iamweirdiehi, can somebody help me fix this? i was updating my persistent usb and it said update failed. following suggestions, i did this http://paste.ubuntu.com/746506/00:09
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asterismois there any overclocking channel?04:41
asterismoi wish to learn to use rovclock in order to overclock my ATI Radeon 9600 video card04:41
asterismounder ubuntu04:41
inferencehmm asterismo04:57
inferencei have no idea04:57
inferencewhy you would want to04:57
nlsthznoverclock = more megahurtz :)04:59
philipballewHey, my ip address says i am in germeny and I dont remember setting up any proxy. any ideas?14:02
bioterrorwhat's your ipaddress?14:02
bioterrorinetnum: -
bioterrornetname:        TUDINF-LAN14:03
bioterrordescr:          Technische Universitaet Dresden14:03
bioterrorcountry:        DE14:03
bioterroradmin-c:        CK29-RIPE14:03
philipballewYeah. this is odd14:04
bioterrorhow so?14:04
bioterrordoes ifconfig give you that ip address?14:04
philipballewI live in california14:04
philipballewlets see14:04
bioterrorshould not take that long :D14:05
bioterrorso you got it from the router14:06
bioterrorcheck your router or your web browser / ubuntu settings14:07
philipballewwell no14:07
bioterrorI'm off from work14:07
philipballewthis has happened on two different networks14:07
bioterrorcheck which ip address your router has if you're at home14:07
bioterroror check your settings14:07
bioterrorquite simple14:07
philipballewbioterror, http://imagebin.org/18531114:10
philipballewthis is why happens when i try to log into my router. it wont let me14:10
diatomaceousHi everyone.  I have a dell precision M6600 and I'm using the open-source radeon drivers.  Unfortunately, I seem to having problems with booting and shutting down.. every other time or so (it's not perfectly consistent), the system just hangs.  When booting, it'll get to the purple background, then freak out, then just go black.  When shutting down, the ubuntu logo will be there and the dots will be moving, then suddenly they just stop and rem15:03
diatomaceousIn both cases I have to do a hard reset with my power button.15:03
holsteindiatomaceous: do you have TTY when the 'crash' happens ?15:08
holsteini would try the proprietary drivers15:08
holsteindiatomaceous: http://paste.ubuntu.com/747113/15:14
diatomaceousholstein: thank you.  I have tried the proprietary drivers.  Unfortunately there are rendering artifacts and the HDMI output on my laptop doesn't work at all with them.15:14
diatomaceousFor instance, the entire unity bar across the top of the screen is a fuscia mess, and fonts are unreadable15:15
holsteini wouldnt expect better support from the open drivers15:15
diatomaceousThey've been absolutely great so far15:16
diatomaceous(when it boots at all)15:16
holsteinif you have a freeze like that, you can try control+alt+F2 and sudo reboot15:16
holsteindiatomaceous: could be something with the drivers and the kernel you are using15:16
diatomaceousthanks, someone else showed me that as well.. it works, but I'd rather figure out why it's freezing sometimes and fix that.15:16
holsteindiatomaceous: so, you can reboot without harming your hardware, without force restart15:18
holsteini would try kernels... i would try going forward and back in kernel versions with that driver15:18
diatomaceousWould my logs helps point at it?15:19
holsteini would also try live CD's... knoppix, something non-debian... see if you get different results, and make a note of the driver and kernel versions15:19
diatomaceousI'm curious if I didn't fully uninstall fglrx properly15:19
holsteindiatomaceous: you can test for that with an ubuntu live CD15:19
holsteinim sure theres a log somewhere, and you are welcome to wait around for someone that can help you find/interpret them... otherwise, im more of a hardware troubleshooter15:20
diatomaceousthat's actually good news.  Are you more familiar with nVidia?15:23
holsteini have both15:23
diatomaceousHave you had good luck with fglrx with firepro graphics cards?15:24
holsteini dont have any firepro15:25
holsteinand i dont plan on getting any15:25
holsteinim not a gamer, so intel is typically just fine for my needs15:25
coalwaterhey s-fox15:51
s-foxHello coalwater15:52
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M0hiwb s-fox20:13
s-foxHello M0hi20:15
M0hihow is life s-fox ? busy?20:15
* M0hi is attending lubuntu meeting. its nearly 2 AM now :P20:21
diatomaceousWould anyone here care to help me diagnose my booting/shutting down issues?20:22
bioterrorM0hi, welcome to my ubt meetings20:23
inferenceWelcome to the Ubuntu Beginners Team support channel || Please do not wait to ask questions, simply ask!20:23
diatomaceousAh, good point.  My problem is sometimes my laptop freezes at a black screen instead of fully booting into the desktop.  It happens about 2/3rds of the time I boot20:24
diatomaceousThe other 1/3rd of the time, it comes up just fine.20:24
diatomaceousShutting down is similar.. it hangs while the ubuntu logo is showing20:24
diatomaceousI have to hard-reset with the power button both times20:24
philipballewQUESTION: I believe I am connected to a proxy server, but I have no idea how it happened and what to do? I dont remember connecting to one...\20:38
