snap-lhot cocoa = a+00:52
rick_h_snap-l: awesome02:18
brouschomgwtf. digikam found 23 copies of one photo. 23!02:54
brouschat the current rate i estimate it will take me 3 months to clean all of this out. awesome02:56
rick_h_morning everyone12:51
WolfgerBlazeix: Tried :set rnu... "Unknown option". What vi clone are you using?13:05
rick_h_what about :set relativenumber13:06
rick_h_he's using the latest vim from arch, so 7.3 something probably13:06
Wolfgerrelativenumber also not working. I'm on vim 7.2 on Win XP13:07
rick_h_might be a 7.3 thing13:08
rick_h_you're like a year behind13:08
rick_h_more than a year!13:08
rick_h_yea, looks like that was a 7.3 thing13:10
WolfgerMcAfee Web Gateway13:10
Wolfger"Download in progress. Please Wait"13:11
rick_h_to vim.org?13:11
Wolfgerbut nothing's happening13:11
WolfgerNo, I got to vim.org, but it's hosing up my download13:11
brouschvim is evilware. use eclipse13:11
Wolfgerok, got it now13:12
rick_h_ok then, I was uploading it to my s3 bucket13:12
Wolfgercombo of McAfee and NoScript13:12
Wolfgeronce I allowed vim.org, mcafee completed the download13:12
brouschrick_h_: you are among some great python hackers at canonical http://fwierzbicki.blogspot.com/2011/11/contributing-to-jython.html13:13
rick_h_brousch: why I came here.13:14
rick_h_http://www.voidspace.org.uk/python/weblog/index.shtml works here13:14
rick_h_and that's just the top of the head guys13:16
rick_h_use a LOT of python13:16
brouschis the juju thing python?13:17
rick_h_not sure, I've honestly not looked at it closely yet13:17
brouschnow i wonder if canonical or google has more python code13:17
WolfgerHmm. Not sure if I like or hate rnu...13:18
rick_h_Wolfger: heh13:18
rick_h_I tried it, doesn't work for me13:18
rick_h_but I get it if your brain works that way I suppose13:18
snap-lGood morning13:19
Wolfgerit's easier for, say, "8k", but absolutely sucks for "43G"13:19
Wolfgermorning snap-l13:19
rick_h_http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6h5JSojJN3Y funny13:23
snap-lrick_h_: Not getting anything for that video13:26
rick_h_brousch: did it load for you?13:26
brouschyeah, it was fine13:26
rick_h_snap-l: must be trying to view it on an iphone13:26
snap-lBah, problem with my command13:26
brouschhe's creative13:26
rick_h_"command"? thought you just clicked the link in your gui world :P13:27
brouschi do. it's very nice13:27
snap-lrick_h_: har har13:27
brouschand gnome shell doesn't throw me over to the web page while it loads, it leaves me in pidgin and pops up a notice when the page is ready13:28
snap-lI use weechat, because I have one foot in the gui, and one foot in the cCLI13:28
brouschthen i click the notice and it takes me to chrome13:28
snap-lI'm keepin' it real.13:28
snap-lbrousch: I would punch that in the neck13:28
brouschmore like old school13:28
rick_h_I use irssi, I can still click on a link13:28
rick_h_I use a man's terminal, urxvt which detects urls :P13:29
rick_h_it's a terminal thing, not a cli app thing13:29
snap-lrick_h_: I use weechat,which adds a nick list on the side, and makes long links impossible to click13:29
rick_h_why do you need a nicklist?13:29
snap-l but I use /url 1 to "click" the link13:29
brouschthe gnome shell notices are less intrusive than unity's. they come up from the bottom and only go about 1/2". also they are clickable13:29
snap-lbecause typing 6 characters is a MAN'S terminal way of saving me a mouseclick. ;)13:30
snap-lbrousch: I know. Mr. CLI is getting in my shit over click ing links13:31
rick_h_because I find it funny that mister OSX "drool me some GUI" is issuing commands to open a link13:31
snap-lI'm surprised  ZSH doesn't automatically fetch the link for you and just wait for C-x C-X ^[ // url13:32
snap-lOh, wait, C-x would be an emacs shortcut. That's why. ;)13:34
rick_h_I knew you'd catch it sooner or later13:34
snap-lSurprised you're not taking it back.13:34
brouschdamnitall. carriers are making me not want to recommend android to people13:43
rick_h_heh, what did they do now?13:43
brouschmy boss got a new android phone but it started making crazy sounds during calls13:43
brouschhe took it in, they installed task killer because the problem was caused by all the crap verizon installed on the phone13:44
brouschmy dad got one and had to return it 2 times because the antenna was bad, and the mic on his exchanged unit was bad13:45
brouschnot carrier there, i suppose13:45
