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cjwatsonhi folks16:01
* stgraber waves16:02
cjwatsonSteve and Brian are on holiday16:02
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cjwatson[TOPIC] Lightning round16:03
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cjwatson$ echo $(shuf -e cjwatson barry doko stgraber jhunt ev)16:03
cjwatsondoko ev cjwatson jhunt barry stgraber16:03
doko- binutils 2.22 release16:04
doko- GCC updates16:04
doko- eglibc 2.15: new merge from the trunk, tracked down bug #893605, no solution y16:04
doko- merged and tested the glibc sf/hf linker patch, ldd not yet working16:04
doko- re-enabled previously disabled ruby1.9.1 packages for main16:04
doko- some merges16:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 893605 in eglibc (Ubuntu) "crashes with glibc-2.14/2.15 on dlopen (seen with kvm and gnucash)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89360516:04
evAssigned to the DX team for this week; building a Jenkins infrastructure around Autopilot and creating tools for safely constructing Autopilot tests without hosing the developer's local configuration.16:05
evBack on the crash database come this weekend16:05
cjwatsonMostly finished Perl 5.14 transition.  Worked on a few others (ocaml, imagemagick, icu), cleaned up build failures, etc.16:05
cjwatsonFinished drafting my specs.16:06
cjwatsonLooked into the situation with .la files.  I think it would be worth making a bit more of an effort to kill off the ones in Ubuntu which are harmful, but haven't published a report yet.16:06
cjwatsonExperimented with doing a multiarch i386->amd64 crossgrade.  I've uploaded several of the necessary patches and the rest are awaiting upload by others; after that I'll have another go ...16:06
cjwatsonFixed debootstrap confusion when it tries to install a package with two versions in the Packages file.16:06
cjwatsonFixed a couple of QA-reported bugs in daily builds: bug 893014, bug 893060, bug 892903.16:06
cjwatsonDiscussed server installer plans with Daviey.16:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 893014 in user-setup (Ubuntu Precise) "'user-setup-udeb' failed with error code 1 on alternate when 'Encrypt your home directory' is selected" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89301416:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 893060 in casper (Ubuntu Precise) "on live session ubiquity launcher asks for password" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89306016:06
cjwatsonSome archive infrastructure work: moved a few jobs from ftpmaster to people, arranged for them to attempt to run earlier in the hour and retry later if need be, and filed an RT to allow the next similar chunk of work.16:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 892903 in partman-crypto (Ubuntu) "encrypted LVM install fails with "unsafe swap space detected"" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89290316:06
jhunt_Similar to last week: More blueprint work. Raft of Upstart Cookbook16:06
jhunt_updates (not yet published). Lots of work on Upstart Job Logging -16:06
jhunt_resolved the failing test issue and reworked the tests for the new16:06
jhunt_architecture. Currently finishing the required changes to the inotify16:06
jhunt_handling in the test code.16:06
barrymuch work on dbus-python for python 3.  branch compiles for both 2.7 and 3.2.  still working on one pesky test failure under python 3, but at least it doesn't crash any more.  will be blogging about it today, and following up on the python-porting mailing list.  also did: consulted for a while w/launchpad guys about a mysterious mailman outage; updated claws plugins; finished up blueprints.  out tomorrow and friday for usa holiday.16:07
stgraber- Testing tracker16:07
stgraber - is usually up to date with what's in the branch16:07
stgraber - Got most of the UI working, you can now file testing results on it!16:07
stgraber - Spent most of Monday working on migration scripts and SSO integration to match the 30k users in the current DB with their LP accounts16:07
stgraber - Getting ready to use the test instance for alpha-1 testing16:07
stgraber - More UI improvements16:07
stgraber - Working build notifications16:07
stgraber - Working subscriptions/unsubscriptions, still need to work on UI a bit16:07
