jcastro*tap tap*14:59
jcastro1 minute left14:59
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jcastroOk everyone15:00
jcastroMark is on his way15:00
jcastrowelcome to Ask Mark!15:00
sabdflhello hello15:01
jcastrohere is the intro piece: http://castrojo.tumblr.com/post/12842730458/ask-mark-wednesday-23-november-1500utc15:01
jcastrothis is how this will work15:01
jcastroin #ubuntu-classroom-chat you can ask questions15:01
jcastroyou need to preface it with the word QUESTION:15:01
jcastrofor example ...15:01
jcastroQUESTION: Mark, what is with that moustache?15:01
sabdflit's for charity!15:01
jcastroand then the bot will pick it up and pass it along15:01
jcastroso without further delay, good morning sabdfl!15:01
sabdfland a very generous donor, Callum MacDonald, stepped up hugely15:02
sabdflso i will grow it even bigger15:02
sabdflif you appreciate having a laugh at the sad state of my face, please donate generously too15:02
sabdfland i will match your donation15:02
jcastroWhere can people donate?15:02
sabdflof course15:03
ClassBotcandt_ asked: I see Ubuntu is retailing in China and Portugal (great!) What release? LTS?15:03
sabdflvaries, depending on the manufacturer15:03
sabdflwe have adopted a wicked new plan for LTS updates though15:03
sabdflso if a machine is certified with a non-LTS release, you will still be able to run it with the LTS userspace15:03
ClassBotAlanBell asked: Do you really think you can compete with iOS and Android on TV/Tablet/Phone?15:04
sabdflwith your help, we have a chance15:04
sabdfldesign is really important, as is our ability to deliver a platform that is perceived to be more open15:04
sabdfli think this is vital, or client-side linux will ultimately stay limited to, shall we say, the technologically blessed15:05
ClassBotAlanBell asked: If I wanted to contribute to TV/Tablet/phone, what's the best thing I can do in the community?15:05
sabdflparticipate on the relevant mailing lists15:05
sabdflparticipate when the sdk efforts begin, around QML and HTML515:05
sabdflhelp with unity-3d and -2d, which will feature15:05
ClassBotdmj726 asked: What do you think of having an unmodified version of Software Center as a requirement for branding something as an Ubuntu Phone?  This way if a company could only brand their device as an Ubuntu Phone if it kept Software Center (with access to the Ubuntu repositories and the ability to add additional software sources).  Otherwise it would be based on Ubuntu but not a branded Ubuntu Phone.15:06
sabdflyes, i think the android experience has taught everyone about the risks of fragmentation15:06
sabdfli hope we can improve somewhat on that position15:06
ClassBotkamilnadeem asked: What do you think of people , chastising everything Ubuntu including its users by some who consider themselves Elite, will 12.04 put an end to this (marginally)?15:06
sabdflthere are of course valid criticisms15:08
sabdfland we can't be too thin-skinned about opinions15:08
sabdflthat said, some of the most passionate complaints are from users in two bugs, with directly opposite desires15:09
sabdflbug (a) says an action should go left, bug (b) says it should go right15:09
sabdfland some of the voices in each bug are unreasonably insistent on their position15:09
sabdflthe design team has to resolve those, and also has to put us ahead of the curve15:09
sabdflwe won't compete if we constantly wait for ideas to be validated elsewhere15:10
sabdfli'm pretty proud of our record of innovatoin15:10
sabdfltion, even15:10
sabdflwe had U1 before iCloud, or the Windows equivalents15:10
sabdflwe introduced overlay scrollbars first15:10
sabdflwe designed Unity with a single icon left launcher, and full screen search, before anybody else15:10
sabdflApple's launchpad, and Gnome Shell, all came later15:11
sabdflchange will always make people pissy15:11
sabdflbut i think, if we voxed you all in the channel, you would say you want the platform of the future, not one from the past15:11
sabdflso that's what we're working on15:11
sabdfland we do it with integrity, and care15:11
ClassBotkamilnadeem asked: When will Ubuntu reach the Indian shore in the form of hardware pre installed with Ubuntu like its in Africa , Portugal?15:11
sabdflhmmm... i think it's already pre-installed in india, from some manufacturers15:12
sabdfldell, lenovo, and some local brands iirc15:12
jcastrothis one might be too localized, but giving it a shot:15:12