brouschat least with windows computers full of dell crapware you can uninstall it13:46
brouschi will whine on twitter. that is sure to get results13:48
Wolfgermy only real issue with my Android phone is that the notification sounds for e-mail, etc will play while I'm on a call. Very annoying.14:02
brouschhm, i don't notice that14:03
brouschbut i am on a call like 20mins/mo14:03
snap-lI really think Apple had the right idea in telling the carriers (AT&T) what they could and could not do with their phones14:11
snap-lBecause carriers are like PC manufacturers: Shovel in more shit until something blows up, then scoop out what caused the explosion and ship it14:12
brouschi didn't realize how bad it had gotten, i've been using cyanogenmod for so long14:13
snap-lI'd be willing to bet that most of everyone's problems with Windows are directly related to the crap the manufacturers ship on the machine pre-installed14:14
brouschand viruses14:15
snap-lWell, that's a post-install modification. :)14:15
mydogsnameisrudywindows sucks when it gets bogged down with all the crap they dump on your system14:16
brouschmydogsnameisrudy: yeah, and now they've started doing that on android phone14:17
brouschbut it's worse because you can't actually uninstall the crap14:17
snap-lmy favorite are the utilities that essentially break all human interface guidelines14:17
mydogsnameisrudyya i have a android with att thinking of leaving att14:17
snap-lit's like someone took an Adobe AIR app and made it core.14:17
Wolfgerspeaking of destroying Android... http://www.cnn.com/2011/11/22/tech/mobile/facebook-buffy-phone-report/index.html?hpt=hp_bn614:20
snap-lYeah, right.14:28
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brouschcrap, i should have put some names in my question, could have slipped in rick_h_ among foord and warsaw15:54
snap-lbrousch: ?15:54
snap-lOh, Ask Mark?15:54
brouschin the ask sabdfl session15:55
jjesseis that happening now/15:55
brousch5 minutes left15:55
jjesseah forgot to set a reminder15:55
snap-lMe too15:55
brouschdon't you follow jcastro on twitter?15:56
brouschhe's sabdfl's minder today15:56
jjessewhats this twitter you talk about15:56
jjesseif its not on g+ i don't see it15:56
snap-lIt was on G+ a well15:59
brouschjjesse snap-l http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/11/23/%23ubuntu-classroom.html16:02
snap-lAnd it hasn't updated.16:03
snap-lOK, now ithas.16:03
snap-lhttp://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/11/23/%23ubuntu-classroom.html#t15:27 <- Pendulum's question16:08
snap-lI don't buy that answer for a second.16:08
brouschsomeone hacked the siri protocol and are writing an android app using it16:09
snap-lvala is ok. Go is the future <- WTF?16:09
brouschyeah, i don't get that one16:10
snap-lbrousch: I like your question re: Gnome Shell16:11
snap-lbut there will always be people who are upset because they cannot make the launcher bright pink <- Dismissive, but fair. ;)16:11
snap-lClassBotgianlucadv asked: in the future, will launchpad support git?15:4416:12
snap-lsabdflthe future is a very big place16:12
* rick_h_ links to lunch...first real code review...ugh. I've been thrashed16:44
rick_h_damn, can't type any more either16:45
snap-lrick_h_: http://mitechie.com/go/to/lunch16:47
snap-l(api call)16:47
rick_h_let it be known...I write crappy code16:48
brouschwell crap, what does that make mine?16:49
ColonelPanic001what brousch said.16:50
snap-lMy code smells like Grandma.16:51
rick_h_I should use it like a "find the things that are different game"16:52
brouschmy code smells like great grandma, and she's been dead for more than a decade16:52
rick_h_go through the file of code and see how many things I got ding'd on you can find16:52
snap-lLike th "How Not to Write C++" book?16:52
snap-lI smell a blog series.16:52
snap-lAnd after the initial "huh", it's not that bad of an idea.16:53
* snap-l really needs to come up with a way to quickly spin-up VMs.16:58
rick_h_flame headlines ftw16:59
snap-lRuh roh17:01
snap-lCyber Monday Apress: Every eBook $1517:02
rick_h_bah, what good are books, you still get thrashed at code reviews :P17:02
snap-lrick_h_: Failure just means you found something that doesn't work17:03
snap-lthat's all17:03
snap-lGet back up on the horse, pilgrim17:03
snap-lhttp:// <-17:04
snap-lCurrent song playing is making me want to gag17:04
snap-lBrighteye Brison - The Magician's Cave, from the 2011 album The Magician Chronicles Part One17:04
