SolarisBoy1ShadwReevr: also check your network configuration. could you perhaps be only connected on a local fall back apipa address or something? like 169.254.*?00:00
machiolatehow do I use a program signature key such as 'suchandsuch.tar.gz.sign' ?00:01
ShadwReevrSolarisBoy1: yep, two lines for localhost and hostname. resolv.conf is from my laptop that is connected right now00:01
SolarisBoy1can you paste bin the config files from each?00:02
iamweirdieis anybody availible?00:02
ShadwReevrSolarisBoy1: domain ph.cox.net search ph.cox.net nameserver nameserver nameserver
SolarisBoy1those look like they were provided from ISP dhcp...00:03
lindaAre these official Ubuntu packages?:  https://launchpad.net/~brian-rogers/+archive/graphics-fixes-testing/+packages00:03
ShadwReevrSolarisBoy1: the last name server was, 1 and 2 are google because my ISP fails and that keeps me up more when they fail00:03
lindaAm I going to do some sort of blacklisting is I use this kernel-patch?00:04
szallinda: that is obviously a PPA (Personal Package Archive), so totally unofficial00:05
machiolateanyone happen to know how I would use a program signature key such as 'suchandsuch.tar.gz.sign' ?00:05
elkingreyCan somebody tell me how to adjust the positions of the icons in the Unity bar?00:05
machiolatefor the program 'suchandsuch' :P00:05
SolarisBoy1ShadwReevr: please post /etc/nsswitch.conf /etc/hosts /etc/resolv.conf ; the networking configuration on each (ifconfig -a, arp -an , netstat -rn, hostname, host localhost, host <hostname> where you fill it in with your hostname)00:06
lindaWell, ... is there any sort of bug-tracking on this yet?00:06
SolarisBoy1ShadwReevr: to pastebin00:06
nbros652elkingrey: click hold, and move00:06
elkingreyI do that and it won't, the whole bar just lifts up00:06
nbros652elkingrey: you have to wait for it to detach00:07
elkingreyOh, how long?00:07
nbros652a second or two00:07
lindaThis is definately a broken system I have here.00:07
nbros652elkingrey: kinda like on an android phone when you want to move icons on the home screen.00:08
elkingreyStiill not working. The whole list of icons detaches from the trash can, but that's it00:08
elkingreydon't know about android00:08
nbros652elkingrey: what icon are you trying to move?00:08
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elkingreyOkay, I figured it out, you have to move it OUT and then AROUND00:08
nbros652elkingrey: no prob.00:09
localg0ddoes anyone know a program that will shrink the file size of a slideshow video with audio ? or recompress it ??? winff is not bringing the size down ! ??? please help00:10
ShadwReevrSolarisBoy1: http://pastebin.com/JvWX2HS300:10
ShadwReevrSolarisBoy1: box1 is working, box2 isn't00:11
reisiolinda: sorry went to another room, figure out your thing?00:16
ShadwReevrSolarisBoy1: see anything that could be the issue?00:16
localg0ddoes anyone know a program that will shrink the file size of a slideshow video with audio ? or recompress it ??? winff is not bringing the size down ! ??? please help00:18
lindaWas directed to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Bugs/Lucidi8xxFreezes so I followed the link to  Brian Rogers' ppa https://launchpad.net/~brian-rogers/+archive/graphics-fixes-testing00:18
lindareisio: so....00:18
lindaI guess that's it.  If I wanna fix it, I use Brian Rogers' kernel.  *(Unless someone has better idea...).00:19
reisiolocalg0d: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg pastebinit && ffmpeg -i path/to/video 2>&1 | tee > foo.txt | pastebinit00:20
reisiolinda: I didn't catch what the original problem was00:20
lindaI suppose I could install another display adapter.  ... But you know, the stupid part is that the system boots up and runs just fine, for about 1/2 hour or so, and then all the sudden it drops a perfectly good screen and goes to "Low grapahics mode".00:20
localg0d??? reisio ???00:21
reisiolocalg0d: it's a command, run it00:21
reisiolocalg0d: actually do this instead00:21
reisiolocalg0d: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg pastebinit && ffmpeg -i path/to/video 2>&1 | tee | pastebinit00:21
lindaAfter about 1/2 hour or so, (didn't really time it but...) It goes to black screen with error window saying:   "Ubuntu is running in low graphics mode" "Your screen graphics card and input device settings could not be detected correctly.  You will need to configure them yourself."00:21
lindaAnd there is no way to fix it other than to reboot.00:22
reisiolinda: what's the graphics device?00:22
lindaBut before that, it loads up a perfectly good screen.  (Just as it is now...)00:22
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linda Intel Corporation 82845G/GL00:23
lindaSeems pretty stupid.00:23
lindaI suppose I could install another display adapter.  ... the system boots up and runs just fine, for about 1/2 hour or so, and then all the sudden it drops a perfectly good screen and goes to "Low grapahics mode".00:24
SolarisBoy1ShadwReevr: one doesn't appear to have a proper gateway address00:24
SolarisBoy1ShadwReevr: your also apparently behind some sort of nat so im not sure if you really want to use that domain and search line00:25
rmtI suppose, that if Ubuntu documented properly, one could discover, which app/script/daemon/plugin nowadays would respond to X11 volume up/down keypresses in an appropriate fashion .... ooooor  ?00:25
reisiormt: check xev first00:25
lindaNot a thing wrong with it... until later.  (I've allowed it to do it about 4 times now so it's pretty consistant.00:25
rmtreisio, BAH .. better answer.00:26
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reisiormt: as for what to map them to, dpkg -L pulseaudio | grep bin or dpkg -L alsa | grep bin will tell you00:26
SolarisBoy1ShadwReevr: also you have a hostname attached to a loopback IP in hosts Satellite and BigBlue00:26
reisiormt: I use amixer sset Master 2+, for example, to increase volume, but I don't use pulse00:26
SolarisBoy1ShadwReevr: in affect these hosts do not know each other by name still,, the lan ip belongs as a pairing to a hostname you want available on a lan,, assuming your not using another method of resolution00:27
rmtfreedesktop defines a set of key mappings that apps can request from the WM ..... but wtf app is the standard for Ubuntu/Unity nowadays..00:27
rmtI used to be able to count on gnome keybindings .. load the app once, and it would register them.. nowadays, wtf knows.00:27
rmtI can also bind keys using openbox to amixer or alsamixer or $OWN_CUSTOM_SCRIPT .. but seriously.. make it obvious, please.00:28
rmtIf I want the standard GUI telling me that volume is going up or down .... how would I achieve that, without drinking the fucking coolaid?00:29
machiolatehow do i know if my OS is x86 or not?00:29
rmto/~ welcome to the hotel california o/~00:29
SolarisBoy1ShadwReevr: are you able to ping an external IP address from either? like if so the issue is certainly your resolution setup there00:29
aliendude5300Hi, I'm having an issue upgrading to 11.1000:30
aliendude5300It says:00:30
aliendude5300An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade:00:30
aliendude5300E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.00:30
rmt/o~ such a lovely place, such a lovely place, plenty of room at the hotel californida o/~00:30
nteloshi...i ve a problem in installing backtrack 5 arm edition in my smartphone...may someone helps me?00:30
xangua!backtrack | ntelos00:31
ubottuntelos: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition00:31
machiolateis there a way that I can find out all the details of my OS from within the terminal?00:31
lindaSo... I guess no one knows what to do other than use the patched kernel from Brian Rigers?00:32
szalmachiolate: define 'all the details'00:32
ntelosubottu thanks a lot!00:32
ubottuntelos: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:32
machiolateszal, i'm trying to compile a program, theres a list of OSs and I'm not sure which is mine..... there linux-x86-64any, linux-x86any etc00:33
machiolatelinux-alpha, linux-sparc00:33
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Guest24063I need to stop the xserver in ubuntu 11.10 to install a nvidia drivers, some one can help me?00:33
lindaI mean.. I don't really have a problem with it, but... just wanting to know if anyone knows more about it.  So if anyone knows, please say so.  Surely there must be a bug report.  Right? No?00:33
szalmachiolate: lsb_release -a (OS version), uname -a (kernel version and architecture)00:34
szalthat should do for starters00:34
Guest24063how can i stop the x server in ubuntu 11.10 to install a nvidia drivers?00:34
reisioGuest24063: read this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia00:35
machiolateawesome szal, thanks... think uname was the one i needed00:35
Guest24063reisio thank u, but theres is one way to do it manual, I now how to do it, but i need to stop the x server session00:36
lindaTrying vesa driver...00:36
reisioGuest24063: why's that00:36
reisiowhose brilliant idea was it to give everyone a guest# nick?  How about using random english words, gebus00:37
Guest24063I want to stop the x session, I mean, the graphics session, I need to do it in Terminal Mode00:37
xangua!nox | Guest2406300:37
ubottuGuest24063: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode00:37
alien20501Hi everyone! Quick question: When using uck-gui, before I was able to boot the liveusb install, in ram, as my own user, but now it seems to use only the user "ubuntu" by default. I haven't the slightest idea why it started doing that, it's possible that a package is missing from my updated install script... ne1 has an idea ?00:38
Guest24063ubottu let me see, thank u!00:39
ubottuGuest24063: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:39
iamweirdiehi can somebody help me with this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/746506/00:39
alien20501has ne1 seen this behavior before ?00:40
* alien20501 scratches head00:40
lindavesa driver not an option.  Using the patched kernel from Brian Rogers ppa00:40
lindaOh well....00:40
ssfdre38what /bin is used for shelled ssh access00:41
Dyaaanything intressting00:41
reisiossfdre38: ?00:41
lindaSince I'm using Brian Rogers' kernel, just wondering if I need to blacklist something?  (To block a future kernel upgrade...?)00:42
Dyaamtf programmers00:42
kalesianHi, I'm having some trouble installing a 3TB drive as a secondary drive00:42
ssfdre38i want to do jailed ssh access and i want to know what to use for the /bin/bash00:42
kalesiananyone had any experience with this?00:42
linda... what I want is something that is reliable.  Something I'm not going to have problems with in  the future.00:43
somsip_ssfdre38: rbash ?00:43
lindaI want to do any fixing on it now, (while I have time), and don't want to be frustrated with it in the future.00:43
yarrowalien20501:  http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1720469.html  discusses a similar problem00:44
Guest24063It doesnt work, some one know how can I stop the X session?00:44
alien20501oh cool thx00:44
somsip_Guest24063: you trued "sudo init 1"?00:45
Guest24063doesnt work :(00:46
alien20501Guest24063 : I know of one way that always work, but save your data beforehand : pkill -9 lightdm && pkill -9 X00:47
alien20501if you're really stuck00:47
PiciGuest24063: sudo service lightdm stop00:47
alien20501and gdm doesn't respond00:47
Guest24063alien20501 Ok, let me try00:48
Guest24063thank u00:48
RamidesCan anyone recommend a tiling window manager that plays nice with Xubuntu?00:49
xfoxwhy tor runs better on windows than ubuntu?00:50
jereneptwhat do you mean?00:50
xfoxits dont run here00:50
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.00:50
jereneptIt's always works for me00:50
alien20501yarrow: nah that doesn't seem to solve it... it's really weird, as if there is no notion of other user than ubuntu in live session anymore...00:52
xfoxi cant install it.    privoxy ether00:52
somsip_Ramides: awesome works fine with vanilla Ubuntu. Can't see why it wouldn't work with Xubuntu00:52
xfoxwhen a tip "sudo gedit /etc/privoxy/config" in terminal, its response "dont found directory"00:53
Ramidessomsip_: thanks, i'll look into it00:54
rafa19doesnt work, somebody nows how to stop the x server session? I mean , i need a terminal session or text session00:55
rafa19to install drivers nvidia00:55
rafa19doesnt work, somebody nows how to stop the x server session? I mean , i need a terminal session or text session to install drivers nvidia00:56
jereneptsudo stop gdm00:56
jereneptor, on 11.10, sudo stop lightdm00:57
antnashHey guys. Is there an equivalent for coda in linux?00:58
jereneptpress ctrl-alt-F1 to switch to a terminal and log in00:58
soreaujerenept: don't you mean service <name> <action>?00:58
jereneptI haven't used Ubuntu since 11.04, so I may be uninformed.00:59
soreauhm, looks like <action> <name> is valid too00:59
jereneptantnash: try Geany?01:00
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reisioantnash: free or?01:01
PauluntuIts interesting to me why is it like mandriva and suse they all have an excellent tool to manage the system why isn't there a distro thats deb based that has a good system tool like yast yet?01:04
