bkerensaworking on a report of survey results after midnight is fun :D08:45
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bkerensaMoving my EC2's to Oregon :D16:41
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c_smithbkerensa, is the Ubuntu Oregon server down?18:06
bkerensac_smith: I moved it to a different datacenter18:07
bkerensaone sec well I set you up again18:07
c_smithah, ok18:07
c_smithshall I try to reconnect now?18:09
bkerensac_smith: Check your e-mail18:10
c_smithgot the email, gonna try to connect.18:11
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c_smithbkerensa, thanks for the head up on that, and thanks for letting me use this.18:15
bkerensac_smith: Its no problem.... It doesnt cost me anything as of yet :P18:17
bkerensaand now that instance is now actually in Oregon so your connecting to a server near the coast18:17
c_smiththat should be beneficial to everyone who uses the server.18:18
bkerensaslangasek: I just pinged Jose and I also cc'ed you... Hopefully he will get this sorted :)18:25
c_smithwell, just had to reinstall Kubuntu when I broke Apt.22:02
slangasekbkerensa: thanks :)22:04
c_smithhas anyone here broken apt beyond repair?22:04
c_smithbrb, restarting PC22:06
* c_smith is back22:09
c_smithso, has anyone here broken apt beyond the point it can be repaired by just installing a package from the official repos such as burg?22:25

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