itnet7Hey there zoopster !01:53
itnet7Hey there govatent !02:00
zoopsterhiya itnet702:01
itnet7How's it going?02:01
govatenthey guys02:02
govatentmade it just in time. 02:02
govatentthis week just won't end02:02
itnet7govatent: I wouldn't worry about it too much, no one has added any agenda items02:02
govatenti have people asking me for favors left and right. have not even had time to load ubuntu on my new laptop yet 02:02
govatentWe can still bring up things that were not added right? 02:03
itnet7Oh of course!02:03
govatentill brb. left my cell phone in my car. 02:03
govatentok i am ready 02:06
itnet7Well, I'm not sure how many are here02:06
govatenthow was your ride up? 02:06
itnet7It was not bad at all02:06
itnet7I actually went with RoAkSoAx on a 90 minute boat tour of Fisher Island(s)02:07
govatentNICE! I love those tours. its really nice 02:07
govatentI know a friend that works as a mac tech for a house on the island 02:07
govatentCan I pm you? 02:09
zoopsterare we having a meeting?02:11
zoopsterI actually showed up for once02:11
itnet7zoopster: I am not sure who's present. I didn't send out a notice, and unfortunately there's no real agenda to speak of 02:12
itnet7govatent wanted to talk about some stuff though02:13
zoopsterwell...put me on the record as being here, please.02:13
itnet7sSo we can talk about it, if he wants to!02:13
govatentzoopster: i saw you. :) 02:13
zoopsterthanks govatent!02:14
zoopsterok back to packaging now...lovely02:14
itnet7There's Chloric02:15
chloricevening itnet02:15
govatentchloric: bellsouth.net!!! :P 02:15
chloricevening florida02:15
chloricwhats going on?02:16
chlorichave you guys finished the agenda??02:16
itnet7   chloric nothing really was added02:16
govatentChloric, i wanted to talk about starting to pick a day for our monthly meetings. I would like to host a soflo ubuntu blog, maybe a bi-weekly podcast of ubuntu south florida, or florida. and a few other ideas I was thinking about after our cafe meetup 02:16
chloricwant to make next months hour for the 17th??02:16
itnet7govatent: Sweet!!02:16
itnet7Were you guys serious about having another meetup the week before Christmas at PLC?02:17
chloricyeah, we're serious :)02:17
chloriclets do it on the 17th or 18th02:18
govatentlet me open a calendar app so i can see what day it lands on 02:18
govatentinstead of doing a day, could we say like the second saterday of every month? 02:18
itnet7I think if we were to begin pluggin that day we can get a bunch more people to go02:19
chloricwell, remember this months meeting landed late in the month02:19
itnet7chloric: Yeah!02:19
chloricso lets not space the next one too close to the first02:19
govatentmaybe the next one could be a forced date, but i think picking the second saterday of every month would be better because if we use numbers it won't land on a weekend always 02:19
chloricafter that, we can space them more accordingly02:19
chloriccan Jorge Castro hookup the store with some swag??02:20
itnet7jcastro: ping02:20
govatentbefore we talk about that, lets get our dates sorted out. 02:20
govatenti think 02:20
chloricwe said he would try02:20
chloricnext on the 17th02:20
jcastroitnet7: yo02:20
govatenti am sure he will likely get us something 02:20
govatenthey jcastro 02:20
itnet7chloric, I'm not sure he can in time.... but he might be able to02:21
itnet7Hey there!!02:21
chloricthen the third on Jan. 14th02:21
chloricAlso, there is apparently a Palm Beach LUG02:21
itnet7The guys were talking about doing another event at the Planet Linux Caffe, on the weekend of Dec 17-1802:21
chloricI didnt know about them02:21
govatentthere is also a soflo lug 02:21
itnet7is there a chance we might be able to get some swag by then for the store?02:22
jcastrosend me a mail02:22
jcastro(sorry I am in the middle of some testing)02:22
itnet7will do02:22
itnet7no worries02:23
chloricno problem02:23
chloricNext hour, i want to set up a IRC channel02:23
chloricand a G+ Hangout02:23
itnet7chloric / govatent maybe we can do a holiday party or just dub it a Team Party02:24
itnet7at Planet Linux Caffe02:24
chloricthat sounds good. So, lets one the 17th of dec. and 14of jan.02:25
chloriclet's set up a G+ Hangout02:25
itnet7You don't have to, I was just thinking that it might inspire families to come out02:25
govatentI need to learn hangout 02:25
govatentso our next meetup is the 17th for sure? 02:25
itnet7chloric: for the meetup02:27
chloricfor the third one, we need to do a becast02:29
itnet7I would like to play with the hangout thing a bit beforehand, I've only joined one or two during the beginning stages of g+02:29
itnet7chloric: that would Rock!!02:29
itnet7I have a great webcam02:29
itnet7for streaming02:29
govatentI have a 720p cam. if it counts for anything. 02:29
govatentalthough?.its the ms one. :P02:29
