TakyojiJust to make sure, everyone here knows of SOPA/PROTECT-IP, yes?02:01
tonyyarussoTakyoji: yeah05:37
TakyojiI just threw a reasonable donation at the EFF, in response to SOPA/PROTECT-IP still not being shot down yet05:38
TakyojiSeen Viacom's video campaign in favor of SOPA?05:38
* Takyoji bugs tonyyarusso of the link05:58
TakyojiJust gotta love how they put the whole 'American!' spin to it.06:00
tonyyarussoHey, it works for offense contractors.06:06
Takyojitonyyarusso is so unamerican, he's an enemy of the state! All the world's problems are his fault!06:07

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