czajkowskijono: go to bed!07:16
jonoczajkowski, hey!07:17
jonoI will do soon :-)07:17
jonowrapping some bits up07:17
czajkowskibunring the candles at both ends! :)07:17
czajkowskithere was a houseparty above us that woke me upa t 4am am awake since then it's going to be a long day07:18
dholbachgood morning08:01
pleia2g'day dholbach08:01
dholbachhey pleia208:02
alouriegood morning08:03
czajkowskipleia2 cant sleep?08:27
* jussi waves to the channel08:30
czajkowskimorning jussi08:30
jussihows things czajkowski? hows hte back going?08:31
czajkowskigrand due back op late jan early feb i think08:31
czajkowskias long as it doesnt clash with fosdem08:31
czajkowskispeaking at an oss conf in april in scotland08:32
czajkowskijussi all set for baby ?08:32
pleia2czajkowski: sleep is complicated lately :)08:34
czajkowskii know the feeling :(08:34
dholbachjcastro, you updated the UDW and the UOW events08:37
dholbachjcastro, things look a bit broken now (only 3 days, events duplicated)08:37
dholbachI'm not sure I understand what's going on08:37
jussiczajkowski: yep, all set :) quite excited about it all tbh08:38
pleia2jussi: yay :)08:39
pleia2about a month to go?08:39
jussipleia2: yep - 6th jan :D08:39
jussiits really quite funny if it comes on the due date - thats our engagement day08:41
czajkowskijussi: aww08:42
jussiwe both cracked up laughing when the doctor told us :D08:42
czajkowskiinteresting site http://www.ubuntuvibes.com/08:54
jussianyone know how to get outlook style calendars to an app in ubuntu using gcal? ie. I want people listed next to each other - like this: http://itadmin.creative.auckland.ac.nz/faq/software/microsoft/outlooksharing/11-sharedCalendarInPlace.jpg08:59
jussiczajkowski: yes, interesting stuff there09:00
bkerensa7:00am for the Ask Mark session09:12
jussibkerensa: youll have to go to bed late then....09:13
bkerensajussi: Well considering it is 1:13am right now... I would likely have to start drinking Peets coffee right now and cross my fingers that I did not fall asleep until after 7am09:13
pleia2power naps!09:14
bkerensapleia2: :D Are you going to be there :D09:14
jussipleia2: thats what you are doing, right?09:14
bkerensaMaybe if I put a note on my whiteboard asking my fiancee to wake me up abruptly :D09:15
pangolinHoney! Please wake me up before you leave for work, there is an argument on the internet I want to read. Love ya!!!09:16
pleia2bkerensa: doubtful, Ask Mark sessions are fun to watch the first time because it's such a zoo, but I'm over it ;)09:16
jussipleia2: When is Ubuntu going to release a phone, I want to buy one. Why wont ubuntu use gnome shell. :P09:18
* jussi hugs pleia209:18
* pleia2 hugs09:19
jussiyou know, this sales lark is hard work... :/ Takes organisation... :)09:20
pleia2ok, time to put away the computer for the evening, night all09:21
bkerensagnight pleia2 :)09:22
czajkowskipleia2: nn09:23
bkerensaTime to go count sheep gnight09:33
dakerhello jcastro10:40
jussidaker: again, his middle of night :/10:41
pangolinwhen is this ask mark thingy?10:41
pangolinhow much time till it starts?10:41
jussipangolin: never, you are banned! :P10:41
pangolinbut I have a ubuntu tattoo. I can'tr be banned10:42
dakerjussi, LoL10:42
pangolindaker: careful, he is being a meany10:43
dholbachhuats_, regarding the call today: I don't really have anything new to report - I got busy with lots of other stuff :-/13:00
dholbachhuats_, if you don't have anything, I guess we can skip it13:09
huats_dholbach: oh I wanted to ask you the same:)13:15
huats_so let's postpone it13:15
huats_next week13:15
huats_but let's have a meeting for sure next week13:15
dholbachthanks huats_13:16
huats_thanks dholbach !13:18
Tm_Thi all13:19
snap-lGood $LOCALTIME13:20
* Tm_T hides13:21
AlanBellanyone got a good question lined up for sabdfl?13:22
snap-lBoxers or briefs?13:22