dissipatehas anyone here successfully mounted amazon s3 buckets in ubuntu 11.10?01:05
szal!ot | Pauluntu01:05
ubottuPauluntu: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:05
PauluntuLOL irc police01:06
reisiooff-topic AND.... off-topic AND...01:06
reisiosmokin' the reefer01:06
tron101i need to change permissions to execute , whats the command  chmod ????? (file) ?01:07
reisiochmod +x foo01:08
reisio+x, for "awesome"01:08
antnashjerenept, cheers I'll give it a go01:09
antnashreisio, yeah free01:09
reisioantnash: mmm, dunno man, maybe Aptana01:10
antnashgeany and aptana. cheers guys01:10
mbeierlAnyone have issues with redraw problems using ATI cards on 11.04?  I've tried both radeon and ati but both have display issues where the screen is not updated properly01:16
user8По горизонтали:01:16
user83.Специальная микросхема для управления внешним устройством.01:16
user86.Устройство, обеспечивающее выполнение логических и арифметических операций.01:16
user810.Жесткий диск.01:16
user811.Печатающее устройство.01:16
FloodBot1user8: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:16
soreaumbeierl: Could be a damage issue with your window manager. Are you using compiz?01:16
FloodBot1user6: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:16
soreau! ops01:17
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, pangolin, nhandler or Jordan_U!01:17
mbeierlsoreau: yes, I am. there used to be damage settings, but I don't know where to find them anymore.  Ideas?01:17
soreaumbeierl: There were never damage settings.01:17
user86.Устройство, обеспечивающее выполнение логических и арифметических операций.01:17
user810.Жесткий диск.01:17
user811.Печатающее устройство.01:17
FloodBot1user8: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:17
soreaumbeierl: It could be a bug in xdamage though01:17
mbeierlsoreau: in beryl, i thought there were01:17
soreaumbeierl: Maybe but beryl has been long gone for years now01:18
mbeierlI'm an old timer when it comes to comiz, but have  been unfortunately out of it since about 10.0401:18
soreaumbeierl: Try a different window manager. If it fixes the problem, it's likely a bug in xdamage or the compositor (compiz)01:19
mbeierlsoreau: actually, I do see the same bug using metacity, which, iirc, is not compositing01:19
weenierhey can anyone tell me how to launch a terminal from a script and to display a command but not exec it?01:20
soreaumbeierl: There is a script to install latest compiz on 11.04, but for xdamage you may have to update it manually (hard to say where the bug lies exactly but it's likely not the graphics driver)01:20
soreaumbeierl: Ok, then it's xdamage01:20
mbeierlsoreau: would 11.10 have xdamage updates?01:20
ktironhello everyone01:20
soreaumbeierl: Actually, metacity has a compositing option.. but I believe it's disabled by default01:20
soreaumbeierl: yes01:20
jerenepthello, ktiron.01:20
mbeierlk.  when I get a chance, i'll do the oneric update first, then go bleeding edge for xdamage.  see if it isn't already fixed01:21
ktironim new to this program01:21
mbeierlsoreau: ^ and thanks01:21
ktironso does everyone here use ubuntu or some form of linux?01:22
soreaumbeierl: Try a live session to test01:22
mbeierlsoreau:  good idea!  thanks01:22
soreau! ask | ktiron01:22
ubottuktiron: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:22
mbeierlktiron: and basically, yes, most everyone is here for Ubuntu support01:23
ktironim sorry im new to this program01:23
soreaumbeierl: I'm pretty certain it's an xdamage bug because someone else had the same problem on another distro recently and it was indeed xdamage bug01:23
mbeierlsoreau: you've made my day.  that gives me hope.  Starting download....01:23
soreauktiron: No worries, just ask your question with as much detail as you can01:23
ktironi dont think i asked any question more then once though...01:23
soreaumbeierl: No problem01:23
mbeierlktiron: well.. welcome to the Ubuntu support IRC channel :)01:24
soreau! welcome01:24
reisioktiron: I use butterflies http://xkcd.com/378/01:24
ktironOk thank you soreau, and thank you mbeierl. i was just really wanting to see if i can really connect to more ubuntu users this directly for future references, im pleased that i can01:25
dissipatei guess no one using ubuntu has ever used amazon s3?? :O01:25
mbeierlktiron: and there is also @ubuntu-offtopic for more general conversations01:25
reisiodissipate: interesting guess01:25
reisioiamweirdie: hi01:25
mbeierlktiron: I mean #ubuntu-offtopic01:25
pangolinreisio: Please stick to the topic.01:25
ktironok thank you ill go now01:26
soreauktiron: He wasn't talking to you01:26
iamweirdiereisio or someone can u help me with this pleeease? http://paste.ubuntu.com/746506/01:26
mbeierldissipate: I have used S3, but to the best of my knowledge, there is nothing particular about S3 or Ubuntu that make them compatible or incompatible01:26
_rfzHi, anyone run into this error on ubuntu 11.10 (latest updates) with libvirtd: Error: operation failed: failed to retrieve chardev info in qemu with 'info chardev'01:26
iamweirdiei've been on watching ppl pass by with help for the past hour DX01:27
ShackJackHI all, I was having a video issue with an *old* computer running (X)ubuntu.... After starting from grub, the text mode gets  messed up (blocky white - can't see letters) as well as splash screen;   is there a way to have dpkg scan/fix that video mode?01:27
reisioiamweirdie: ask the channel01:27
dissipatembeierl, sorry, to be more specific, no one here has used s3fs to mount s3 buckets in ubuntu01:27
iamweirdiereisio whadya mean, like just ask? cuz i did that in hour intervals... about 3 times. i dont wanna look like a spammer01:28
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mbeierldissipate: again, I have, but that was 10.10 and it was for test purposes.  My experience was that it was... sub-optimal01:29
Jordan_Uiamweirdie: People are more likely to look at your pastebin link if you give a brief description of the problem so that they can tell that it is (or isn't) an area they're interested in / knowageable about.01:29
mbeierldissipate: there are ubuntu images in EC2, I think that was actually where I got it to work somewhat successfully.01:29
reisioiamweirdie: it's just I don't know, and busy IRCers will sometimes ignore messages addressed to specific people01:29
iamweirdieok, sorry, that was my fault. i was using a persistent usb ubuntu and i was installing updates, then i came upon an update error and ran sudo apt-get -f install and got this http://paste.ubuntu.com/746506/01:30
blistovmhzubnt 11.10 alternate installer fails to write grub back to discs.  mdadm 4d-raid5 with lvm on top.01:31
tron101im trying to get a .exe file off a disk to run with wine. its telling me it is blocked due to permissions. ive tried to change permissions using chmod but it only returns read only file system. can someone walk me through this, i am a noob btw :)01:31
blistovmhzgrub-install /dev/sd{a..d} - /usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Your core.img is unusually large.  It won't fit in the embedding area..01:32
blistovmhz/usr/sbin/grub-setup: error: embedding is not possible, but this is required when the root device is on a RAID array or LVM volume.01:32
reisioblistovmhz: you using EFI?01:32
=== ericm-Zzz is now known as ericm
jjgwhere does ubuntu keep its dhcp lock/session file?  I need to delete it01:34
jjgnm .. i just did dhclient -r and i think it got rid of it…but if anyone knows i'd be interested to hear01:34
reisioblistovmhz: ?01:34
blistovmhzreisio, what's EFI?01:35
alien20501iamweird: try to run it in force-mode, like dpkg --force-all, sounds like you broke pkg manager, happens sometimes01:35
dhirezhallo all01:35
alien20501then try a apt-get --purge01:35
alien20501apt-get remove --purge <pkg> sorry01:35
dhirezcan i know about your Yahoo messenger id ?01:36
dhirezjust for share about Ubuntu01:36
eamonwho has a gode s&d mw3 class01:36
reisioblistovmhz: Apple computer?01:36
blistovmhzreisio, no.01:36
blistovmhzreisio, big scary desktop.  had 10.10 installed fine.  my raid has been assembled for years and i've  booted off it for the past 2 years without any problems.  installed 11.10 today on another LV but the grub installation failed with an unknown error.  manually booted into the new installation to run grub-install manually.01:37
reisioblistovmhz: change FS or anything?01:38
blistovmhzcore.img on my 10.10 installation is 29759 and the new 11.10 installation core.img is 3179401:38
blistovmhzreisio, no other changes.01:38
blistovmhzjust a new grub version.01:38
reisiowell the crappy fix is to use gparted to move your partition beginning farther along01:39
blistovmhz31794 should fit in the MBR.01:39
blistovmhzreisio, yea... holy fuck though.01:39
reisioblistovmhz: yeah, welcome to GRUB201:39
blistovmhzreisio, that's a HUGE move.01:39
blistovmhz6TB to shuffle around.01:39
pangolinblistovmhz: Please no cursing01:39
reisioblistovmhz: probably take you longer to figure out what all you can remove from the core.img01:40
blistovmhzreisio, I agree, but why doesn't 3794 fit?  that does not compute.01:40
blistovmhzsorry, 3179401:41
reisiobecause it doesn't01:41
reisiotypical MBR is what... 30k?01:42
blistovmhzoh... geez.01:42
blistovmhzi just noticed that a clean 11.10 install pushes the first sector of the first partition to 204801:42
alien20501is there a way to download the entire ubuntu pkg collection and put it offline for later use ? Not talking about the ISO here... I need to fiddle around with pkg combinations and default ubuntu repo are slow today; I need to download often as I'm testing liveusb images combos01:42
blistovmhzreisio, i've never used gparted, but I don't want to do this whole thing manually.  is gparted solid?01:43
reisioalien20501: that's a lot of data01:43
alien20501really? how much data are we talking here01:43
reisioblistovmhz: it's the most popular GUI partition manager, bar none01:43
reisioblistovmhz: I don't know how LVM works though01:44
reisioif there are provisos01:44
lgcHi, can someone refer me to the installation procedure of ssh-server in 11.04?01:44
reisiolgc: sudo apt-get install openssh-server01:44
blistovmhzreisio, doesn't look like it knows how to deal with lvm on mdadm01:44
reisiolgc: and then start/tell to start at boot as desired01:44
blistovmhzthis ain't good01:44
Artemis3alien20501, i believe apt-mirror can help you with that, if you don't mind to download once some tens of gigs per architecture01:44
lgcreisio, is that all? No need to generate keys?01:44
three18tiblistovmhz, gparted is just parted with a GUI; yes it is solid, yes it is the way to go.01:44
reisioblistovmhz: probably talk to #grub or ##linux01:45
reisiolgc: not unless you require them01:45
alien20501it'd be a lot faster than DLing all the time... apt-mirror huh ? gonna look into it thx01:45
reisiolgc: orinary ssh just uses passwords, keys are nicer, but extra01:45
lgcreisio, thanks.01:45
jimw_anybody installed openstack diablo yet?01:46
Artemis3alien20501, you could set up a dedicated machine to apt-mirror your lan, in essence your own local mirror... there is also apt-cache-ng01:46
Artemis3alien20501, sorry, apt-proxy-ng01:46
three18tilgc, it is not a requirement to use keys, however, keys are far more secure than passwords.  Passwords can be broken.01:46
alien20501nice!!!! exactly what I want... does it update the repo from time to time also ?01:46
lgcthree18ti, thanks.01:46
three18tilgc, this explains it nicely, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys01:47
Artemis3alien20501, apt-proxy-ng works like magic... you set up a machine with lots of space, any package you download will remain in that machine, no matter how many times you request it. You only have to configure apt/synpatic to use a "proxy"01:47
blistovmhzreisio, thank you sir.  will see what i can do.  probably just chainload it.01:47
airtonixI'm hoping someone else here has resolved this. >> i have a sdcard i encrypted with full disk encryption in palimpset, however after suspending, then removing the sdcard, then resuming, then re-inserting sdcard, I can not remount the sdcard : Error unlocking device: cryptsetup exited with exit code 239. bug report : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/48442901:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 484429 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu Maverick) "Plugging in a LUKS device causes the following error: Error unlocking device: cryptsetup exited with exit code 239: Command failed: Device already exists" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:47
blistovmhzEspecially as HD prices just doubled and I'm looking at $1200 to replace my discs or do a full backup.01:48
alien20501do you mean apt-cache-ng ?01:48
=== bryan is now known as Guest36914
rcmaehlI need help. Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit. Okay, first off nvclock didn't know what my card was so I decided to download the latest drivers from NVidia's website. Now Xorg will not start telling me the nvidia kernel 290.10 doesn not match 280.13 or something. How do I fix this?01:48
alien20501cuz they say apt-proxy-ng doesn't exist no more01:48
Artemis3alien20501, oh let me see that package name again01:49
ktironQuick question, is xchat a client thats just for ubuntu or is it multi-platform01:49