stgraber- Worked on bug 823366, still need to wait for some feedback from Tom Ellis and try to reproduce slangasek's issue in VM, then upload and SRU time!16:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 823366 in ifenslave-2.6 (Ubuntu) "bond_primary is ignored in /etc/network/interfaces" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82336616:07
stgraber- TODO16:07
stgraber - Get the ISO tracker ready for alpha-116:07
stgraber - Setup ISO tracker for Daily testing and get the CD build machine to push the new builds automatically16:07
stgraber - Look at the new ifupdown in Debian (beta2), isolate the fix for bug 876829 and SRU to Oneiric16:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 876829 in ifupdown (Ubuntu Precise) "Oneiric's ifupdown breaks ip aliases" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87682916:07
stgraber - Still need to get my iSCSI test setup online again and then look at the merge...16:08
stgraber(hopefully I'll be able to work a bit on my non-ISO tracker work items next week :))16:08
stgraberoh, and if you have a few minutes to spare, please try and break the ISO tracker at
stgraberI'm looking at the logs and fixing anything that breaks :)16:08
cjwatsonsince Brian's on holiday, I'll skip the bugs topic; if you have anything you're concerned about, that can be AOB :)16:08
cjwatson[TOPIC] Blueprints16:08
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cjwatsonDoes anyone have blueprints they *haven't* finished drafting yet, or that haven't been approved?16:09
* doko needs to finish two16:09
cjwatson(https://blueprints.launchpad.net/~/+specs?role=drafter may help)16:09
cjwatsonThe deadline is this Friday, so please send me an IRC message or e-mail when you're done with those and I guess I'll substitute for Steve as approver16:10
cjwatson[TOPIC] AOB16:11
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cjwatsonthe multiarch crossgrade stuff I was playing with has the makings of being really cool :)16:12
cjwatson(I'm not doing anything clever myself, just filling in metadata really)16:12
barrycjwatson: can you describe more what it would allow us to do?16:12
dokolike Multi-Arch: foreign attributes?16:12
evcjwatson: the crash database hasn't been approved: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-p-crash-database16:12
cjwatsonbarry: upgrade from i386 to amd64 in-place16:12
stgraberoh, that reminds me I need to push quite a few more Multi-Arch:foreign changes to make upstart:i386 install on amd64 :)16:13
cjwatsondoko: yeah, and a few more serious multiarchings16:13
cjwatson(like libapt)16:13
cjwatsonev: ack, thanks16:13
cjwatsonev: if you're ready for it to be looked at, please mark it Review or Pending Approval16:13
evoops! Thought I had done. That must be why Steve skipped it16:14
cjwatsoncould be16:14
cjwatsonbarry: well, when I say in-place, it requires one reboot in the middle; hard to automate completely16:15
cjwatson(you need a 64-bit kernel in order to execute any 64-bit binaries)16:15
barryoh, that's so windows16:15
stgrabercjwatson: I'm sure you can get rid of that extra reboot by installing qemu-user-static16:15
cjwatsonI thought of that as I was typing it16:15
stgraberbut that's going to make things a lot slower :)16:15
stgraberthen you can try a crossgrade from i386 to armel on a x86_64 machine :)16:16
stgraber(would need some tweaks to load the binfmt stuff very very early though)16:17
cjwatsonand you'd need to force binfmt-support to stay native-arch - doesn't sound so fun16:18
cjwatsonyou could crossgrade a chroot though16:18
barrythat would actually be pretty interesting16:19
cjwatsonanything else, or shall we finish early?16:20
stgrabernothing here16:20
barryi'm good16:20
cjwatsonhappy thanksgiving, those who celebrate it :)16:20
barrythanks! :)16:20
dokoone of the faster meetings ...16:20
stgraberthat was months ago ;)16:20
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stgraber(yeah for some reason Canada and the US don't agree on thanksgiving's date... ours was on the 10th of October)16:21
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evpff, what does Canada have to be thankful for?16:26
ogra_elks !16:26
gemaUbuntu QA Team meeting starting in 10 mins, big announcement today at the end of the meeting (at least for those who haven't been reading #ubuntu-bugs)!!17:49
gemaok, so we are starting the QA Team Weekly meeting18:01
gema#startmeeting Ubuntu QA Team18:01
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gemaanyone here for the meeting?18:01
gemacool, hello Ursinha , it may just be the two of us :D18:02