snap-lOther than that, I got nothin'13:23
AlanBellthat is a better question than some13:23
snap-lOh, like the rambling questions?13:23
kamilnadeemI just found about this channel through Jono's latest post13:25
kamilnadeemAlanBell: Hi13:25
popeywelcome kamilnadeem13:25
kamilnadeempopey: Hi Alan13:25
kamilnadeemI want to mention the need of updating the Ubuntu offical derivatives sites13:25
kamilnadeemKubuntu use screenshots from kde 4.3 or something, mentions openoffice instead of libreoffice , and the general theme is archaic13:26
kamilnadeemPlease don't consider me being rude13:27
AlanBellnot rude at all kamilnadeem, got a link?13:27
kamilnadeemAlanBell: yes 1min13:27
kamilnadeemhere http://www.kubuntu.org/feature-tour13:28
kamilnadeemPeople have developed this notion that Canonical and Ubuntu team don't care about its variants(which we know isn't true) but such things don't help in changing the image13:29
kamilnadeemI had read somewhere that Xubuntu site updation was being folowed and suggestions were invited(not that I am creative enough to give any) :-)13:30
AlanBelljussi: who runs the kubuntu.org website (the not-a-wiki bit)?13:31
popeyriddell isnt it?13:31
jussiI think ryanakca does it13:31
popeyfile bugs13:32
jussiyes, file bugs and follow up in #kubuntu-devel13:32
kamilnadeempopey: Sir are you saying it to me?13:33
popeyto anyone13:34
popeyif there are problems with the website, file bugs to let the maintainers know13:34
AlanBellkamilnadeem: https://launchpad.net/kubuntu-website13:34
AlanBellfile bugs there13:34
kamilnadeemOk mam, will ddefinetly do.13:35
dholbachjcastro, around?13:42
kamilnadeemhere it is https://bugs.launchpad.net/kubuntu-website/+bug/89399713:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 893997 in kubuntu-website "The Kubuntu sites is archaic(both in content and design), an updation is must. " [Undecided,New]13:48
kamilnadeemWill be taking your leave now13:53
kamilnadeemTake care everyone13:53
jcastrodholbach: yo13:53
jcastroAsk Mark in 1:10 btw folks!13:54
dholbachjcastro, I got two google calendar updates for the tuition weeks we discussed yesterday13:54
dholbachand I can't figure out why the dates changed now13:54
jcastrotuition weeks?13:54
jcastrooh oh13:54
jcastroduring UDS13:54
dholbachUOW and UDW13:54
jcastrowe made the weeks 3 days13:54
jcastrotuesday, wed, and thurday13:54
jcastroit's the same amount of sessions13:54
jcastrojust longer in each day but shorter week13:55
dholbachI had no idea13:55
jcastroso that it doesn't ruin our entire week13:55
jcastroyeah, it's in the BPs I should have told you guys13:55
jcastroI told bacon for the summaries13:55
jcastrobut he must have forgot13:55
dholbachso maybe it'd be Ubuntu Developer Days (UDD) ;-)13:56
jcastroyeah but renaming it would be a pain13:57
jcastrodholbach: I made ads for each week too14:00
dholbachoh yeah? where are they? :)14:00
mainerrordholbach: Guess. Where could they be? :D14:01
jcastrobut I need one for app developer week14:01
jcastroI was going to blog them all at once14:01
* dholbach hugs jcastro14:01
dholbachI'll mention it in tomorrow's dev update as well14:03
jcastroyeah just stick the ad right on it14:04
jcastrowith a link to the wiki page14:04
dholbachok, late late lunch time14:04
jcastroI need someone to do one for app developer week14:04
dholbachthanks again jcastro14:04
jcastroand we'll be set.14:04
jcastrodpm: people who are interested in localized cd images, is there a list or IRC they can go to?14:06
dpmjcastro, no, we don't. You can direct them to me and to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/LocalizedImagesRollout for now14:08
czajkowskiwe'll need a ask dpm page yet for translation queries like ask jorge :)14:09
czajkowskias usually my first point of call is ask dpm14:10
* dpm hugs czajkowski14:10
