dissipatehas anyone here successfully mounted an amazon s3 bucket in ubuntu 11.10?01:13
erichammonddissipate: "mounted an amazon s3 bucket" ... with what software?01:32
dissipateerichammond, s3fs01:33
dissipateerichammond, that's what i tried to do it with, but i'm open to other options01:33
erichammonddissipate: Then, yes. I have used s3fs on Ubuntu 11.10.01:33
dissipateerichammond, do you have the scripts you used to set it up by any chance?01:34
erichammonddissipate: sudo /usr/local/bin/s3fs -o url=https://s3.amazonaws.com -o allow_other $bucket $mountpoint01:35
dissipateerichammond, i mean the scripts you used to install s3fs01:36
dissipateerichammond, i just tried that command, it didn't work. :(01:38
erichammonddissipate: The $mountpoint directory must exist. You need to have set up /etc/password-s3fs correctly. The bucket must exist.01:38
erichammonddissipate: svn checkout http://s3fs.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ s3fs && ( cd s3fs; ./autogen.sh; ./configure; sudo make install )01:39
erichammonddissipate: Expand on "didn't work"01:39
dissipateerichammond, i did all that.01:40
dissipatemount point exists, /etc/password-s3fs is there with my credentials01:40
erichammonddissipate: Elaborate on "didn't work"01:43
dissipateerichammond, i get no error and the bucket mount doesn't show up.01:44
erichammonddissipate: What do you mean by "the bucket mount doesn't show up"?01:44
dissipateerichammond, i went into /mnt and there is nothing there.01:45
dissipatei mounted into /mnt01:45
erichammonddissipate: So /mnt was the mountpoint?01:45
erichammonddissipate: or /mnt/somedirectory ?01:45
dissipateit appears s3fs can connect to s3 to some extent, because when i tried a bogus bucket it had an error.01:45
erichammonddissipate: Were the directories and files inside the bucket created through s3fs or through some other process?01:46
dissipateerichammond, i created them through the AWS user interface.01:47
erichammonddissipate: Are there any keys in the bucket that do NOT contain a slash (/)?01:47
dissipateerichammond, no, the bucket has some directories01:47
erichammonddissipate: All files are in subdirectories?01:48
erichammonddissipate: Pick a subdirectory with a file and run: mkdir -p /mnt/PATH/TO/SUBDIRECTORY01:49
erichammonddissipate: Then look in that subdirectory to see if the files are visible.01:49
dissipateerichammond, ok, let me try01:50
dissipateerichammond, well, it's mounted because i created a directory in /mnt and it showed up as an empty file in my S3 bucket!01:51
dissipateerichammond, i created the subdirectory and the files are showing up now! what is happening?01:52
erichammonds3fs needs to have a special key in the S3 bucket for each subdirectory before it can see files in that subdirectory.01:53
dissipateerichammond, thanks for the info. do you have bitcoin BTW? i'd like to send you a couple coin for your help.01:54
SpamapSkees: ifup -a should have caught the eth5.3 entry after eth5.. thats very strange. That said, I'm not entirely sure of how ifupdown handles vlan entries like that.02:48
kklimondawho has some experience writing upstart configs for packages from the distribution's point of view? I'd like to port both slapd and krb5-kdb/admin-server to upstart to fix a small bug with start order but I'm not sure how much of the current sysv stuff move over to upstart (like variables from default files etc.)02:55
twbSpamapS: poorly, apparently ;-P02:57
kklimondaalso, what's the policy on shipping upstart override files in packages?02:57
SpamapStwb: I think its worth proposing a replacement for ifupdown in the 12.10 cycle.. seems ridiculous to keep this weird thing alive.03:05
twbI bet the replacement will be worse tho :-/03:09
kklimondayeah, base it on network manager while your are on it :P03:09
twb"in 12.10 ubuntu now requires NM to be installed everywhere and is included in the initrd for maximum fail"03:10
twbOr some stupid undocumented failtastic upstart helper a la mountall(8)03:10
kklimondaheh, I wouldn't mind if it were done well03:13
kklimondabut then we are talking about Ubuntu here ;)03:13
SpamapSThe snark is strong with this one.03:15
keesSpamapS: well, the device for eth5 doesn't exist at all any more, so I assume it would never get to eth5.304:01
keesSpamapS: why it "got" to eth5, I don't know either. I think that's the actual bug.04:02
keesor rather, just because something is "auto" doesn't mean it attached to the system. ;)04:02
CoreyWhat's the proper way to get sshd to start on boot?04:13
twbCorey: apt-get install openssh-server04:14
Coreytwb: Yeah, I get that.  But let's say I want to disable it from starting on boot for a while.  To reenable it, I would...?04:27
twbdpkg-divert --remove --rename /etc/init/ssh.conf04:27
twbUnfortunately, in their infinite wisdom, the upstart developers broke invoke-rc.d04:28
twbEr, policy-rc.d04:28
KutakizukariAnyone here?04:36
KutakizukariUsing Ubuntu 10.04 server and getting Request timed out when pinged.04:37
mgwcan you ssh to the system?04:38
Kutakizukarilet me try04:38
Kutakizukarimgw: Network error: Connection timed out04:39
mgwdo you have physical access?04:40
mgwor KVM?04:40
KutakizukariNo physical access04:40
Kutakizukaricloud server04:40
mgwwhich provider?04:41
mgwdo they give you KVM?04:41
Kutakizukaridon't know what it is04:42
mgwconsole access04:42
Kutakizukariah, they are using the wrong credit card information so it has been suspended, easy fix.04:44
mgwThat would explain it. Glad you figured it out.04:45
SpamapSkees: was eth5 a static interface, while eth5.3 dhcp?06:18
koolhead17hi all07:06
dissipatekoolhead17, hi07:13
koolhead17hello dissipate07:13
dissipatekoolhead17, what's going on?07:14
dissipatekoolhead17, are your ubuntu servers running smooth as silk?07:14
koolhead17your asking or telling :)07:14
dissipateasking. :P07:16
koolhead17anyways i can help u?07:16
dissipatekoolhead17, i'm looking for a way of mounting amazon s3 buckets in ubuntu server that's easier to set up than what i have now.07:17
dissipatei'm using s3fs which has no package, must be compiled from source. :/07:18
koolhead17dissipate: did you check s3 documentation, am sure your the only one with this idea :)07:18
dissipatei'm actually interested in third party tools.07:19
koolhead17dissipate: am not a amazon used but i would be interested to know the liberty amazon provides :D07:21
koolhead17it be cool if you can also ask it as question at launchpad07:22
dissipatekoolhead17, fairly cheap and pretty much unlimited storage is what they provide.07:22
uvirtbotNew bug: #893887 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.3 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: package samba is not ready for configuration  cannot configure (current status `half-installed')" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89388707:41
lynxmanmorning o/08:38
jamespagemorning all09:10
uksysadminI've a question on preseeding and executing commands at the end of installation... what's the best way to download a script and execute it? Under RH its simple in their kickstart scripts... Ubuntu is 'different'.09:13
* uksysadmin thought I'd tempt the answer with some Red Hat bait and waits...09:13
lynxmanuksysadmin: it depends, Ubuntu uses preseed for hardware and cloud-init for cloud instances so you can use either depending on what you're doing09:15
lynxmanuksysadmin: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/installation-guide/i386/preseed-advanced.html#preseed-hooks09:15
lynxmanuksysadmin: for example :)09:15
lynxman(just change 11.04 with your version of Ubuntu)09:16
uksysadmincheers lynxman - read that, I am wanting to set a https_proxy and download a script using wget. bit of a hack atm, but it replicates the post steps I'm doing at present.09:17
uksysadminI get 'export' command not found when setting the env var.09:17
uksysadminI'm trying an alternative09:17
uksysadminthis is on a physical server09:17
uksysadminAs I'm using Orchestra, is there a way of having this "post-script" living somewhere on my Orchestra server and grabbing it from there instead?09:21
* uksysadmin is speaking out loud and realises that's the best way09:22
lynxmanuksysadmin: so this differs heavily from your first question, which was "what to use" and you're already using something :)09:23