alien20501apt-cacher-ng I mean, forgot the "r"01:49
tonyyarussoktiron: multi-platform01:49
rcmaehlktiron: multi01:49
ktironthank you01:49
earltenokay..  I could really use some help, and insight into a few "why"'s - like why you can't just "reset" a plasmoid. Which leads me to...  I was using the system monitor plasmoid... and I accidentally dragged the temp monitor off it. Now, the temp monitor had been monitoring my CPU temp just fine...  now suddonly, it's empty. When I go in to configure it, I have no available sensors. Could anyone explain this small mystery to me?01:49
alien20501that's cool... do you know if I need a full proxy server avail or it has it's own stuff builtin ?01:50
Artemis3alien20501, apt-cacher-ng01:50
boxybrownanyone use byobu much?01:50
Artemis3alien20501, no you don't need an actual proxy, it does that by itself, just for apt tho01:50
boxybrownit started acting weird and i have a question about figuring out whats wrong01:50
alien20501nice thx Artemis!01:50
Artemis3alien20501, first time you have to wait for the package to download, second time remains in cache of that machine, can be used by 2 to thousands of machines01:51
alien20501I wonder about the updating of the repo now... looking through the docs01:51
Artemis3alien20501, there is no need, since some package get updates anyway, just set it up and keep using it01:52
alien20501excellent! thx again :)01:52
earltenI have tried uninstalling the plasmoid using the plasmaokg manager, but it fails..  I've searched where it might have been saving and lost it's settings but failed01:52
rcmaehlBasically how do I downgrade the nvidia kernel01:52
rcmaehlso that Xorg can start01:53
alien20501rcma: just redo the install or try --uninstall01:53
PauluntuAnyone know how to get video to work with skype.  Ubuntu when it installed wanted me to take a picture of myself as an icon so I know the camera works, but it doesnt show up when I click test video on skype.01:53
rcmaehlIf I have to I will do a reinstall but I was just wondering if there's a way to fix this WITHOUT doing a complete reinstall01:54
alien20501usually nvidia drivers will figure out something broken, and say something like "your install was altered since last blah blah..."01:54
alien20501rcma: it's really basic, it never breaks anything unless you compiled your own libGL shared libraries (then it can be a pain)01:55
alien20501compiled or linked stuff, etc...01:55
rcmaehlalien20501: holy heck that worked01:56
alien20501there u go ;)01:56
dissipatedoes anyone know the status of getting an official bitcoin package in ubuntu?01:56
earltenCan anyone help me with a few questions about plasmoids?01:57
celthunderrcmaehl: nvidia's site has old and new versions of there drivers01:58
pocataI ask people drown I want to buy a mini MP3 player has some or knows whether they are good02:00
earltena "no" from someone would suffice just so as to notify me that I'm even being seen...02:01
aokmangahi all02:01
teddiehi aokmanga02:01
earltenCan anyone please help me with a few questions about plasmoids?02:02
somsip_!patience | earlten02:02
ubottuearlten: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/02:02
earltenfair enough02:02
celthunderearlten: why not ask the question so we know if we can answer02:03
earltenI did earlier, here goes...02:03
hydrozenwas an update released rencently for 11.10 that has to do with nvidia? my graphical env won't start anymore since I installed updates and rebooted02:04
earltencan you reset a plasmoid? I was using the system monitor plasmoid... and I accidentally dragged the temp monitor off it. Now, the temp monitor had been monitoring my CPU temp just fine...  now suddonly, it's empty. When I go in to configure it, I have no available sensors. Could anyone explain this small mystery to me?02:04
lindaI have a problem with the display going away after a half hour or so, (haven't really timed it, just a guess at the time...).  When I come to the computer after leaving it for a while, it says, "Ubuntu is running in low grpahics mode"  "The following error was encountered.  You may need to update your configuration to solve this.  (EE intel(0):  Failed to set tiling on front buffer:  input / output error"  [OK]02:05
earltenie" Where would I reset the plasmoid to an out of the box config, or uninstall/reinstall it..  something of that nature..  I've tried using the plasmapkg manager to no avail02:05
lindaYou click on [OK] and get:02:05
linda"What would you like to do?"02:05
linda() Run Ubuntu in low-graphics mode02:06
linda() Re-configure grahpics02:06
onryo using ubuntu with only base. xfce as the DE, lightdm, Emerald as a windows manager and compiz as a compositor.02:06
onryo<onryo> and it it works darn nice. Just that detail will not showing the names of users when I log in with lightdm02:06
linda() Exit to console login02:06
linda() Restart X02:06
lindaAnyone know what causes this?02:07
=== jack is now known as jack_laptop
lindaOS=Ubuntu 10.0402:07
aokmangaI've a question for you. I've a macbook. I was looking to install ubuntu only on it. On the download page of the official ubuntu site i followed the instructions to create an usb stick bootable with ubuntu for mac. The instructions i followed are here: http://nopaste.info/2adf6c7c89.html but i can't boot it. It doesn't recognize the usb stick. Someone knows which is the solution to this problem cd burning excluded? Thank you in advance to02:07
linda VGA compatible controller:02:07
onryo<onryo> and it it works darn nice. Just that detail will not showing the names of users when I log in with lightdm02:07
reisioaokmanga: where'd you find these instructions?...02:07
aokmangareisio: on the ubuntu official download page, i selected try it on usb stick and there is a step by step instruction selecting usb stick and mac as the operating system you are working on.02:08
lindaaokmanga: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/02:08
calimochoi am heavily affected by this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/87755602:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 877556 in gnome-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Calculation of Battery Power Consumsion was Mistake" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:08
calimochoi want to completely prevent hibernation02:09
onryoOMG .... is this the special eduction class?02:09
=== Dinky is now known as Apple
aokmangahi linda, thanks for the link. i know unetbootin but it never worked good for me on the mac. anyway, i'll try it again maybe i'll be luckier this time :)02:09
somsiponre: s/eduction/education ;)02:09
calimochoif i come out of suspend even with 90% battery i get critical power warning and it hibernates.02:09
calimochoanyone know how to disable hibernation? in gconf-editor apps/.../powermanager/critical actions is set to none02:10
_schism_has anyone here  gotten google music to work with 10.04 by any chance?02:10
lgcWhat's your opinion of tasksel?02:14
somsipEpsilonultra: ok02:14
Epsilonultrawhy are there 1500 people in #ubuntu02:14
mina86hi guys, I want to add a repository to sources but I don't want it to be used in normal "apt-get safe-upgrade" and similar. only when I specifically choose it. is it doable?02:15
lindaEpsilonultra: I really don't know.02:15
teddieEpsilonultra, because ubuntu is popular02:15
Epsilonultra99% of them are not present02:15
qinEpsilonultra: Really?02:16
lindayou'd think that out of 1500 people someone would know why a system keeps reverting to "Low Graphics Mode"  :(02:16
Epsilonultrain what client02:16
xanguaEpsilonultra: do you have an ubuntu support question¿02:16
Epsilonultrawhoa upsidedown ?02:16
teddieit's not that high.. it's about 2% of the users on freenode here02:16
lindateddie: Not that high?  What other channel has 1500?02:17
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:17
teddiei mean, it's understandable 1 in 50 freenode users would just feel like idling here02:17
teddiepangolin: noted.02:18
lindapangolin: Good call,   not that much support going on right now....02:18
Epsilonultrawell, Q= can a windows emulator run windows multiplayer exes02:18
Epsilonultraahh!!! stop with the green text02:18
xanguaEpsilonultra: virtualbox02:18
Epsilonultra is it on softwarecenter?02:18
toshhello can someone help me and tell m if someone know any channel of mucisians? thanks!02:19
xangua!virtualbox | Epsilonultra02:19
ubottuEpsilonultra: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox02:19
xangua!alis | tosh02:19
ubottutosh: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*02:19
=== Apple is now known as RainbowDash
Epsilonultranoted. I commonly use Wine Windows Program Loader02:19
=== h is now known as Guest52130
truth63hey im new too ubuntu and im having trouble02:20
lindatruth63: Join the club.02:21
Epsilonultrawhat do you need help with02:21
lindatruth63: If you ask a question you might get help, but one thing is for sure, if you don't, you wont.02:21
truth63adding a password to a very large file and getting rid of a certain package02:22
lindatruth63: That is not a question.02:22
truth63Cryptkeeper is what i need to get rid of02:23
Epsilonultrahow do we hide our ip addresses02:23
xangua!cloak | Epsilonultra02:24
ubottuEpsilonultra: To get any kind of cloak (ubuntu member or any other kind) you first need to set up your nick as detailed in this FAQ: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup -  For Ubuntu member cloaks, ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your launchpad page, for unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode.02:24
lindaEpsilonultra: Is that a question?02:24
truth63I have a thing called cryptkeeper and i need help getting rid of it how would i do so?02:25
Epsilonultraok now how do i cloak?02:29
Epsilonultrahow do i hide my IP address02:29
truth63I need help with my app-install it keeps telling me the file does not exist02:29
Epsilonultralet me take remote control02:29
Epsilonultrawhat is your IP02:30
PiciEpsilonultra: please read the entire factoid.02:31
Epsilonultrawhat do you mean02:33
JusticeZeroI've been having freezing issues on this laptop, i'm not sure if there are any good ways to deal with it?02:38
reisiothat all depends02:38
=== mina86 is now known as mina86|aw
JusticeZeroWhen it's unplugged, it runs fine for a few minutes, then locks up completely. Only thing to be done is to do a hard shutdown.02:39
JusticeZeroI'm not sure if that bug was ever tracked down.. I know it's known, but.. :p02:40
Epsilonultraaww my proxy is broken02:41
JusticeZeroack, need to go - getting a ride home because of the rain.02:43
teddietoodle pip02:43
Epsilonultrawhy arent my proxies working02:45
truth63how can i fix not being able to access programs due too File path not found02:45
Epsilonultrasomeone help02:45
An-iSociaLhaving issues with a touchscreen under ubuntu xorg, its only registering mouse down events and not up events, is there a configuration for this or is there something wrong with the hardware?02:46
Epsilonultraproxies help02:46
Epsilonultrasomeone help me with proxies02:47
truth63How do i get rid of crypt keeper?02:47
earltencan you reset a plasmoid? I was using the system monitor plasmoid... and I accidentally dragged the temp monitor off it. Now, the temp monitor had been monitoring my CPU temp just fine...  now suddonly, it's empty. When I go in to configure it, I have no available sensors. Could anyone help me to reset this plasmoid to it's "out of box" values?02:48
truth63can i get help with this?02:51
lgcAnyone has had trouble with DNS via dyndns.org?02:51
earltenlgc: always02:54
lgcearlten, and how do you solve them?02:54
Epsilonultraoh come on!!!02:54
kandinskiis it possible to switch between unity and unity2d without exiting the session?02:55
untitled_onlySup room?02:55
untitled_onlyIn the terminal02:56
EpsilonultraSomeone tell me how to proxy02:58
Epsilonultrathis place is infested with hackers02:58
untitled_onlyCheck the forums02:58
Epsilonultrawhat forums02:59
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:59
untitled_onlyUbuntu forums03:00
EpsilonultraI need help with proxies03:00
Epsilonultrais ubottu an actual person03:00
truth63Im runnin 11.10 ubuntu and i cannot use any apps03:00
somsipEpsilonultra: no, it's a bot03:00
An-iSociaLhaving issues with a touchscreen under ubuntu xorg, its only registering mouse down events and not up events, is there a configuration for this or is there something wrong with the hardware?03:00
An-iSociaLubuntu natty03:01
xangua!proxy | Epsilonultra03:01
ubottuEpsilonultra: Several Ubuntu channels prohibit access from open proxies and other anonymous connections due to a high level of abuse. The supported ways to hide your IP address on freenode are to use !Tor or get a !cloak03:01
lgcSome aborted tasksel procedure caused that I can't update. It signals a bunch of errors of the type "404  Not Found [IP: 80]03:01
lgcErr http://mx.archive.ubuntu.com karmic/restricted Packages". What can I do?03:01
ubottuTo get any kind of cloak (ubuntu member or any other kind) you first need to set up your nick as detailed in this FAQ: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup -  For Ubuntu member cloaks, ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your launchpad page, for unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode.03:01