AlanBelldpm: what is the benefit of doing an en_GB iso over just selecting the UK in regional settings on installation?14:13
dpmAlanBell, let me come back to you later on, on a call right now14:13
macoI think it's of more benefit to the languages for which we don't ship language packs on the cd, because for them, they have to install in a foreign language, then grab their real language later14:15
AlanBellah, right14:18
jcastroAlanBell: the tool lets you add other bits too14:18
jcastrolike, local bookmarks, etc.14:18
jcastro40 minutes until Ask Mark!14:19
jussijcastro: did daker get onto you?14:32
akgranerjcastro are you set for the session? Have all the help ya need etc?14:32
jcastrojussi: hmm?14:32
jcastroI think I'll be fine14:32
jcastropending I don't get confused with the bot14:32
akgranerjcastro, great figured you would be but wanted to ask14:32
jussijcastro: daker has been after you for the last few days.14:33
jcastrojussi: oh, I have pinged him but haven't gotten responses14:33
jussijcastro: you seem to keep misisng him. perhaps a memo is in order :D14:33
jussi[12:40:22] <daker> hello jcastro14:34
jussi[12:41:05] <jussi> daker: again, his middle of night :/14:34
jcastroweird, I didn't get notifications in my irc client14:34
jcastrooh well, whatever, I'll sort it, thanks for the ping14:34
jcastro25 minutes until ask mark!14:34
jcastroakgraner: how do I check that the instructor bot thing is set up?14:35
jcastrolike, that it will voice me and mark, etc.14:35
akgranermark sure the calendar has you listed by your IRC nicks14:36
akgranerone as instructor and one as helper14:36
akgranerand it will automatically voice you14:37
jcastroit does not14:37
akgranerbased on the start times you have set14:37
jcastroInstructor: sabdfl14:37
jcastroHelper: jcastro14:37
jcastrolike that?14:38
akgranerbut not until the class is due to start14:38
akgranerunless you have it set to start earlier14:38
akgranerit will also tell us in -backstage if one of you is missing from -classroom14:39
akgranerabout 10 mins before the session starts14:39
akgranerjcastro I see the issue  - this has to be on the learning events calendar14:40
akgranerone sec let me fix it14:40
akgranerjcastro ok it's fixed14:43
akgranerlook on the learning events calendar - 3rd calendar down on the fridge list14:43
jcastrocan we make this more complicated?14:44
jcastrothis seems too easy14:44
akgranerSure we can14:44
jcastrowhat we need is a calendar council14:44
akgranerand meetings about meetings14:44
akgranerand self licking ice cream cones and more14:44
jcastrodholbach: can you generate a graph of calendar meetings?14:44
akgranerso anything that takes place in -classroom has to be on the learning events calendar for classbot to work14:45
akgranernothing complicated  - it's all on the wiki  :-)14:45
akgranerI'll fix that calendar this weekend with the Ubuntu Weeks Stuff14:47
akgranerwhich was why I was asking for the changes etc14:47
akgranerso I was going to make sure the dates were set and the new times were final  - then populate the learning events calendar with place holders14:49
jussibtw, the survey summaries and stuff are not being done by me, Juha is taking care of them14:51
nigelbjcastro: you should join backstage as well.14:53
dpmAlanBell, I'm done with the call now, but I think Jorge and Mackenzie already answered the question, right? In summary, for en_GB it's still interesting for the other bits that can be localized14:57
dpmapart from the language14:58
dpmI mean language pack installation14:58
dholbachjcastro, no15:01
dpmjcastro, dholbach: davidpitkin is asking me which Ubuntu communication channels users can subscribe to stay up to date. He's more interested in the general user rather than someone wanting to stay up to date with any particular community (e.g. developers, cloud). I was going to tell him about:15:03
