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AndreNoelhi there18:35
AndreNoeli would like to request a cloak18:35
k1l_AndreNoel: can you link your launchpad account?18:35
k1l_jussi tsimpson elky topyli  nhandler_  ( just some IRCC cloak highlight)18:38
AndreNoelk1l_: tks18:39
k1l_just wait here until someone wakes up :)18:39
topyliAndreNoel: looks good. would ubuntu.member/andrenoel be a cloak you would feel comfortable in? :)18:42
AndreNoelor ubuntu/member/andrenoel18:43
AndreNoelas I see on another nicks18:43
topyliof couse, sorry. my typo18:43
cjohnstonAnyone seen jpds recently? stil trying to get ahold of him for a bug bot.18:43
topylino, but nickserv says he's active18:44
topylistaff around? we could use an ubuntu/member/andrenoel cloak for AndreNoel please18:45
cjohnstontopyli: his away says holiday18:45
topylino, but nickserv says he's active18:46
topylier, sorry :)18:46
topylimy hands are doing their own thing. maybe i've been sitting here too long18:47
nikocongrats AndreNoel19:10
topylicheers AndreNoel, thanks niko19:11
AndreNoelthank you19:15
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