xangualgc: upgrade to a supported ubuntu version03:01
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:01
pangolinyou also need to actually read the information given to you Epsilonultra03:01
Epsilonultrai do!!!03:02
pangolinapparently not03:02
Epsilonultrai registered this username, looked at the cloak system and it gave me nothing03:02
lgcxangua, isn't karmic an LTS version?03:02
xangualgc: no, it's not03:02
zelozelosin the compiz settings where do i set the window(s) to where they remember their last location and if minimized or maximized?03:03
lgcxangua, does 10.04 use GNOME?03:03
fouad659can someone help me with my server03:04
fouad659with the permissions03:04
xangualgc: all ubuntu releases use gnome03:04
An-iSociaLso many issues tonight03:04
An-iSociaLill work on my touchscreen myself some more03:04
somsipfouad659: can you give more details03:04
An-iSociaLask again later when its not crazy03:04
fouad659wait me?03:05
fouad659i think mine is pretty basic03:05
Epsilonultraany server staff in?03:05
fouad659but im just new to ubuntu03:05
somsipfouad659: so give more details03:05
zelozelosEpsilonultra, maybe theres a server channel03:05
fouad659ok, i set up a LAMP server on ubuntu 10.0403:06
fouad659works pretty well03:06
truth63Im having seriouse trouble being able to get anything to work period03:06
zelozelosEpsilonultra, or just state the issue idk03:06
fouad659whenever i upload something in ftp03:06
fouad659the permissions are messed up03:06
fouad659so i need to go in and chmod03:06
lgcxangua, Really? What about this Unity thing?03:06
xangualgc: is a shell03:06
somsipfouad659: probably ftpd is running as one user and apache2 is running as another, yes?03:06
fouad659haha, you lost me already03:07
zelozelosfouad659, what are your permissions to start with, do you have them set to where your files are not shared or anything?03:07
fouad659i have it in /home/fouad/public_html03:07
fouad659i updated it in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/03:08
fouad659so that the directory is right03:08
somsipfouad659: what are the perms on that folder, what are the perms on files you upload, what perms do you change them to03:08
wolfricIf you're logged in via ssh to a host, how could you tell the difference between ubuntu server and ubuntu desktop?03:08
wolfricIs there any difference other than what packages are installed by default?03:09
zelozeloslogin name?03:09
fouad659when i upload them03:09
fouad659they are set to 70003:09
lgcxangua, Really?03:09
fouad659so i just chmod -R 75503:09
fouad659like i saw on some forums03:09
fouad659which looks right to me03:09
fouad659im just not sure why it autosets to 70003:09
lgcxangua, so what's the big deal about it?03:09
somsipfouad659: the webserver runs as www-data user, so it can't read 700 files. Maybe you need to set the default permissions for uploaded files03:09
somsipfouad659: what ftp server package are you using?03:10
somsipfouad659: one solution, but I don't like this: http://serverfault.com/questions/214097/how-do-i-set-the-default-group-for-a-vsftpd-users-uploads-ubuntu-10-0403:11
fouad659lemme try it03:12
boxybrownhey guys03:12
somsipfouad659: you really need tobe changing a setting in vsftpd.conf to set 'umask' to 022 (I think...)03:12
boxybrownany idea why launching byobu wont run .bashrc03:12
boxybrownbut launching screen by itself will?03:12
somsipfouad659: Looks better - http://www.basicconfig.com/linux-servers/install-configure-vsftpd-ubuntu03:12
fouad659still doesnt work03:13
fouad659oh ok03:13
fouad659ill try that one03:13
somsipfouad659: the bit about local_umask - you will need to restart vsftpd after changing the conf file03:13
Epsilonultrathe /trace command should be restricted03:14
Epsilonultracuz srsly, I can figure out what computer, the port, ISP, Region, State, and all03:15
Epsilonultraof almost everyone03:15
Epsilonultratry tracing me03:15
somsipfouad659: result?03:17
fouad659somsip: youre the man03:17
fouad659it works03:17
somsipfouad659: cool - glad to help03:17
fouad659or woman* whichever you are03:18
fouad659but you're awesome03:18
An-iSociaLcan i get some awesome over here03:18
somsipfouad659: you're welcome03:18
fouad659alright cya guys03:18
fouad659back to the actual code :P03:18
lgcWill upgrading mess with my /home?03:20
lgcthanks, pangolin.03:20
maestrojedbeen building an ubuntu box to be a media center and controlled by my Android phone. 2 pretty specific things but Ive learned ticks & I know there are more to learn. Do you think a site/forum about this would get any interest? Would you be interested? Do you use Ubuntu in this fashion?03:21
An-iSociaLmaestrojed, xbmc already does that03:22
Linuxphreaknot sure if ubuntu is using latest gnome. but if it is will I have problem installing it on computer that doesn't support hardware acceleration?03:22
maestrojedAn-iSociaL sure, and I use XBMC, but there is sooo much more to do. XBMC would be a thread. But its not the only thing to think about03:23
wolfricwhere would i look for a list of vulnerabilities on a system running a certain outdated version of ubuntu. (debsecan is useless)03:23
xanguaLinuxphreak: there are unity-2d and gnome-fallback mode for no hardware acceleration03:23
Linuxphreakxangua: cool deal03:24
maestrojedAn-iSociaL and I guess that is kinda my point. Well can you do or is interesting to do?03:24
maestrojedbut I think it is too specific03:24
=== kassius is now known as mercvrivs
calvadosIs there a way to upgrade pear to 1.9.4 on ubuntu 11.10 ? , pear upgrade pear aint working03:25
mercvrivsthis is a test03:25
robin0800Linuxphreak: I would use the alternate cd as the live cd may not work with no hardware acceleration03:25
Pauluntuis pogo only for windows i can't join any games in ubuntu03:27
LinuxphreakI prefer to use the alternate installer. I find that I have more flexibility woth it03:27
somsipcalvados: 1.9.2 here and I upgraded the other day, so maybe package is only at that version03:27
somsipmercvrivs: ok03:27
geek07anyone have experience with the ATI tradeon HD4650?03:28
Linuxphreakmost likely will be installing via netboot images using pxe on my fedora server03:29
geek07i have installed on a amd 3200 w 3 gb and the screen is terrible03:31
lgcHow can I find out which broken packages are in my system?03:32
geek07and in debian 6 it doesn't work aqt all03:32
calvadossomsip, actually PHPUnit (latest) required 1.9.403:32
xangualgc: karmic is no longer supported, like i said before03:33
somsipcalvados: I install PHPUnit yesterday with no problems <shrugs> Not sure what version though03:33
truth63how do i fix not having access to any files03:34
aeon-ltdtruth63: explain more03:36
truth63aeon-ltd i cant get anything to work at all03:36
maestrojedanyone know of a app that would let you load a url as your desktop wallpaper?03:36
lgcxangua, regardless of that, the command is probably the same.03:36
truth63aeon-ltd It happened after I updated earlier03:37
aeon-ltdtruth63: i still don't understand03:37
truth63aeon-ltd when i try to use an app or program nothing happens03:37
xangualgc: what part of no longer supported don't you get¿ please upgrade to a supported version03:37
aeon-ltdtruth63: even after restarting?03:38
truth63aeon-ltd thats when it started03:38
aeon-ltdtruth63: what does work though?03:39
yagooi need a hardware answer to this-- anyone knows if i lose performance or grounding if i use molex-4->sata? (sata is 5 cords.. so i'd like to know-- dumb power unit only has 1 sata powerplug)03:39
truth63aeon-ltd  im not a 100% sure im new to this os03:40
=== flack is now known as flack-Z
lgcxangua, what part of "regardless of the distribution the command might be the same" don't you understand?03:41
truth63aeon-ltdsimple things like system settings and system updater03:41
aeon-ltdtruth63: you can login at least?03:41
truth63aeon-ltd im scared to log out03:41
=== Jay is now known as Guest69312
phunyguyyagoo, try #hardware03:41
aeon-ltdtruth63: right now it sounds like either packages are corrupt - so no launch or the links to the applications are wrong/corrupt03:42
aeon-ltdtruth63: can you open a terminal?03:42
truth63aeon-ltd yes03:42
aeon-ltdtry launch firefox from there03:42
truth63aeon-ltd but i have no idea what to do with it03:42
truth63aeon-ltd that works03:42
aeon-ltdtruth63: just type 'firefox'03:42
truth63aeon-ltd ok03:43
aeon-ltdtruth63: keep trying with other applications that don't work fom menus dock etc03:43
truth63aeon-ltd ot much is working03:45
aeon-ltdtruth63: try to update again03:46
aeon-ltdtruth63: 'sudo apt-get update' from terminal03:46
truth63aeon-ltd im trying system testing and it froze when trying to view report03:46
alsoericwhat is the best linux equivalent to winscp for navigating and copying files03:47
xangua!ftp | alsoeric03:47
ubottualsoeric: FTP clients: Nautilus (Places -> Connect to server), gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); Konqueror, Kasablanca, KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd03:47
tron101ive tried to run a program but nothing happens, how do i get a log of whats happening?03:48
truth63aeon-ltd it read package list and is done03:48
aeon-ltdtron101: running it in terminal03:48
aeon-ltdtruth63: now 'sudo apt-get upgrade'03:49
=== kassius is now known as mercvrivs
tron101run the program in terminal?03:49
aeon-ltdtron101: yes then the log will appear in the terminal03:49
truth63 nothing done03:49
alsoericwanted scp or sftp not ftp03:49
truth63aeon-ltd nothing to install03:50
aeon-ltdtruth63: try 'sudo apt-get -f install'03:52
truth63aeon-ltd nothing done03:53
truth63aeon-ltd can i send u screen shot?03:54
aeon-ltdtruth63: post it on imageshack or a imagebin site03:55
aeon-ltdtruth63: http://imageshack.us/03:55
alsoericbetter solution to my Q is secpanel03:57
alsoericmight want to add it to the robot answer03:57
somsipalsoeric: Filezilla supports SFTP03:57
alsoericyes it does adn it may also work bit secpanel hints at scratching an itch I was ignoring03:58
=== aj00200 is now known as Aj00300
alsoericI'm also having a problem with flash and hulu03:58
alsoericit lock up my display03:59
truth63aeon-ltd this is crazy03:59
camilleqcoi recently did the update and now i can't get past the startup screen03:59
camilleqcoany ideas what i can do?04:00
camilleqcoi am running a lenovo thinkpad T42004:00
alsoericuse the rescue boot04:00
Untitledsup room04:00
alsoericfrom the grub prompt04:00
camilleqcoalsoeric, how do i  do that? do i need a disk?04:00
Pauluntucan only play on pogo?  It wont work for me keeps crashing04:00
camilleqcoalsoeric,  i'll see if i can figure that out04:01
alsoericcamilleqco, are single boot or multi-boot?04:01
=== JG84|Around-ish is now known as JG84|zzz
camilleqcoalsoeric, single boot04:01
alsoericgrub show up if you hit esc I believe04:02
Untitled_onlysup room04:03
camilleqcoalsoeric, should i hit esc at startup or at ubuntu startup screen? just did it on startup screen to no effect. will try at startup now...04:04
=== Maury is now known as derp
camilleqcoalsoeric, :/ again nothing04:05
alsoericstart at bios screen. you want the char at the start  of grub04:05
camilleqcoalsoeric, ok at biot04:05
Jordan_Ucamilleqco: Hold shift during boot.04:07
camilleqcoalsoeric, i switched to diagnostics boot mode.. i am back at the frozen ubuntu start up screen04:08
Pauluntuis anyone able to get pogo games to run?04:08
camilleqcoJordan_U, i get to bios, not sure what to select there to at least get to terminal04:08
maestrojedPauluntu one sec and I will try. I have never tried on my linux box04:10
camilleqcoJordan_U, i get to bios, not sure what to select there to at least get to terminal alsoeric04:10
sabayonweb9506I'm trying to change the resolution from the cli. xrandr -d :0 -s 4 gives me "failed to change screen configuration!". Any help?04:10
Jordan_Ucamilleqco: Hold shift to get to the grub menu. From there select the recovery mode entry.04:11
camilleqcoJordan_U, hmm it said something about grub and then it just came to this screen again04:15
truth63im having problems with file paths and stuff not launching04:16
atdiehm_lappyif I want to reformat a netbook into ubuntu... can I do that by starting with the windows install? or do I have to get the usb image onto a drive....04:17
truth63I cant get any apps to work04:18
maestrojedPauluntu It seems neither FF nor Chrome will run a java applet. That is news to me but then again I have never tried. But that means no pogo :(04:19
truth63apparently my file paths are incomplete04:20
Pauluntumastrojed, darn i guess i have to go back to windows i mean I can handle one or two setbacks you know but linux is forcing me to letgo of every little thing i use and start over like i never touched a computer before04:22
xanguamaestrojed: Pauluntu it will run a java applet if you have sun/oracle java and the browser plugin instaled04:24
maestrojedPauluntu You still there, I got it working04:24
Pauluntumaestrojed, how you get it working04:24
Pauluntui have openjdk6 and icetea installed04:24
=== bryan is now known as Guest17336
maestrojedPauluntu well I don't know what that stuff is, I am kinda an Ubuntu n00b. But. I updated my java and java plugin with "sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin"04:26