Ursinhanuclearbob too?18:03
nuclearbobI'm here18:03
IAmNotThatGuyHi. I also will be watching =]18:03
gemajibel told me he cannot attend but gave me his feedback18:03
gemaIAmNotThatGuy: welcome :D18:03
gemathere we go, let's get started then18:04
gema[TOPIC] Previous Actions (all)18:04
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gemathe only previous action I am aware of is me chairing the meeting18:04
gemado you guys have anything else?18:04
gemaok, cool, let's keep going18:05
gema[TOPIC] Community Efforts/Testing18:05
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gemaI have two calls for testing from jibel :)18:05
gema1) people interested can try to break the new tracker at
gema2) A1 is next week, so people can start testing dailies and are welcome to participate to A1 milestone testing starting on Monday/Tuesday18:06
gemaA1 is already here, so please please, get your awesome manual testing started!18:06
gemaanything else from anyone?18:06
gemamoving on18:07
gema[TOPIC] Automated/Systems Testing18:07
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gemaso, I have feedback from jibel here too:18:07
gema* we are now keeping 15 days on ISO in the Lab https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-p-builds-smoke-testing18:08
gemawe are starting a historic of builds so that when a build is broken, we can go back and test on yesterdays18:08
gemawe'll keep 2 weeks worth of builds for now18:08
gemawe'll let you know as soon as they are externally accessible18:08
gema* Unity Testing: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-p-unity-quality + https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/AutomatedTesting/UnityAutolandingSetup18:08
gemadetails regarding the unity testing we are trying to run on Jenkins18:09
gemaor rather, we are running18:09
gema* desktop images are broken but we are working on it18:10
gemaanything else to report, anyone?18:10
nuclearbobwe've got a wrapper to run the qa-regression-testing scripts in autotest now18:11
nuclearbobm getting autotest packaged so we can get it installed in the new lab and start using it to run qrt tests from jenkins18:11
gemasounds good, thanks, anyone else?18:12
nuclearbobI'll also be working on collecting manual testing results from checkbox to get them into the same data source as our automated testing, but that project is still commencing18:12
gemasorry, :D18:12
gemaoh, yep, integrating checkbox with litmus18:12
gemaI forgot to mention, we are in the process of getting a litmus instance installed for everyone to use and contribute test cases to18:13
gemathis is a pilot, we'll let you know whenever it is ready to use18:13
gema(i.e. when it is fully functional)18:13
gemathat's all from us, I think18:14
gema[TOPIC] Engineering Team Bug Status (hggdh, Ursinha, pedro_, bdmurray)18:14
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gemaUrsinha ?18:14
gemapedro_: are you there?18:15
pedro_i'm around yes18:15
UrsinhaI am, but nothing to report18:15
gemaanything to report from you, pedro_ ?18:15
Ursinhaworking on refactoring bug workflows of our teams18:15
gemaUrsinha: thanks :)18:16
pedro_gema, nothing really important to share in the meeting18:16
gemaok, hggdh was working on an SRU problem before , so I think he is busy18:17
gemalet's move on18:17
gema[TOPIC] Other Topics18:17
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gemaand here is the important update18:17
gemathere will be IMPORTANT CHANGES to this meeting from next week onwards18:17
gemawe are going to be splitting this meeting in two different ones, one for QA/testing and another one for Bug triaging18:17
gemathe bug triaging meeting will keep this slot and the QA meeting will happen, from next week onwards one hour earlier18:18
gemayou are more than welcome to contribute to the two agendas and propose new items for discussion18:18
gemahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Meetings18:18
gemaI will be sending an email to ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com, ubuntu-qa@lists.ubuntu.com, ubuntu-bugsquad@lists.ubuntu.com and ubuntu-bugcontrol@lists.launchpad.net regarding the change so that everyone is aware for next week18:18
* Ursinha likes the change18:19
pedro_cool :-)18:19
pedro_gema, thanks for organizing it18:19
gemapedro_: no problem18:19
gemadoes anyone have any question regarding the change or any concerns?18:20
gemaok, so we will move on and choose two people for next week's meetings :)18:22
