow?02:28
psusiwell, it's better than the NULL Project02:28
psusiany plans to add it to the email interface? ;)02:30
wgrantpsusi: No, but patches welcome :)02:33
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rousskovHello. Does anybody know how to mark a private branch as "private"? Yes, we paid Canonical to allow private branch hosting, but the freshly uploaded branch defaulted to public and I do not see a knob to change that. The "Change branch details" page does not have a "make private" option.04:43
wgrantrousskov: Did you request private branches to be set up for your project?04:44
rousskovHow do I request that?04:44
lifelessrousskov: hi, we need to do two things; toggle that branch to private, and setup a rule so new branches are private.04:44
wgrantBest to ask at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion04:44
lifelessthe former is probably time sensitive - can you msg me the branch name ?04:45
lifeless[more time sensitive]04:45
rousskovIt is not so secret, fortunately.04:45
lifelessrousskov: we are right now overhauling this to make it much better04:46
rousskovI hope so :-)04:46
lifelesswgrant is one of the folk doing that ;)04:46
rousskovI can delete that branch and start from scratch if it makes things easier.04:47
rousskovwgrant, FWIW, I kind of expected "private" to be the default for paid-for projects because there is probably no reason to pay for a project if you do not need "privacy".04:49
spmrousskov: that branch; and defaults against that project should be set to private now; have at it04:50
wgrantYeah, it's all a little bit odd at the moment.04:50
rousskovspm, thank you.04:51
rousskovWhat do I do when we are ready to make the branch public? Ask on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion?04:51
lifelessspm: did you set the policy to private-by-default (vs private-only) ?04:52
spmjust private, yes.04:52
lifelessspm: can you make it private-by-default? That should permit rousskov to open them himself04:53
spmhang on. that's what I did set it to. :-) private, not provate-only. /confusion04:54
lifelessrousskov: you should see a pen icon in the top right of the branch page. Click that to toggle/change privacy05:02
rousskovCool, thank you.05:03
rousskovlifeless, I got "Sorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad." error while trying to specify a trunk branch for this project. Is it useful to discuss it here?05:09
rousskov(it does not bother me much, but if it helps others, I can discuss details)05:10
detWhen you upload a package that provides packages for "all" architecture, are those built separately from the i386/amd64/etc ?07:24
detI uploaded a package that has been built/published for amd64 (and is currently building for i386), but the -common package (which is for architecture "all") has not been published07:28
wgrantdet: all packages are built in the i386 build.07:33
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jtvdet: the "all" builds are currently built as if they were i386, and then published in multiple architectures.08:16
jtvdet: I believe an "arch-all" package has to be published in all its architectures at once; maybe that's holding it up somehow.08:18
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oojahI'm getting an error when trying to dput to my ppa: 550 Changes file must be signed with a valid GPG signature: Verification failed 3 times: ['General error', 'General error', 'General error']: Permission denied.11:17
oojahIt is signed.11:17
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oojahHmm, but I have just received an "upload accepted" email.11:18
geseroojah: bug #79895711:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 798957 in Launchpad itself "PPA Uploads are seemingly (but not actually) rejected" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79895711:21
oojahgeser: Ok, thanks.11:27
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falstaffHi, I renamed the wrong .orig.tar.gz and uploaded it. Now I wanted to upload the correct one, but launchpad keeps rejecting my package. Yes I deleted the whole package from the Web UI13:10
falstaffIs there a way to complete vanish an orig.tar.gz?13:11
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lagHow do I view more than one changelog item when viewing packages in a PPA?14:22
christoph_debiananything wrong with ppa upload atm? failing with a gpg verification message in dput when uploading the *.changes but it is signed and the key (including the used subkey) seems to be known to launchpad15:15
geserdid you got an email that it got rejected or accepted?15:16
christoph_debiannoticed dput failing and didn't expect mails in that case but indeed there are some15:17
christoph_debianseems `Changes file must be signed with a valid GPG signature: Verification failed 3 times: ['General error', 'General error', 'General error'] : Permission denied.` does stand for `you use the wrong distribution`15:18
geserthere are 2 gpg checks: one at upload time (likes to fail) and a second one when the upload is processed. A failure at the first check is ignored, but the second check must pass.15:18
geserchristoph_debian: see bug #79895715:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 798957 in Launchpad itself "PPA Uploads are seemingly (but not actually) rejected" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79895715:19
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eLBatihow bugs are decided to be displayed by default on bug tracker?16:37
eLBatiin other words, why this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/openobject-italia/+bug/89010816:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 890108 in OpenERP Italia "l10n_it_account - il check delle date delle fatture non dovrebbe usare SQL" [Medium,New]16:37
eLBatidoesn't appear here https://bugs.launchpad.net/openobject-italia16:37
cjohnstonHow do I add a project to a project group? does it have to be done by a question?18:43
EvilResistancei take it there's no launchpad admins watching the answers queue?18:44
EvilResistance>=24 hours and no response to my answer/request18:44
lifelesscjohnston: just set it as 'part of' in the project edit page18:49
lifelessEvilResistance: there is a maintenance squad watching the launchpad-project answers queue18:49
cjohnstonlifeless: thanks18:50
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nookIs it possible that the global menu of Unity allways show the menu items? I dont want to hover the menu to see the items... That makes me crazy :(20:53
