androidbruceSalt, ha yeah 00:11
androidbrucepfsense is good times 00:11
Saltbeen working at getting it up for a while now, having many difficulties00:12
androidbruceSalt, really? for your home or business? 00:19
androidbruceare you coming from a different firewall?00:19
androidbruceah 00:32
androidbrucewhat issues are you running into?00:32
Saltit's an odd setup, i've got a line coming into a modem/router, from there i have it going into my tower that contains a number of vm's00:33
androidbrucepfsense one of the vm's?00:34
androidbruceso you're dealing with virtual interfaces the entire time?00:34
Saltsec sec00:34
Saltthe first vm is pfsense and all traffic is routed to there, from there, there are a number of other virtual devices that need internet, there's the host box which needs net that's been filtered through pf, and a switch for other physical devices00:35
seattlegauchowho has any AWS experience around here?00:45
androidbruceseattlegaucho, i gotta run, but i love AWS00:59
Saltandroidbruce, before you go respond to me in ##pfsense :P00:59
seattlegauchoI was fishing for howto before I google it and wade through the spam01:00
* seattlegaucho .oO( time to go home ... I'll hit androidbruce again tomorrow )01:22
androidbruceseattlegaucho, im here 02:01
androidbruceSalt, i've never tried using the IP command in pfsense shell 02:01
Saltandroidbruce, it isn't there03:00
androidbruceSalt, why do you need it again?03:06
Saltoh, just for debugging03:06
bkerensavalorie: What is the state of Ubuntu WA LoCo? 08:49
Saltfairly inactive08:49
Salthowever there's interest and it's waxed and waned over the last year08:50
Saltbefore that it was silent for a year or so08:50
bkerensaBut I noticed there had been some discussion on mailing list about developing some steam?08:50
Saltbefore that it was quite active08:50
Salti don't think i'm on the mailing list anymore08:50
bkerensaIs there a Team Lead or Contact for Ubuntu WA?08:50
Saltthat's a large part of the problem08:50
Saltthough it may have been fixed, you'd have to talk to valorie 08:51
Saltwhat area are you in?08:51
valoriehmmm, I don't know that it has been fixed entirely, but Linda is listed at least - along with Chuck08:51
bkerensaJust wondering if it was resource based or just lack of activity. If you guys need hosting or something Ubuntu Oregon could likely help out08:51
valorieoddly enough, there is supposed to be just one08:52
bkerensaSalt: I'm in Portland we actually have people come down from Southern WA :)08:52
valorieCanonical offers hosting08:52
Saltyeah, i used to be one of the leads for ubuntu pnw08:52
Saltbut we were told by canonical to split due to loco's being per-state08:52
bkerensavalorie: Actually I think leads and how that is structured is up to the LoCo and what works best for them... I know some LoCo's have a entire team of leaders and then just one contact08:53
valorieI think that turned out to be a mistake, salt08:53
Saltvalorie, who doesn't?08:53
valoriealthough I think they like everything to be the same08:53
bkerensaSalt: Yeah I have heard the history from dshufelt and others08:53
Saltwe all told them it was a mistake at the time08:53
Saltoh yeah? still talk with dan?08:53
valoriesorta stopped energy08:53
Salthe out of the af yet/08:54
bkerensavalorie: Not to sound negative towards LoCo Council but I have had them tell me one thing and then months later they changed position.... Like when I asked about what to do about PNW's assets... Paultag said it would be best to have it become a regional resource or kept for archival purposes08:55
valoriethe list still works, at least08:55
bkerensabut when I checked with czajkowski.... I got a odd and different response so I kind of just left it alone08:55
valorieI have a feeling that that was Paul's opinion08:56
valorieand I believe he's now out of the CC08:56
* valorie met him at the GSoC Mentor's Summit08:56
bkerensavalorie: Yeah likely... but he said to follow up in two weeks and if I didnt get a response from dshufelt who was the owner of assets he would begin the process of re-delegating them.... I just know that PNW stuff confuses people still today08:56
valorieI'm still confused.....08:57
bkerensavalorie: I think he is still on Loco Council though08:57
bkerensavalorie: Yeah :D08:57
valoriethey just had an election08:57
bkerensavalorie: I met Linda at OSCON right?08:57
valoriesaw it in the last Weekly08:57
valorieyes, she was at OSCON this summer08:57
Salti'm considering hitting scale this year08:58
bkerensavalorie: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil <-- he is still listed but then again Ubuntu Wiki's are notoriously outdated :P08:58