snap-lLyrics are hoooooooooorible17:04
greg-gsnap-l: what is the station17:13
* greg-g doesn't trust ip-only urls :)17:13
snap-lDelicious Agony Prog-rock radio17:33
snap-lI wouldn't steer you wrong17:33
snap-lAnd now they're playing on eof my favorite bands, Spock's Beard17:41
greg-goh right, I forgot about that station17:42
* greg-g grumbles at Banshee's lack of export/import of radio/podcasts17:43
snap-lYeah, that is a major bummer17:43
greg-gdude, google.co.uk is awesome today17:47
jjessethat is preety sweet17:53
snap-lThat was pretty cool17:55
greg-g"If you're hiring, the best technical interview possible is the one you don't have to do because the candidate is already kicking ass on one of your open source projects." - http://tom.preston-werner.com/2011/11/22/open-source-everything.html18:22
snap-lThat is so true18:29
Wolfgerbwahahahahah http://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/121347/are-there-studies-about-the-disadvantages-of-using-issue-tracking-systems18:36
snap-lp.se is where the 9-5 developers go to whine about work18:37
snap-lWhen the answer to each of these can be summarized as "please shut up and quietly get back to work", you know you have a problem.18:39
Blazeixwhenever I read a programmers.stackexchange post I have little mini-aneurysms19:01
jcastroeverything about programmers.se makes me want to punch someone19:01
jcastroit's sole purpose is to keep that crap off of SO19:01
snap-ljcastro: Or like up everyone for a throat-fucking?19:01
jcastro"why is version control good?"19:01
snap-l"Am I coding too much, or thinking too much about coding?"19:02
snap-l"Why does it hurt when I pee?"19:02
Wolfger"What music should I listen to while I code?"19:04
brouschWolfger: whatever snap-l tells you to19:05
rick_h_"what kind of puppy is the best to punch when you're really reaching the end of the line?"19:06
Wolfger"How do I make my boss/workers see that he/they are being stupid and I'm right?"19:06
rick_h_you guys see the "Apache considered harmful...they force using svn" stuff today?19:06
rick_h_talk about punch puppy worthy crap19:06
Wolfgerno animal cruelty, please19:06
rick_h_sorry, either puppy or baby and I can't swing to the baby side yet19:07
brouschare puppies or babies better to punch if i'm having problems with vim?19:07
snap-lrick_h_: Dogfooding. ;)19:07
Wolfgerpunch the homeless. Nobody cares about them, and they're more durable.19:07
WolfgerThey probably wouldn't even complain if you gave them money after.19:08
* Wolfger is going to hell...19:08
snap-lWolfger: We are all several missed paychecks from being homeless19:08
snap-lI swear, every downloader in existence shold just be a front-end to wget19:12
rick_h_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCvX2N-RoEg ok, this stops me from wanting to punch puppies19:17
snap-lWhat the hell19:18
snap-l(Trying to download netbeans, and seeing it freeze at exactly 72%, each time)19:19
brouschnetbeans? really?19:19
brouschi thought it was dead19:19
snap-lTrying something for a customer.19:19
snap-lI think you mean necromancer19:22
snap-lthaumaturgy is miracle working. :)19:22
brouschisn't bringing something back from the dead a miracle?19:23
brouschGod, the ultimate necromancer?19:24
snap-lnecromancy is generally regarded as the art of bringing back the dead for nefarious purposes19:24
snap-lNecromancy is a claimed form of magic that involves communication with the deceased, either by summoning their spirit in the form of an apparition or raising them bodily, for the purpose of divination, imparting the ability to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge. The term may sometimes be used in a more general sense to refer to black magic or witchcraft.[1][2]19:25
snap-lI think there's a fine line between resurrection of the dead vs. necromancy19:25
WolfgerI think there's no line19:26
snap-l"Abydos: The merest whisper of the name sends shivers down the spines of the God-fearing people of Yrth. What lurks in the forbidden city of Abydos is so great a heresy, the Church suppresses all mention of its very existence. But such loathing has no meaning for the shambling, silent bodies who roam the streets of Abydos. The undead are the greatest resource of the necromantic priests who practice19:27
snap-ltheir dark heresies in that city. Their beliefs and mandates are backed by the blades of highly trained soldiers and a very silent majority."19:27