gema[TOPIC] Chair Selection18:22
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gemasince it is the first one for QA alone, I will be chairing that and discussing a new agenda and stuff like that18:22
gemawho wants to volunteer for the bugs meeting?18:23
pedro_i can do that18:23
gemathanks pedro_18:23
gema[ACTION] Gema to chair the new QA meeting18:23
meetingologyACTION: Gema to chair the new QA meeting18:23
gema[ACTION] pedro_ to chair the new Bugs meeting18:24
meetingologyACTION: pedro_ to chair the new Bugs meeting18:24
gemathanks everyone for your time18:24
nuclearbobthanks for chairing18:24
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meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Nov 23 18:24:59 2011 UTC.18:24
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2011/ubuntu-meeting.2011-11-23-18.01.moin.txt18:24
Ursinhathanks gema!18:25
gemathank you all :D18:25
pedro_thanks gema!18:25
gemaI will update the wikis and then send the announcement to the lists18:26
greg-ggema: wait! what was the big annoucement at the end of the meeting?! ;)18:30
gemagreg-g: did you miss it!?18:30
gemagreg-g: we are splitting the meeting in two :)18:30
greg-goh... oops ;)18:31
gemagreg-g: so that people with interest in only QA can come to that one, and people with interest only in bugs can come to that one18:31
hggdhoh, I missed it, sorry18:31
gemagreg-g: I guess you were expecting something more juicy ;)18:31
greg-ggema: awesome, that seems very useful!18:31
greg-ggema: and more exclamation marks, really18:31
gemagreg-g: we hope so, we are looking for as much help as we can in both areas !!!18:32
greg-ghaha, there you go18:32
gemagreg-g: are you a tester then or a bug triager?18:32
gemagreg-g: cool :)18:32
gemahggdh: you missed the meeting, man18:32
hggdhgreg-g actually does all ;-)18:33
greg-gthough, I've been on hiatus for the past bit, mostly just hang out in -bugs now and help out when I can. Havne't been doing much concerted triage effort lately :(18:33
hggdhgema: yes, I did, very sorry18:33
gemahggdh: no problem, I told them you were busy18:33
gemagreg-g: it is never late to come back whenever you feel like it18:33
greg-ghggdh: :) I do spread my time out, I guess18:33
hggdhgreg-g: and I always rely on you being somewhere near...18:33
greg-gawww, shucks18:34
gemahggdh: I am updating the wikis and then I will send the email, make sure I don't get moderated on my way to bug-control :P18:35
gemapedro_: I am changing the bugsquad header meeting18:40
gemais that a different meeting from the one we are setting up for next week?18:40
gemait says: Next Bug Squad Team Meeting, Thursday, December 8th, 2011, 17:00 UTC, #ubuntu-meeting - (details).18:41
pedro_yes that's different18:41
gemaah, then I won't touch it18:41
gemayou can manage that18:41
pedro_we'll discuss if keep it or not next week18:41
gemapedro_: ok, I am done messing about with your wiki, you may want to start saving the meeting logs in the bugsquad area from now on so that we keep two separate histories18:42
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* gilir takes a seat20:00
* stlsaint sits...20:01
* jmarsden|work reaches for his sandwiches (lunch time!)20:01
* bioterror can has coke20:01
* M0hi noms them all20:01
bioterrorfreeloader :(20:01
michaelrawsonwe start at 8, right?20:01
jmarsden|workWe start 2 minutes ago, officially :)20:02
giliryes, waiting 1 or 2 minutes for late people :)20:02
gilirok, let's go20:04
meetingologyMeeting started Wed Nov 23 20:04:23 2011 UTC.  The chair is gilir. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.20:04
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gilirWelcome to the 1st lubuntu team meeting :)20:04
gilirlet me explain the rules first :)20:05
gilirAgenda is available on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/IRC%20Meetings/Agenda20:05
gilirthe meeting will last 1 hour, any items left will be discussed next week20:06
gilirlogs, actions etc ... will be available on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Meetings/20111123 for this meeting20:06
gilirif you have any questions during the meeting, raise your hand : o/20:07
gilirI will go with the different items of the agenda from people who are here :)20:08
stephen-smallyHi, i'm here20:08
gilirjust in time :)20:09
gilir[TOPIC] Plan for the website lubuntu.net20:09
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Plan for the website lubuntu.net