dobeynook: i think this is the wrong channel for that question; you might want to try #ayatana or #ubuntu (or #unity if there is one)20:57
nookok thanks20:58
thopiekarhi.. can you help getting this problem solved? We are using these packaging files lp:~maliit-team/+junk/maliit-framework-debian to package lp:~maliit-team/maliit/maliit-framework and we want to make them compatible to oneiric and natty while oneiric has multi-arch support and paths for the install files differ.. how can I make the debian files work on both releases?21:15
lifelessthopiekar: hi; the #ubuntu-packaging channel is more likely to be able to help with that21:26
lifelessthopiekar: they support folk doing packaging on Launchpad PPAs and Ubuntu itself21:26
thopiekarlifeless: thanks!21:26
danielinuxsorry I got disconnected so I don't know if my question was answered...21:39
danielinuxmy project has two branches, a "trunk" with last release 0.4 and a 0.5 branch for maintaining this version. I just released a 0.5, but on the download box the latest suggested file is still 0.4 is there a way to configure the download box on the overview page to show the latest released file (tarball for 0.5)?21:39
flacostedanielinux: i think this portlet is cached...22:03
flacostelet me confirm22:04
flacostedanielinux: i'm wrong, it's not cached22:06
flacostedanielinux: unfortunately, it's not configurable, and it's likely that we think release from trunk should sort higher than anything else22:06
danielinuxOk, thanks flacoste. I would suggest to consider to sort them by date (this seems more logical to me, since the box description clearly states "latest")22:09
danielinuxanyway, thanks for looking into that22:09
danielinuxI luv launchpad.22:10
marcoceppiSo, this is'22:19
marcoceppin't a support channel?22:19
lifelessmarcoceppi: why do you say that ?22:19
marcoceppiThe message I got from the room to seek support elsewhere, I've got hopefully a quick question22:20
lifelesswhat message?22:20
lifelessmarcoceppi: if you mean 'Need help with Launchpad? Visit https://help.launchpad.net for the user guide. Still stuck or need to report spam? Go to https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad'22:21
lifelessmarcoceppi: that offers additional places for help, for when noone answers22:21
marcoceppiAh, thanks22:21
lifelessmarcoceppi: you are totally welcome to ask anything here22:21
marcoceppiSo I have a team setup in LaunchPad, since it's setup Launchpad has shown all of my commits as coming from that team22:21
marcoceppidespite me not using that email in bzr whoami. How can I stop masquerading as the team?22:22
lifelesswhats the branch ?22:23
marcoceppiwhoami: Marco Ceppi <marco@ceppi.net>, bzr log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/747601/, Offense: https://code.launchpad.net/~charmers/charm-tools/trunk22:23
lifelessare you talking about ~ondina?22:24
lifelessbrb, ELOCAL22:24
marcoceppilifeless: Yeah, It shows as ~ondina though I'd like it to come from ~marcoceppi22:24
pooliehi marcoceppi22:27
marcoceppiHey poolie22:27
lifelessmarcoceppi: can you do22:28
lifelessbzr log -n0 -r 8322:28
marcoceppiSure thing lifeless! http://paste.ubuntu.com/747605/22:29
lifelessI have no idea whats up here22:34
lifelessthumper: hey, do you happen to remember ^22:34
lifelessthumper: wrong email address being associated w/commits22:34
thumperwhats up?22:34
pooliei wonder if the bot has the same address or something22:34
marcoceppiIf it helps, my account and the ondina account once shared an email address, I changed the Ondina address to resolve this but it seems to have remembered>22:34
pooliedid you change that after 2011-11-20?22:35
thumperis this linking revision authors to people?22:35
marcoceppiI changed it about two weeks ago22:35
* marcoceppi looks for lp email22:35
thumperok... what happens is as follows22:35
marcoceppiSat, 19 Nov 2011 21:15:24 -0000 (11/19/2011 04:15:24 PM)22:36
thumperwhen a new revision author is found22:36
thumperthe email address is looked up internally22:36
thumperand the person with that email address is linked to that revision author22:36
thumperonce a person is linked, it is never looked at again22:36
thumperif a person isn't found at that time22:36
thumperit is looked up periodically22:36
thumperand if found, linked22:36
pooliei wonder if it could be matching against a disabled address22:37
maxbThe hugely non-obvious bit is that the linkage is between *full revision author string* and LP person22:37
pooliehi maxb22:37
maxbNot between extracted email address and LP person22:37
thumperwell, the email part is extracted22:38
thumpereach full revision author string has a separate row in the revision author table22:38
thumperthere can be multiple rows containing the same extracted email address22:38
thumperand depending on a point in time, these could potentially link to different actual LP people22:38
marcoceppiSo, how can I fix this?22:39
lifelessthumper: thanks22:39
lifelessso there are two things here I think22:39
lifelessa) we shouldn't ever link to teams; teams don't do commits.22:39
lifelessthats a bug, if its not filed already.22:40
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lifelessb) we can update the reference in the DB to not point at the team.22:40
lifelessfor that, please open a ticket at answers.launchpad.net/launchpad22:40
marcoceppilifeless: Will this be retoactive? IE: Fix all previous commits?22:41
lifelessmarcoceppi: IIRC, yres.22:41
marcoceppiAwesome, I can keep committing then :)22:42
lifelessthumper: do you agree that (a) is a defect?22:42
thumperif (a) happens, yes I'd agree it is a defect22:43
poolieso if on the 20th22:45
pooliethat email address was no longer associated with the team22:45
pooliewhy would revisions pushed on the 20th still get linked to the team?22:45
wgrantpoolie: BranchAuthor is forever.22:54
wgrantEr, RevisionAuthor22:55
poolieyes i know22:56
pooliebut how can new revisionauthor records be created, for new revisions, chasing a no-longer-existing user-email mapping?22:56
wgrantNo no.22:56
wgrantRevision references a RevisionAuthor22:57
wgrantRevisionAuthor is a (id, name, email, person)22:57
marcoceppiThanks everyone! https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/17980223:00
andy_jsHi, I'm trying to install an instance of Launchpad but I'm encountering "OpenID Provider Is Unavailable at This Time" when I attempt to login.23:19

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