dpm- The Ubuntu Planet15:03
dpm - The Fridge15:03
AlanBellthanks dpm15:03
dpm- UWN15:03
dpm- The Ubuntu Facebook page15:03
dpm- anything else I've forgotten?15:03
nigelbDon't we have twitter as well?15:05
jcastroman he is fast today15:07
dpmnigelb, do we? (/me does not follow it, checking it out now...)15:08
dpmargh, we do, and we've got one for the planet too15:09
dpmanything else I've forgotten anyone?15:10
dholbachdpm, ubuntu-announce mailing list?15:10
dholbachUbuntu has a feed on G+ too15:10
dpmah, good ones, thanks15:10
popeyAlanBell: uupc in the podcast client shipped on the CD :D15:40
jussiIm hanging out if anyone feels like a chat :)15:41
jussiaww everyone either hates me or is busy :(15:46
AlanBellpopey: that should be on the default iso anyhow15:49
popeyfile a bug ☺15:51
dholbachhey jono16:01
jonohey dholbach16:01
Pendulumjono: just send out the e-mail. Let me know if there's anything else you need from me.16:02
jcastroakgraner: ok waiting for the logs to refresh16:03
jcastroand then we can mark Ask Mark as D O N E.16:03
jonothanks Pendulum16:03
akgraneryou don't have to wait for the logs to refresh to add the link16:03
jcastroif you're on reddit, upvote please16:06
jcastroforums done16:06
jcastrowiki updated16:10
* jcastro drags that card into the DONE column16:10
jcastrosmoke if you got em!16:10
akgranerjcastro - nice ad hoc jujuj general session you got going on there16:20
dakerjcastro, yo16:21
jcastrodaker: hey, what's your email?16:23
jcastrodaker: you didn't push the theme fix to your branch, so I had lamont fix it locally16:24
jonoso how are things doing in here?16:24
jonoPendulum, hey16:36
jonocan you send me a list of the blueprints too?16:36
jcastro<-- lunch16:36
bkerensa:) Moving some EC2's around brb16:38
alouriehello there16:40
Pendulumpopey: do you know who dressed as persia for the UDS Friday night?16:47
popeyPendulum: oh, i cant remember, but I did find it funny ☺16:59
czajkowskiI forgot that16:59
czajkowskithe hulk was by far the best - followed by some dude in a hot dog16:59
popeyBeefy miracle!16:59
jonodpm, just give me two mins, wrapping a call with dholbach17:00
dpmjono, no worries17:00
dpmwrapping up a call myself17:01
jonodpm, invite sent17:07
dpmjono, ok, coming over17:07
dholbachalright my friends - calling it a day - see you all tomorrow17:27
Pendulumjono: sorry, was on a call. Sent now17:30
jonoPendulum, thanks!17:30
jcastrois there a way to get a link to an event from gcal so I can put it on the wiki page17:32
jcastrolike "click to put me in your calendar!"17:32
=== bkerensa_ is now known as bkerensa
popeyjcastro: make the event public (in the detail of the event) and then there is a 'publish event' link18:08
popeywhich gives you something like this:-18:09
jonoczajkowski, hey18:09
jcastrothanks popeys18:09
jonopopey, looks like you are going to Vienna too18:10
popeyI am18:10
popeyflight booked18:10
jonoshould be interesting :-)18:10
jonoI am curious to see what the deal is on the Sat18:10
popeyheh, me too18:11
popeyno clue18:11
jonofalling back into each other's arms or something18:11
jonosinging around a piano18:11
jcastropopey: ok one more thing18:12
jcastrohow to tell moin to just use that html?18:12
jcastrothe juju moin has html on so I just need to do the "this is real html moin" thing18:12
jcastrofound it!18:13
jcastropopey: thinkup charm is almost ready18:30
jcastroneeds like 2 more things18:30
czajkowskijono: looking for me ?18:35
* popey has to google what thinkup is18:35
jonoczajkowski, yup18:35
jcastropopey: your own hosted backup of all your social media content18:35
jonois there any chance you could drop me an email summarizing the goals and work for the LoCo Council and loco.ubuntu.com in 12.04?18:36
jcastrobasically, backs up your twitter, G+, etc. all that.18:36
