BluesKajHiyas all14:01
* genii-around makes coffee15:46
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* BobJonkman craves a coffee from genii-around16:10
* genii-around slides BobJonkman a very tasty and strongly brewed coffee, just cooled off enough to be perfect for drinking16:12
* BobJonkman adulterates genii-around's excellent coffee by adding a dollop of cream16:12
BobJonkman"a dollop of cream" - what else is measured in dollops?16:13
genii-aroundNot sure.. but there are some interesting ways to measure stuff. My grandma always says like: 3 glugs of molasses   for recipes, etc16:14
BobJonkmanDollops are also for mud and fat men: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/dollop16:15
BobJonkmanThere's also "jiggers"16:16
BobJonkmandistinct from "chiggers"16:16
BobJonkmanWouldn't want to get those two mixed up16:17
* genii-around contemplates hogsheads and other quaint systems16:18
BobJonkmanSadly, http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/jigger doesn't have a definition as a unit of measure.16:18
BobJonkmanAs in "a jigger of rum"16:18
genii-aroundProbably some nautical cup size...16:19
BobJonkmanI can see why "hogshead" fell out of favour.  Any time you try to measure something it would just pour out the eyes and nostrils16:19
* BobJonkman should be getting back to work now16:20
* BluesKaj tries to find documentation or a tutorial for a way in thru the bell pvr ethernet port16:20
BobJonkmanBluesKaj: Looking to get an Internet connection through your satellite from the  PVR ethernet?16:21
BluesKajjigger=1.5 ounces of liquor16:21
* BobJonkman would hire BluesKaj for genii-around's coffee bar in a jiffy16:22
genii-aroundBluesKaj: Is it the pve plus?16:23
BluesKajBobJonkman, I have a bell 9242 and would like to addit to the home network , TiVo style ..there's a site that promotes python scripts for running TiVos on a home network , but I can't find the equivalent for the Bell pvr16:23
BobJonkmanSo you just want to control the PVR or view the contents.16:24
BobJonkmanSadly, I have no experience with either Bell or PVRs16:25
BobJonkmanIt would be interesting to get an Internet connection using the PVR as a router to the satellite connection, though16:26
BluesKajBobJonkman, yes, but mostly I'd like to be able to add or copy content back and forth between the networked pcs and the pvr ..but due to encryption I somehow doubt that's even feasable16:26
BobJonkmanLikely, your PVR is locked up, and Bell holds the keys.16:26
genii-aroundI wonder if it uses snmp16:26
BluesKajBobJonkman, genii-around , I haven't begun my research in ernest yet , but the lack of info even in google and the digitalhome sitr is discouraging so far16:28
BluesKajI used to use a 9200 , but got this 9242 with remote access capability , as a swap out due to the change over from MPEG2 to MPEG4 codec/compression that Bell is switching to .16:29
BluesKajI have a SD TiVo that i used on our home network, it was neat to be able copy content down loaded off the internet to the TiVo. Now I just use a home pc media server instaed , but it would be nice to have option copy files to pc from the pvr in case we run out of room on the HDD.16:41
genii-aroundBluesKaj: You could always isolate it from the internet but hooking it to a router that gives it an IP but doesn't go to internet, then poke at it a bit with like nmap to see what ports are open on the thing.17:39
BluesKajgenii-around, yeah I was thinking that too, just need an another ethernet cable to connect it up17:47
genii-aroundBluesKaj: It must use some kind of method to talk to Bells servers for the remotepvr stuff to work17:51
genii-aroundI wonder if you hooked it to a box with webserver and dhcp server, what the webserver access logs would look like17:53
willwhhey guys17:56
willwhso you know I was saying I had an issue with screen sessions17:57
willwhif you'll forgive me just talking out loud17:57
willwhI did a reinstall, running 11.10 server now17:57
BluesKajgenii-around, what method should I use to connect the pvr to my other box ?17:57
willwhI am still seeing the same issue17:57
willwhI have a running screen session, and when I open a new term inside it, I end up at, willwh@web:(unreachable)/$17:58
willwhif I do an ls though, I am in my /home/willwh17:58
willwhwhich is really odd..17:58
willwhI am not sure how to try to troubleshoot this, or get some help17:59
willwhanyone have any ideas?17:59
genii-aroundBluesKaj: If you have a webserver/dhcp server on said box and want to probe it? Probably a crossover cable18:01
genii-aroundWork, back in a while18:05
BluesKajgenii-around, no webserver or dhcp server on the other box..it's strictly a kubuntu box with static IP in network interfaces and dns nameserver IPs in resolv.conf , no NM18:07
willwhmost of the pvrs are out there are really locked down18:09
willwhI have a pace pvr (shaw) - everything disabled 'cept for the sata port :(18:09
willwhusb/cat5/etc - all dead :/18:09
willwhprobably be better with a capture card18:09
willwhand run mythtv18:10
BluesKajwillwh, the bell pvr has an ethernet port for remote accessing the record and guide settiings , but so far I see nothing about copying anyprogramming toa pc via ahome network setup as backup or overflow from the pvr hdd18:14
BluesKajHD capture cards are rare birds indeed18:16
BluesKajmythtv is unecessary , mencoder can copy files if one uses the right strings18:21
BluesKajwillwh, I fear that the content is encrypted by a method that's unavailble/proprietary anyway18:24
willwhmost likely yes18:24
willwhany ideas on my issue above BluesKaj ?18:24
BluesKajwillwh, sorry i don't understand it ...are you opening a terminal inside a folder or directly from the menu ?18:25
willwhwell, no, I ssh to my server18:26
willwhwhere I have irssi running in screen18:26
willwhinside a screen session, you can do, ctrl + a, c, to open a new term inside the screen session18:26
willwhnow - the weird thing is - it doesn't happen after starting a fresh screen session18:27
willwhjust after some time18:27
willwhit seems to puke18:27
willwhI cannot for the life of me, understand it :\18:27
BluesKajwillwh, , why not just open another prompt with ctrl+alt+F2 or 3 , or is this not suitable?18:29
willwhwell - I'm logging in to a remote box18:29
willwhit's just that my irssi logging dies after a while too18:30
BluesKajover the  'net or Lan ?18:30
BluesKajsorry, no experience with internet ssh , only lan18:31
dscasselwillwh: I've had the same problem. Haven't had the time to figure out what's going on, though.18:48
dscasselLet me know if you find a fix...18:48
willwhdscassel: I don't even know where to start tbh18:49
willwhreally annoying though!18:49
dscasselYeah. :/18:49
BluesKajlooks like a daemon is timing out or something18:50
willwhi.e. I am not sure how I even bug report it18:50
willwhor where to start digging18:50
willwhso frustrating18:50
BluesKajyou guys still use network manager ?18:50
dscasselI'd switch to Quassel, but I can't find a way to turn off join, parts, quits, etc.18:50
dscasselBluesKaj: Yup.18:50
willwhI wouldn't18:50
willwhI have far too many custom scripts for irssi18:50
willwhand I can't be arsed rewriting ;)18:50
BluesKajwillwh, are you irssi'd on the remote machine? sounds dumb I know but I have to ask18:52
willwhBluesKaj: yup, irrsi runs in a screen session on the remote machine18:53
BluesKajwhat exactly is a screen session ?18:54
willwhback shortly18:56
willwhdscassel: around?22:06
willwhinterestingly, look at the path it's supposed to be at, ~willwh/public_html/play/index.php22:08
willwhhow the france did willwh get stuffed in there22:08
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