maestrojedThen used FF04:26
maestrojedIt still didn't work in chrome04:26
xanguaPauluntu: maestrojed there is no oracle/sun jave on oneiric official repositories, if you want it there is a ppa for 6 and manual instructions for 7 on webupd8 blog04:27
maestrojedAlso I am FireFox8 which isn't the version that ubuntu defaults to. It defaults to 3.6. I have not test that.04:27
maestrojedxangua okay, I just did that, and it worked.04:27
xanguaypu just did it in 30 seconds¿04:28
maestrojedI updated java with the command I pasted above. Yes. just now,04:28
camilleqcowow, i am having horrible ubuntu frustrations04:29
camilleqcogonna put a note up in forums and then go light a candle04:29
maestrojedPogo.com's java applets were not working in Firefox or Chrome. I ran that. And they started working in FireFox04:29
camilleqcobrand new lenovo thinkpad. geez geez04:29
rypervenchemaestrojed: I've never gotten Java to work properly in chromium.04:29
Pauluntukk i'm trying it now :P why the hell did ubuntu get rid of good working java04:29
Pauluntui swear linux is going backwards instead of fowards04:30
rypervenchePauluntu: Linux isn't going backward, Ubuntu is ~_^04:30
Pauluntulol yeah maybe your right rypervenche04:30
maestrojedNo one has ever been able to explain to me why ubuntu defaults to FireFox 3.6. They just yell to at me "That is current!"04:30
rypervenchePauluntu: Oh, I just read above. OpenJDK works perfectly fine. Why use Sun Java?04:30
=== RainbowDash is now known as apple
zdcFriends, who know how to set the window size and position when the program starts04:32
rypervenchemaestrojed: because Ubuntu doesn't use the latest versions of packages. They take it from Debian which is meant for stability.04:32
maestrojedrypervenche ok, but 3.6!!!04:33
qinzdc: wmctrl or devilspie, gods know how it works with unity and new gnome04:33
truth63Is anyone else having trouble wuth the GUI04:33
User916Try This Cool Game : http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4ecc7386cc67566530497104:33
rypervenchemaestrojed: It's stable.04:33
maestrojedrypervenche Pauluntu  is trying to use Pogo.com which is a game site. All the games are java applets run through your browser.04:33
User916Try This Cool Game : http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4ecc7386cc67566530497104:34
rypervenchemaestrojed: So use a PPA for a newer version of Firefox.04:34
maestrojedrypervenche I think they need to loosen their definition of stable then. The later versions of FF run fine in linux. and 3.6 is really old.04:34
gast2rootmy xvidcap stopped recording on ocelot, mpeg movie freezes, any clue?04:35
rypervenchemaestrojed: No, not necessarily. Maybe you need to change your definition of "distribution that I want to use" :P04:36
maestrojedrypervenche I do, but I feel stuff like that is what holds back Ubuntu. An average user won't know how to do that and will be stuck using some old crap because of a philosophy debate on stability04:36
zdcqin: xiexie,Difficult to use, especially in the unity and nome304:36
rypervenchemaestrojed: easy fix for that04:36
maestrojedI am fine, I can switch repos and stuff. But I do have a love for the project and hate to see stupid stuff like that.04:37
camilleqcomaestrojed, i was just feeling the same way.04:37
camilleqcoi am waving the FLOSS flag and then i encounter these programs and i cant in good conscious tell people to just dunmp their trusty windows04:37
zdcqin: Is it only kde can do04:37
Untitled_onlywindows sucks04:38
camilleqcoi hate windows but there is something to be said for not having to bang your head against the wall for every little thing04:38
blackeyedplz somebody can say me how can i start my launcher in 11.10??04:38
ejvhow can i ask bash for a list of directories whose size is less than 1 megabyte?04:38
Untitled_onlyls -a -l04:39
maestrojedcamilleqco and some of its because of attitude not capability and that sucks04:39
Piciejv: directories don't have a size. do you mean the sum of their contents? (probably)04:39
ejvpici of course04:40
Piciejv: a combination of sort and du will give you want you want.04:40
blackeyedmy launcher desapears, someone can say me how can i restart the unity plugin?04:40
ejvi was hoping someone would do the heavy lifting for me04:40
ejvand magically spit a command at me :)04:40
Untitled_only:-!  nope04:41
blackeyedhow can i re-start the unity plugin?04:41
blackeyedsome body helps me04:41
gast2rootwhats a good package to record specific desktop area into mpeg movie?04:41
Piciejv: find can't easily find the sum of the contents of a path. using something like: du /some/path/ --max-depth=1 -h | sort -h   will get you closer to what you want.04:41
xanguablackeyed: unity --reset04:42
blackeyeddoesnt work..04:42
=== iodine is now known as iodine15
blackeyedxangua doesnt work04:42
xanguablackeyed: if your launcher doesn't apper, you sure moved something on compiz conf, did you install compiz setting manager¿04:42
blackeyedyeah thats it04:43
xanguablackeyed: if yes, open it, search the Unity pluign and enable it04:43
* ejv throws a chair04:43
blackeyedhow can i open it?04:43
xanguablackeyed: run ccsm from terminal04:43
druizhello room04:44
blackeyedxangua thank u very much!04:44
camilleqcohi druiz04:44
druizhello camille04:44
druizwhere are you from?04:44
Pici!ot | druiz04:45
ubottudruiz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:45
ejvPici: du -m . | perl -ne '@l = split();print "@l\n" if $l[0]<=1' | grep "1\ ./"04:45
ejvvoila ;)04:45
Piciejv: sure, that works too ;)04:45
ejvperl saves me arse yet again04:46
ejvyea creates a boolean identifier, it's a mess tho, grep was mighty handy04:46
Pauluntuthe real java works wonderfully on pogo no problems, that openjdk is pure garbage04:48
dhikahi all04:50
tensorpuddingPauluntu, just so you know, "real java" is no longer available under a license that allows ubuntu to distribute it04:51
tensorpuddingalso oracle is making openjdk 7 the reference implementation for java 704:51
J_CToo bad Oracle bought Sun and changed almost everything04:51
J_Cgood to know04:52
mcoreddo u guys know how to show binary units system wide e.g. KiB, MiB etc?05:00
J_Ctough question, what is it you want to show?05:01
reisiomcored: with what verson of Ubuntu05:02
mcoredlatest version reisio 11.1005:02
reisiojust for GNOME/Unity, or... system _wide_?05:02
mcoredsystem wide05:02
reisioI've not heard of a solution for that05:02
reisioit'd be nice, though, wouldn't it05:02
J_Cor within a specific commad?05:02
reisioevery app uses its own preference: binary or decimal05:03
J_Cand some can be changed with switches, like df -h for example05:03
reisiothe only sane way to make it configurable system wide would be to make a library and pressure every single app to use it05:03
reisiobut that isn't particularly sane :p05:03
reisiothe saner option would be to get the standards bodies to invent a new name for decimal names05:03
OldschoolVgamerHello everyone05:04
J_Cand sometimes not very useful :)05:04
reisioinstead of trying to get people to pretend GB isn't a binary name05:04
reisioOldschoolVgamer: hiyo05:04
mcoredyeah i can see ubuntu shows file sizes in decimal05:04
reisiodoes it?05:04
OldschoolVgamerI'm having a little bit of trouble connecting to the internet on Ubuntu05:04
reisioyou compared the byte size?05:04
J_COldschoolVgamer:  in what way?05:05
mcoredyes i did reisio see here pls http://img835.imageshack.us/img835/8673/screenshotglc.png05:05
OldschoolVgamerWell it's my wireless connection05:05
mcoredso actually ubuntu is displaying the value and the unit correctly05:05
J_Cis your wireless card supported?05:06
OldschoolVgamerIt's from a company called Trendnet05:06
reisiomcored: fun05:06
mcoredonly if i could show 223.1 GB in that screenshot as 212.7 GiB instead reisio :)05:06
* reisio can maths05:06
reisiowould be a fun project05:06
reisioconsidered it myself05:07
J_Cthere is a hrdware support page, I believe, at Ubuntu, but trendnet is fairly common and probably supported05:07
OldschoolVgamerI've been trying for hours to get this damn adapter to work, but I'm lost05:07
mcoredthe other problem i have is having to disable touchpad everytime i reboot05:07
julianMount google chromium, entering this website in China. trend.eeff.com not let me view language correctly, someone could help me? funds or need to install?05:07
J_Chave you tried to look at the dmesg log to see if it is even recognized?05:07
zdcFriends, who know how to set the window size and position when the program starts05:08
mcoredi did xinput set-prop 15 "Device Enabled" 005:08
mcoredi have to do that everytime i reboot05:08
OldschoolVgamerJ_C do you mean the hardware support page at Trendnet itself?05:08
J_CNo, I believe Ubuntu has a hrdware supported page05:09
OldschoolVgamerBe this sounding stupid, but I don't know where that page is05:09
OldschoolVgamerI've only started using it05:09
Untitled_onlycheck the forums05:09
J_Cbut you could start here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport05:11
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
OldschoolVgamerThe model number doesn't match though05:12
J_COldschoolVgamer:  And forums will give you answers. Also, a simple google search like "Trendnet + Ubuntu"05:12
J_Cor "Trendnet wireless ethernet + Ubuntu", etc.05:12
=== shabble_ is now known as shabble
J_CI dn't have a trendnet card, so it's tough for me to give you a direct answer, but tools like dmesg (from the command line) and pipe that through less will let you scroll through the boot process "dmeg | less" from a terminal. Also look at lsmod command to see what modules are loaded and see if you recognize a possible trendnet module05:14
Untitled_onlysup darkstar99905:15
=== Untitled is now known as Linux
J_COldschoolVgamer:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsTrendnet05:20
OldschoolVgamerMy model number isn't listed though05:20
J_CHave you tried to do a google search on that model number + linux on Google?05:21
himcesjfHello! What is rtkit-daemon? I see it to be running to call chroot, drop priveleges, limit resources05:21
OldschoolVgamerOh J_C!  MANY times! lol05:22
mrpink57anyone use openurl in irssi?  keep getting screen: command not found trying to load a url.05:22
reisiomrpink57: you might need to export BROWSER05:23
reisioor something like that05:23
reisio#irssi would know05:23
reisioor #{insertterminalnamehere}05:23
=== aperson is now known as baradox
=== baradox is now known as aperson
theking5765I have a question about multiboot05:24
theking5765multiboot from GPT05:25
theking5765guid whatever05:25
mrpink57reisio: I'm not sure what you mean by export BROWSER?  and are you suggesting to ask in the irssi channel?05:25
reisiotheking5765: still waiting for a question05:25
=== Linux is now known as system
theking5765I am using the Ubuntu GRUB, but05:25
theking5765can't get debian to load05:25
theking5765I'm a linux noob05:26
=== system is now known as Guest16351
reisiomrpink57: BROWSER, the environmental variable05:26
=== Guest16351 is now known as root
reisiomrpink57: echo 'export BROWSER=firefox' >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc && irssi05:26
=== root is now known as rootM3
mrpink57reisio: I am using urxvt I added urxvt*urllauncher: Google-chrome (got this from xprop)05:27
reisioadded where05:27
=== rootM3 is now known as backtrack
mrpink57to Xdefaults05:28
reisioyou need to make sure 'Google-chrome' is actually the executable for your Chrome install05:28
reisiodpkg -L chromeorwhatever | grep bin05:28
reisiomrpink57: you also need to run xrdb ~/.Xdefaults, or restart X05:28
J_COldschoolVgamer: I just found this: http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.linux.drivers.rt2x00.user/6  Apparently there are some people looking at this but I guess it isn't fully supported yet.05:28
mrpink57reisio: that is why I used xprop I launched it then clicked.05:28
reisiomrpink57: finally, occasionally the case of those preferences matter, mine is urxvt.urlLauncher:firefox, not urllauncher05:28
mrpink57reisio: mine is setup the same I just did not bother to capitalize here what is actual captial05:29
J_CWireless USB is pretty cheap nowadays, until it works I would jst order one that is known to work05:29
reisioshould work05:29
reisiomrpink57: you know it's the middle button to open them, right?05:30
OldschoolVgamerI've been able to use the internet in Ubuntu with my old connection, no problem05:30
reisioyou might need urxvt.perl-ext-common:default,matcher also05:30
OldschoolVgamerIt's just this new one05:30
J_COldschoolVgamer:  Once someone starts actively going at it, usually the problem is solved fairly quickly05:31
J_CI would bet the issue is fixed within a month or two05:32
J_Cbased on the thread I jst read05:32
backtrackgeohott wanna be05:33
J_CThe chip is supported, apparently t's a matter of the usb interface itself05:33
Untitled_onlybacktrack this is a ubuntu help channel... stop trolling05:33
spotterwhat's this hosts.ac file?05:34
spotterwhen did it change that modifcations to /etc/hosts weren't permanent and one had to edit /etc/hosts.ac (or so it seems at least)05:35
=== backtrack is now known as admin1
riffhow do you burn a disc in ubuntu?05:36
spotterit's cisco anyconnect05:37
spotterstupid cisco05:37
