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reflexrghow do I add startup programs to desktop sessions?05:55
reflexrgI noticed that lubuntu doesn't have the app where you can turn off apps at bootup time like service manger05:58
reflexrghow do I edit this?05:58
reflexrgnot desktop startup apps05:58
reflexrghow about if an app doesn't get placed in the menu? alarm-clock doesn't but I can start it up with run well I am going to make it a startup app so doesn't matter05:59
bioterrorin the FAQ is a guide how to add application to start menu06:00
reflexrgthat was easy for me to do since I know how to find files via the terminal lubuntu needs to be more user friendly06:02
bioterrorthen make it more friendly, it's opensource and we have community06:02
reflexrgI really love LXDE06:03
reflexrgI've been reading posts about businesses not wanting to switch to linux06:04
bioterrorand I wonder why06:04
reflexrgwell I do agree with gnome being buggy sometimes with the power buttons06:04
reflexrgbut I think LXDE is the best choice for businesses06:05
bioterrorI think Windows 7 is the best choice for businesses06:05
reflexrgI haven't experienced any problems with any buttons disappearing so far using lxde and its a lot like windows xp so it isn't too hard a learning curve06:06
bioterrorthe opensource world has nothing close to Exchange + Outlook06:06
reflexrgI don't like windows its bloated and slow06:06
reflexrgmost people don't use email clients these days06:06
reflexrghow is outlook so good?06:07
bioterroryou mean they use only iPhones to write these tens and hundres of emails?06:07
bioterrorthey use phones to book these meeting rooms?06:07
bioterroror what?06:07
reflexrgyou can use any email program to book meeting rooms or call06:08
reflexrgI don't see your point06:08
bioterroryou're welcome to come here to my work office and show how06:09
bioterrorI have gnome 3 with evolution06:09
reflexrgI don't really like evolution takes up to much system resources06:10
bioterrorthanks, you made my point06:10
bioterrorconversation ended.06:10
reflexrgbut there is tons of other apps to use instead of evolution06:11
reflexrglike the one that comes with lubuntu06:11
bioterrordoes it talk with the exchange server if the imap is not enabled?06:12
reflexrgdunno I never had that problem06:12
reflexrgmicrosoft exchange server?06:12
reflexrgI do a small business so I dunno if linux would meet your needs06:15
reflexrgit meets mine fine06:15
reflexrgbioterror what kind of business are you in?06:18
bioterroratm. a huge media business corporation06:19
reflexrgwhat kind of media?06:20
reflexrgtv, films, music, commercials?06:20
bioterrornews paper, tv channels, magazines, radio channels06:20
bioterrorwhat else :D06:20
reflexrgI see06:20
reflexrgare you saying that exchange lets you automatically call and book events you put in your calender?06:21
bioterrorI can open a desired meeting room from calendar and book it06:21
bioterrorand invite people into that meeting and so on06:22
Unit193Alright, this isn't exactly on topic, just learned that desktop Linux isn't for everything.06:23
reflexrgI am assuming this contacts someone to book it and then sends out email invitations to selected people06:23
reflexrgyeah its like bringing up religion or politics when you talk about that!06:32
reflexrgjust checked out trisquel 5 mini with lxde wasn't what I expected I'd thought they would have some apps you guys left out. also they  had the bloated add/remove app too.08:41
reflexrgthe web browser they use looks pretty awesome lightweight very easy to use and comes builtin with all the crap that expert firefox users always add with their addons08:42
reflexrgsuch as cookie manager, adblocker, useragent switching...etc...08:43
Unit193!ot | reflexrg08:44
ubot5reflexrg: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:44
reflexrgwhoops wrong window08:44
tapionhi all14:12
tapionis there a way to install lubuntu with wubi?14:13
tapionanyone there?14:13
tapionis there a way to install lubuntu with wubi?14:17
iceroottapion: i dont know if you can install lubuntu directly but you can use "sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop" to get lubuntu14:18
tapionduring the normal installation14:18
iceroottapion: after the system is installed14:19
tapionduring the installation what happens when i select "install lubuntu next to windows 7"?14:20
tapionresize the partition and create a new partition for lubuntu?14:20
tapionduring the installation what happens when i select "install lubuntu next to windows 7"?14:24
sbamLUCEhi. I want to create my own distro lubuntu-based.  what can I use?14:26
tapioniceroot: during the installation what happens when i select "install lubuntu next to windows 7"?14:27
iceroot!remaster | sbamLUCE14:28
ubot5sbamLUCE: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility14:28
iceroottapion: is that wubi or the real installation?14:28
tapionresize the partition?14:29
iceroottapion: it will install the grub bootloader and install lubuntu on a free partition14:29
iceroottapion: if there is no free partition it will resize an existing one14:29
tapionand if the disk is full?14:29
sbamLUCEiceroot: ok, but from what I see uck uses gnome.... I want to use lxde .....14:29
tapionit is not really clear14:29
tapionand not present on documentation14:29
tapionthanks you very much =)14:30
iceroottapion: having a backup is always a good idea14:30
icerootsbamLUCE: ah ok, sorry dont know14:30
tapionyea i know it's not safe14:30
iceroottapion: not safe is the wrong word, normally its safe but a backup is always good14:31
urisanyone using windowmaker on lubuntu?15:22
ocs_hi. I want to create my own distro lubuntu (lxde) -based.  what can I use?15:30
ocs_iceroot: do you know if uck allows me to add software installed from source to the new distro?15:42
holsteinocs_: not sure about http://www.geekconnection.org/remastersys/15:46
holsteini know http://www.bandshed.net/AVLinux.html was using that tool15:47
ocs_holstein: many thanks15:50
th^2how do i change lubuntu login wallpaper?17:52
bioterrorfrom lxdm settings17:54
leszekth^2: You can set the wallpaper in /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf17:55
bioterroris it meeting in two hours?17:59
IAmNotThatGuybioterror, yep18:01
wxlisn't the meeting elsewhere?18:01
th^2leszek, thanks18:02
th^2leszek, that has no affect18:09
leszekthan its a bug I guess18:34
th^2changing default.conf worked19:03
reisiois clamscan on 11.10 ?19:04
wxlbut i fear that's not what you're looking for reisio19:05
reisioseems like some nautilus extension for clamscan :)19:06
reisiodon't think Lubuntu even uses nautilus19:06
reisiothanks for lookin', though19:06
wxlthere you go19:07
wxlclamscan should be in there19:07
wxlit is19:07
reisioyeah I guess I could install it in the live environment19:07
wxli've done that before19:08
reisioso have I, heh, just forgot19:08
reisiothanks for the reminder :P19:08
reisiowanted to scan this computer of someone's for der viruses, but also show them Lubuntu while it chugs along19:13
KM0201you could probably use avast also on the live cd.. it's good.19:15
wxlavast is on the live cd??19:30
bioterrorif you install19:38
* gilir shows the way to room #ubuntu-meeting for the lubuntu team meeting in 5 min :)19:56
M0hiYes sire!19:56
* M0hi follows19:56
kvarleyIs there a screen magnifier or zoom application for lubuntu?20:48

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