uksysadminNot really - I'm new to pxe booting ubuntu09:24
lynxmanuksysadmin: orchestra uses cloud-init, it has an integrated metadata service, so you just need to add or modify to the cloud-init script09:24
uksysadminat the end of the day it uses cobbler and runs som post hooks09:24
uksysadminjust need an example where I can do some post commands and I'm not sure what the difference is between in-target and /run etc09:24
lynxmanuksysadmin: well... it uses a lot more than that actually09:24
uksysadminhappy to be pointed in the direction of some docs that explains how to use it09:25
uksysadminas opposed to how I think I should be using it09:25
uksysadminso in other words, I shouldn't be using the preseed files but something that cloud-init calls?09:28
TakyojiFor an NFS share, I want it available on a as well as a, do I just list the share twice, but with different network ranges?09:29
Takyojii.e. doing: /Shares
TakyojiOr is it comma delimited?09:31
lynxmanTakyoji: you can just add them in the same line /share,no_root_squash,async),,no_root_squash,async)09:31
Takyojiahh, alright09:31
TakyojiI got a syntax error09:33
lynxmanjamespage: Hey James I have a bug that has been sitting ducks for some days now #884908 would you fancy sponsoring it? :)09:33
jamespagebug 88490809:34
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 884908 in mcollective "Package dependencies need work" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88490809:34
lynxmanTakyoji: ah my bad, no comma delimitation, just space09:34
lynxmanTakyoji: did a "man exports" :)09:34
TakyojiI tried using whitespace instead, and it reloaded properly, we'll see if it works09:34
lynxmanjamespage: it's just a change in dependencies to make things work as they should09:34
jamespagelynxman, looking now09:35
jamespagelynxman: has that same fix already been applied in precise?09:38
lynxmanjamespage: yes, it's included in the latest package uploaded yesterday09:39
koolhead11hi all09:39
lynxmankoolhead11: ello sir o/09:40
koolhead11hello lynxman :D09:40
lynxmankoolhead11: I always wonder... why the number change? ;)09:40
koolhead11lynxman, 11 mostly means am at my workplace :D09:41
lynxmankoolhead11: aaah09:41
koolhead11never knew sleeping for 5 hours can give you hangover ..09:42
TakyojiThe second network still seems to be denied09:44
koolhead11lynxman, i have made some progress with dashboard, i can finally see the login page. hehehe09:44
lynxmanTakyoji: run exportfs -a09:46
lynxmankoolhead11: wow, that's very good :)09:46
TakyojiNo output?09:46
lynxmanTakyoji: that'll reload your exports file into your nfs server09:47
koolhead11lynxman, but the django server gets killed and dies once i provide it the authentication. It does connects to keystone. Planning to use apache2 now instead django. It will give me better log/error details09:47
lynxmankoolhead11: do you have the python error at hand?09:47
lynxmankoolhead11: I might help you there, done some django09:48
* lynxman has a dark past :D09:48
koolhead11not anything really great.09:48
TakyojiStill denied as of yet09:48
lynxmanTakyoji: then check why it's being denied in /var/log/system.log09:49
koolhead11DEBUG:django_openstack.api:auth_api connection created using url ""09:49
lynxmanTakyoji: it should give a clear explanation there09:49
lynxmankoolhead11: try running django in debug mode09:49
TakyojiThere isn't a /var/log/system.log09:49
TakyojiDid you mean dmesg, or auth.log, or?09:49
lynxmanTakyoji: gah I mean /var/log/syslog09:49
* lynxman really needs coffee this morning09:49
Takyoji"refused mount request from for /home (/home): illegal port 53339"09:50
lynxmanTakyoji: that's a weird error09:50
TakyojiIndeed it is. xP09:50
lynxmanTakyoji: it's too early for tongue mister ;)09:51
TakyojiI wonder if the NAT of VirtualBox is causing issues09:51
lynxmanTakyoji: aaah, add insecure to your nfs share definition, then run exportfs -a09:51
lynxmanTakyoji: looks like NFS considers that high port insecure09:51
lynxmanTakyoji: \o/09:52
TakyojiAny reason for that nature of functionality?09:52
TakyojiIs it for the sake of "higher than port 1024" philosophy, or?09:53
lynxmanTakyoji: kinda, yes09:53
koolhead11lynxman, i think django is allready in that debug mode10:00
lynxmankoolhead11: then you should have a lot more output than that10:02
koolhead11lynxman, and do u have custom partition as wll :)10:03
koolhead11lynxman, ,10:03
koolhead11let me boot my box again10:03
lynxmankoolhead11: lol okay10:03
eagles0513875|hey guys i have a quick question10:11
eagles0513875|cobbler does it support provisioning of HVM xen guests?10:11
koolhead11uksysadmin, http://paste.ubuntu.com/746865/10:19
koolhead11the shell script in postinstall i have used to inject ssh key :D10:19
koolhead11lynxman, got few minutes10:22
eagles0513875|anyone know or worked with cobbler on 11.1010:22
lynxmankoolhead11: for you always :)10:22
koolhead11lynxman, sir :D10:23
koolhead11lynxman, any idea, which file i need to add modify for better log output in dash/django10:23
lynxmankoolhead11: I do! one sec... *looking*10:23
koolhead11i see this INFO:root:Running in debug mode without debug_toolbar.10:24
lynxmankoolhead11: just add DEBUG=True to your django site conf10:24
* koolhead11 wonders what will that be for dashboard10:25
lynxmankoolhead11: there should be a config.py somewhere10:27
lynxmankoolhead11: I forgot more django in 1 year than I wish to admit10:27
koolhead11lynxman, u meant settings.py10:29
lynxmankoolhead11: yeah that *smacks own head*10:29
koolhead11lynxman, go grab a coffee :D10:29
lynxmankoolhead11: I had already one, looks like a need a second one...10:29
=== smb` is now known as smb
Davieykoolhead11: How did you get on with, https://launchpad.net/~zulcss/+archive/openstack-updates ?10:49
koolhead11Daviey, i have not tried that. not updated the server yet10:50
koolhead11am foo fighting to get bloody dash show me some love10:51
koolhead11i have been able to get the teaser so far, more than 24 hours and counting :P10:52
uksysadmincheers koolhead1111:02
koolhead11uksysadmin, did i saved some time of yours :D11:03
eagles0513875|hey guys any cobbler users here on 11.1011:03
eagles0513875|or ubuntu orchestra users here11:03
uksysadminnot had chance to try it yet - been in a meeting11:04
uksysadmineagles0513875|, yes and its testing my patience11:04
eagles0513875|ahh how come uksysadmin11:05
uksysadminmy logical brain doesn't extend to d-i weirdness in some preseed files ;-)11:06
eagles0513875|ya lost me11:06
eagles0513875|uksysadmin:  have you tried provisioning HVM based xen guests with it?11:06
uksysadminI'm trying to do a simple install and after its installed everything, run a script11:06
Deathvalley122do you think it might work with HVM guests uksysadmin?11:07
koolhead11Deathvalley122, i would suggest you to check #cobbler channel11:07
eagles0513875|koolhead11: ya its dead in there right now11:08
Deathvalley122google is no help either11:08
Deathvalley122cause it does not mention anything about cobbler on google lol11:08
uksysadminnot sure what you're asking Deathvalley122 - I'm not using Orchestra for any guests - just bare metal provisioning of OpenStack11:11
eagles0513875|uksysadmin: ahh ok does open stack use something like xen as a hypervisor or does it have its own11:11
Deathvalley122don't worry about it I will find something11:11
eagles0513875|uksysadmin: you working with xen kvm or vmware as virtualization back end11:12
PedroGomesHi, on my pressed PXE template I have "keyboard-configuration/layoutcode=us" but when it boots from the network it shows the menu asking me the keyboard layout, any advice?11:12
Deathvalley122all we want to do is provision HVM xen guests on cobbler is all uksysadmin11:14
uksysadminI'm working on physical tin - not virtual11:16
* uksysadmin isn't someone you want to ask Qs on Orchestra - it has reduced me to a n00b11:16
eagles0513875|ahh ok thats different then11:17
eagles0513875|uksysadmin: no it hasn't one thing you might like more is juju for service deployment :D11:17
uksysadminindeed - that's next11:17
koolhead11eagles0513875|, :P11:17
uksysadminjust being able to run a little script is all I ask11:18
eagles0513875|uksysadmin: then you want juju for that11:18
koolhead11uksysadmin, you can easily do that with late-preseed option11:18