xanguariff with Brasero05:37
admin1use brasero disk burner05:37
mrpink57reisi: well I verified that it is actually google-chrome but no luck it just does openurl 1sh: screen: then unknown command05:37
mrpink57tried irssi chat but no one is active really05:38
riffcan it burn images?05:38
soreauriff: yes or you can use wodim from cli05:38
admin1no problem05:39
superhow do i setup gnome-radio ??05:39
superany ideas ?05:40
J_Cbrasero or K3b… personally I preerK3b as an all-round cd dvd burner05:40
J_Cpreer = prefer05:40
soreausuper: Use rhythmbox05:40
superthanks ... lets me see that ...05:40
admin1brasero plugin's make it enjoyable05:41
reisiok3b is pretty great05:41
reisioparticularly in KDE05:41
reisioyou basically just use it from the actions context menu option05:41
J_Cin both gnome and KDE05:41
reisioI use cdrecord/cdrkit/wodim and growisofs, though05:42
reisioJ_C: coo05:42
StarminnWhat is the channel for WINE?05:42
admin1i think #wine05:42
soreausuper: You might have to install rhythmbox-radio-browser and rhythmbox-plugins first05:42
Starminnadmin1, That's what I thought. invite-only?05:42
soreauStarminn: winehq05:43
admin1yes, you need to get a key05:43
pythonirc101I would like my ubuntu box to automatically login at boot and start the GUI (gnome). How can i do this? My current runlevel is 205:43
Starminnsoreau, Aha!05:43
superthanks sorean ... i got them all already .. i didn't knew it got a radio too in it ....05:43
jpfisetHas anyone run into this problem? I am running 11.04 and the update-manager used to offer to upgrade to 11.10 for a while. Now that I am ready to go, the upgrade button is gone. All is up-to-date with apt-get update/dist-upgrade. Any idea?05:43
superim playing the radio now .. :D05:43
admin1you may need to refresh your software05:44
J_Csuper: I run it through my stereo system, sounds great w/the right sound card05:44
MoLootI'm remoting to server from different locations using xrdp.  How do/where do I find the right info to use same XFCE desktop?05:44
superyeps .. I_C it surely does ..... and i really like radio ...05:45
J_CMoLoot:  Is XFCE installed on the server you are remoting ito?05:45
soreaujpfiset: Try software-properties-gtk and tell it to check for new release05:45
RavenTrigunI have a question I am Have a quick question I am about to install Ubuntu onto a Hard Drive and I was wondering is it possible to install Windows 7 on my first hard drive and Ubuntu on the 2nd and Encrypt Both of them using TruCrypt and Encrypt the Bootloader?05:45
MoLootJ_C: Yes.05:45
superis there any way i can record the songs playing through radio ??05:45
supervirtual audio cable ??05:46
superlike in windows05:46
MoLootJ_C: It's a dedicated server that I have on the net.  I am doing some work @ home, and some while in the office.  The desktop always is different, and I want to use the same workspace regardless where I login from.05:46
superthere need to be sumthing like that05:46
J_CI'm not sure what distro you are running, but there should be some sort of "desktop-switcher" or preference setting05:46
soreausuper: You could just use sound recorder05:46
MoLootJ_C: Ubuntu -05:46
reisiosuper: talking about an internet audio stream?05:47
=== al__ is now known as Al_Bandoeng
superokay .. thanks soreau will give it a shot ...05:47
superyes ... reisio....05:47
reisiosuper: VLC can05:47
reisioor mplayer -dumpstream URI -dumpfile foo05:47
J_CI do not have an Ubuntu server running right now here, but at work on the LTS server there is a desktop switcher app05:47
jpfisetsoreau: Thanks, I already checked that. Software sources are set to pick up new releases. I have rebooted multiple times and re-run the command line apt-get as well. Nothing is bringing the upgrade button.05:47
reisioor mplayer -playlist -dumpstream URI -dumpfile foo (-playlist sometimes needed)05:47
supercan vlc record radio streaming ??05:48
reisiothere's also rtmpdump for more complex nonsense05:48
reisiosuper: didn't I just say that...05:48
soreaujpfiset: maybe try running the upgrade manager with -d or check the options05:48
superohhhh.... thanks you saved my day ...05:48
OldschoolVgamerWhat kind of browser do you guys use?05:48
reisiothe kind that's a UA05:49
admin1chromium web browser/ firefox05:49
digirakI have a star trek sound theme installed05:49
digirakthat does not kick in05:49
RavenTrigunQuestion: I am trying to install Ubunt and Windows 7 on two different hard drives and encrypt the bootloader using the program TrueCrypt would anyone know how to do that?05:49
digirakany ideas why?05:49
zykotick9super, give soreau's suggestion a try first - but i don't think it will work out of the box.  Pulse is capable of recording from anything it's outputting though, see this slightly outdated guide at http://blog.fulsolabs.com/?p=994 audacity (or perhaps even soundrecorder) should work after the pulse adjustment(s)05:49
soreaujpfiset: update-manager --dist-upgrade05:49
J_CI use firefox and occasionally  Opera05:49
jpfisetsoreau: Thanks. That did it.05:50
MoLootJ_C: Thanks for your input :)05:50
J_CRavenTrigun: I believe there is a hoot at the TrueCrypt site for what you want to do05:51
soreauRavenTrigun: Why would you want to encrypt your boot loader?05:51
BesogonPeole! Need help in joining domain with SAMBA05:51
soreau! samba | Besogon05:51
ubottuBesogon: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.05:51
J_CThe advantage of encrypting the bootloader is that you have "plausible deniability" if you want to hide an operating system05:53
RavenTrigunI find it easier for me personally it is just another login I have brothers who know computers and encrypting gets them to take the hint and leave my computer alone a simple "windows" password is a joke Ophcrack can hit rainbow tables like they are nothing. It also gives them zero access to pulling up any terminal to get in05:53
J_CTrueCrypt has documentation on their site to do this05:53
soreauRavenTrigun: Just set a bios password and be done with it05:54
Besogonsoreau: Ubuntu help pages not notice about joining a domain but only about how to become a PDC05:54
RavenTrigun^What J_C said. I believe I remember reading a install though that TrueCrypt doesn't support encrypting the bootloader on Ubuntu systems as Ubuntu has it's own bootloader protocols.05:54
lauratikai have a question rigarding ubnutu one... my music folder is sync with the cloud and by mistake i delete from my pc a lot of music files how can i tell one to sync with my pc to get all those files are in the cloud directly to my pc again?05:54
soreauRavenTrigun: wouldnt setting a boot password be easier?05:54
RavenTrigunSoreau->Flashing the bios by taking out the battery and putting it back in or moving the jumper pin can reset the password on the bios05:55
soreauwell then05:55
J_CI believe they have updated that. I was just on their site last week reading all their docs because we may have to start using it at work05:55
pythonirc101 I would like my ubuntu box to automatically login at boot and start the GUI (gnome). How can i do this? My current runlevel is 205:55
Besogonsoreau: Do you know something about the theme? I issued "wbinfo -D vscc" and got "Active Directory: yes".... It should be a domain! What does it mean?05:56
RavenTrigunGood I wish they would support tokens at boot or keys but I will check it out.05:56
Besogon#samba chanell is silent05:56
reisionot sure what the process would be05:56
admin1check the samba forums05:56
reisioordinarily if you get physical access you can overwrite a bootloader05:56
J_Cpythonirc101: I believe the Ubuntu forums have the answer to your question. I know I don't remember offhand 'cause I never do that05:56
soreauRavenTrigun: I guess if they wanted to, they could circumvent the bios/boot password, boot a live session and nuke your boot loader altogether then *shrug*05:56
StepNjumpGood night reisio and others out there05:56
reisioif you just want to hide the fact that you have a second OS, put the bootloader on the 2nd device or partition and don't list it in the boot loader05:57
reisioStepNjump: night05:57
soreauBesogon: No idea, sorry05:57
lauratikais there ubuntu one channel?05:57
admin1try #ubuntu-one05:57
soreauRavenTrigun: On my system, even removing bios battery wont reset the boot password of bios05:58
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admin1same thing, it will transfer you to the ubuntu one channel05:59
RavenTrigunWell my bios company found that people set the passwords and forgot the passwords so they made that little backdoor05:59
admin1isn't that little backdoor great... B-)06:00
Jordan_URavenTrigun: It's impossible to to fully encrypt any bootloader.06:00
reisioRavenTrigun: wouldn't matter, typically you can reset the password with physical access06:01
Jordan_URavenTrigun: Why do you care if /boot/, or even everything but /home/you/ is unencrypted?06:01
reisioJordan_U: a common vector is replacing the bootloader with a trojan06:02
reisioboot up the system: system no longer secure06:02
Jordan_Ureisio: Encrypting /boot/ does nothing to prevent that.06:02
reisioindeed, said that above06:02
pythonirc101any ubuntu gurus can tell me how to make my box autologin06:02
reisioI'm not sure what people have attempted, other than hiding the bootloader06:03
reisiowhich is simple enough06:03
RavenTrigunBoot Loader is connected to the Two Operating Systems -Windows 7 and Ubuntu 11  therefore I am attempting to make it as secure as possible, I am confident in Ubuntu's defenses agianst cracking the password set on install but windows -_- Not in my lifetime06:03
RavenTrigunAnyway to stop them from nuking the boot loader using a live CD?06:03
reisioRavenTrigun: make it hard to find06:04
Jordan_URavenTrigun: No. Physical access means that they can modify anything.06:04
reisioRavenTrigun: put it on a usb stick on your key chain06:04
admin1go to your system settings/ user accounts/turn off automattic login06:04
soreaupythonirc101: gdm-setup?06:04
reisiosoreau: it's not gdm2setup now?06:04
soreaureisio: no idea06:05
RavenTrigunBut wouldn't they need to mount a Encrypted Hard Drive to get access to the boot loader? I know from a Ubuntu CD that requires a pasword and even then without using Truecrypt on the CD you couldn't De-Encrypt it.06:05
soreauhe didnt specify ubuntu version anyway06:05
reisiotrue :p06:05
admin1go to your system settings/ user accounts/turn off automattic login06:05
reisioRavenTrigun: no, the idea is to replace the bootloader, then allow someone to log in again, then come back or remotely gain access06:06
pythonirc101soreau: lemme try06:06
admin1night everyone06:06
reisioRavenTrigun: I'm not security expert, but the only protection against that that I know of is to make the bootloader hard to find06:06
reisionot a security*06:06
soreauRavenTrigun: AFAIK, the boot loader is actually stored in the first few bytes of the drive sector06:06
soreauRavenTrigun: Jordan_U can correct me if I am wrong as he is a boot loader developer ;)06:07
lolnhlsmthat accurate06:07
reisiothere isn't much point worrying about the boot loader if you aren't going to worry about the RAM06:07
pythonirc101soreau: doesnt work for me: ** (gdmsetup:1953): WARNING **: Failed to unlock: The name org.gnome.DisplayManager was not provided by any .service files06:07
soreaupythonirc101: maybe gksu gdmsetup?06:07
reisiothey're both physical vulnerabilities, no point covering one and not the other06:07
pythonirc101soreau: dont i have to first change the runlevel from 2 to something else?06:08
pnormanIf someone has physical access to do whatever they want to a machine then return it without being detected, they're going to be able to do whatever they want06:08
soreaupythonirc101: not afaik06:08
reisiopnorman: it's going to be much more likely, yes06:08
pythonirc101soreau: nope gksu didnt help06:08
soreaupythonirc101: what version of ubuntu?06:08
abhinav_singhwill installing CUDA Toolkit affect my desktop display?06:08
pythonirc10111.04 i believe --06:08
pnormanBesides, easiest attack vector if you have physical access is a keylogger06:08
soreauabhinav_singh: shouldnt06:09
soreaupythonirc101: lsb_release -a06:09
RavenTrigunWell the RAM won't have anything stored on it if the computer comes from a shutdown mode if it goes to hybernate someone could get the info or from pre run programs or anything you did before you locked or threw it into hybernation. AFAIK by restarting or shutting down a computer you free the ram06:09
reisiopnorman: where would you put it06:09
pnormanreisio: inside the machine06:09
abhinav_singhso what does CUDA toolkit does actually soreau06:09
reisioRavenTrigun: wrong :)06:09
reisiopnorman: and if the box were locked?06:10
jmwpcAre segfaults usually in indication of a hardware or software problem? I'm trying to troubleshoot a crashy asterisk server06:10
pnormanthen they don't have physical access06:10
reisioI'm not saying there isn't always a scam06:10
reisiohumans are easier to fool than software, anyways06:10
soreauabhinav_singh: It is nvidia specific way to use the gpu for things other than graphics afaik06:10
reisiobut you can go far06:10
lolnhlsmreisio: well if your not going to freeze the ram then if you do restart a computer the ram is wiped clean06:10
reisiololnhlsm: if you restart it you put the passphrases back into memory06:11
