pleia2I think it was a nigerian prince, I just went "lol, hacked"00:20
pleia2I probably should have told him00:20
InHisNamecan a telnet server tell the diff between a human and a script ?03:18
mikedep333InHisName, that would require heuristics03:32
mikedep333the simple answer is no03:32
InHisNameI got this little device that speaks telnet.  It is fine with manual cnx.   BUT script to it and it never replies after the password !  Nutthun.03:33
mikedep333maybe a problem with newlines or character encodings03:35
InHisNameI ran manual and put STDERR to a file but no output went there.   I switched to STDOUT to file and normal text after password went there too.03:36
InHisNameThe perl routine had a raw capture dump log.  I examine that to fix many of my errors.  It gets all the text up to the prompt for the password.  Captures the password too. [doesn't matter for this test]  Then no more text comes out.03:39
mikedep333I gotta get to bed03:40
mikedep333still, line breaks or character encoding may be to blame03:40
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JonathanDhey rmg5111:12
JonathanDwhats up?11:20
rmg51same as yesterday at this time :-D11:23
JonathanDIn other words "us"11:23
JonathanDInvited the dev of crayon physics to fosscon.14:31
Sadinhey everyone14:47
Sadini have a question for those more knowledgable of ISPs then I and i was wondering if my ip is dynamic from my ISP can i attempt to make it static for my server or is that impossible?14:48
jedijfSadin: dyndns and others14:54
Sadinjedijf ive seen them before ill look into it thanks14:55
jedijfgoogle dynamic dns . many will come up, many have preferences and opinions, any will work for you...great holiday project14:56
jedijfcheck your router, and see which 'brand' it prefers, many will autoupdate14:56
jedijfthat's enough info, now i'll let you explore and learn :)14:57
Sadink :P15:03
Sadinjedijf whe you said brand you mean 'dyndns'15:08
jedijfthat's one, no-ip is another etc15:18
Adomanyone traveling for tomorrow?15:45
ChinnoDogI already travelled.15:48
Adomlong drive?15:48
JonathanDI'm traveling the 12 miles to my parents house.15:52
ChinnoDogIt is usually 2.5hrs but it was 3.5 in last night's traffic15:54
Adomyeah i was curious about traffic right now. last thing i want to do is get on the interstate. tomorrow we drive about an hour to Courtney's mom's. then back here to prepare for black friday shopping.15:55
JonathanDkudos to microcenter btw.15:55
JonathanDThey open at 10am for black friday.15:55
Adomthats not very early compared to other stores15:56
Adomtoys r us opens at 9pm tomorrow night.15:56
Adomwalmart at 10pm.15:56
Adommost others at midnight, then some at 5am15:57
Adomit used to be that they all just opened at 5am.15:57
JonathanDAdom: thats why they get kudos.16:00
JonathanD10am is reasonable.16:00
JonathanD5am is not.16:00
JonathanD9pm the night before is just stupid.16:00
Adomwhere does it end? 3 years from now it starts at 4pm Thanksgiving Day? thats not cool16:09
Adombasically you're saying if you want a chance at these sales then you cant spend time with your family16:09
Adomanyway, my sisters and i go black friday shopping every year. tradition. get up at 3am, drive in, elbow old ladies and soccer moms out of the way.16:10
Adomnow we head in at 6pm? ugh.16:10
Adomi wont get back from Courtney's mom's til at least 7.16:11
Adomthey live up in NY16:11
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InHisNameEver here of a 'funny' telnet that would change its listening port from STDIN after issuing the "Password:>" prompt ?   It works fine in terminal mode, just redirection, scripting, piping, all looses its ear at > of pwd prompt.17:46
jedijfis it time to eat pumpkin pie yet? WTH17:55
JonathanDWhen is it not?17:55
InHisNameDonna made 8 pies last week from only 1/3 of a pumpkin.  3 down, 5 to go.17:56
JonathanDmmmm pie.18:08
InHisNameala mode even better18:08
teddy-dbearis it time to stuff the turkey yet?18:32
InHisNameno stuffing your belly is tomorrow, teddy-dbear18:32
teddy-dbearnot me silly18:33
teddy-dbearthe turkey18:33
InHisNamehmmm, stuffed bear for thanksgiving ......18:33
teddy-dbearand where is or turkey?18:33
InHisNameIf you are coming over for dinner then it's here.18:34
EvilResistanceInHisName, i'll buy your turkey from you :P\18:35
* EvilResistance offers $750-worth of gold18:35
InHisNamewhy, is store out of stock already ?18:36
EvilResistancethe one out here is18:36
EvilResistanceand i'm not willing to drive much further18:36
EvilResistancesince its COLD and it was raining18:36
EvilResistancei fear the roads will freeze18:36
InHisNameThen I recind the invite18:36
EvilResistancewho said anything about me drivin to your location18:37
EvilResistance*randomly appears*18:37
InHisNameWhen I was in HS way back the power went out thurs morning 4am.  Came back sat.   My sibs still mention that meal over all the others.18:38
InHisNameHotdogs on the coleman18:38
InHisNameThe pie was ready so we had that at end.18:39
ChinnoDogpumpkin pie and pecan pie has been purchased18:40
InHisNamewe use pumpkins from garden18:41
ChinnoDogAre they pie pumpkins?18:41
InHisNamedon't have a pecan tree yet18:41
InHisNameThe pies are now.18:41
InHisNameall pumpkins are good for pies until you make jack-o-lanterns and let them sit around for a while cut.  ewwww.18:43
EvilResistanceand this is why i dont make jack0o0lanterns18:45
EvilResistanceugh, evil netbook18:45
InHisNamewe didn't either.   Yum pies.18:45
InHisNamealso pumkin bars. AND pumpkin cake18:45
* EvilResistance requires tons of pie today18:45
InHisNameso EvilResistance can blow up with only one bite tomorrow !18:46
EvilResistanceInHisName, no, because i didnt have anything to eat yesterday...18:47
EvilResistancemy blood sugar is horridly low\18:47
EvilResistanceas well, i am starving18:47
* EvilResistance finds a pie in the fridge and eats it18:47
InHisNamemake your blood suger like stock mkt chart.   really HIGH, really LOW and bounce lots.18:48
ChinnoDogOr stop eating carbs and have it level off18:49
ChinnoDogEat more bacon.18:52
Sadinmy ati card isnt working well with my crunchbang install18:53
InHisNameany telnet gurus around ?18:54
Sadinssh is more fun :)18:56
InHisNameI have device here that doesn't do ssh but telnet.   Attempting to add to nagios monitoring system.18:56
JonathanDInHisName: is this the password thingy you mentioned?18:57
JonathanDTry netcat.18:57
InHisNamealso does http but the source captured has little in it.18:57
InHisNamesort of.18:57
InHisNameI have a telnet site that I compare to  -->rainmaker.wunderground.com      it works with all the suggested scripts for telnetting.18:59
InHisNamemy device works fine in terminal mode.   Make a telnet special script, and it puts out first screen thru the password prompt.  THEN stops listening.  Or changes where it listens.19:00
rmg51time to stuff the turkey:-D23:11

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