ClassBotAndy80 asked: I've seen that the Asus 1215P with Ubuntu preinstalled is also available in Italy from many vendors (Mediaworld, Amazon.it, e-Price ecc...) why no news about it? No advertisement ecc... is it just experimental? Thanks15:12
sabdflI tihnk it's just becoming more normal. Best thing you can do is buy one and blog it!15:13
ClassBotconscioususer asked: Considering how large of a step Unity was, and the fact that it still needs polish on the desktop alone, isn't availability of resources a concern for the phone/tv/etc plans?15:13
sabdflsure it is. all help gratefully accepted :-)15:13
sabdflthere is a steady flow of contributions, which is fantastic15:14
sabdflthere's lots we would like to fix, but must focus on the core15:14
sabdflit's a fun project to hack on, and millions get to enjoy the result15:14
sabdflplus, you get OMG-love15:14
sabdflwe're growing the Unity team internally, but the perfectionism of a community process cannot be beaten15:15
sabdflso the more, the merrier15:15
ClassBotdmj726 asked: Do you see integration and sharing between TVs, phones, tablets, and PCs as being critical to the success of Ubuntu on mobile devices?15:15
ClassBotcandt_ asked: Any plans to increase 'marketing to the community' (spin?) to help heal some GUI-shock 'wounds'?15:15
sabdflour community doesn't want spin, they want to help15:15
sabdfland there are lots of effective ways for folk to participate and help15:16
sabdfli see a lot more people willing to say 'hold on, stop the bitching, i love unity, and i want it to succeed'15:16
sabdfland that's what will make a success of it15:16
ClassBotkamilnadeem asked: You seem to don't care much about what opinions others form of you(as I have estimated by reading and hearing you) but why do you think people Ignore the Hard work done by You/Ubuntu for the betterment of FOSS?15:16
sabdflwhy do you think i am subscribed to every comment on every bug on unity, if you don't think i care much about what people report, or comment?15:17
sabdflit takes up a lot of my day, this approach to not caring ;-)15:17
sabdflit's easy to say someone doesn't care about everyone, if they disagree with you15:17
sabdflit's harder if you first acknowledge that they care as much about you as about 19 million other users15:18
sabdflwho have needs and rights too15:18
sabdflmy first responsibility is to ubuntu users15:18
sabdflthe ubuntu spirit is not about demanding that someone else make things the way you want them, is it15:18
sabdflas our community has become more high profile, it's more tempting for people to show up and make demands15:18
sabdflwe have no need ot listen to them15:18
sabdflnone whatsoever15:19
sabdflwe need to strengthen the bonds between those of us who actually work on the project every day15:19
sabdfltrust people to lead in their part of the project15:19
sabdfli trust the security team to make serious judgement calls, every single day15:19
sabdfli don't need to second-guess them15:19
sabdfli don't expect them to be perfect15:19
sabdflbut i know that getting too many opinions in there will only make it worse15:20
sabdflsimilarly, on design and engineering, as a community we need to ask whether we have confidence in the process by which responsibility is allocated15:20
sabdflthen trust those to whom it is allocated15:20
sabdflin other communities, it's OK to second-guess any decision by any member15:20
sabdflthat results in a total inability to take any serious decision in less than 5 years15:21
sabdfland we will NOT compete with android like that15:21
sabdflso, here's the deal: join, commit, contribute, excel, and you can expect to be trusted with serious parts of ubuntu15:21
sabdfland you can expect that i will defend you from the chorus of naysayers, beggars and critics15:21
ClassBotkoolhead11 asked: Mark, when can we have visible Ubuntu certification/Training program happening 2 take on with other enterprise Linux Vendors, as people need workforce and assurance before hiring and adopting something at enterprise level15:21
sabdflwe setup a training program very early15:22
sabdflbut there was little demand15:22
sabdfland it was too thinly spread around the world15:22
sabdflfirst, we need to see substantial deployments15:22
sabdflthen the demand will be there15:22
sabdflthe good news is, enterprise adoption of ubuntu is growing steadily15:22
sabdflpeople are starting to trust us, we have delivered like clockwork for seven years15:23
sabdflhelp promote large scale corporate deployments, and that will create demand for training15:23