uksysadminI've barely got OpenStack working using scripting - if someone has juju charms for OpenStack and a manual for setting up Orchestra to provision OpenStack, send it my way11:19
eagles0513875|uksysadmin: there aren't yet but i  know someone who works for backspace that I'm hoping i can push him to do the script would be a great addition to the charms :D11:19
uksysadminabsolutely - I've been teased by the things for weeks!11:19
uksysadminit was announced in Paris a while back it was the way to go11:20
koolhead11i need some information about PPA. suppose there is a package which is available in archiev and am adding a PPA for same. will i be able to get the pkg downloaded from PPA or archive11:20
* koolhead11 is confused11:20
uksysadminin the meantime, I can install ubuntu, run a script and voila - OpenStack11:20
koolhead11uksysadmin, :P11:20
CppIsWeirdwhere is the system umask configured?11:20
* uksysadmin has a red hat background and this stuff is childsplay using kickstart11:21
koolhead11uksysadmin, :P11:21
* uksysadmin checks he's wearing flame-retardant underwear11:22
lynxmankoolhead11: if you create your own ppa you can just add it to your server with add-apt-repository ppa:username/ppaname11:29
koolhead11lynxman, yeah. my question was i have say pkg A which is allready in pkg archieve and i created/installed one via PPA which will get installed :D11:30
lynxmanCppIsWeird: It's in /etc/login.defs11:31
lynxmanuksysadmin: kickstart it's child's play compared to Orchestra ;)11:31
lynxmankoolhead11: if the version is > it should be fine11:31
koolhead11lynxman, aah11:32
* koolhead11 kicks uksysadmin 11:34
koolhead11uksysadmin, am scared of ***flame**11:35
* uksysadmin crosses fingers. 19th pxe boot's a charm I reckon.11:36
Davieyuksysadmin: can i see your config?11:37
uksysadminlet me see yours :p11:38
uksysadminif my config works - I'll let anyone who pays me see it. apart from koolhead11 as I pinched the last bit from him.11:39
* koolhead11 kicks uksysadmin again!!11:39
Davieyuksysadmin: works for me... I'm going to add "if user="uksysadmin: kernelpanic()" to many of the packages you care about. :)11:40
uksysadminawesome - fame at last.11:40
uksysadminif you hold off Daviey - I'll have a working system in 5 mins.11:41
uksysadminif it doesn't work - you can have my config and be damned to eternal reboots for ever.11:41
uksysadminmy set up is rather simpl: boot oneiric, grab a script, runs a script, installs OpenStack11:42
uksysadminSo Daviey, do you want to see my config and laugh, or see my config and go "n00b"?  The script is a stock example preeseed that runs an OpenStack install script I wrote in the late run section11:46
uksysadminso those who like to give juju love - rather than pre-seeding a script to do stuff, what is the best way to run stuff post-install using juju?  i.e. what does a set up look like from bare metal where I've pre-allocated it to do a particular task?11:55
uksysadminif OpenStack charms existed11:56
uksysadmin(an example where it sets up /something/ in juju would be handy)11:56
lynxmanuksysadmin: There's an Openstack charm :)11:56
koolhead11zul, around?11:57
uksysadminis there now...11:57
uksysadminI'm listening...11:57
lynxmanuksysadmin: https://code.launchpad.net/~charmers11:58
zulkoolhead11: still waking up....12:00
lynxmanzul: good moaning12:01
uksysadminhas anyone installed openstack using charms? it's quite a feat to install.12:02
uksysadminor specifically - to install in a datacentre and not in a little sandpit environment12:02
uksysadminwould the steps be edit the charm, modify the networking and ... how do you get Orchestra to kick off a juju deployment?12:03
lynxmanuksysadmin: no need to edit any charm12:05
* uksysadmin was wondering why preseed was stuck at 23% for last 5 mins. F4 had the answer... now how to press "Y" to continue... ;-)12:05
lynxmanuksysadmin: just create your charm config and run12:05
uksysadminI need to go to charm school12:06
uksysadminWhat does an preseed file look like that goes "juju deploy blah" - is that literally something you put in the late_command section or is there a more eloquent juju friendly way?12:07
lynxmanuksysadmin: you assign the machine a juju-deployment profile through orchestra, then just use regular juju commands12:08
smosersemiosis, what exact instructions were you trying ?12:09
lynxmansmoser: morning sir12:10
smosergood morning.12:10
uksysadminone shall have a play lynxman12:11
lynxmanuksysadmin: :D12:11
koolhead11zul, good morning :D12:28
* uksysadmin is getting there - at least script runs now... now onto networking and partitioning...12:30
koolhead11uksysadmin, cool.12:31
uksysadmindoesn't run as intended, but one small step for mankind and all that!12:34
uvirtbotNew bug: #893978 in groovy (universe) "Groovy package should depend on either sun-jdk or openjdk" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89397812:51
kaushalcan someone please comment on http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/746982/12:51
kaushalI am on Ubuntu-server 10.0412:51
kaushalAny clue please ?12:52
RoyKkaushal: erm...12:52
RoyK17163091969 seconds is like 544 years12:52
* RoyK somewhat doubts kaushal was running linux back in 146712:53
kaushalRoyK: apologies12:54
kaushalplease give me a moment12:54
yaboowhats good software to monitor my box, e.g. chkrootkit, cacti???13:01
yaboowhats good software to monitor my box, e.g. chkrootkit, cacti???13:02
* koolhead11 points yaboo to google13:02
yaboowhats good software to monitor my box, e.g. chkrootkit, cacti???, sorry to ask again seems my irc client did not show me the response to my question13:03
lynxmanyaboo: software good for you, cacti, rsyslog, munin, nagios13:04
yaboolynx man thanks, using cacti, is rsyslog more on the os level, to check when files get changed etc13:05
lynxmanyaboo: wow, I didn't know that13:05
* lynxman ashamed of himself13:05
yaboolynxman, just asking, never heard of rsyslog13:06
lynxmanyaboo: so you don't want a monitoring solution, you want a tripwire13:06
lynxmanyaboo: you can use ossec for that13:06
yabootripwire?? ossec, thanks13:06
uksysadminis there any way to preseed a ubuntu server with multiple nics and assign multiple IPs?13:32
koolhead11uksysadmin, expalin13:33
uksysadminI have eth0 and eth1.  eth0 always gets my settings from my preseed, how do I enable eth1?13:34
uksysadminas well13:34
koolhead11uksysadmin, i did that using my late command. :)13:34
uksysadminwas wondering if that was the only option13:35
koolhead11the preseed i shared u13:35
philipballewHow can I tell If i have a proxy running13:40
koolhead11netstat -tulpn | grep 312813:41
philipballewphilip@philip-Studio-1558:~$ netstat -tulpn | grep 312813:42
philipballew(Not all processes could be identified, non-owned process info13:42
philipballew will not be shown, you would have to be root to see it all.)13:42
philipballewphilip@philip-Studio-1558:~$ sudo !!13:42
philipballewsudo netstat -tulpn | grep 312813:42
philipballew[sudo] password for philip:13:42
koolhead11philipballew, would you care reading squid part in ubuntu server guide at same time https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/13:43
philipballewsure :)13:44
koolhead11thanks philipballew13:45
philipballewalright. how can i se if i can get my self back into america?13:46
philipballewkoolhead11, Whats a way to fix this13:49
koolhead11zul, :)13:51
koolhead11tried your PPA and got some error13:51
koolhead11for keystone reg unmet deps13:52
zulkoolhead11: eh?13:54
koolhead11yes :(13:54
zulcan you pastebin it?13:55
koolhead11am using oneiric and then added PPA of yours13:55
zulsudo apt-get install keystone python-keystone for now please13:58
smbhallyn, Fun, I think I found out what the problem with those nfs4 mounts is...13:58
koolhead11k lemme try13:59
koolhead11zul, http://paste.ubuntu.com/747043/14:00
zulkoolhead11: k thanks14:01
zulkoolhead11: gimme a couple of minutes14:01
hallynsmb: oh?14:02
smbhallyn, In short there is no nfs4 module which the command tries to load...14:02
smbIt is the same nfs module than for nfs...14:03
hallynsmb: you're talking about a userspace module?  or kernel module?14:03
smbA kernel module of course :)14:03
smbThe magic is that mount -tnfs loads the kernel nfs module14:04
hallynso userspace needs to be told that nfs module is ok?14:04