govatenti got it for 10 bucks marked down from 60 or 7002:30
govatentcould not turn that down 02:30
itnet7govatent: yours probably is better than mine!02:30
bluebomberEvening, all!02:31
itnet7Hey there bluebomber !02:31
govatenthey bluebomber. want some candy?02:31
itnet7bluebomber: govatent received that candy in the mail!02:31
govatentafter the meeting on the 17th, can we agree to pick like the second saterday of each month of the meetups from then on? 02:32
govatentor do we just pick a date every meeting? 02:32
bluebomberOh, no nononononono.02:32
bluebomber(to the candy)02:32
govatenti will even drive it up to you if you wish 02:32
bluebomberIn fact, these pretzels that I'm munching just mysteriously started to taste like that candy at its mere mention.02:33
itnet7bluebomber: lol02:33
govatentbluebomber: http://fazer.angrybirds.com/02:34
itnet7govatent: that's awesome02:35
bluebomberThis isn't a meeting, right <scrolls up/>02:35
govatentit is. just got sidetracked 02:36
govatenti was waiting to get an answer to a question 02:36
govatentif chloric is still awake :P02:36
itnet7bluebomber: no official agenda, so really informal02:37
itnet7Well, Count me in for the 17th, Hopefully I'll bring my family, and fill the other seats in the van!02:37
bluebomberOK, cool.02:37
govatentgreat. 02:37
bluebomberI'm in a meeting with the US Pirate Party right now, too.02:38
govatentGive them some candy !02:38
govatentbtw, i hate to say this, but i am liking osx. 02:38
itnet7govatent: they remember the candy02:38
itnet7I might see if Bryanstein want's to come with 02:39
govatentIs there a public place I can share ideas Id like to work on for the group to see? 02:40
itnet7Well, you can either use the wiki, or come up with another idea... etherpad?02:40
chlorici'm back02:41
govatentthe loco wiki? 02:41
govatenthey chlroic sorry to bug you 02:41
itnet7Or you can begin a team discussion on the Ubuntu Forums Florida team section02:42
itnet7or www.ubuntu-fl.org even02:42
govatentchloric: Can we meet the second saterday of every month after? (Other than for special events like installs tests and stuff.) 02:42
chloricbut the second weekend of next month might be too close the first meeting. alan, i said it twice before :p yes yes and yes02:43
govatentIll add the next few months worth of meetups to a public spot 02:43
govatentwanna do the third sat then? 02:43
chloricsecond is fine02:43
itnet7put them on the LoCo Directory02:43
zoopsterI'd just keep it consistent...don't worry about dec02:43
itnet7then aadvertise them on g+ and facebook both02:44
govatentok. so second sat of each month it is. i will work heavily on adverts 02:44
itnet7have the registration on the LoCo Team Portal I mean02:44
bluebomberI'm pretty good with whatever.02:44
bluebomber(non-conflicting opinion)02:44
govatentlol your going to drive to soflo? :) 02:44
govatentI was thinking about also doing a mailing list for soflo02:45
govatentI have a little list here of things i want to work on for soflo / fl 02:45
chloricalan, theres a Palm Beach LoCo02:45
govatentoh ?i think it was a lug not an ubuntu loco? 02:45
govatentthought* 02:45
itnet7There is a lug02:46
chlorici said lug, not ubuntu :p02:46
chloricbut why discriminate02:46
govatenttrue. but i thought the point of a loco was to push ubuntu? 02:46
chloricnot exactly02:46
chloricat least not in my opinion02:47
govatentI met with the south florida lug and they were split on their views of ubuntu when i went to one of their meetups 02:47
chloricthen lets not push ubuntu as the only system... like I have always believed. 02:47
govatentitnet7 what do you say? 02:48
chloriclet's see if they can come down. after all, the place is Planet Linux Cafe, not Planet Ubuntu Cafe :P02:48
govatentagreed. 02:48
itnet7It depends in a way02:49
itnet7if you plan to do a Florida Team Event, it would be fine to have others join us02:49
itnet7but I don't think you should have a Florida Team event and push a different distro to everyone. With that being said, everyone would be welcome to come02:50
itnet7There's nothing wrong with doing a South Florida Event though02:51
chloricI think it should be a meetup HOSTED by the Florida LoCo, therefore it is Linux oriented for any distro with knowledge that the Ubuntu LoCo of Florida is organizing it02:52
govatentI just don't want to start a distro war. I am glad talking open source in general. 02:53
chloricThat's my point. It's just an event HOSTED by the Ubuntu Florida LoCo02:54
itnet7That doesn't sound bad02:54
chlorichow so?02:54
govatentok i get it 02:55
chloricoops, I misread02:55
govatentlol of course you did :p 02:55
govatenttroll 02:55
chloricYeah, so I think thats how it should roll02:55
chloricAn even at the Linux Caffee for anything OSS hosted by us. 02:55
