PendulumHas anyone heard from Charlie since UDS?14:58
AlanBellis charlietca Charlie Kravetz?14:59
AlanBellyes it is15:00
AlanBellPendulum: alive and well on G+15:00
Pendulumokay, so I've just either not seen him on IRC or he hasn't been on IRC15:01
Pendulumeither is possible15:01
jonoPendulum, AlanBell, TheMuso is there a big version of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accessibility/HeaderMain?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=accessibilityteam.png anywhere?21:24
AlanBellI drew it, one sec . . .21:25
AlanBelljono: http://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/accessibilityteam8.png21:25
jonoAlanBell, perfect, thanks!21:25
jonoAlanBell, can you review a draft in a moment for me?21:28
jonoI want to make sure the entry covers everything21:28
AlanBellsure jono 21:29
jonothanks AlanBell, just finishing it up now, will be a few mins21:30
jonoAlanBell, can you see http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/11/24/ubuntu-12-04-accessibility-plans/ ?21:43
jonothis is not published yet21:44
jonohence the disqus error at the bottom21:44
AlanBelljust a 404 for me21:45
jonoAlanBell, ok, will mail you the text21:45
AlanBellgreat, me @ubuntu.com21:46
jonoI would like to highlight some other members of the team at the bottom too21:46
jonoif you can recommend some names21:47
AlanBellmaco TheMuso 21:47
PendulumAlan Bell, Mackenzie Morgan, Charlie Kravetz, Luke Yelavich, Frederick (whatever fregl's last name is)21:48
PendulumTheMuso: did I spell your last name correctly?21:49
AlanBellThe Kubuntu team is going to work to integrate more accessibility into21:50
AlanBelltheir desktop. This will include improving the *qt-at-spi* integration21:50
AlanBellwith *at-spi*21:51
AlanBellshould that be at-spi2 ?21:51
AlanBellor at-spi-2?21:51
Pendulumooh, good point at-spi221:52
AlanBellit does say at-spi on the blueprint https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-p-kubuntu-accessibility21:52
Pendulumit says dbus, though21:52
Pendulumwhich is at-spi221:52
AlanBellok, so apart from that I can see no issues jono21:53
jonothanks AlanBell21:53
* jono updates21:53
jononow it says "This will include improving the *qt-at-spi* integration with *at-spi2*"21:55
jonook, this will go live tomorrow21:55
jonothanks all for your input21:56
AlanBellthanks jono 21:56

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