sabdflif you have an urgent need, we can probably create something custom15:23
ClassBotjussi asked: Mark, How involved are OEMs with canonical at this time in the direction of the Ubuntu phone, TV and tablet offerings?15:23
sabdflbtw, happy thanksgiving to all you yanks, tomorrow15:23
sabdfljussi, it's easy for them to express interest at this stage, the test will be once we actually have product in hand15:24
sabdflso for now, it's all very encouraging15:24
sabdflbut then, it would be :-)15:24
ClassBottxwikinger asked: How do you think can entrepreneurs build a business model around Ubuntu in a way that it is mutually beneficial for Ubuntu and the startup?15:24
sabdflensure that production pieces of your ubuntu deployments  are covered by Ubuntu Advantage15:25
sabdfland that's good enough for me15:25
ClassBotdmj726 asked: Do you see Ubuntu TV as being mainly a new platform for consuming content or do you think that making new kinds of collaboration possible should be a key part of Ubuntu TV?  An example might be a group get together with their tablets and edit video on their devices with the TV as a shared screen for showing progress and enabling discussion?15:25
sabdflthe relationship between the shared screen (tv) and the personal screen (phone, tablet, pc) is v interestng, yes15:26
ClassBotoly_ asked: are there plans to unify apps on these devices, something like i am viewing a youtube video on my phone can i not just move the output to my tv or to a desktop computer i have often wondered why i can not move whats on my screen to another display in a simple manner15:26
sabdflgood thinking gianlucadv, that sounds worth exploring further15:26
ClassBotkamilnadeem asked: Many a people have taken aversion on you saying to compete with Android with Ubuntu (both being open source siblings), Do you consider ios and other platforms Inferior(I feel they are ;-))?15:27
sabdflthey are superior in some ways. they are less empowering, but we should recognise great work wherever it happens. smugness doesn't win friends or prizes.15:27
ClassBotPendulum asked: how do you see Ubuntu competing in the mobile device world when voice  recognition on Linux is pretty much non-existant, but voice recognition on mobile phones is becoming a feature users want more and more?15:27
sabdflvoice recognition is more a cloud service than a device feature15:28
ClassBotAndy80 asked: taking in consideration all the improvements incoming to Qt (with the release of Qt5), since we could have the same (or even better) effetcs in QML than we have now in Unity-3D, all of this maintaining the compatibility with non-3D computers, don't you think that keep developing two versions of Unity is a "waste" of resources? Would not be better to concentrate the effort just on the QML/Qt version of Unity?15:28
sabdflcould be, andy. the unity-3d team need to show that it's worth keeping both versions in play, and the -2d team need to show they can deliver the slick vision we have for unity15:28
sabdflthink of it as a bit of a race. contribute where you think you can make the biggest impact15:29
ClassBotkamilnadeem asked: There is this general feeling in people that Canonical doesn't care about Ubuntu's official derivatives(which I find to be a misnomer  as I am myself using Kubuntu 11.10 and loving it)?15:29
sabdflwe cannot care about everything15:29
sabdflwe devote quite alot to make the derivatives possible, but it's up to each community to step up and do the work they say they care about15:29
jcastro(out of questions, waiting on the queue)15:30
ClassBotakshatj_ asked: Android or iOS?15:30
sabdflneither, but i plan to try recent versions of both, soon15:31
sabdflit's time for me to join the smartphone era15:32
ClassBotkamilnadeem asked: Your reaction on the latest thrashing of Micro$oft by Barnes & Noble against their way of using litigation instead of Innovations philosophy?15:32
sabdflthe biggest mistake microsoft made was to decide that patents would be an effective defence against new competitors15:33
sabdflbecause that stops you from really innovating yourself15:33
sabdflso Microsoft wasted most of a decade, thinking they could use patents to defend the castle.15:33
sabdflMeanwhile, others were innovating for real.15:33
sabdflThe whole patent system is a sham, unfortunately.15:34
sabdflPatent authorities cannot realistically do their job; it15:34
sabdflit's an impossible job to do.15:34