itnet7An event at?02:56
chloricThats so it can remain as neutral as possible without starting any distro wars.02:56
chloricPlanet Linux Caffee02:56
itnet7I was trying to read the sentence that you had typed I didn't know if it was supposed to be, "And even", or An event"02:57
itnet7Distro Wars arent' constructive02:57
chlorican event*02:57
govatentyea we are trying to avoid a distro war with our events. we went to leave them netural. not just ubuntu based. i think 02:58
chloricso that settles it :)02:59
govatentchloric: we should just meet up soon to get things started. I am taking notes of what has to be done. i have a few ideas i also would like to chat with you about in person. 02:59
govatentmaybe this weekend or something we can meet. ill drive to you 02:59
itnet7That's fine, just remember that we are supposed to be Advocates of Ubuntu02:59
chloricit will have to be sunday it i get back from camping sunday03:00
govatentitnet7 that's my point. how do we advocate ubuntu while not starting distro wars if we invite the lugs 03:00
chloricWe advocate Ubuntu by sponsoring the event03:00
chloricthats hpw03:00
govatenti guess. 03:00
bluebomberWe also could require proof of ubuntu installation for entering the premise.03:00
govatentok. then that is all good. 03:01
itnet7bluebomber +1 LOL03:01
govatentno to get in you just need to eat some candy 03:01
chloricxD we need an Ubuntu Bouncer03:01
bluebomberchloric: THIS.03:01
crashsystemsgreetings florida03:02
itnet7Hey there crashsystems !03:02
bluebomberHi, crashsystems.03:02
zoopsterhey crashsystems assimilated into CA yet?03:03
govatenthey crashsystems!!03:03
crashsystemsyep. getting ready to move apartments to mountain view next month03:03
itnet7crashsystems: sweet!!03:03
govatentwould you house a visitor in the future? 03:03
crashsystemsthere is a bunch of google people in that area, for obvious reasons03:04
crashsystemspossibly. I'd have to see what my housing situation was like first03:04
zoopsterheh...lot's of all kinds of techies in that area...03:04
crashsystemsare you thinking of making a trip up here govatent ?03:04
govatentin the future don't see why not 03:04
govatentnothing for now. i might go to dc in december. my family wants to go 03:05
govatentbut i don't know if ill go 03:05
zoopsteryeesh...dc in december...cold, cold, cold03:05
zoopsterdc in spring...cherry blossoms03:06
itnet7Have to go, gnight all!! 03:06
zoopstersee ya itnet703:06
govatentgood night itnet7 thanks for your help03:06
itnet7govatent: no problem!03:06
itnet7talk with you soon!!03:06
chloricsee ya later it03:08
itnet7talk with you soon chloric, peace!03:08
govatentchloric, ill hit you up later to figure so we can chill and talk about this some more before the 17th rolls around 03:09
chloricwe can try for this sunday03:12
chlorici'll give you a heads up though03:12
chloricmeet at the cafe?03:12
govatentsure that would be wicked 03:16
govatentok guys i am out . have to do some things 03:16
govatentnight everyone 03:17
govatentitnet7: ping 18:21
govatentcan someone tell me how to upgrade a debian system to kernel 3? 18:22
RoAkSoAxgovatent: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade?18:25
=== kc4zvw_ is now known as kc4zvw
maxolase1squadThe UDS group photos are finally up.18:39
maxolase1squadI've found you and choloric.18:40
govatentthanks for the link maxo18:40
govatentwant some candy? 18:40
maxolase1squadHmmm ...18:41
govatentthe Finnish candy :P 18:41
govatenti keep making jokes about it 18:41
maxolase1squadI see balloon and mhall119 too18:41
maxolase1squadDang, only my forhead made it in.18:42
govatenti am on a very slow connection right now. takes forever to load one picture 18:43
maxolase1squadIt's probably your Mac. 18:43
* maxolase1squad runs for cover.18:43
maxolase1squadAnyonelooking for a good laugh should start a G+ hangoung and turn on mustache.19:03
maxolase1squadYou can join my hangout if you'd like, but I'm not available to actually hang out.19:04
raubvogelmaxolase1squad: Excellent!19:06
raubvogelAnd, I did look good holding the warthog guy19:07
raubvogelmaxolase1squad: I do have an evil moustache at home ;)19:07
govatenthow do i join your hangout? 19:08
maxolase1squadVisit my page thingy thing.19:10
maxolase1squadProfile page.19:11
govatentlook at that, i did not add you as a friend on gplus 19:14
govatenti can't find the hangout thing19:25
maxolase1squadYou should see it in the right under "Hangouts"19:26
maxolase1squad"1 Hangout is live now!"19:26
govatentgot it19:28
govatentgoogle hangout is epic sweet!19:32
maxolase1squadGoogle confirms Galaxy Nexus will hit next month.20:35
govatentgtg. take care. ill be on later20:38
govatentsweet. can't wait for people to start picking it up in the us20:39

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