gilirSo, people expressed some concerns about the website20:10
M0higilir, Are we supposed/allowed to maintain a separate site for the OS ?20:10
gilirI think we are all agree that it needs some work :p20:10
gilirM0hi, you mean separate from the wiki page ?20:10
michaelrawsonxubuntu & kubuntu have their own.20:10
M0higilir, yes20:11
bioterrorkubuntu has own, so does xubuntu20:11
giliryes, you can do more things than on the wiki20:11
jmarsden|workTerminology: GNU/Linux is the OS, Ubuntu is the distribution, Lubutu is the flavour.  We can have a dedicated web site for the Lubutu flavour of Ubuntu, yes.20:12
gilirI put a page on the wiki, to gather some ideas : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Marketing/Website_Plan20:12
giliryes michaelrawson20:13
michaelrawsonI think amjjawad and morgaes were cooking up some prototypes for the site....20:13
michaelrawsondo they know about the page and were are they today?20:13
michaelrawson*where are they20:14
giliryes, and rafael also have ideas about the website20:14
gilirI hope, I posted it on the mailing list20:14
michaelrawsonokay, as long as they know. :)20:14
gilirwe also discussed with Mario about this, I'll put our ideas also on the wiki20:15
cjohnstonI would be willing to help with the website. Especially the getting it hosted by Canonical.. I have a good working relationship with IS20:15
cjohnstonNot saying I can get it approved to be hosted, but if it does get approved, working with IS on making it happen20:15
michaelrawsonWhile I can't web design as such, I can check for basic errors like spell checks .20:15
gilirthanks cjohnston :) hopefully we fixed our hosting problem recently :)20:16
gilirour main problem now, is more on the content and the technicals issues20:16
michaelrawsonand the layout. IMO.20:17
gilirok, so I encourage every people who have ideas to put them on the wiki page20:17
gilirwe can summarize them after20:18
jmarsden|workHow the lubuntu.net web site relates to Lubuntu wiki content is also a major issue.  Duplicating everything would be bad.20:18
stephen-smallywe should redirect to the wiki for more specific infos20:18
giliryes (for michaelrawson and jmarsden|work )20:18
gilirIMO, wiki should be for documentation and team organization, and only hosted by the wiki20:19
YorvykSo we need to decide what the Lubuntu.net is for20:19
michaelrawsonmaybe (like ubuntu) "best of the wiki" could be put in the official documentation?20:20
stephen-smallymichaelrawson: agree, why not put the content in the main page (of the wiki) in the website20:20
gilirwell for me wiki = wiki.ubuntu.com + help.ubuntu.com20:20
michaelrawsonme too. but yelp (?) integrates with it (?)20:21
gilirmichaelrawson, that's another problem :) to be able to have documentation offline on the system20:22
gilirwell, many people who raised concerns about the website are not here :)20:22
michaelrawsonmove on to next topic?20:22
gilirso I propose to send a reminder on the mailing list20:23
gilirand move to the next topic ?20:23
M0hiM0hi, No #action needed?20:23
michaelrawsonagree gilir20:23
gilir[ACTION] Send a reminder about Website_Plan wiki page20:23
meetingologyACTION: Send a reminder about Website_Plan wiki page20:23
giliryes bioterror20:24
bioterrorcould the website be more like xubuntu and kubuntu has it?, Get Lubuntu, Get help & Support and Get Involved20:24
bioterrorI think that's really good, also they have some tours and explanations what it is all about20:24
bioterrorless is more20:24
jmarsden|workbioterror: Post ideas to the Website_Plan page :)20:25
bioterrorI will20:25
gilirwhy not, the subject is pretty open :)20:25
giliryes michaelrawson20:25
michaelrawsonxubuntu & kubuntu sites are VERY similiar...why not 'clone' a website for now and find and replace lubuntu instead of xubuntu? quick fix20:26
michaelrawsonif you see what I mean.20:26
michaelrawsonI'll put on wiki if nobody kills me. :)20:26
gilirwe can probaly copy the design, but not the content20:27
stephen-smallymichaelrawson: +1, i like the xubuntu site. gilir: obviously ;-)20:27
gilirbut you write your idea on the wiki ;)20:27
gilirok, next topic :)20:27
gilir[TOPIC] PowerPC ISO20:28
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: PowerPC ISO
gilirThere are some resquests for a powerpc ISO of lubuntu20:28
stephen-smallygilir: can we just built it with the ubuntu system?20:28
gilirfortunatly for this cycle, we have people willing to test the ISOs :)20:28