sabdfland the patent system has slowly been twisted to do the exact opposite of its PR15:34
sabdflit's not, as many think, a system to defend the little inventor against the big bad corporate.15:35
sabdflInstead, it's a system to ensure the big bad corporate doesn't get any scary new competition.15:35
sabdflPatents were invented to encourage inventors to publish their trade secrets, because society would benefit from the disclosure.15:35
sabdflBut we now allow patents on things you could never keep secret in the first place, like software and business methods and medicines.15:36
sabdflThat's insanity. Innovation happens because people solve problems, not because they might get a monopoly on it.15:36
sabdflThe reason this is not being changed is simple: legislation evolves to suit those who can influence legislators. And large patent holders tend to be influential in that regard.15:37
ClassBotdmj726 asked: What are some examples of design either in the Ubuntu community, apps, or in general that have inspired you?15:37
sabdflthe novacut folks have some really interesting ideas15:37
sabdfli like a lot of the elementary work, too15:37
sabdflthe web is really the place we should look to, and games15:38
sabdflthose are both fast-moving, agile, competitive, and unconstrained15:38
ClassBotgianlucadv asked: Recently we have seen some applications migrated from python to vala. Do you think that this trend is going to continue or that python will still be the preferred language for Ubuntu-sanctioned programs?15:38
sabdflvala is ok. Go is the future.15:38
ClassBotoly_ asked: will ubuntu.developer.com develop to be usefull for existing developers quickly looks awesome but it does not seem useful if you already have applications, or are there plans to move an existing project into quickly to simplyfy development15:38
jcastro(ed: he means developer.ubuntu.com)15:39
sabdflno, with most frameworks, if you start out doing your own thing, it's better to keep doing that15:39
sabdflquickly is for the new guy who wants to get started, erm, quickly :-)15:39
sabdfli would encourage you just to focus on making your apps beautiful, directed, clear, purposeful15:40
sabdfland use whatever toolkit you think is effective and interesting15:40
ClassBotbrousch asked: I love Ubuntu, but prefer Gnome Shell to Unity. Are you committed to keeping Gnome Shell supported and easy to install in Ubuntu going forward?15:40
sabdfldepends how easy the Shell folks make that to achieve15:40
sabdfli'm not committed if they decide to make it very difficult, or impossible, or to continue to say things like 'Ubuntu's overlay scrollbars are not compatible with upstream Gnome' ;-)15:41
sabdflwe worked hard to influence and improve the design of Shell, but it turned out the best way to achieve that was to lead, so we did, and will continue to do so15:41
ClassBotsurgemcgee asked: Is there plans to better Compiz or abondon it as the Unity OpenGL back-end? It seems disconnected and buggy.15:41
sabdflcompiz needs work, definitely15:41
sabdflbut it has by far the best rendering pipeline, which lets us deliver fullscreen effects over video, for example15:42
sabdflit will improve, help gratefully accepted15:42
ClassBotkamilnadeem asked: You busted the "Power Users don't like Unity myth" in the 12.04 UDS , how much easier will it be for customizations in 12.04 natively unlike 11.10?15:42
sabdflwe will have time to offer up some settings for unity in 12.0415:42
sabdflthere's a list of things we're keen to see15:43
sabdflcontributions of code to put those in place would be accepted15:43
sabdflbut there will always be people who are upset because they cannot make the launcher bright pink15:43
ClassBotblumojo_ asked: What is Unity's next step?15:43
sabdfl12.04 LTS needs to be lovely on the desktop, and work on the new form factors will kick off15:44
ClassBotkamilnadeem asked: Is there anything to be looked forward in the "codecs may be illegal in your country" as Ubuntu aims for world domination.15:44
sabdflcan't do much about the law in your country. i think the codec issue will fade as google pushes for open content15:44
ClassBotgianlucadv asked: in the future, will launchpad support git?15:44
sabdflthe future is a very big place15:45
jcastro(waiting on questions)15:45
ClassBotkamilnadeem asked: Do you intend on keeping the Mustache(In my opinion it looks awesome on you)?15:46
sabdflif you guys haven't had the pleasure yet, i highly commend jorge's charm school to you :-)15:46
