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jmlhome.python-keyring.org, so I can't test the dependency change I've made to pkgme :\11:37
jmloh, no11:37
jmlthere it goes11:37
jmlis there a way to get more info in the stack trace for APIErrors from piston_mini_client?13:03
jmlspecifically, APIError.body would be handy to have13:04
mvojml: not sure if that is helpful, but if PISTON_MINI_CLIENT_DEBUG is set it will contain the more info including the body iirc13:07
jmlmvo: thanks.13:07
jmlnow, where is celery hiding these errors?13:09
jml(found the log. interestingly it's logging two stack traces per error.)13:14
mvotwo identical ones? or two different ones ;) ?13:19
jmlmy most recent example: http://paste.ubuntu.com/747009/13:20
jmlI'm going to pause to go to the shops to get food so I can eat immediately after our call in ~30mins13:26
jml(One of these days I'm going to experiment with enough food around house to last for more than 1 day)13:26
mvoheh :)13:44
jmljames_w: http://paste.ubuntu.com/747065/ (re your assigned card)14:23
* jml fights the urge to rewrite pkgme-service in Twisted14:32
jmlachuni: hey, what backend does djpkgme use for celery?14:33
james_wjml, thanks14:33
jmljames_w: would be good to have a quick chat about state of this after the team-wide call.14:33
achunijml: atm, kombu14:33
achuni(that's only intended for dev though)14:33
jmlachuni: ok, thanks.14:34
jmlachuni: do you have any experience / guidance for deploying celery to production?14:34
noodles775jml: if the dpkgme service is only tiny - it may save you time long-term (both maintenance and deployment). Maybe chat with achuni about it?14:36
noodles775(sorry, re: Twisted)14:36
jmlnoodles775: as in, it might save time to keep it where it is or to port to Twisted?14:37
noodles775jml: to port it to Twisted14:37
noodles775(if it's only small now - I haven't checked)14:37
jmlI'd probably end up rewriting chunks of piston (or switch to xmlrpc)14:37
jmlit's pretty small14:37
noodles775k, just make sure you chat with achuni about it (as we could all learn from the reasons/changes), pls14:39
achunijml: none14:39
achunijml: it was django when we thought we'd be maintaining it, if you believe twisted would fit the task better, feel free14:39
achunijml: noodles775 indeed, the Django parts are tiny14:39
jmlwell, tbh, I don't really know. I know that I know twisted better than I know django or celery, but that might not be a great reason.14:40
achunijml: I think Django is more of a candidate if you plan on giving it a bit more of a website face14:40
achuni(as in admin or monitoring views)14:41
achuniyou'd need twisted + something else in that case14:41
jmlachuni: yeah. I don't think we have a clear idea of what we want w/ web monitoring, tbh.14:46
* achuni isn't getting along with mumble today14:47
james_wjml, do you want to discuss now?14:56
jmljames_w: sure.14:56
james_wjml, you can't hear me?14:58
jmljames_w: I just heard you type14:58
jmlbut now mumble crashed14:58
jmljames_w: ^15:03
ruudtHow to display an image in Python (machine without any desktop environment). I'm now using pygame, but when displaying an image I have to make the program pause or else the image disappears...15:09
ruudtsorry, wrong irc window for the last word15:11
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dpmruudt, if no one here can answer the question, I'd recommend filing it at http://askubuntu.com/questions/ask?tags=application-development15:52
ruudtdpm: thanks, I'll go and look there anyway!15:56
dpmruudt, cool :)15:57
jmlg'night all17:10
* jml → kickboxing17:10

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