smbmount -tnfs4 tries the same with an nfs4 module which does not exist14:04
smb/etc/modrpobe.d/nfs4.conf: alias nfs4 nfs14:04
smbThat should do the trick14:04
hallynsmb: nice :)14:04
koolhead11zul, rocking as Daviey  says :D14:05
smbBut I wait for reporters feedback14:05
hallynsmb: if you want to comment that in the bug, i'll happily test it on lucid..oneiric with autofs14:05
hallynoh, ok14:05
smbhallyn, Done already.14:05
semiosissmoser: thanks for getting back to me.  i downloaded http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/server/oneiric/current/oneiric-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1.img then i launched it using virt-manager.  that got me to a login prompt but the creds were not accepted.14:05
hallynsmb: ok i haven't read email backlog yet :)  thanks!14:05
semiosissmoser: my workstation is vmx capable 64-bit oneiric14:06
smbhallyn, Meh, I just did it, so there is chance you have not even have got any email14:06
smosersemiosis, there are no creds.14:06
semiosisso how does one login?14:07
smoseryou cannot log in without providing some user-data.14:07
smoseri suggest for your virt-manager path to make yourself an iso as described at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/Images#Ubuntu_Cloud_Guest_images_on_Local_Hypervisor_Natty_onward14:08
smoserand just attach it.14:08
smoserby 'attach' i mean provide that as a CD-ROM to virt-manager.14:09
smoserthen it will boot and read the customization data from that iso (which includes setting password for 'ubuntu' to 'passw0rd')14:09
semiosissmoser: what is the meaning of the following section, "Ubuntu Cloud Guest images on Local Hypervisor (Oneiric)"14:09
semiosissmoser: that makes it sound like you can just launch the downloaded qcow2 .img file directly14:10
smoseryeah, thats just bad documentation.14:10
semiosissmoser: ha14:10
semiosissmoser: it would be better if that section were removed completely14:10
semiosissmoser: but i digress.  thanks for setting me straight :)14:11
semiosisi'll go the natty iso route14:11
smoserso, the reason that these do not have any credentials for logging in is that we expect people to launch them on public networks.14:11
semiosismakes sense14:12
semiosisso if i understand this correctly then, i'll use the make-iso step to build my user-data ISO file, ovftransport.iso, then skip the qemu-img step because the oneiric image is already in qcow2 format, then jump down to the kvm step to launch the stock img with my custom user-data iso?14:15
zulkoolhead11: fixed it needs to be rebuilt though14:15
koolhead11zul, am here for another 3 hours and i can see the same once am home as well14:16
koolhead11to test the keystone i need to check the curl commands after passing the sampledata14:16
koolhead11so i can do it today itself14:16
zulkoolhead11: k14:16
koolhead11lets get keystone up and running. :)14:17
semiosissmoser: ?14:18
smosersemiosis, you actually want to convert the image.14:19
smoserbut not because you have to14:19
smoserit is a compressed qcow disk image, which means that all reads to that disk will go through cpu decompression14:20
smoserwhich clearly you dont want.14:20
semiosisthat explains why it was so unbelievably slow lol14:20
smoserthe compressed image is massively useful because a.) its significantly smaller b.) it *can* be "just used"14:21
semiosisok great i'm going to have fun playing with this stuff.  thanks again smoser :)14:23
smosersemiosis, i suggest you read that user-data file and the doc in cloud-init's doc/examples directory also14:26
smoserto see what other things you can do.14:26
smoserand be aware that that demo will set you up with password less authentication with a ssh key.  however, everyone else in the world has the same access to that private key as you do.14:27
smoserit is a *DEMO*14:27
semiosisyeah i'm already reading that stuff & planning the fun things i'll be doing with it.14:28
* semiosis is a huge fan of cloud-init14:28
semiosisgoing to skip password auth altogether & supply my own pubkey14:28
semiosisset up some stuff to integrate launched instances with my lab lan14:29
semiosisetc etc14:29
smosersemiosis, updated page.14:30
semiosisheh when i tried the qemu-img create command it make a 200k file, not sure what that was... but with the convert command you just added to the docs it created a 600M file which is more like what I expected14:36
smoserqemu-img create makes a delta image14:37
smoseryou can see info about a disk image with 'qcow-img info'14:37
smosernote that the 200k file basically just says "hey, get data from *that* file over there"14:37
smoserthen, writes to that disk from kvm go to the delta image14:37
smoserand it will grow over time.14:38
smoser"qcow" ~ 'q' copy on write14:38
semiosisbut using that the vm would still have to go through gunzip for all reads from the original file14:38
smoseryou can also do the backing file to a raw disk image14:39
smoseror a qcow (uncompressed) disk image14:39
semiosishmm so after decompressing the img with convert, could I then use the create command to make a new cow file for each VM, then they could all read from the same master decompressed image14:39
semiosisthis is great.  i'm new to qemu-kvm (obvs.) so this is very helpful.  i've been using centos xen with lvm disks & getting ready to wipe the old vm server & start over with ubuntu14:41
semiosisto match new production network in ec214:41
semiosisah i see now the ovf/README describes all that disk image stuff too.14:46
* semiosis goes to study14:46
uksysadmin under what scenario does apt create "dpkg-new" files? on a clean install with no prior packages installed my upstart job files are being created with .dpkg-new on the end...14:49
uksysadmin(not all, just some - specifically the ones I'm running in my late command section)14:50
PedroGomesHi, in my Ubuntu PXE installation it stops in a window "Detect network hardware" that asks if I want have a way of installing some missing firmware. How do I pass it automatically with a PXE pressed flag?14:51
smoserutlemming, i was following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/Images#preview for arm images14:54
smoseri think i did it correctly14:54
smoserwith 20111123 armel image.14:55
SpamapSuksysadmin: it does that when both the package, and you, have changed that file14:57
* SpamapS really wishes dpkg had 3-way conffile merges14:58
uksysadminSpamapS, bizarre... will have to do some digging as there was no original file in the first place and I've literally just logged into a fresh install wondering why something didn't start14:59
uksysadmin(complained of the upstart job conf file not being found)15:00
uksysadminI would've expected a .conf file and a .conf.dpkg-new - but not *just* the latter15:00
smoserkirkland, fyi, current precise cloud image15:13
smoserLC_BYOBU=1 ssh
smoserseems not to do anything15:13
kirklandsmoser: i think a byobu upload is blocked on an MIR promotion of tmux15:14
kirklandsmoser: as I've promoted tmux to a recommends15:14
smoserLC_BYOBU=1 sh /etc/profile.d/Z97-byobu.sh15:14
kirklandsmoser: and it's waiting on ubuntu-mir to approve it15:14
smoserdoesn't do anythign either15:14
kirklandsmoser: does /etc/profile.d/Z97-byobu.sh exist?15:14
kirklandsmoser: byobu -v?15:14
smoser$ byobu -v15:15
smoserbyobu version 4.4915:15
smoserScreen version 4.00.03jw4 (FAU) 2-May-0615:15
smoserwow. but 'time byobu true'15:16
smoserreal    0m7.527s15:16
kirklandsmoser: umm, something's wrong there15:16
smoserok. so LC_BYOBU=1 was because i was coming in under screen.15:17
smosermaybe allow me to LC_BYOBU=2 to "REALLY FREAKING DO IT"15:17
smoserbut still very slow15:17
smoseryeah. and even when not connecting from insdie screen, 'time byobu true' is taking several seconds. 7-11.15:19
kirklandsmoser: this is in ec215:19
smoserbut that doesn't take so long on ec215:23
smoseri bet something user data15:23
kirklandsmoser: metadata?15:23
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 851159 in nova "ec2 metadata service is very slow" [High,In progress]15:23
smoseryou're blocking on that for the ec2 cost thing.15:24
kirklandsmoser: there's an exit condition15:24
kirklandsmoser: i need to strengthen that against openstack, i reckon15:24
smoserwell, i think the right thing to do is to background that15:24
