FaqtotumBotenAnna: RNUM=$[ $RANDOM % 5 ]00:37
Faqtotumno spaces around =00:37
Faqtotumspaces everywhere else00:37
pleia2I think everyone leaves SF for Thanksgiving18:16
greg-gnot me!18:45
greg-gwe're kind of forbidden of doing so, with the birth due date around dec 10th :)18:46
pleia2yeah :)18:49
pleia2we're here too, but we're going away on friday for a couple days18:50
* MarkDude met an Ubntu user having some issues last night at coffee shop18:56
MarkDudeHelped him by lettign know it looked fine- He had Miny and Ubuntu18:57
* MarkDude pointed him to Ubuntu Hour SF18:57
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philipballewI just opened a server I have had running alone for 3 months. running fine, yet there was a nice size spider living inside...22:05

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