[06:32] head_victim: you about? [06:55] bradm: sort of [06:55] Here for a couple of minutes [06:58] head_victim: I noticed planet.ubuntu.org.au is no longer working [06:58] bradm: that coincided with the ubuntu.org.au upgrade so I had assumed it wsa related [06:58] head_victim: right, it needs a dns update of planet.ubuntu.org.au [06:59] Ah so it's not really related at all then [06:59] head_victim: that seems to be hosted by ubuntuwire.com, whoever that is [06:59] Yeah someone posted about that on the au forum [07:00] http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1704616 [07:00] That's all I know on the subject to be honest [07:01] head_victim: right, well, if you want the planet to work again they need to update the IP for planet.ubuntu.{org,com}.au [07:01] head_victim: it needs to be [07:02] bradm: I'll get on to it. Is this the sort of thing you guys need contact info for the future? [07:02] I can ask at the same time if you like [07:03] I don't mind if it's just as easy to do it this way [07:03] I have to run, if you leave any more info here I can pass it on [07:04] head_victim: sure, it wouldn't hurt if we had the contact info for it [07:04] head_victim: we could have updated it at the time if we did [07:05] Ok I'll ask for a company contact as well. I'll pm you the details or leave an email address if you'd prefer it [07:10] head_victim: message is fine [13:56] evening all..i need help generating Makefile..