pnormanreisio: or you could put the keylogger in a usb cable.06:11
pythonirc101soreau: any ideas?06:12
lolnhlsmright but nothing in RAM is stored, its a sandbox for programs to work in06:12
soreaupythonirc101: give me a moment06:12
RavenTrigunLets play the what if game. Say I Encrypted my Bootl Loader and Both Hard Drives. The Federal Agents broke down my door and hauled me away to jail. They took my computer as evidence and everything needed to convict me is on the computer how would they get my files.06:12
lolnhlsmthats really hard06:12
lolnhlsmthere was an article on thehackernews that was talking about how difficult that is to crack encrypted hard drives06:13
pnormanRavenTrigun: Get a court order for your password, then stick you in jail for contempt of court?06:13
reisioRavenTrigun: if they did it that way, the only way would be tricking you or beating it out of you (etc.)06:13
reisioRavenTrigun: but if they stalked you they could probably trick you into giving away your access06:13
reisioor simply snatch your box as you were using it06:13
lolnhlsmthey just might be fucking with you, or you have a 4 letter password lol06:14
Tm_Tlolnhlsm: language, please06:14
reisiodoesn't matter, the part of the government that identifies themselves don't do this :p06:14
soreaupythonirc101: gdmsetup should work06:14
reisiothey would need the information to get the warrant to get it06:14
reisioand the other part of the government could just threaten you06:14
soreaupythonirc101: at least on my natty, I can run that from a terminal, unlock it and tell it which user to auto-login06:15
lolnhlsmthe most devious mode of information recovery i know of is when they freeze your RAM with some chemical and it keeps all the info stored06:15
lolnhlsmencrypted hard drives are no joke06:15
pnormanThere is a difference between physical access to take a machine and physical access where they can tamper and you don't know.06:15
reisiobasically if the government is after you, your information has already been made public06:15
reisiobecause if it were secret, nobody would be after you :p06:15
lolnhlsmi know that06:15
lolnhlsmi've used a puppy live cd06:15
RavenTrigunMy feet is on the power cord they can try to grab it before I shut it down. But now lets say I left it running and they were smart enough to know I was smart enough to encrypt my computer.06:15
lolnhlsmmore then once to get into 'password protected' areas of a computer06:16
pythonirc101soreau: what is your runlevel?06:16
reisioRavenTrigun: that isn't enough, you can get the passphrases from memory for quite some time after power is lost06:16
t2maheshis their any way i can resize window to a fixed size say 800x600 ?06:16
lolnhlsmthats one of the first things i learned about information backup06:16
soreaupythonirc101: just running from a regular X session06:16
reisioRavenTrigun: but again, nobody smart would bother betting everything on that06:16
somsipwow - how Ot is this going to get... :)06:16
reisioRavenTrigun: they'd just trick you06:16
pythonirc101soreau: can you paste your "runlevel" output please?06:16
lolnhlsmis it some password with a 'answer a security question' thing with it?06:17
reisiois what?06:17
soreaupythonirc101: sure06:17
Jordan_U!runlevel | pythonirc10106:17
ubottupythonirc101: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.06:17
RavenTrigunSo litterally the only way I can truely make 100% sure that my computer is secure is to attach a Thermite Bomb to my computer so when I press a button it melts everything ? Wow and how do security "professionals" get on tv and say everything is "Secure" after a Data Breach lol.06:18
lolnhlsmwell no06:18
lolnhlsmthere is a way06:18
soreaupythonirc101: $ runlevel \n  N 206:18
reisioRavenTrigun: no, because you can be stopped from pressing a button06:18
lolnhlsmi heard of this one form of encryption, kid at my school messed with it06:18
pythonirc101soreau: mine is the same06:18
reisioencryption protects you from people who rob your house, from them getting any personal data06:18
lolnhlsmif you fail the password more then 3 times the hard drive locks down permentantly for good06:18
soreauRavenTrigun: Really, this conversation is beginning to become off topic06:18
reisioit doesn't protect you from informed professionals who will stop at nothing06:19
soreauRavenTrigun: Try #ubuntu-offtopic or ##linux06:19
RavenTrigunresisio: well that hasn't stopped many a bomber and true this has I better get back to actually wiping my computer06:19
tonyyarussoRavenTrigun: Stating that something is secure means that it is secure from the particular types of threats you are trying to address, not all possible threats on the planet.  And yes, #ubuntu-offtopic for any follow-up.06:19
javier_fajhi. I run windows 7 in virtual box on ubuntu native SO. I share my home folder, that appears as a network in windows 7. But this network appears as disconnected (crossed with a red X). I can navigate throw it apparently without problems, but, if I explore the unit under certain applications (many of them, all from Office for example) I get problems, saying the address doesn't exist and so on (because of disconnected network). Any idea? thanks!06:20
soreaupythonirc101: Well it worksforme06:20
urlin2ujavier_faj, try sharing a file not the whole home that is the intention.06:21
arrrghhhhey all.  just updated a dell laptop from 11.04 to 11.10... and it hangs on shutdown/restart.  i just tried a manual sudo shutdown -r now, and it still hangs...06:21
lolnhlsmi've never navigated outside of virtual box, personally. i was under the impression virtual machines think they're the only partition on the computer06:22
arrrghhhi hit ctrl-alt-f1->f6, and i can't login...06:22
javier_fajurlin2u: you think the problem can be sharing the whole home?06:22
lolnhlsmarrrghhh: i had issues with my upgrade to 11.10, after a clean install, it kept all my files but cleaned up all the bugs i had06:22
arrrghhhlolnhlsm, you can do a fresh install and it keeps the files...?06:23
arrrghhhi don't think there's a separate /home partition06:23
urlin2ujavier_faj, yes probably, a folder is the share. You need to have your user name in the host in the VM user, and use the settings-share to identify the share file.06:24
lolnhlsmyeah, if you install from a cd or usb it gives you the option to 'upgrade 11.10 to 11.10', but and it got rid of all the bugs i had and kept all the files. i had to reinstall some programs but all my music, pictures and the like were in tact06:25
soreaulolnhlsm: 'upgrade 11.10 to 11.10' eh?06:25
arrrghhhlolnhlsm, ok cool.  i guess i'll try that... what a cluster!  unity is kinda bleh too.  gnome3... will take some getting used to, but i like it better than unity.06:25
lolnhlsmyeah, thats what it says. i've done it more then once06:25
soreauhow conveniently confusing06:26
ZekeSarrrghhh: you could use kde or lxde or xfce or no de at all or ...06:26
arrrghhhZekeS, i'm aware of the options.  this isn't my computer.  i could also use gnome classic.06:27
soreauarrrghhh: Yes, you can use gnome classic or any other multitude of options. Compiz can run in any DE or without one06:27
lolnhlsmwhen i upgraded my unity dash was extremely glitchy and some programs were a little 'o_0'06:27
arrrghhhthat's what i did with both my parent's computers06:27
ZekeSarrrghhh: ah; I should scroll up a bit more06:27
lolnhlsmwith the cd 'upgrade' everything was fine06:27
arrrghhhZekeS, i don't think i mentioned that.  np ;)06:27
ssfdre38how can i set up a user to jailed ssh06:28
MoLootI have a remote server with xfce to which I remote to using xrdp.  I login the server from both home and from work.  I do not get the same session, which I would like to have happen.  Where do I find the docs or the configure change?06:29
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arrrghhhMoLoot, same user?  unless you leave the old session attached...06:29
darkstar999ssfdre38: Maybe look into jailshell?06:30
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sajimonhello, im trying to add newly installed gentoo to grub menu, co i call grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg, os-prober says it found Gentoo Base System , but os-prober section in grub.cfg is empty, what i am doing wrong?06:30
MoLootarrrghhh: yes, the same user.  Like I leave firefox running @ work and disconnect, and connect from home and have to manually kill the process. I'd ideally like to just login and have the desktop the same way.06:31
javier_fajurlin2u, unfortunately, that was not the issue. I tried sharing a different folder inside /home, and it maps it as a drive, but some programs also detect it as disconnected (just as with /home)06:31
arrrghhhMoLoot, maybe that's the problem.  if you leave an old session up, it has no option but to spawn a new session. ..06:31
guest_hey, I really need some help configuring an lcd monitor. I've tried alllllll the tutorials and nothing is working.06:32
Jordan_Usajimon: Most likely your Gentoo kernel and initrd files don't follow any of the standard naming conventions so when grub-mkconfig looks for kernels in Gentoo's /boot/ it doesn't find any.06:32
reisioguest_: this is a place306:32
MoLootarrrghhh: isn't there a way this session could be shared then?06:32
arrrghhhMoLoot, well i know how to do that on like vnc06:32
arrrghhhyou do :<session number>06:32
arrrghhhso host:006:32
MoLootarrrghhh: I don't even know where to read... Xfce docs, the client, xrdp docs... it'l like whoah06:33
urlin2ujavier_faj, have you read the manual, the share is a two way connect you set up the share then find it with windows.06:33
arrrghhhi would think xrdp06:33
sajimonJordan_U: oh it does, it even adds new menus positions to launch ubuntu with gentoo kernel06:33
Jordan_Usajimon: You don't want to share /boot/ between distributions.06:34
skypentis there a version of skype available for ubuntu?06:35
lolnhlsma really old one06:35
javier_fajurlin2u, you mean, I first have to share the file in ubuntu and later set it in windows as shared folder. Yes I did that. I said in windows I want to share the folder and later, in virtualbox, chose it as shared folder too06:35
reisioskypent: yup06:35
lolnhlsmi use it all the time, its pretty efficient, even though i think its a beta06:35
sajimonurghh, ok ill use custom entry.06:36
Jordan_Usajimon: Keep Ubuntu's /boot/ separate from Gentoo's /boot/. The easiest way to do this is to just not have a separate /boot/ partition, so that both /boot/ directories are just subdirectories of each Distribution's root.06:36
reisiothunderfog: hi06:36
thunderfoghow r u?06:36
reisiosajimon: you didn't say you were tryingt o share /boot, did you?06:36
vega-where do i configure the number of workspaces?06:37
urlin2ujavier_faj, you might try their channel if you like as well. #vbox06:37
vega-(in unity, 11.10)06:38
vega-lolnhlsm: probably... ?06:38
javier_fajurlin2u, thanks :) I'm already asking there, but there is not that much people06:39
lolnhlsmvega, thats the first place i'd look. you might have to install it from software center. not to sure.06:39
vega-lolnhlsm: install what? compiz?06:39
lolnhlsmi had a cube screen set up with compiz in 10.10, idk if they've caught up with unity though06:39
urlin2ujavier_faj, that happens I can't think of anything else really.06:40
vega-i'd think it's running already..06:40
reisioguest_: nobody knows what the problem you're having is yet06:40
earltenokay, let's try *another* question. When I install the ATi catalyst drivers... I have 2 displays connected.both samsung..  DVI to my 24" monitor and VGA to my 37" television. Why is it that I can move the desktops around to that the mouse moves from one to the next properly, but I can't force the primary display to be the TV?06:40
reisioguest_: also if you can send the message '/nick somethingOtherThanGuest_', that would be wonderful06:40
earltenit worked right before the ati drivers were installed........\06:40
javier_fajurlin2u, thanks anyway for you time :)06:40
reisioearlten: backup your config next time06:41
earltenthat's a quality answer and will clearly solve the current provlem06:41
lolnhlsmdid you install compiz yourself? because 11.10 doesnt come with it06:41
lolnhlsm'CompizConfig Settings Manager' is the program06:42
Jordan_Ureisio: I extrapolated that sajimon was probably sharing /boot/ ( /etc/grub.d/10_linux only adds entries for kernels in /boot/ of the system it's run from, not other partitions for other OSs).06:42
earltenI'm sorry, I didn't think selecting which display should be my primary desktop would take an act of congress06:42
earltenreisio: do you perhaps have a better answer? One that might fix my problem instead of just jabbing at me with useless information?06:43
lolnhlsmreading the reviews though, seems incompatible with a lot of 11.10 users, so be careul06:43
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reisioearlten: nope, in fact I take it back, don't ever back up your configs06:44
reisioguest_: what's the problem...?  It's just blank?06:45
earltenplease tell me you aren't a representative of this community06:45
earltenbecause you sir...  are a jackass06:45
darkstar999earlten: don't feed the trolls06:46
earltendarkstar999: would you happen to have a suggestion for me that might help my situation?06:46