sabdflhell no, this rat on my face is torture, i'm *earning* those donations!15:46
ClassBotvibhav asked: Why is the server version of Ubuntu one closed source?15:47
sabdflserver of u1 is closed source because we thought our chances of long term survival otherwise were nil. if you know better, go for it!15:47
ClassBotdaubers asked: Any chance of further LDAP integration in Ubuntu and more ease of use of setting it up?15:48
ClassBotsurgemcgee asked: Is there plans for a better Terminal app. i.e. Tilda or Guake?15:49
jcastrobah sorry, 2 for one!15:49
jcastro(10 minutes left in the session)15:50
ClassBotThere are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.15:50
sabdfldaubers, hmmm... i'm not sure on the ldap front15:51
sabdflwe're going to do a business desktop remix, because lots of people want a remix without the social bits, and with stuff we wouldn't put in the main ubuntu, like flash and pdf-reader15:51
sabdflthat sounds like a candidate for ldap work15:52
sabdflremixes are just package selections, there will be no secret sauce15:52
sabdflsurgemcgee__, i would love to see guake integrated into the dash, drop them a note and see if they are interested!15:52
ClassBotbrousch asked: Canonical has a ton of good Python programmers and is using it heavily. Who do you think has more Python code in use - Canonical or Google?15:52
sabdfli think they have a lot of everything :-)15:53
ClassBotdscassel asked: At UDS-O you said you would work to make the case for Project Harmony to the community. Do you feel you've done that, or will you be saying more about it? And as a spokesperson for Ubuntu, what would you suggest I say to those in the community who consider Harmony harmful?15:53
sabdflpoint out that, today, we have hundreds of custom agreements, few of which have been through any sort of review15:53
sabdflHarmony is like the Creative Commons, you may not agree with all the options, but it's been widely debated, reviewed, audited and approved15:54
sabdflpint out that iOS and android built huge developer ecosystems in a few years, while the GPL is still limited15:54
sabdflask them when they will be willing to consider whether free software is enough, or whether they must keep adding impossible constraints on companies that are interested in trying it15:55
ClassBotcandt_ asked: have you noticed that Ubuntu has dropped in the Distrowatch click ratings? (It breaks my heart to see...)15:55
jcastro(Host note: distrowatch doesn't measure usage of distros, just clicks on hits to their distribution pages on their site.) - aka. not a metric. :)15:55
ClassBotThere are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.15:55
sabdflkudos to mint for the jump in ratings, i'm glad ubuntu has great derivatives, and i'm confidence unity will remain the #1 desktop environment for years to come15:55
ClassBotgianlucadv asked: when will be able to buy a table with Ubuntu preinstalled?15:56
jcastroI think he means tablet.15:56
jcastrobut who knows, tables!15:56
sabdflgianlucadv, you'll see developer previews first, and there will be opportunities to help15:56
ClassBotvibhav asked: majority (70% to 80%) of people in Ubuntu community are still under the impression that Ubuntu is a Windows alternative; just judging from the GUI and doing everything from the GUI; they dont even know the difference between Linux and Ubuntu. What do you plan to do to resolve that?15:57
sabdfli don't know the difference between fuel diesel and jet-A1, but i enjoy cars and planes15:57
sabdflwe can't expect to succeed, if we define success as making people care about the same things we do15:57
sabdflsome people are passionate about lichens15:58
sabdflthey know a lot more about lichens than i do15:58
sabdfli hope they aren't offended if I enjoy walking through mountains with beautiful lichen patterns15:58
sabdfland don't want to know the difference between 'em all15:58
sabdflwe should celebrate users of free software, not be grumpy if they don't decide to grow a beard and learn the free software song15:59
sabdfllast one!15:59
ClassBotcyrildz asked: anything about a new icon theme for Precise ?  the actual icon-theme look very out ofplace with the modern look  of Unity15:59
sabdflyes, i agree, we need a new icon theme16:00
sabdflwe have agreed to do a proper study on iconography, with the university of reading16:00
ClassBotLogs for this session will be available at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/11/23/%23ubuntu-classroom.html16:00