valorieunfortunately, with the shape my dad's in, I don't think I'll make it down08:58
valorieI was hoping to get a talk together08:58
bkerensaI wish I could do scale but without any sponsorship that would be unlikely..... But I think next year will have plenty of events for me08:58
valorietalks are the key08:59
Salti have free room, i think i have free entry, and i found $60 one way tickets08:59
Saltbah, i really need to get something together for gslug next month, this month i ended up cancelling09:00
Saltfirst one in 4 year09:00
bkerensavalorie: Does Linda use IRC? I just hope to see you guys on the way to approval someday :D I think that is a key ingredient to keeping a LoCo from going dormant09:00
valorieI thought I was busy before, but since my dad broke his hip this time, I've had massively less for anything else.....09:00
valoriebkerensa: very rarely now09:01
valoriebetween her job and her daughter, she is one busy lady09:01
bkerensavalorie: Have you considered possibly stepping up? :) I know its a busy task and your already likely more busy then me :D09:01
valoriethat's the problem -- we have some great people, but all of them very time-challenged09:01
bkerensaahh :D09:01
valorieI've considered it, yes -- but it is impossible right now09:02
bkerensavalorie: Someone applied for Membership from WA at the same day as me and got approved but they asked if he participated in the LoCo and I think his answer was no? I was kind of wondering what that was about09:02
valorieI noticed that -- sorry I couldn't be there, by the way -- he's been in the channel before, but if I recall correctly, he lives in Wenatchee09:21
Saltrunning a group is easy, but it requires putting a constant amount of effort in and that's very hard to maintain09:22
valorieright, I've held a number of leadership positions in the past, and i know I don't have the time to do a good job09:22
valorieactually, when I got involved, I didn't know any of the history, and didn't know that Linda had just started things up again09:24
bkerensavalorie: Yeah requires lots of hours.... The survey Jono did suggested some people actually contribute the equal of a part-time job in hours to their roles in Ubuntu09:24
valoriefor sure09:24
bkerensaJust because I'm Ubuntu Oregon Team Lead I get requested into other roles etc09:25
valorieright now, my KDE job(s) are sucking up time -- and that's after dealing with my dad situation09:25
bkerensaLike organizing the Debian/Ubuntu Jam that is going to occur in December09:25
valorieright, finding people to take on responsibility is ..... fun09:25
bkerensavalorie: It is nearly impossible09:26
bkerensaI keep trying to delegate stuff out and people volunteer but dont follow through very well =/09:26
bkerensaI was really disappointed that one person at the global jam was actually complaining about "the lack of swag"09:27
valorieours is the other way around -- we have lots of people who used to do a lot of stuff, and now are busy with other things09:27
valorieoh geez09:27
bkerensaI was like uhh.... We had nearly a grand in sponsored catering and swag 09:27
valoriethat's amazing!09:27
valoriewe've never had swag beyond what linda and I have bought, since I was involved09:28
Saltbefore that we had what dan got us09:28
valorielining up that stuff takes time and chutzpa09:28
valorieI missed those halcyon days.....09:28
Saltwhich reminds me, you heard from dan bkerensa ?09:28
bkerensavalorie: Well for every event I have run thus far I have had a box of t-shirts sponsored and I usually reach out to ThinkGeek, LinuxJournal, Ubuntu User and a list of other companies and ask them to sponsor some swag or gift cards09:29
valoriethat's awesome09:29
bkerensaSalt: Uhh yeah he comes on IRC sometimes.... He also +1's stuff I post on G+ now and then but he doesnt talk to much09:29
valoriewe need to find a bkerensa for Washington LoCo!09:29
bkerensaI think I have had 4 conversations with him and two e-mail exchanges09:29
Salthmm, i should prob follow him there09:30
Saltoh, so you don't like know him :P09:30
bkerensavalorie: And to think that I'm trying to mimic the skill of pleia2 and other LoCo leaders09:30
bkerensaSalt: Nope not yet but he told me he plans on eventually coming back to Oregon someday and wants to participate :D09:32
bkerensaWell I better be off to count sheep... Goodnight everyone!09:32
Saltg'night bkerensa 09:32
valoriesweet dreams, bkerensa09:36
seattlegauchoandroidbruce: I wasn't at that time :)17:50
androidbruceim sorry man17:50
androidbrucewhat are you using aws for? 17:50
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