cjwatsonLaney: that sounds like about when we switched to Soyuz for publishing Ubuntu00:10
cjwatsonLaney: oh, you found that00:10
cjwatsonLaney: "malone" is my fault, I think :)00:10
Laneymore fool me for not getting it00:11
cjwatsonwe did an awful lot of silly name brainstorming back then00:11
cjwatsonIIRC Launchpad is Launchpad's third name00:12
ajmitchthere are worse names, at least00:15
* Laney discovers "Fir, 21 Jul 2006 04:48:23 +0200"00:15
Laneypeople do weird things to their changesfiles00:15
* ajmitch is innocent of that00:16
tumbleweedLaney: we also skipped some because they were non english months, like Mei00:21
Laneythe past is a place full of gremlins00:22
Laneyit is funny how insanely sidetracked this has become from my original goal00:23
Laney"find the packages uploaded most often to ubuntu relative to debian"00:23
tumbleweedand I just wanted to get components in00:24
ajmitchLaney: too much yak shaving00:25
Laneywe have a more generally useful resource now!00:25
Laneypsycopg2.DataError: time zone displacement out of range: "Thu, 12 Oct 2006 22:43:00 +2000"00:26
ajmitchit can shave all sortf of animals & paint the bikeshed any colour you want?00:26
ajmitch+2000 would be doing pretty well00:26
Laneynaughty till00:27
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dholbachgood morning08:01
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Laneyup to 2009-0710:08
Laneyit is amusing how many dates are wrong10:08
Laneyp.s. morning all10:09
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Laneyargh, so close, 2011-0911:23
nigelbMorning Laney.11:28
nigelbLaney: What are you doing with dates? :)11:28
Laneyjust the usual11:28
Laney(trying to take over the world)11:28
nigelbWe have to get back to the lab.11:29
nigelb(Pinky and the Brain <3)11:29
Laneyyay, imported!11:46
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tumbleweedLaney: \o/12:29
tumbleweedLaney: I still see a fair number of entries with component=N/A12:44
tumbleweedwhere did they come from?12:44
Laneywhat dates?12:55
tumbleweedLaney: http://paste.ubuntu.com/746991/12:59
Laneypre 2006-03 is the mbox data12:59
Laneyhave you regenerated your data?13:07
Laneyis there any progress on the ubuntuwire mirror?13:07
tumbleweedis there any reason to regenerate it?13:08
tumbleweedit took the best part of two weeks to generate that lot, so I have no plans of doing it again (although at least we know we can do it now, so it can probably be done in one go in a day or two)13:14
Laneyoh, no, I meant the stats13:21
tumbleweedyeah, that'll be easier when we have a UDD mirror on syklone13:22
tumbleweedit requires a lot of launchpadlib digging, and access to UDD, which means I can't really do it at home13:26
tumbleweedLaney: been trying to run it at university, and now I'm finding "interesting" properties of our data :P14:27
Laneytoo awesome for words14:27
tumbleweednames like Foo <foo <foo@bar>>14:28
tumbleweedand e-mail addresses like that too14:28
Laneyruh roh14:29
Laneyah, it's not so many14:29
Laneythis is stuff that is broken in changelogs14:30
Laneyhttp://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/l/linux-backports-modules-2.6.35/linux-backports-modules-2.6.35_2.6.35-6.1/changelog for example14:31
tumbleweedour developers suck :P14:31
tumbleweedok, but if we know it's happening, we can fix it14:31
tumbleweedhrm, we don't seem to credit backports very well14:35
Laneythat is dodgy in general14:35
tumbleweedchanged_by = "Ubuntu Archive Backport", signed_by = N/A14:35
Laneymaybe it's a different backporting script?14:59
Laneymost of them look right to me14:59
tumbleweedLaney: they're ok, but there's no attribution to the requestor15:04
Laneythat is the way it works15:04
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tumbleweedLaney: http://people.ubuntu.com/~stefanor/upload_activity/ updated17:17
Davieytumbleweed: why are you splitting the uploads between canonical and community?  Isn't everyone just a ubuntu developer?17:40
sladenDaviey: perhaps it depends on the amount of duress ;-)17:41
Davieymeh, i don't like there being a division.17:42
cjwatsongeez.  somebody else upload stuff to precise. :-)17:56
tumbleweedDaviey: I wanted to see if MOTU really was dead18:02
Davieytumbleweed: am i not a MOTU?18:02
tumbleweedDaviey: the evidence doesn't seem very clear, if you count uploads (as unuseful a mesaure as that is)18:02
tumbleweedDaviey: sure, and I have no easy way of handling that18:03
tumbleweedI was looking for trends. I didn't find anything I was expecting to18:03
tumbleweedI'd love to add graphs that show more interesting trends, and get rid of the less interesting ones :P18:05
Davieytumbleweed: Yeah, i don't mean to be an ass; but i wanted to outline that many canonical people do consider themselves community developers aswell.18:06
Davieytumbleweed: How about measure uploads by canonical at silly'o-clock in the morning? :)18:06
tumbleweedI knew the fallacies involved in that, but wanted to get a feeling for how much is done by non-canonical people18:07
tumbleweedit's suprisingly steady18:07
tumbleweed(although the canonical vs community groupings are entirely thumbsucked)18:07
jtaylorso my motu application is finally sent :)18:21
tumbleweedjtaylor: 4 endorsements already :P18:27
tumbleweedwe need more applicants like this18:27
jtaylorI though you need to gather them before you apply?18:28
tumbleweedyes, right, the instructions say that. I think part of the reason for the 7 day againg was for people who follow devel-permissions to add comments and endorsements, too18:30
ajmitchtumbleweed: nice to see the cjwatson vs the world graph updated for precise :)19:30
tumbleweedthe dangers of simply counting uploads19:30
tumbleweedalthough, that said, he does a staggering amount of work :)19:30
ajmitchwhen more than half a graph is dominated by one person, I think you can say that19:31
tumbleweedthere is also quite a long tail, that is cut off, but yes, you can still say that19:32
cjwatsonit's a shame it's hard to identify rebuilds, because those really don't represent the same kind of work at all19:33
tumbleweeda single upload of something one has spent 6 months slaving over also only counts as 1. There are no easy ways out of that19:42
tumbleweed(I could easily exclude buildX uploads, though)19:42
tumbleweediamfuzz: your ruby-rvm postinst assumes that there's an admin group, but that isn't there on a minimal install. Looking after that package?20:27
broderthere isn't in general anymore, is there? i thought we were dropping the admin group for precise and replacing it with the sudo group20:28
tumbleweedjocky still creates it20:28
tumbleweedwhich package was supposed to be creating it? sudo? I looked didn't see a maintainer script that looked responsible20:30
iamfuzztumbleweed, yea, I can give it a look20:33
iamfuzzI need to update it at some point anyway20:33
tumbleweedyeah, I saw a bug requesting that :)20:33
micahgjtaylor: thanks for putting your MOTU app in :)20:46

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