smoseras that you shouldn't really be able to tell that you're in openstack versus ec215:25
smoserand anything you try to do will only potentially get fixed15:25
caribouHas someone noticed that Oneiric KVM vm never get to the "shut down" status when shutdown ???15:39
caribouI systematically need to virsh-destroy the instance15:40
kirklandsmoser: agreed15:42
kirklandsmoser: would you file a bug?15:42
kirklandsmoser: or mark that other bug as affecting byobu?15:42
kirklandsmoser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/747167/15:46
kirklandsmoser: could you improve upon that any?15:47
kirklandsmoser: maybe I need to cache the output of that function15:47
kirklandsmoser: so that it doesn't need to run more than once15:47
kirklandsmoser: and it would cost at most 1 second on first run15:48
smoserkirkland, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/byobu/+bug/89403815:52
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 894038 in byobu "byobu should background some data collections (ec2 metadata) " [Undecided,New]15:52
kirklandsmoser: okay, i almost have a fix for you to true15:52
kirklandsmoser: just a minute ...15:52
smosernote the comment there.  access to that (or any) non-local network resource could potentially hang indefinitely.15:53
kirklandsmoser: indefinitely?15:56
smoserthe default timeout of a socket connection is never15:57
kirklandsmoser: can you try applying http://paste.ubuntu.com/747176/15:57
kirklandsmoser: wget -q -O- --timeout=1 --tries=1 ?15:57
smoserwget does seem to do it right, and the '--timeout' does come back in 1.15:58
kirklandsmoser: good -- that's what metadata_available() uses15:59
smoseri wouldn't rely on either of those 2 things to decide if you sould run or not15:59
smoseras clearly they're not going to exist on non-ubuntu15:59
smosersh -c 'wget --tries=1 --timeout=1 -O - -q >/dev/null 2>&1 && echo 1 > .metadata_available'  &16:01
smoserjust fork it.16:01
smosereven maybe bump the timeout too16:01
kirklandthat if will wait for the result correctly?16:01
kirklandsmoser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/747183/ ?16:02
smoserwell that wont work16:03
smoseras yo wont wait. i'm thinking you'll always take the x=1 path there.16:03
smoser$ if false &  then echo yes ;fi16:03
smoser[1] 130816:03
kirklandsmoser: right, that's not it16:04
kirklandsmoser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/747190/16:08
smoserhow will 1 get written there?16:08
kirklandsmoser: not 116:09
kirklandsmoser: -s16:09
kirklandsmoser: non-empty file :)16:09
smoserah. yeah.16:09
kirklandsmoser: fun?16:09
kirklandsmoser: can you test this there?16:10
kirklandsmoser: sleep == uglier16:12
smoserjust giving it achance that one time that that path is taken16:12
smoserbut basically you'll need to background all your gets of that16:13
kirklandsmoser: well, you're not re-reading it after that sleep16:14
smoseryou're right. i'm not.16:14
kirklandsmoser: so if wget does the right thing (and you don't pay for more than 1 second), let's do that16:14
kirklandsmoser: first run of that function costs at most 1 second16:14
kirklandsmoser: subsequent runs are inconsequential b/c the cache has been written16:15
smosernot really.16:15
smoseropenstack metadata is slow16:15
smoserso the --timeout=1 is going to fail16:15
smoserand you'll have "no metadata" service16:15
smoserbut you *do* have one16:15
smoserso background the --timeout=10, to give it a chance.16:16
kirklandsmoser: that's *so* an openstack bug :-P16:16
kirklandsmoser: but i'll work around it :-)16:16
smoseryou're setting an arbitrary timeout on a non-local io operation16:16
smoserand you were blocking initialization on that16:16
smoserbut yes, its a serious bug that it is as slow as it is.16:17
SpamapSisn't metadata always on ethX ?16:17
kirklandsmoser: ah16:19
kirklandsmoser: i see now...16:19
kirklandsmoser: even if we have metadata, on openstack, it's a big pile a suck16:19
SpamapSseems like you could have an upstart job that starts on net-device-up ethX ADDRFAM=x METHOD=x16:19
smoserSpamapS, thats probably a bad assumption16:20
SpamapSsmoser: its worth checking to see if any of them have routes to the metadata IP16:20
kirklandsmoser: okay, i'm going to have to handle this like updates_available16:20
SpamapSso yeah, ethX is bad16:20
SpamapSbut put that code in an upstart task that starts on net-device-up16:21
smoserSpamapS, how would you do that ?16:21
SpamapSor an if-up.d script16:21
smoserhow would you determine "can i see <insert-some-ip-here>"16:21
smoseri'm asking generically16:21
smoserhow do you know if non-response is slowness or permenant16:21
SpamapSsmoser: ip route show dev $IFACE16:22
SpamapSok forget the route check16:22
SpamapSdon't start polling until the dev is up.. if you get a "no route to host" .. give up.. wait for the next ifup16:22
SpamapSsmoser: I get what you're saying.. the VM's iface up does not mean the other side's metadata service is up16:23
smoseri'm asking more generically16:23
smoserie, from one system (the cloud-images build system), wget -q -O- --tries=1
smoserwill *never* come back16:23
SpamapSyou won't get a no route?16:24
smoseras the host system that that runs has firewall rules allowing traffic to only a small number of things.16:24
smoseranything else just hangs.16:24
SpamapSI guess you do have to check for the direct local route first then16:24
SpamapSsmoser: I never said don't have a timeout!16:25
SpamapSI'm saying don't start waiting until you know you at least have the capability to reach the other side.16:25
smoserah. right.16:25
smoserto see if traffic would go through that device16:25
smoserbut this is not going to help kirkland16:25
smoseror, if it does, its really seriously over designed for that16:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #894047 in lm-sensors (main) "Fansensor unavailable under Ubuntu 11.10 on Intel Corporation Mobile 945GME Express" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89404716:26
SpamapSsmoser: yeah in thinking it through here, I see that its not really the problem.16:31
urthmoverI'm installing 11.10 using a minimal install.  The Kernel to  install section has many choices.  What is the difference between  linux-server and linux-image-3.0.0-13-server ?16:35
SpamapSurthmover: I believe the first is just an alias for the second16:36
urthmoverthat is what I think too, so I thought I would check16:36
urthmoverSpamapS: thanks16:36
urthmoverI'll go with that16:36
SpamapSkirkland: hey, what do I do if my byobu is set for "emacs" ctrl-A mode, and my keyboard doesn't have an f12?16:36
hallynSpamapS, eh what?  ctrl-a and f12 should do the same thing in byobu?16:41
SpamapSI thought so16:42
SpamapSI can't get out of a byobu I started with ctrl-a d and I see its being passed through16:42
koolhead11Daviey, around?16:50
Davieykoolhead11: always17:00
koolhead11Daviey, working on that sqlite bug, so was confused which directory i should run dch -i17:01
koolhead11debuild -S -sa17:01
koolhead11poked lynxman and got the soln :d17:01
Davieykoolhead11: on the upstream root location17:02
Davieyso you should be able to see debian/17:02
koolhead11so from php517:03
koolhead11in my case17:03
koolhead11so Daviey as per steave suggestion i am removing line which says sqlite SQLite17:03
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 875262 in php5 "PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php5/20090626+lfs/sqlite.so'" [High,Confirmed]17:04
koolhead11add maintainer scripts for the php5-sqlite package which call dpkg-maintscript-helper to handle removal of the obsolete conffile /etc/php5/conf.d/sqlite.ini17:07
koolhead11you have to expalin once more Daviey17:07
Davieykoolhead11: I think we need to do it in a shared screen session TBH17:09
koolhead11Daviey, in that case i will need a remote machine running ubuntu?17:10
koolhead11i will be home in hour time, can we work on it if you have some time today? :D17:11
Davieykoolhead11: Hopefully, i'll set up an instance.17:12
koolhead11Daviey, awesome. :D17:12
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kirklandsmoser: around?18:12
kirklandsmoser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/747344/18:12
kirklandsmoser: that's what I'm testing now18:13
smoserkirkland, not erally her.e maybe i can look later.18:22