sabdfland lay out a roadmap for a new icon set, which we will welcome participation16:00
jcastrook that's all we have for today16:01
sabdflthanks all!16:01
jcastrothanks everyone for participating16:01
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jcastroand we'll see you next time16:01
jcastrothanks sabdfl!16:01
jcastroif you're a sysadmin and are looking for more IRC workshops, check out our juju charm school session next friday! https://juju.ubuntu.com/CharmSchool16:01
ali1234jcastro: will that explain to me what juju is and why i would want to use it?16:13
jcastrothat session is for writing juju charms16:13
jcastrolet me get you more general info16:13
ali1234i just read the FAQ16:13
ali1234it didn't answer either of my questions :(16:14
jcastrowhat questions do you have?16:14
ali1234what is juju and why would i want to use it?16:14
jcastrojuju is a deployment tool for the cloud16:14
jcastroso if let's say you want to deploy a hadoop cluster16:15
ali1234ideally i would like it explained without using any of the follwng words: sevice, deployment, orchestration, cloud16:15
jcastroit's like apt-get, but for a cloud instead of one machine16:15
jcastroso let's say you want to install wordpress.16:15
jcastroyou do16:15
jcastrojuju bootstrap16:15
jcastrojuju deploy wordpress16:16
jcastrojuju deploy mysql16:16
jcastrojuju add-relation wordpress mysql (this configures each one to the other)16:16
jcastrothen juju expost wordpress16:16
jcastroer, sorry16:16
jcastrojuju expose wordpress16:16
jcastroto open it to the world, and that's it16:16
ali1234doesn't apt-get already do the majority of that stuff?16:17
ali1234not that i ever installed wordpress16:17
jcastroit install it, but the confiuguration and all that you still have to do16:17
ali1234but eg. phpmyadmin - apt-get install it, and it works16:17
jcastroplus, apt does it per machine16:17
jcastronow, let's say I need to scale out16:17
jcastroI can do16:17
jcastrojuju deploy haproxy16:17
jcastrojuju add-relation wordpress haproxy16:18
jcastroand then just16:18
jcastrojuju add-unity wordpress16:18
jcastrough, sorry, typo, juju add-unit wordpress16:18
jcastroand I will have a load balanced wordpress install16:18
jcastroif I do another juju add-unit wordpress I have three instances now16:18
stefano-palazzothat's the last straw. I have to try it now.16:19
ali1234where do the "units" come from?16:19
jcastrowhatever you have16:19
jcastroEC2, openstack, bare metal.16:19
ali1234(don't say "the cloud")16:19
jcastroyes, "the cloud"16:19
ali1234ok, but does it set them up for me or what?16:19
jcastrofor ec2 you need to put your AWS credentials in a file16:20
ali1234or do they have to be preexisting virtual machines that i have access to?16:20
jcastroand it just spins up instances16:20
ali1234ok, that's neat16:20
jcastrofor openstack it's a bit complicated16:20
jcastroyou use juju to deploy openstack on bare metal and then juju again to put stuff on top of that16:20
jcastrobut it's not so bad, an experienced sysadmin can probably do that in 2-3 hours.16:20
jcastroand for bare metal you just need an orchestra server16:21
jcastroit will go, turn on a machine, install  the OS on it, and then whatever it needs depending on the service you deployed.16:21
ali1234so a "charm" is the script that makes juju know how to deal with an app like wordpress?16:21
ali1234like a deb control file?16:21
jcastroit's basically the same script a sysadmin might have laying around to "deploy mediawiki" or whatever they deploy a bunch of times16:22
jcastrobut yeah, a control file might be a good description too16:22
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ali1234jcastro: thanks :)16:24
jcastrothe best part16:24
jcastrolet's say after a while you have like, 4 mysql's running16:24
jcastroand you want phpmyadmin16:24
jcastroyou can just16:24
jcastrojuju deploy phpmyadmin16:25
jcastrojuju add-relation phpmyadmin mysql16:25
jcastroand then the mysql machines will get phpmyadmin16:25
jcastrodone, and done.16:25
jcastroor, deploy and add nagios16:25
ali1234but only if someone writes a charm that does that...16:25
jcastro(note, I don't think we have a charm for phpmyadmin)16:25
jcastroyeah but we already have a bunch16:26
ali1234i can't see one on the list16:26
jcastrothis is what we have so far16:26
jcastrobut we're getting there!16:26
fanyshi everybody !16:43
vibhavhi guys17:01
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