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callumsaunders1I'm surprised this room is so quiet, i thought this would be where all the action would be15:50
MrChrisDruifHaha, sorry it isn't ;-)15:51
jussioh the action is here, we just dont talk about it...15:51
MrChrisDruifCurrently I'm focusing on TV ;-)15:51
jussieveryone is busy working...15:51
jussiexcept me - Im haging out by myself on g+ :D15:51
jussigoogle's moustache thing is funny to play with though...15:52
callumsaunders1it really is,15:53
callumsaunders1i have gave all my friends massive beards15:53
jussiIm hanging out if anyone feels like a conversation with some random person15:56
MrChrisDruifjussi; ???mustache....google????16:28
jussiMrChrisDruif: google hangouts have the ability to add a moustache to your video stram...16:28
jussiits funny for the first 5 mins16:29
MrChrisDruifHmmm...okay =|)16:29
MrChrisDruifYes, the | should represent a mustache ;-)16:29
MrChrisDruifEuhm ;-|)16:30
jussiMrChrisDruif: come join us!16:30
MrChrisDruifNot right now =|)16:30

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