pleia2philipballew: just web traffic or everything (ssh, etc)?20:39
pleia2if it's just web stuff you should check the proxy settings in your browser20:39
philipballewpleia2, Its web trafic I guess. Like hulu and youtube both tell me im in Germany. Maybe google chrome is doing something funky20:40
pleia2philipballew: yeah, go to preferences > under the hood20:40
pleia2there is a proxy section20:40
pleia2err, "network"20:41
philipballewyeah, I looked there and it says im using my computers settings.  Its odd, whenever i attempt to connect to the any router f any network i am on I get this20:42
philipballewAlso, this happened in sd and now when i am in norcal it is happening as well :)20:43
philipballewI'll just play around with it pleia2 and see what I can find20:46
pleia2philipballew: good luck :) I've never touched system-wide proxy settings so I'm not even sure where to begin there20:46
pleia2(and glad you made it up to norcal safely!)20:46
philipballewGot in a 5 am. Its just my laptop here. Maybe something accidental got downloaded. Who knows20:47
philipballewhey pleia2 Thanks for the info I found some random package installed that was causing my trouble21:27
pleia2philipballew: oh good! :)21:28
philipballewfor sure. Well have a good turkey day!21:29
JackyAlcineTURKEY :)21:29
pleia2you too :)21:29
ubot2For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN21:42
inferencesorry diatomaceous21:55
inferencelooks like nobody was willing to help21:55
M0hidiatomaceous, Are you using 11.10 ?21:57
diatomaceousyes I am21:57
M0hiAnd your machine is up-to-date?21:58
diatomaceousI'm currently using the open source radeon drivers, but I did try FGLRX as well.21:58
bioterrorprobably it doesnt start DM21:58
diatomaceousI worry they're somehow not completely removed.21:58
M0hibioterror, what about thelling him to restart DM?21:59
bioterrorif I remember right, with catalyst you used to have Xorg.conf21:59
bioterrorM0hi, yeah, I would suggest to try pressing ctrl+alt+f121:59
M0hidiatomaceous, ^21:59
diatomaceousYup, I've done this22:00
diatomaceousit says failed to start X server22:00
bioterrorthere you go22:00
bioterrorthen you can start the service22:00
M0hiGrrr! thats the DM issue22:00
bioterrorgdm if I got this right22:00
diatomaceousit fails again22:00
diatomaceousit looks like GDM is no longer22:00
M0hiyeah it is22:00
bioterrorsudo service gdm restart22:00
bioterroryou might want to 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm'22:00
diatomaceoustrying now22:01
diatomaceoussays gdm is not installed22:01
bioterrorwhich flavour of ubuntu are you using?22:01
diatomaceousPackage 'gdm' is not installed and no info is available22:01
diatomaceousvanilla 11.1022:01
diatomaceousfresh install22:01
bioterrorsounds weird22:01
bioterrorcan you: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop22:01
diatomaceousubuntu-desktop is already the newest version.22:02
diatomaceous0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.22:02
bioterroroh sorry22:02
bioterrormy mistake22:02
* bioterror feels ashamed22:02
bioterrorit's lightdm22:02
diatomaceousit's ok, I thought it was gdm too at first :)22:02
diatomaceousthat's why i'm in beginners22:02
diatomaceousi feel like a beginner again22:02
diatomaceousso.. reconfigure dm ?22:03
bioterroryou could22:03
bioterrorsudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm22:03
diatomaceousok running that22:03
diatomaceousdpkg-maintscript-helper: warning: environment variable DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_NAME missing22:03
diatomaceousdpkg-maintscript-helper: warning: environment variable DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_PACKAGE missing22:03
diatomaceousi have to go for now though22:04
diatomaceousthanks for the help22:04
bioterrorbut if that doesnt solve it22:05
bioterrorthen we have to check if you have xorg.conf in /etc/X11/22:05
bioterrorand if it's making things messed up22:05
vulgarbulgarhi guys i am having some trouble installing the linux driver for my Seiko SLP 200 printer22:20
vulgarbulgarcan anyone help?22:20
philipballewvulgarbulgar, What makes you need to manually install?22:21
vulgarbulgarit is not available from the cups driver listing22:21
vulgarbulgarit is a small label printer22:21
vulgarbulgari found the driver package on the seiko website, but I cannot get the build to work22:22
vulgarbulgarit says that it cannot access cups/cups.h22:22
philipballewvulgarbulgar, is the driver not in the kernel?22:23
vulgarbulgarRasterToSIISLP.cxx:34:23: fatal error: cups/cups.h: No such file or directory22:23
vulgarbulgarcompilation terminated.22:23
vulgarbulgarhow can i check if its in the kernel?22:24
vulgarbulgaranybody please help22:32
vulgarbulgarit says that there is a missing filter in cups22:32
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vulgarbulgaranybody help please...22:57
holsteinvulgarbulgar: what is saying what message excatly?23:13
holsteinare you trying to add a printer?23:13
holsteinis this relavant? helpful?23:15
vulgarbulgari just got it to work23:31
vulgarbulgari didn't have one of the libraries needed to build the install23:32
vulgarbulgarN00B mistake23:32
vulgarbulgarthank you though23:32

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