chiltsibeardslee: yeah, I think I've earned it already - doesn't take long to get that one back :)02:49
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ibeardsleepeople been following the Koha trademark fun and games?08:39
ajmitchoh yes, it's depressing reading09:06
ibeardsleeit's not all doom at this point. I understand there is actually 3 months to object09:16
ibeardsleethere is now a bit of cash in the 'defence fund' and I've heard of a couple of law firms offering their services pro-bono09:17
ibeardsleethe NZOSS will do some rattling09:17
chiltsspot the odd one out19:36
ajmitchAtamira's missing a g?19:36
Atamiraand sadsun is being different today19:36
ajmitchit's not really morning in .nl though :)19:37
sadsunI have to, u stole my "mornin'" :P19:37
sadsunfeels like morning here in .nl ^^19:38
chiltshmm, there are a few people in here I haven't met in real life19:38
sadsunu guys meet? cool19:38
ajmitchchilts: I've met you very briefly at LCA, iirc19:38
chiltswas that at the drunken Thursday night thing?19:39
chiltssadsun: not formally, just in circles as and when it happens19:39
ajmitchI think it was the open day or something19:39
sadsunI see, still nice19:39
chiltshmm, wish I was going to LCA again this year19:40
* ajmitch has flights booked for LCA19:40
chiltsI should get the company to pay for it - which shouldn't be hard because I own the company19:40
chiltsI just can't afford it :D19:40
ajmitchI just need to pay for the LCA tickets19:40
* ibeardslee didn't need to pay for LCA tickets19:41
ibeardsleeworks is paying for flights + accom19:41
chiltsah well, good on yer :)19:41
ajmitchwork is just paying for flights for me19:41
ajmitchbetter than nothing, for sure :)19:41
* ibeardslee is speaking, ticket is 'free'19:42
ajmitchwhat are you speaking on?19:42
sadsunwhat does LCA stand for?19:42
* ibeardslee suddenly feels quite sick about the idea of speaking 19:42
ibeardsleeajmitch: The Catalyst Open Source Academy19:42
ajmitchit's an annual conference that attracts quite a few people19:42
chiltssadsum: so you're in .nl? what are you doing hanging out here then (not that we mind, everyone is welcome)? I'm just wondering the connection19:43
ajmitchibeardslee: I'll have to come along then :)19:43
sadsuntrying to get work in kiwiland19:43
chiltsah, gotchyer :)19:43
chiltsibeardslee: is that in January again?19:43
ajmitchjan 16-20 in ballarat19:44
ajmitchif you're talking about the LCA dates :)19:44
* chilts was asking about the Catalyst Open Source Academy19:44
ibeardsleechilts: yes19:50
ibeardsleeweeks of the 9th and 16th19:50
ibeardsleeso yes I'll be at LCA talking about the Academy during the 2nd week19:50
ibeardsleedo you have a project you could mentor?19:51
chiltsnot really one big enough for the academy19:51
chiltsbut I'd be happy to help19:52
ibeardsleewhy not?  2-4 students working on a project, you guiding them through to make commits to it19:52
chiltsmost of my projects are pretty small ... wouldn't be enough work for 2-4 students19:52
ibeardsleegot things that need to be started? new features planned?19:53
chiltsok, my last project took me about 8 hrs to do - it's now feature complete :)19:53
chiltsseriously, I don't work on anything the size of Drupal or Koha19:54
ibeardsleedoesn't need to be that size19:54
chiltsI'm doing small libraries for NodeJS at the moment19:54
chiltsso you've got people doing Koha, Mahara, Moodle? Drupal? any others?19:54
ibeardsleelast year we had Grant's xml:sax and andrew's davical stuff19:55
chiltsalso remember that I work for myself, so I don't have a lot of spare time where I'm not trying to earn a living :)19:55
chiltsif I worked for a large organisisation who was happy to sponsor my time on something, I'd jump at the chance ... sorry :)19:56
ibeardsleefair enough .. worth a crack19:57
chiltsI could always ask on the NodeJS mailing list if anyone wants something doing?19:57
chiltsthere is plenty of development going on around there at the moment19:58
ibeardsleesure .. we'd need a mentor to help work with the students though20:01
chiltsyeah, no problems, that would definitely rule me out then :)20:03
ibeardsleeThey don't need to be 100% .. you could work from the corner of L4 during that week ;)20:08
ibeardsleehey thumper .. I've been actively looking for more of the stuff coming for/from Ubuntu20:27
ibeardsleethe UDS stuff is interesting20:27
thumperhi ibeardslee20:27
olly_good to be back in NZ, and for more than 3 days this time21:48
olly_top tip - if you have a returning residents visa, you count as "NZ and Australian passports" for immigration21:49
olly_at least according to the immigration guy at the desk last night21:49
* ajmitch should probably renew his passport soon21:53
ajmitchwho knows how long it'd take to process a passport renewal in late december/early january21:54
ibeardsleethat reminds me ..21:56
mwhudsoneep, conversation22:02
mwhudsonolly_: you can tell this by the signs that say "NZ and Australian Passports <hr> Residents" can't you?  at least at AKL22:04
mwhudsonadmittedly, when i've just escaped from a long haul flight is not tip-top time for observation22:04
olly_mwhudson: they don't at WLG22:34
mwhudsonah right22:35
mwhudsonyes, i've noticed that22:35
olly_'re probably right about AKL22:35
olly_now you mention it, I do STR gthat22:35
chiltsyeah, I was told that the time before last so the last time I went through NZ passports and it was pretty fast :)22:36
chiltsnice to know since the signs don't usually tell you22:36
olly_WLG seem quite anal at checking non-resident's documentation22:36
olly_return tickets, etc22:36
olly_i've only come in at AKL as a non-resident, and they weren't so bad, so either it has changed, or AKL has computer systems which relay the airline info or something22:37
olly_guy in front seemed to be trying to show his return ticket on his phone, which the desk guy didn't like22:37
olly_as if a paper print out is harder to forge22:38

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