MrCuriousmight be because you ARE using a swap00:00
MrCuriousbut most likely due to not installing ti omap4 add ons that bring graphics optimizations00:00
An-iSociaLthe motorola atrix uses the same qtouch driver as the xoom00:40
An-iSociaLand its near twice as many lines00:40
An-iSociaLaround 3500 for atrix and right under 2000 for xoom00:41
An-iSociaLgonna have to try and diff but i dont think there's going to be any way00:41
An-iSociaLno there's no way to use it directly00:44
An-iSociaLback to work00:44
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An-iSociaLyay i have click03:01
An-iSociaLbut its annoying03:02
An-iSociaLi have to hold, then tap with my other finger to register a full click03:02
An-iSociaLotherwise its just a mouse down03:02
int_uait's Xoom, yes?03:37
twb"Transformer Prime"? How is it that Takara Tomy don't sue Asus03:42
int_uatwb: Maybe "didn't sue yet"?)03:49
An-iSociaL... and ... bored05:10
lilstevieAn-iSociaL: ok, so there is something in teh touch driver the way that google have done the btn_touch05:13
An-iSociaLoh reeally05:14
An-iSociaLthe button staying stuck down is causing xorg to crash05:15
An-iSociaLnot exactly sure why05:15
lilsteviewell I don't have time at the moment to give you a hand05:16
lilsteviemaybe later05:16
An-iSociaLno worries im in need of a break05:18
An-iSociaLsdcards are srsly not meant for operating systems07:31
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punxosI'm using and ARM board (actually qemu versatilepb). When I compile the kernel the entry point is c0008000 (vmlinux), but this memory don't exists in this board. Should I change PAGE_OFFSET ?11:16
ogra_well, versatile isnt a v7 arch ... ubuntu only supports v711:18
ogra_use vexpress11:18
punxosbut debian works I think. Is just to test it.11:21
ppisatiGrueMaster: when you awake, could you test this one: http://people.canonical.com/~ppisati/linux-image-2.6.35-903-omap4_2.6.35-903.27~lp893190_armel.deb?11:38
ppisatiGrueMaster: in particular, tell me if ptrace() still fails (https://launchpadlibrarian.net/85419190/test-kernel-security.log)11:39
ogra_punxos, debian supports older arches, so versatile isnt a prob there11:43
punxosbut is just a conceptual question... but ok.11:44
int_uaWhy exactly all kernels that I've seen for OMAP are 2.6.35? :)11:50
infinityint_ua: Because you're looking at maverick?11:52
infinitylinux-omap4 | |      maverick | armel11:53
infinitylinux-omap4 | |         natty | armel11:53
infinitylinux-omap4 | |       oneiric | armel11:53
infinitylinux-omap4 | |       precise | armel11:53
int_uainfinity: ok, thanks. I only own N900 and look at this https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-n900#packages_list :)11:55
ogra_int_ua, well, thats a community maintained kernel, find the maintainer and ask for an update :)12:03
int_uaogra_: kind of found :) But he is busy... Thanks for info anyway :)12:05
* ogra_ glares at the default config of a TI android 3.0 kernel ...12:21
ogra_funny, ext2 is aneabled, ext4 as well ... why the heck is ext3 off ?12:21
lilstevieI have ext2/3 disabled on the tf kernels12:35
lilsteviecause I enable ext4 backwards compatibility12:35
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FloodmanHello, gays.15:15
FloodmanHello, gays.15:16
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An-iSociaLgood afternoon17:53
An-iSociaLhow's everyone today?17:53
An-iSociaLhmm ok18:15
An-iSociaLfinally got a shell on my setup, watched top from shell while it attempted to do an oem-config18:16
An-iSociaLaptd uses 100% cpu until there's finally a crash18:16
An-iSociaLhard crash resulting in a device reset18:17
An-iSociaLits cool as a cucumber18:22
An-iSociaLbooted up again, not going to touch it18:22
An-iSociaLsee if its aptd or just something that would have happened anyway18:23
An-iSociaL2% cpu usage at idle, less than 256mb ram used18:23
An-iSociaLthere it went...18:27
An-iSociaL5m idle and it reset18:27
An-iSociaLi cant find anything in logs to hint at the problem, any other suggestions for log locations or maybe something else entirely?18:28
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An-iSociaLwow i finally have a crash log19:00
An-iSociaLnot that i understand a bit of it19:00
An-iSociaLand its been running now for 18m19:00
An-iSociaLerrors=remount-ro seems to have been the issue19:01
An-iSociaLremount without options is whats keeping it alive19:01
An-iSociaLi was wrong19:16
An-iSociaLit doesnt keep it online19:16
An-iSociaLdisabling binfmt_misc in the kernel21:25

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