jonomaybe you can work with cjohnston to gather this content18:36
czajkowskijono: grand job18:36
czajkowskiwill do18:36
jonothanks czajkowski18:36
czajkowskiI'm looking for some of the action items from bp18:36
czajkowskibut cant find them18:36
popeylike the sound of that18:36
jcastropopey: it's one of  Gina Trapani's projects18:37
czajkowskiI know I was actioned stuff to blog on locoteams but for the life of me I cant find the bp18:37
jcastroit's badass18:37
popeyI like backups!18:37
greg-gyeah, I like thinkup, not only because of backed-up tweets but also for analytics (we just started using it at work during our fundraising campaign this year)18:39
jcastroit's pretty awesome, and we really needed it18:39
* greg-g nods18:40
jcastroit's the social de-silo-er basically18:40
* jcastro does some hand wazy mdz-like thing18:40
jcastrosomething about freedom18:40
greg-gandn such18:40
jcastroand keeping a copy of every email I have ever sent for the last 20 years18:40
greg-gwhat was the robin williams movie where he edited people's memories after they died?18:42
greg-g(robin williams, right?)18:42
jcastrogreg-g: when someone connects it to google's API things for data portability ...18:42
jcastrothen it will be huge18:42
greg-gThe Final Cut, btw, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0364343/ (re: saving every email ever sent)18:44
inetprojono: nice blog posting "Behind The Canonical Community Team"20:21
technovikingugh, Microsoft Sharepoint may be the worst design software ever20:24
bkerensatechnoviking: Why would you use it?20:29
technovikingbkerensa: work was using it before I got the job, not can't get them off it20:30
bkerensaAlfresco :P20:30
cjohnstonjcastro: http://chrisjohnston.org/2011/ubuntu-community-web-project-global-jam   you had better join us this time! we need your good juju!20:33
jcastrowe need to talk about the sprint you want yo20:33
cjohnstonKinda waiting on nigel and mhall119 to be around too20:34
jcastrolet's do it this week20:34
jcastrotick tock20:34
* jcastro points to the clock20:34
bkerensajcastro: You counting down the hours till Turkey?20:35
jcastronot so much20:37
jcastromore like "crap I have to get this done before tomorrow"20:37
jcastrocjohnston: plan is to reset the line on friday right?20:37
jcastrobbiab, caffeine break20:46
cjohnstonBring me some20:47
technovikingbkerensa: got a turkey brineing at home now.20:55
pleia2technoviking: ooh, can I come over for thanksgiving?20:56
technovikingsure, there is plenty nd then I won't have leftovers:)20:56
jonothanks inetpro21:03
bkerensajono: Looks like Chuck has been spotted http://j.mp/ChuckDoesPlymouth21:04
jonocjohnston, hey21:24
jonodid you get a chance to speak to czajkowski to summarize LoCo content for a post I want to do?21:25
mainerrorjono: Since you basically answered this question in your stream today I think you should write a quick answer so the rest of the community knows too. http://askubuntu.com/questions/80772/whats-the-deal-with-all-these-chuck-montages21:29
jonomainerror, will do21:29
mainerrorThanks, that is awesome!21:29
cjohnstonjono: no21:39
cjohnstonjono: she was having dinner iirc21:39
jonocjohnston, np21:40
cjohnstonczajkowski: ping me when you have time.. im at work today tho, so we will see21:42
jcastrojono: I FOUND WALDO: http://photos.pixoulphotography.com/Events/UDS-Precise/i-hnNTtfV/0/X2/20111102-145500-UDSPrecise-X2.jpg22:12
* jcastro is about to EOD.22:32
jcastrojono: last call for alcohol!22:32
cjohnstoni want some22:33
jcastroenjoy your cooked dinosaurs tomorrow everyone!22:34
pleia2omnomnom dinosaurs22:38
cjohnstonwe have turkey day on Saturday at the station too.. yay22:39
jonojcastro, mmm time for a beer22:42
technovikingHappy Thanksgiving to USAers, Happy Thursday to the rest of you:)22:57

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