kirklandsmoser: okay18:22
kirklandsmoser: i'm testing no18:22
PedroGomesdoes anyone have a perseed configuration file for partition configuration that works with 11.1018:45
SpamapSPedroGomes: it depends on what you want to do with your partitions..18:49
SpamapSPedroGomes: this has information on how to do complex partitioning: http://www.debian.org/releases/squeeze/example-preseed.txt18:49
azerthelllo anyone there ?18:51
PedroGomesSpamapS: I was trying to use a simple template: http://pastebin.com/ZiFh8FsA18:51
zulDaviey: exposing the swift stats doesnt really get you anything extra, its just the system load which we already have plugins for18:52
adam_gzul: exposing it for what?18:52
zuladam_g: nagios plugins18:52
PedroGomesit is the default file given in Foreman(Puppet)18:52
adam_gzul: check out https://github.com/pandemicsyn/swift-recon#readme18:52
PedroGomesbut it always stops in the Partition disks section18:53
adam_gzul: i think this is merged into swift main now, but you can get all kinds of stats about the state of the storage ring too18:53
h0rjulfPedroGomes: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.10/installation-guide/amd64/preseed-contents.html#preseed-partman18:53
h0rjulfPedroGomes: there is a sample file there too18:53
zuladam_g: yeah thats what i have been using ;) and you dont get anything extra if you do /load18:53
zulmaybe swift processes and thats it18:54
adam_gzul: oh, so you're already monitoring for unmounted drives, lots of async pendings?18:55
PedroGomesh0rjulf: many thanks, I was wondering if such a page existed18:55
zuladam_g: point taken18:56
kirklandhallyn: Bug #88824519:01
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 888245 in byobu "horizontal split not remembered when switching vertical splits" [Wishlist,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88824519:01
kirklandhallyn: so I don't see a fix available to that one19:01
kirklandhallyn: poke me and let me know if you find how to do that19:01
hallynsounds like a design flaw :)19:01
kirklandhallyn: and poke me again if this is blocking you from using byobu/tmux :-)19:02
kirklandhallyn: agreed19:02
kirklandhallyn: i'll probably need to work something into upstream tmux to solve it19:02
hallynnah it's not blocking me.  just annoying19:02
kirklandhallyn: perhaps something in conjunction with "last-pane"19:02
hallynit may not be solvable...19:02
hallyncleanly anyway19:02
kirklandhallyn: well, it's just a buffer that needs to be stored19:02
hallynbut at that layer,19:03
kirklandhallyn: and updated correctly19:03
hallyndo you know the height of each pane above both columns19:03
kirklandhallyn: you and i have it in our heads where the cursor should go19:03
kirklandhallyn: hmm, perhaps through tput or something19:03
kirklandhallyn: but not at my level19:03
hallyntrue, that might be not-too-ugly19:03
hallynif you then walk through each pane in the column you're goin gto, and check which one has that y coordinate from the original cursor position19:04
hallynwait, no,19:04
hallynheh, that's not the behavior i was after :)19:04
Guest23311hi in here. I found out that root has a /bin/bash on one of my servers. if i run: passwd -dl root would that be enough?19:05
hallynkirkland: and since you can change the height of the bottom left column relative to bottom right, it might not even be clear which you want19:06
hallynoh well19:06
kirklandhallyn: meh, yeah19:07
kirklandhallyn: sorry19:07
hallynkirkland, so, hey, do you still have bored amd laptops looking for something to do?19:07
kirklandhallyn: i don't;  i gave them all back to robbiew19:08
hallynok, thanks19:08
kirklandhallyn: why?  need to john some passwords?19:08
hallynwere those vostros???19:08
kirklandhallyn: or mine some bitcoins?  :-)19:08
kirklandhallyn: yeah19:08
hallynbug 882997 wants to be reproduced19:08
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 882997 in qemu-kvm "64-bit linux guests fail to start on oneiric running 3.0 kernel" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88299719:08
kirklandhallyn: ah19:09
kirklandhallyn: sorry19:09
hallyni'll hit up robbie next week then :)19:09
hallynthx - happy thanksgiving!19:09
kirklandhallyn: np19:10
kirklandhallyn: see ya!19:10
adam_gjhelwig: ping19:10
jhelwigadam_g: Pong19:11
adam_gjhelwig: hey jacob. i was wondering, has puppet added support to the service type to support managing upstart jobs? /me wondering if this patch we carry is still needed: http://paste.ubuntu.com/747404/19:12
jhelwigadam_g: Dunno.  I'll check.19:13
jhelwigadam_g: There is an upstart provider for service as of
adam_gjhelwig: schweet, thanks!19:17
azerthello there19:27
azerthow to run ls on several pc ?19:27
azertin one time ?19:27
raubvogelazert: are you looking for a specific file in all those machines?19:28
raubvogelOtherwise, send the ls command through ssh19:28
azertyes ls /home/user19:28
=== negronjl_mobile is now known as negronjl
azerti got 5 machine19:29
azerti don't want to connect one by one19:29
raubvogelmake a loop19:29
azertin one line i would like to do ls19:29
raubvogelssh can send a command inside it19:29
raubvogelA for loop can be done in one line19:30
PedroGomesazert: look int tools like cssh19:30
PedroGomescsshX for mac19:31
azerti don't want to use ccss19:32
raubvogelazert: then I do not know the answer19:33
azertok no problem19:34
JanCuse sshfs and mount all 5 machines somewhere on the local machine?  ;)19:34
azertmounting 5 machines19:41
azertcan you explain ?19:41
VinnyCan Someone help me regarding a built in raid controller for a supermirco X9SCL Mother board, The installer is not picking up the raid19:47
VinnyI tried the Intel, and LSI and still no detection19:47
User1002Does this sound even right for a encrypted backup system | 7zip all files wanted for backup -> Make 500byte random file -> use 500byte file for AES256 encryption -> Using RSA pub/priv keys (4096bit) encrypt the 500byte file, and scub off system) -> PAR2 the archive and the encrypted key -> Zip everyting up and upload somewhere20:15
SpamapSVinny: can you boot a livecd and pastebin 'lspci' on it?20:15
SpamapSUser1002: what you just described is how PGP/GPG works.20:16
User1002I do it by hand I guess20:16
User1002I did it with Openssl20:16
SpamapSUser1002: at least, the bit about encrypting the message with a symmetric key which is encrypted byt he public/private pair20:16
SpamapSUser1002: rolling your own crypto solutions is generally a bad idea.20:16
User1002At the time it was the only thing I could fine20:17
User1002that would work on any VPS I did it on20:17
User1002without anything extra20:17
SpamapSgpg should be available pretty much anywhere20:18
SpamapSUser1002: you may want to look at duplicity20:19
SpamapSUser1002: it does a lot of what you're describing already.20:19
philipballewQUESTION: I believe I am connected to a proxy server, but I have no idea how it happened and what to do?20:36
jmarsden|workphilipballew: When requesting help, it is more useful to describe the symptoms (what happens), not your understanding of the cause of them (if you understood them correctly, you would not be asking for support) :)20:41
guntbertjmarsden|work: your last statement is so good - would you like to suggest it as a factoid ?  - only I can't think of a sensible keyword21:11
jmarsden|workguntbert: I think there is one somewhat like it, maybe in the debian bot rather than the ubuntu one... but it has a very strange keyword... I'll see if I can find it :)21:12
guntbertjmarsden|work: ubottu has !details, but that is not nearly as good21:13
pythonirc101How can i make my ubuntu-server box not start in text mode and automatically login into my account? (default login+startx)21:15
guntbertpythonirc101: why do you use "server"?21:19
jmarsden|workubottu: describe the symptoms is <REPLY> When requesting help, it is more useful to describe the symptoms (what happens), not your understanding of the cause of them (if you understood them correctly, you would not be asking for support).21:32
ubottujmarsden|work: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:32
philipballewI am wanting to set up a vpn at my home network here via my server i have connected. Anyone seen a good guide?21:33
Davieyahs3: hey, have you had a chance to review that package yet? :)21:36