gilirstephen-smally, it's already build, we just need testers20:29
stephen-smallygilir: perfect20:29
gilirto test and validate the quality of the ISO20:29
giliraccording to the mailing list, we have at least 2 testers, so it's just fine :)20:30
YorvykI can do that and have a couple of people interested - I'm trying tp persuade them to join the mailing list.20:30
jmarsden|workIs testing in an emulation environment like sheepshaver or pearpc likely to be useful?  Or do we need real physical powerpc hardware?20:30
gilirYorvyk, great :)20:30
Yorvykjmarsden|work: Any testing is useful20:31
gilirjmarsden|work, if we have enough people to test on real hardware, it won't be necessary IMO20:31
gilirdon't forget that we have also i386 and amd64 to test ;)20:32
bioterrorand probably soon ARM is coming20:32
gilirI'll do also a mail on the mailing to try to convince more people to do ISO testing20:32
stephen-smallyARM? would be great, but i think there aren't plans by Ubuntu... (i'm looking for setup the raspberry pi, a 25$ computer)20:33
YorvykPerhaps advertising outside the mailing list may help20:33
gilirbioterror, for ARM, we need testers, devices to test, and to create the images20:33
M0higilir, Lets get the whole list of testers so that it will be easy to contact the testing team20:33
gilirthey don't exist yet, unlike powerpc ISO20:34
bioterrorgilir, I could make a small invest thru dealxtreme. I have some interest20:34
gilir[ACTION] Send a mail about ISO testing to the mailing list for Alpha 120:34
meetingologyACTION: Send a mail about ISO testing to the mailing list for Alpha 120:34
stephen-smallygilir, i will be very happy to test the ARM iso (in a month +-), if necessary20:35
YorvykShould we send something to the news letter.  It might reach more people.20:35
gilirARM is a more complex subject, but we can discuss it next week20:36
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gilir[ACTION] Put an item about ARM images for next meeting20:38
meetingologyACTION: Put an item about ARM images for next meeting20:38
gilirok, if the powerpc subject is over, let's move to the next one20:38
gilir[TOPIC] Old PC supporting or New Kernel for 12.0420:39
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Old PC supporting or New Kernel for 12.04
gilirM0hi, if you are agree, I'll introduce the subject :)20:39
M0higilir, proceed =]20:39
gilirso there is an ongoing discussion about the PAE support on the kernel for 12.0420:40
gilircurrently, no decision was made by the kernel team20:40
gilirit's expected next week20:41
giliralso, we are unsure of the number of CPU affected by this20:41
gilirjmarsden|work, suggested a command to test it, but so far not so many reports20:42
giliror we can assume that nobody is affected :)20:42
bioterrorthose computers that gets affected are mostly from the late 90's20:42
gilirwell, I don't think we can do more for now, except doing the test20:43
jmarsden|workbioterror: How do you know this, and have you found any that can run 11.04 or 11.10 but do not have PAE?20:43
bioterrorjmarsden|work, sorry, but I dont work at museum of old computers20:44
stephen-smallyand, if i have a late 90's machine, i would install archlinux or something very scalable (you know, lubuntu is not so usable with 128 Mb ram, i've a machine like this, with a old AMD Athlon)20:44
jmarsden|workSo we're at <gilir> or we can assume that nobody is affected :)20:44
Sarvattfirst generation intel macbook was sold in 2006 and had a pentium M without PAE for instance, its not that old20:44
wxloops am i too late?20:45
bioterrorSarvatt, my friend has one. it only supports 3GB of RAM20:45
Sarvattit also wont boot ubuntu anymore if it goes in20:45
Sarvatt(sorry to interrupt the meeting)20:46
bioterrorthat was a good point20:46
gilirSarvatt, any information is welcome, thanks :)20:46
jmarsden|workOK, all we can do is ask for more testing and watch for others doing similar investigation of which machines are affected.20:47
gilir+1 jmarsden|work20:48
gilirok, so let's move to the next topic20:49
gilir10 minutes left20:49
gilir[TOPIC] LxPanel developing status20:49
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: LxPanel developing status
gilirstephen-smally, it's your turn :)20:49
stephen-smallyOk, ;-)20:49
stephen-smallyMaybe you don't know this, but Lxpanel is pretty inactive20:50
stephen-smally(under the developing profile)20:50
wxli would argue that lxpanel needs development in applets more than IT needs development20:50