snap-l"Warning! GURPS Banestorm: Abydos describes a culture wherein the living interact with the dead in ways that most readers would deem "intimate" and/or "disrespectful," and thus inappropriate. These elements may offend some readers. Please consider your gaming group's sensibilities before introducing this material into your campaign!"19:27
* Wolfger waits for somebody to point out the usage of defibrillators to bring people back to life...19:27
_stink_or medical cooling19:28
snap-lWolfger: That's regarded as life-saving, not bringing someone back from death19:28
greg-gdefine death19:28
Wolfgersnap-l: from no heartbeat to yes heartbeat... sounds pretty clear-cut to me. :-)19:29
snap-lI can't use a defibrillator to bring back Steve Jobs.19:29
greg-gfor some definitions of death I was once dead19:29
* greg-g drowned as a kid to the point of not breathing/no heart beat.19:29
Wolfgerok, ok, so defibrillators can only bring back the mostly-dead.19:29
_stink_that's what i took away from a story on medical cooling... that we don't really have a good definition of death19:29
snap-lWere you declared dead to the point where they gave up all hope of resuscitation?19:29
_stink_greg-g is a zombie?19:29
greg-gmom/dad did cpr for a while, brought me back, then I have pneumonia and was in the hosptial for the next month-ish19:30
brouschis that why you don't like to swim now?19:30
greg-gsnap-l: no, but its more fun to say that I was dead at one point ;)19:30
Wolfgergreg-g is a zombie? I knew it!19:30
greg-gbrousch: I *love* swimming19:30
snap-lgreg-g: Definitely shocks the conversation19:31
snap-lAnyways, it's interesting that we went from a throw-away comment about netbeans to necromancy to defining death.19:32
snap-lOnly on the internet.19:32
Wolfgeralways fun in #ubuntu-us-mi19:32
Wolfgersnap-l: not true. I've had such conversations in meatspace19:32
snap-lYou've talked about Netbeans in meatspace? :)19:33
Wolfgerso much so that my group of friends coined the phrase "once again, as always, we digress"19:33
Wolfgersnap-l: don't be silly. Nobody talks about netbeans19:33
rick_h_ok, code updated and resubmitted for another beating.19:55
rick_h_talk of moving CHC to a bar coming quickly lol19:55
brouschthis is supposedly the biggest bar night of the year. i never understood that19:57
rick_h_people travel by day, hit the bar in their new local by night19:58
greg-gand they want to spend the least amount of time with family so they go see old friends at the bar the night before instead20:00
greg-gplus, people can sleep in tomorrow before the football game ;)20:00
greg-galright, back to the home office for lunch and post lunch work :)20:02
snap-l"from the home office in greg-g's living room"20:03
rick_h_ok, I give up...wonder if the machine shops are looking for someone to push the green button20:12
snap-lrick_h_: Relax20:13
snap-lnew job, new coding conventions20:13
_stink_you expect to be productive 10 days in??20:14
_stink_be realistic20:14
snap-ltake it from someone who beat his head against everything at SF20:14
snap-lI thought for sure they were going to say "sorry, we made a mistake"20:14
snap-lIt's natural20:16
snap-lnow get back up on that horse.20:16
rick_h_yea, except I know my PEP and don't tell me I'm wrong when it comes to PEP8 or PEP 257...cause I'll link that crap back at you :P20:17
* brousch looks up pep25720:18
* snap-l looks up pep 35720:18
rick_h_257, docstrings20:18
rick_h_lol, "you're doing it wrong!" :P20:21
brouschi absolutely am20:23
snap-lSomeone needs a hug20:24
brouschi nominate snap-l20:24
brouschas our leader, you are also our designated hugger20:25
* snap-l resigns20:25
brouschreally? you'd resign before hugging rick_h_?20:26
snap-lNo, I'd resign if I have to hug all of you cheeky bastards.20:26
rick_h_I'd resign before hugging me20:26
brouschdoes yui do the same sort of stuff as jquery?20:29
snap-lWell, that sucks. Managed to goof up X20:31
rick_h_brousch: ?? how do you mean?20:31
brouschi mean would i use jquery and yui, or do they do the same things?20:31
rick_h_brousch: in a lot of ways I suppose: http://www.jsrosettastone.com/20:31
rick_h_but has more20:31
rick_h_yea, you'd pick one20:31
brouschwow, could those fonts be any wispier?20:32
snap-lK, time to reboot the machine.20:32
snap-lSee you on the other side.20:33
brouschholy cow. i fell asleep in my chair and almost fell over20:36

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