jmarsden|workubottu: describe_the_symptoms is <REPLY> When requesting help, it is more useful to describe the symptoms (what happens), not your understanding of the cause of them (if you understood them correctly, you would not be asking for support).21:47
ubottujmarsden|work: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:47
jmarsden|work!describethesymptoms is <REPLY> When requesting help, it is more useful to describe the symptoms (what happens), not your understanding of the cause of them (if you understood them correctly, you would not be asking for support).21:56
ubottujmarsden|work: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:56
pythonirc101How do i get my ubuntu-server box to do autologin?22:36
pythonirc101I followed the instructions on this page: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2010/01/01/enable-automatic-login-in-ubuntu-9-10-server/ -- but for some reason on my 11.04, startx doesnt work, any ideas whats wrong?22:52
tarvidis this card incompatible with 11.10?23:11
Mum29For setting up the home server, i got a problem. My husband says. Go with debian, And i say ubuntu, has more recent packages. Can anyone shed a light this issue ? what to pick..23:17
sorenpythonirc101: "startx"? You're in the wrong channel.23:18
sorenMum29: It depends, but I think you're unlikely to have anyone in this channel recommend Debian over Ubuntu. It's an Ubuntu channel after all.23:18
fwfwhi everyone. I may have a bit of a trivial question... I have set up amavis-new/spamassassin/clamav/postfix/dovecot, but I do not want to discard/quarantine messages but filter them into a trashmail IMAP-box for the user to decide what to do23:19
sorenMum29: If I were your husband, I'd reject your research into the subject based on that very fact :)23:19
Mum29Soren or is it Søren. > Thanks, i know were i am but still wanna hear your opinions23:19
Mum29Lol bacause im a women and only a man can setup a server. Come on23:20
sorenMum29: No, no, that's not what I mean at all.23:20
Mum29specify, english is not my main language23:20
SpamapSMum29: Ubuntu also has good AppArmor integration, and predictible upgrade/release cycles.23:21
sorenMum29: I'm just saying that you're having an argument with your husband about whether to choose this or the other and gathering opinions from people who obviously will be biased isn't exactly objective research into the subject matter.23:21
sorenMum29: If I saw your husband asking similar questions in a DEbian channel, I'd tell him the same thing.23:22
Mum29Ah i see. No but im here to hear pros and cons. u might have some other ones than those in the debian channel has23:22
Mum29SpamapS > Iwe seen text saying "Dont upgrade, install fresh" in relation with ubuntu releases. So upgrading is not smooth sayling always23:22
sorenWEll, IMO the most important difference is the predictable release cycle. Most other differences stem from this.23:22
sorenMum29: I always upgrade.23:23
AzraelMum29: http://geekyschmidt.com/2011/03/11/debian-server-vs-ubuntu-server23:23
Mum29Being totally dependent on debian sucks though23:23
sorenMum29: I've never done a fresh install to avoid an upgrade.23:23
SpamapSMum29: we do actually take great care to get upgrades right.23:23
Mum29Thanks for the link23:23
SpamapSFact that there are bugs is just a fact of life unfortunately... and one reason LTS -> LTS upgrades aren't enabled until the first point release after23:24
sorenWe have more frequent releases, which means usually a fresher selection of packages.23:24
Mum29I guess on a server the upgrade is not a problem, iwe done a few updates on desktops with ubuntu that went wrong.23:24
sorenDebian has a much longer stabilisation period (for better or worse).23:25
Mum29soren > yeah in some cases. php-apc has been 3.1.7 for well since 10.10, 12.04 will have the same old package for the next few years.23:25
SpamapSMum29: do you usually upgrade on release day? Its generally safer to wait a week or so.. seems like there are always weird upgrade bugs that get ironed out the first few days23:25
AzraelMum29: so far i'm a fan of ubuntu server over debian.  i have noticed that since ubuntu tracks closer to bleeding edge, you're more likely to run into quirks/bugs in software than with debian... since debian is generally a long time behind latest releases, but quite stable.  still though, i recommend ubuntu server over debian.  you'll have newer packages available to you.  newer software, newer features, etc.23:25
sorenMum29: Gosh, I haven't heard anyone mention php-apc for... half a decade, at least.23:25
Mum29SpamapS > i usually do a fresh install, have just tried it a few times23:25
sorenMum29: 10.10 had php-apc 3.1.3p1-2.23:26
Mum29okay. But its been 3.1.7 for a looong time23:26
soren11.10 has 3.1.7-1.23:26
Mum29due to debian testing. Nothing ubuntu can do.23:26
SpamapS[2011-02-28] Accepted 3.1.7-1 in unstable (low) (Pietro Monteiro)23:26
sorenFirst Ubuntu release that had 3.1.7 was 11.10, which has been out for a bit over a month.23:26
SpamapS10 months isn't that long. ;)23:27
Mum29MMM i was sure it was longer than tat23:27
sorenMum29: We actually often carry newer versions of stuff than what you find in Debian. We don't have to wait for Debian to package stuff before we can get it.23:27
sorenWe prefer to wait, though. Share the burden and all that.23:27
Azraelsoren: though i'm still waiting for mysql 5.5 ;-)23:28
Mum293.1.9 is faster, lets hope debian-testing team gets too it soon23:28
Mum29Azrael > Thats the other thing .debian with dotdeb will get u latest mysql23:28
Mum29My tests shows its about 5-7% faster on my setup than the old line. So lets hope debian picks that up too, but its extremely unlikely23:29
sorenAzrael:  mysql-5.5 | 5.5.17-4ubuntu4 |       precise | source23:29
Azraeldoes dotdeb work for ubuntu?23:29
Mum29Really so precise will have it23:29
Mum29Azrael > no23:29
sorenPrecise has it, yes.23:29
Azraelwhat is precise23:29
sorenNExt Ubuntu release.23:29
Mum29Its the next release23:29
sorenDue out in April.23:29
Azraeli'm new to *.deb distro's.23:30
Azraellong time large scale systems engineer... just never used *.deb distro's till now.23:30
Azraelso far i'm a fan23:30
sorenAzrael: Enjoy your stay :)23:30
Mum29Actually i also have 3 option on hand. Arch. Seems to be alot more complicated, but they use less altered packages than debian and ubuntu and has faster updates. No idea how it works yet thought23:30
SpamapSAzrael: you won't have to wait too long for 5.5 .. I'm working on the transition right now actually. :)23:31
Mum29SpamapS > very cool,23:31
SpamapSwith the cmake build and libmysqlclient_r being deprecated and multi-arch in Ubuntu.. it has been a *bear* .. but .. nearly wrastled.23:31
elz89Mum29: Arch is for those who wish to customise every part of their system.. etc..23:31
Mum29Lets hope the apt-get install mysql-client mysql-server will work on 12.04 as well and not mysql-server5.5 or something like that,23:31
sorenI've never really understood the whole "less altered" thing being a goal in itself.23:32
Mum29Ohh another thing that iwe found a problem with ubuntu. If i load it in a virtualbox and close the virtualbox and select "Send request for shutdown"23:32
Mum29That does not work on ubuntu. But works perfect on debian. Small details, but i noticed23:33
sorenMum29: Install the acpid package.23:33
Azraelso the next release of ubuntu is scheduled for april 2012 yeah?23:33
sorenThat's all.23:33
SpamapSMum29: mysql-client and mysql-server are virtual packages, provided now by mysql-client-5.5 and mysql-server-5.523:33
sorenAzrael: Yes.23:33
sorenSpamapS: mysql-server | 5.1.58-1ubuntu3 |       precise | all23:33
Azraeldo we know the name of the distro release?  or will it be called Precise?  or is precise a codename for next?23:33
SpamapSsoren: give it a day man.. it landed 6 hours ago ;)23:33
sorenAzrael: Precise Pangolin.23:33
Mum29soren > ahh okay, is it not a small package that would make sense to have in there by default23:33
Azraelsoren: thanks23:34
sorenSpamapS: Patience is not my thing :)23:34
Mum29But kuddos for having a dedicated server channel here with friendly chatters, definently added to the list. No matter what my husband likes23:34
sorenAzrael: Due out April 26th.23:34
tarvideth0 does not come on boot23:34