michaelrawson+1, wxl20:51
wxla ram monitor, for one20:51
gilirwell, it needs maintainance + bug fixing at least :/20:51
YorvykIf it's not being developed nobody will provide applets for it20:51
frankbooth+1 gilir20:52
jmarsden|workstephen-smally: are you volunteering to take over lxpanel maintenance?20:52
michaelrawsonpython support for applets would be nice,  but I won't get on to that now. Currently you have to do everyting in C, which is offputting.20:52
wxlwell that's a good point Yorvyk but what would replace it?20:52
gilirstephen-smally, so, what's the point ? :) We know we have a panel problem :)20:52
stephen-smallyOk, i talked to pcman, wich is the main developer of lxpanel20:52
stephen-smallyhe's planning a rewrite of lxpanel in vala+gtk320:52
giliryes, but we don't know when, he still have work to do for the filemanager20:53
stephen-smallyyes, i know20:54
gilirIMO, we should keep lxpanel for now, try to fix it20:54
gilirand eventually, rewrite some parts in vala if we have time20:55
stephen-smallyok, i can do this, anyway20:55
giliras we can mix C and Vala20:55
stephen-smallyyes, we can, the build system will need some instruction, but it's possible20:55
gilirstephen-smally, but you have also others projects, don't forget :)20:56
michaelrawsonSurely Vala makes C code, so we shouldn't have to mix?20:56
stephen-smally;-), yes20:56
gilirstephen-smally, we still need a release of LSC20:56
jmarsden|workmichaelrawson: You can rewrite all of lxpanel in Vala if you have the time and skills, otherwise, it can be migrated slowly, mixing vala with the existing C code :)20:57
stephen-smallyanyway, i'm also available for lxpanel in vala20:57
Yorvyk3 minutes to go20:57
michaelrawsonjmarsden|work compile vala first, then compile C code?20:57
stephen-smallywhat's after us?20:57
gilirstephen-smally, thanks, but we should talk about LSC and LXScreeshot before planning development time on lxpanel20:58
jmarsden|workmichaelrawson: Order doesn't matter, compile everything (C or Vala) -> object code, then link it together.20:59
stephen-smallyok, Lxscreenshot is already done, i can make a project and a release if needed20:59
gilirstephen-smally, no one, but we have too much items after this one :)20:59
michaelrawsonokay, jmarsden|work, thanks for clarification. :)20:59
wxli personally would rather see lxpanel developed than lsc/lxscreenshot, but that may be me20:59
stephen-smallygilir: so we can occupy a little the channel? XD20:59
jmarsden|workstephen-smally: Some of us are at work...21:00
gilirstephen-smally, it needs some polishing (like translation, command line support etc ...) but I can send you list21:00
stephen-smallywxl: i partially agree21:00
gilirstephen-smally, but yes, lxscreenshot is almost ready21:00
stephen-smallyok, if you want some interface improvements let me know ;-)21:01
wxlstephen-smally: my argument being that lxpanel is absolutely essential-- every user uses it. less people need lxscreenshot and scrot does the trick for those that do need it. plus synaptic does do the trick.21:01
gilir[ACTION] Send comments about lxscreenshot to stephen-smally21:01
meetingologyACTION: Send comments about lxscreenshot to stephen-smally21:01
gilirwxl, but having project half finished is not nice also21:02
stephen-smallywxl: i agree, so i'm available to help in lxpanel21:02
wxl+1 gilir21:02
stephen-smallygilir: yes, the situation is not so good, i'm the only who develop lsc21:02
michaelrawsonjust installed lxpanel, works brilliantly.21:02
michaelrawsonstephen-smally I'm happy to help lsc if you can teach me roughly where stuff goes.21:03
stephen-smallymichaelrawson: thanks, we can discuss it via mails21:03
gilirstephen-smally, ok, so let's finish the meeting here, can we talk about lsc on #lubuntu just after ?21:03
stephen-smallyof course21:04
giliror mail if you prefer21:04
stephen-smallyas you like, i prefer irc anyway21:04
gilirYorvyk, sorry for your subjects, I report them on the top of the list for next week21:05
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wxlwhere is the log of this meeting btw?21:05
wxlah nevermind ;)21:05
YorvykThat's OK.  I've added another one :)21:05
stephen-smally#lubuntu or #lubuntu-offtopiv?21:06
stephen-smallyhere we go21:06
wxlsee you there21:06
gilirlog are here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Meetings/2011112321:07
* M0hi is off to bed. bye21:07
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