alouriestgraber: hi06:03
alourieI think it's great06:03
alourieI have couple of remarks though06:03
alourie1. I'm not sure about the option that allows to pass all the tests without bugs on the "list of tests" page. I doubt that someone will first test everything and then decide to report results. I would definitely report result on its test page.06:05
alourie2. In the test page, results appear each in its own table. I'd change that to be in all table, no need for two separate ones.06:05
alourie3. Having test description on the tests list page seems redundant, though it may be good to check what it includes before going to the specific test.06:06
stgraberyeah, 1) is just a re-implementation of what we have currently, I personaly use it because I tend to know all the tests and just report them all at the end06:07
stgraber2) I'm sure this page will need some work, currently it's creating one table for all the failures, one for all the successes and one for these who are marked in-progress06:08
stgrabernot sure what you mean in 3)06:09
stgraberanyway, I'm off, it's past 1am here, will be back online in 8 hours or so :)06:09
brendandmvo - hey11:59
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stgraberjibel: still around? (I know it's kind of late over there)22:02
stgraberjibel: I've spent a bit of time speccing the download page for the ISO tracker22:07
stgraberjibel: current plans look like: http://paste.ubuntu.com/747577/22:08
stgraberjibel: so basically adding the notion of series to the tracker, then making the download links depending on it (allowing us to have different paths when testing 10.04.4 and precise-alpha-2 for example)22:08
stgraberjibel: also, allowing a given file to have multiple paths of different types (to make the rendering in the UI easier) and letting us have a different path for the md5sum/gpg file (no more guessing)22:10
stgraberthe series will also be handy when I start re-organizing the testcases as we'll be able to make testcases be series specific too (I don't expect that done until beta1 though)22:11
stgraberI'll need to leave in an hour or so but will start working early tomorrow (a bit before 7am here) as I have to take a bus to Montreal. I'll look for comments on IRC then before starting to implement22:12
stgraberthe implement should be easy, migrating the current logic will be tricky part :)22:13

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