Azraelso... far... away...23:35
SpamapSsoren: we'll be dropping the 5.1 packages just as soon as 5.5 actually builds on all 4 supported arches. :)23:35
tarvid /etc/init.d/networking restart does not bring it up either23:35
tarvidifconfig eth0 up does23:36
Azraelwill precise continue with upstart or use systemd?23:36
SpamapSMum29: don't get us wrong.. we're Debian fans too. We just are *bigger* Ubuntu fans. :)23:36
SpamapSAzrael: upstart23:36
SpamapSAzrael: we'll evaluate systemd for 12.1023:36
Azraeli'm a fan of both23:36
Azraelso either way, cool23:36
Mum29SpamapS > Im the same way. the debian crew are just lazy in my book.23:36
Mum29I dont like that23:37
SpamapSI find systemd's monolithic design disturbing23:37
SpamapSBut it has more eyeballs than upstart these days.23:37
SpamapSMum29: I would never call Debian lazy.23:37
Azraelthe author's put out a lotta neat things23:37
Azraellike pulse audio23:37
sorentarvid: What does "ifquery eth0" say?23:37
Azraeli think he's working on a new syslog style for linux now23:37
Azraelbinary based23:37
SpamapSAzrael: yeah, Lennart is a very productive engineer23:37
Azraelso \n != end of record heh23:37
Mum29SpamapS > im less likely to be beaten over such a statement so let me do those. But seriosly. php 5.3.3 it will remain that version for 2 years in squeeze, what do the developers do in that time. Nothing = lazy23:38
sorentarvid: So it believes it's already up.23:38
SpamapSAzrael: syslog-ng did that oh... 15 years ago? But I think lennart is working more on a simpler more modern logging system.23:38
SpamapSMum29: Ondrej Sury, the main driver of PHP in Debian, is pretty darn productive23:39
tarvidonly after a manual ifconfig eth023:39
SpamapSMum29: http://packages.qa.debian.org/p/php5.html23:39
sorentarvid: Which is by "ifup eth0" doesn't bring it up (since ifup on an interface that's already up is a no-op).23:39
sorentarvid: No.23:39
pythonirc101Anyone has done an autologin in 11.04 here? I can autologin, but my home directory seems to be encrypted at autologin.23:39
tarvidit does not come up on boot23:39
sorentarvid: ifquery doesn't look at the interfaces state.23:39
hallynSpamapS, i keep wondering - doesn't schneier have a patent on the chained hash system he wants to use for logging?  there was a paper in 97 or so23:39
sorentarvid: It looks at what it thinks to be true.23:39
SpamapSMum29: seriously.. he's a big part of why php sucks only as much as it has to in Debian and Ubuntu. :)23:39
hallynbut, if that's all you wanted, you can easily do it with syslog-ng to a remote host23:39
SpamapShallyn: I only read a snippet.. haven't looked at it in depth.23:39
tarvidbut I need it to come up on boot23:39
hallynSpamapS, i just remember reading the paper, implementing it, and thinking "i can't put this out bc i'll get sued"23:40
sorentarvid: For some reason, it thinks it already brought it up. Do you have an "interesting" filesystem layout?23:40
hallynneat idea at the time23:40
AzraelSpamapS: i've been reading a bit about orchestra and juju these days.  those are some powerful tools which could really, really, *really* capture *.rpm sysadmin's attention.  its too bad juju doesn't yet have a provider for Virtualbox or KVM built in, so i could play around with it on my laptop.  there is an XCP provider under way methinks.23:40
sorentarvid: pastebin /etc/fstab, perhaps?23:40
Mum29SpamapS > im sure he does alot of stuff and saves the day. But still 2 yeras without a version update. Just comes over lazy in my eyes. Debian will be stoneage in 1.99 years a few month before debian 7 comes out. Way way slower than the latest ubuntu version at the time.23:41
Mum29I guess i just answered my own question from before23:41
sorentarvid: That's remarkably boring.23:41
tarvidnot quite23:42
Mum29Like my husband23:42
tarvidfsck always fails23:42
SpamapSMum29: you're misinformed. For those two years, Ondrej is testing and fixing bugs and pushing new versions into unstable for people to test.23:42
sorentarvid: Oh.23:42
SpamapSMum29: the every two years bit is just when they stabilize and stop changing things.23:42
sorentarvid: I know what's wrong.23:42
sorentarvid: Your network config is invalid.23:42
Mum29SpamapS > i know but that doesnt make the version in squeeze up to date in anyway. version wise.23:42
sorentarvid: Your broadcast address isn't in your network.23:43
SpamapSMum29: its not lazy. Its the only way the project can scale in any way.23:43
SpamapSMum29: and if he hadn't been uploading those versions, Ubuntu would not have had them. ;)23:43
SpamapS      php5 | 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.10 | lucid-updates | source, all23:43
Mum29Seems like a good concept for someone that just installs a server and leave it for 2 years. for us that likes to gets our hand dirty it doesnt seem like the right choice23:43
SpamapS      php5 | 5.3.3-1ubuntu9.6 | maverick-updates | source, all23:43
SpamapS      php5 | 5.3.5-1ubuntu7.3 | natty-updates | source, all23:43
sorentarvid: bc23:43
SpamapSMum29: goes up and up.. because of Debian.. ;)23:43
Mum29I know23:43
Mum29Im gratefull, not just the perfect server distro for me23:44
SpamapSMum29: for the get your hands dirty crowd, there are backports and PPA's :)23:44
Mum29Thought PPA only was for ubuntu..23:44
SpamapSMum29: most serious server admins prefer to install the LTS, and then introduce new versions of only a few things23:44
tarvidLooks like it is to me but it should calculate it if I simply delete the broadcast and network line23:44
Mum29php, php-apc- mysql the stuff that makes my setup fast or slow does not come in backports of ppas as far as i know. so..23:44
sorentarvid: Yes.23:44
tarvidI'll try that23:45
sorentarvid: Your broadcast address would be, if my bitmangling is correct.23:45
Mum29SpamapS > sure that makes sense for a production server you dont wanna mess with and have max uptime. But that same server will load pages slower than my reguarly updates system. Thats my focus for our home server.23:46
sorentarvid: Sorry, I just realised my use of ifquery was misguided.23:47
Mum29Thanks for all your input everybody. Great stuff23:47
sorentarvid: It doesn't query the known state, it just parses /e/n/i and outputs it in a more easily parsable format.23:47
SpamapSMum29: not so sure I agree. Every time you update and break something, your speed is 0. ;)23:47
sorentarvid: ...but the misconfig would certainly explain your symptoms.23:47
sorentarvid: So we're probably in good shape now that you've fixed that up.23:48
SpamapSMum29: that said, I am a big proponent of fresh, new components.. :)23:48
Mum29If the guys that makes the updates dont make sur they dont break, they should get a job at 71123:48
* soren likes his daily crack23:48
SpamapSMum29: Yeah, then you may not want to use PHP anymore23:48
SpamapSHow many times have they regressed things in a patch release? ;)23:48
SpamapSincluding precise's current 5.3.8 .. which has a broken is_a() function23:49
Mum29iwe been using php since 5.3.1, now 5.3.8 on debian, ubuntu many servers. Nothing have ever broken due to php,mysql update23:49
Mum29So i dont expect that to be a problem at al23:49
SpamapSMum29: you missed out on the fun of PHP 5.1.2 -> 5.1.4, which broke the date() function *completely*23:50
Mum29SpamapS > there is most likely way more problems than that, big projects always have that, but its details that should mess things up for the majority of the users23:50
Mum29SpamapS > sounds like fun i could live without23:50
Mum29hell 5.1.2 that must have been years ago23:50
SpamapS5.2 had some fun breakage too23:51
SpamapSI maintained a version of 5.1 on a few backend servers for an extra year because things were so broken going 5.1->5.2 :-/23:51
Mum29I only run phpBB3 on the server it just runs. even tried php 5.4. np23:51
* SpamapS thanks god that his devs eventually saw the light and started running CI tests23:52
tarvidsoren, thanks - my eyes are blurred the mask was wrong23:53
sorentarvid: np23:54
huats_I am trying to create a simple xen domU on oneiric but it seems to fail all the time :( when I try to create an oneiric image I got a not a no hook directory to use and if I try to get a natty I got a no /dev/xvda2 device23:57
huats_any idea ?23:57

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