pittislangasek: u1-installer> in oneiric there was really no reason to not have the actual U1 packages; once they switch to PyQt based packages, we'll need it, as PyQt alone weighs some 16 MB CD space05:25
slangasekah :)05:26
=== doko_ is now known as doko
mdeslaurskaet: is there a release meeting on friday? seems a lot of people will be on vacation16:18
skaetmdeslaur, yes will have meeting on Friday.   Alpha1 is next week so want to minimize surprises for next week.17:02
mdeslaurskaet: cool, thanks17:02
* slangasek facepalms at the reply to Debian bug #64595717:30
ubot4Debian bug 645957 in adduser "Please mark adduser Multi-Arch: foreign" [Minor,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/64595717:31
cjwatsonslangasek: sigh17:52
slangaseksomething for me to deal with /after/ vacation ;)17:52
stgrabertumbleweed: oh, apparently jibel's report is exploding :) (just noticed that you had a crash in the log)21:02
stgraberjibel: <- patches are welcome :)21:03
stgraberjibel: my guess is that it's confused by the two active milestones for two different releases :)21:06
jibelstgraber, oh nice, 2 active releases at the same time. I'll fix that.21:06
stgraberjibel: thanks21:06
tumbleweedhah, I just poked around :)21:10

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