vega-lolnhlsm: i once install ccsm, after that i spent two hours cleaning it's files from my home directory so i could login again, no thanks06:47
darkstar999earlten: I haven't been watching. what's your problem?06:47
lolnhlsmvega: yeah, i was talking about the reviews being unfavorable for unity a few minutes ago06:47
republicif I want to download the whole source code of ubuntu(without any application, only those included in installation cd), what is the size of the source code?06:48
lolnhlsmi had it installed in 11.04 and it screwed up my gnome desktop- it used to be a pretty superb program before that06:48
earltenit worked right before the ati drivers were installed........\06:48
earltenokay, let's try *another* question. When I install the ATi catalyst drivers... I have 2 displays connected.both samsung..  DVI to my 24" monitor and VGA to my 37" television. Why is it that I can move the desktops around to that the mouse moves from one to the next properly, but I can't force the primary display to be the TV?06:48
earltenwrong order06:48
darkstar999you are on ubuntu 11.10?06:49
ZekeSearlten: isnt that set via xrandr or something for ati?06:49
earltenusing KDE oneiric and the latest catalyst drivers06:49
earltenI've been trying to set it via the GUi, and it won't force anymore06:49
earltendarkstar999: yes06:49
lolnhlsmrepublic, a typical ubuntu iso is around 700 megs06:49
reisiodarkstar999: identifying trolls without even watching, that's talent06:49
=== Nicolus is now known as c_nick
vega-lolnhlsm: yeah, pretty odd you can't do this with standard tools.. my problem is that i only have ONE desktop, i'd like the usual four :)06:50
darkstar999earlten: i have my own problems with dual displays! sorry, don't know how to help you06:50
republiclolnhlsm, that would be 48 hours downloading06:50
c_nickIssues while installing SVN on linux06:50
c_nickI followed everything on this link http://maketecheasier.com/setting-up-subversion-version-control-in-ubuntu/2008/08/1106:50
lolnhlsmvega: are you running 11.10?06:50
reisiorepublic: you actually want the source and not the binaries?06:50
lolnhlsmrepublic: can you run off a starbucks' bandwith or something?06:50
vega-lolnhlsm: yes06:51
vega-lolnhlsm: and unity 2d06:51
lolnhlsmvega: it should be the bottom grey button in the dash06:51
republicreisio, the source code06:51
lolnhlsmvega; if its not there look up 'workspace switcher' in the dash search06:51
lolnhlsmthen once its up lock it to the dash06:51
republiclolnhlsm, starbucks bandwith would be quite similar with mine06:52
vega-lolnhlsm: it's there, but when i click on it, it zooms out but only displays one workspace and the three others are just "black" and now switchable to06:52
lolnhlsmhmm, did you do an upgrade or an install?06:52
vega-lolnhlsm: install06:52
lolnhlsmvega: is it every time you boot up or just this session that youve tried it out06:53
vega-and it worked up to some point, i used to have 4 desktops.. until at some point06:53
vega-it could have been that they disappeared at the same time ccsm was installed/deinstalled06:53
reisiorepublic: significantly more than 700MB, I believe06:53
vega-lolnhlsm: every time06:53
republiclolnhlsm, not 48 hours, but around 12 hours :D06:54
lolnhlsmvega: but it worked before ccsm?06:54
republicreisio, oh that is very big06:54
vega-lolnhlsm: i'd think so yes, most probable is that ccsm screwed it up06:54
republicreisio, and I only get 15KB/s06:54
Jordan_Urepublic: Why do you want all of the souce for all of the packages in a default install?06:54
republicJordan_U, I want to try to learn to read it06:55
jitaI keep on getting this message enter password to unlock your login keyring in ubuntu 11.1006:55
jitahow do i disable it ?06:55
republicJordan_U, at least just simply navigating it06:55
lolnhlsmvega: ccsm has screwed up all my unity desktops past 10.10, i'd imagine that might be the issue. it might be profitable to hitch back to 10.10 since its still supported06:56
republicJordan_U, and skimming it06:56
Jordan_Urepublic: Start with one project at a time, "apt-get source packagename".06:56
slideDoes anyone know if there is an easy to way actually get the Launcher to mount a network share to a local dir instead of using its in built samba browser? No other program can access those mounts06:56
lolnhlsmor maybe look at the ubuntu forums for a similar problem, because i've solved problems from ccsm with a few terminal codes06:56
lolnhlsmthat i found on a thread06:56
republicJordan_U, very good advice. I am going to try it :D06:57
vega-lolnhlsm: yeah, something like that...06:57
lolnhlsmvega: although right now im looking at a page were compiz is working just fine on 11.10. i'd have to have to use team to probe the problem any more06:59
vega-lolnhlsm: figured it out already, i edited .gconf/apps/metacity/general/%gconf.xml and changed num_workspaces from 1 to 407:01
earltenuseless as tits on a boar07:02
tonyyarusso!ohmy | earlten07:03
ubottuearlten: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.07:03
MneumonicSo friendly and polite that I was reffered to as "boy" in the offtopic IRC07:05
Mneumonicabout half an hour ago07:05
lolnhlsmi think offtopic is a bit offcolor from ubuntu standards07:06
earltendarkstar999 was friendly..  but so far, he's been in the minority, and out of the half dozen problems I have had to solve on my own so far..  helpful has not come close to even being near this equation07:08
earltenIt's no wonder linux is a dead end for end-users07:09
MneumonicHonestly I have never had a single problem solved in the IRC, I have been disrespected every time.  It's a bad impression on Canonical since they send new users here.07:09
soreau! attitude | earlten07:09
gunfire007does ubuntu support power management for nvidia graphic cards with optimus technology ?07:09
ubottuearlten: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines07:09
soreauearlten: You should be happy free support for free software even exists07:10
lolnhlsmi usually stick to the forums if you want my opinion07:10
sln45May I ask a question about on-screen annotation and metacity as a compositing manager?07:10
arrrghhhMneumonic, i don't know why you're complaining about offtopic in here.... but i've always gotten help (eventually) on any issue i've had.07:10
lolnhlsma lot more professional and cordial07:10
lolnhlsmbut i also dont have much to complain about the irc either07:11
ZekeSsoreau: that doesn't mean people get to be dicks to him, like was happening earlier :S07:11
ZekeSgunfire007: I don't believe so - you can try bumblebee07:11
soreauMneumonic: earlten: The support you receive largely depends on what you ask and how you ask it as well as your patience level and attitude07:11
brjanncgunfire007: Ubuntu doesn't out of the box, but there are PPAs for bumblebee and ironhide, which sort-of help07:11
earltenMy attitude started out that way...  but this place had seriously jaded me. There is a phrase..  "With friends like you, who needs enemies" - it applies here. Free support that comes with jaded and bitter responses that are not cyrrently helpful to the problem at hand, and no real answers to what should be simple if not at least straight forward problems is hardly what I woudl call "support"07:11
soreau! language ZekeS07:11
soreau! language | ZekeS07:11
ubottuZekeS: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:11
sln45Nobody would be able to help me? Metacity and Compiz at the same time? Annotation tools?07:12
soreau! ask | sln4507:12
ubottusln45: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:12
gunfire007brjannc: can't i disable nvidia graphic cards and switch to intel graphic cards, does this solve the prob ?07:12
lolnhlsmwell earlten, i can't share your feelings. i love the ubuntu community, and one of the reasons ive stuck with it is because of the community tech support07:12
gunfire007ZekeS: ok :)07:12
lolnhlsmyou dont have to stay and complain07:12
soreausln45: AFAIK, only compiz has annotate, noe metacity07:13
Morgzcan anyone point me towards a tutorial to setup my pc as a proxy server for a remote pc07:13
lolnhlsmive met to many nice ubuntu/linux users to buy into the 'jerk linux user stereotype. but ima stop here before i get oftopic07:13
brjanncgunfire007: Again, sort of :) I'm on a dell xps 15 with optimus at the moment, and my nvidia card is powered down via bumblebee, but I can use it to run certain applications as needed07:13
ZekeSSpeaking of bumblebee, someone link that one git commit >.>07:14
brjanncgunfire007: It's not as seamless as in windows, and the power-off stuff takes a little bit of work as it's not enabled by default07:14
sln45I have a tablet netbook. Compiz is heavy and unnecessary, so I use Metacity. Gromit does not work. Ardesia is too heavy and unnecessary. I'm told I can use Compiz' annotate feature alongside Metacity without employing any of Compiz' other stuff. Is it true?07:14
sln45And if not, any other suggestions?07:15
arrrghhhearlten, i couldn't disagree with you more.07:15
lolnhlsmMorgz, i have a friend who knows how to do that, let me hit him up on skype07:15
earltenpoint in case: Forcing a primary display to a certain monitor should be an easy fix. And while I've been a *nix server admin for 2 decades with a great deal of experience, the front end stuff is foreign to me, and I thought I'd give it a try.07:15
gunfire007brjannc: can't i turn off nvidia graphics and use the intel inbuilt graphics which is 128 MB ?07:15
gunfire007this might solve the prob i think..07:15
soreausln45: compiz is only as heavy as the plugins you enable and how well your graphics driver performs07:15
ZekeSgunfire007: that's just what he was telling you to do, actually ;)07:15
brjanncgunfire007: bumblebee and the installation instructions can be found here: https://launchpad.net/~bumblebee/+archive/stable07:15
jitaHow can i disable "Enter password to unlock your login keyring" when i start empathy? I autologin in ubuntu 11.1007:16
gunfire007ZekeS: :D07:16
crizzygunfire007: if you can't do it from bios, you most likely can't do it without windows07:16
soreausln45: You cant use compiz and metacity at the same time but you can configure compiz to have only the same functionality of metacity + annotate07:16
earltenI thought "Hmm. This would be an easier answer by asking people who know" - I've found 7 fixes that don't work on google so far... I would think that the ubuntu support channel would be able to offer some insight07:16
gunfire007crizzy: there is an option in bios to disable it..07:16
brjannccrizzy: not true07:16
sln45soreau: There's a bear minimum of plugins that it just won't allow me to turn off, and I don't know how to make it not be my compositing manager and do nothing but annotate07:16
earltenrandr is great about moving the displays around..  sure..  but how do I set which one is primary?07:16
sln45soreau: I literally only want window shadows and annotate07:17
earltenIt's obviously set somewhere07:17
gunfire007thanks brjannc :)07:17
soreausln45: You cant make it do only annotate. You have to run compiz as your window manager07:17
brjanncgunfire007: you're welcome, good luck :)07:17
earltenI didn't want to have to learn how to write an xorg conf to fix this07:17
lolnhlsmearlten, whining at the offtopic07:17
gunfire007brjannc: :D07:17
earltenwasted oxygen really07:17
soreausln45: What version of ubuntu?07:18
earltensince I know none of you give a shit07:18
earltenbut at least I said it..  and it was heard07:18
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:18
soreauearlten: This is your last warning07:18
Flannelearlten: Please mind the language and your attitude.  Thanks.07:18
lolnhlsmsorry bro, im an A+ repair tech, i dont always deal with screens07:18
sln45earlten: Shut up Earlten. You're just being obnoxious.07:18
earltenkick me, you're no jelp anyhow07:18
soreausln45: That is not necessary07:18
earltenright, clearly07:18
sln45As if his rudeness is justified.07:19
Flannelsln45: Its not, but neither is yours.07:19
sln45You guys dance around things more than you probably should. It's not like he's going to intuit that he's being a stupidhead07:19
ZekeSearlten: aticcle maybe?07:20
earltenway to reign this in. It's a good thing it is free, because if someone were paying for not getting anything but chastized for being frustrated and no additional help, you'd go bankrupt07:20
sln45soreau: Gotcha. Well, can I configure it beyond what its frontend wants me to? Because it seems to follow those three magic wand special effects settings07:20
soreausln45: After those comments, I really dont feel like helping you anymore07:20
jitaHow can i disable "Enter password to unlock your login keyring" when i start empathy? I autologin in ubuntu 11.1007:20
ZekeSnext can we kick the guy who got him riled up in the first place?07:21
sln45soreau: Fine by me. No one is making you do anything. I appreciate what help you've given me07:21
pangolinCan we get back to the real reason we are all here.07:21
lolnhlsmshoot, i knew how to do this in gnome, unity is different07:21
earltendirty hippies07:21
hiexponeed help with sound i checked and the system shows my sound card07:21
sln45soreau: It's Natty Narwhal if you still want to know07:22
lolnhlsmjita, type in 'login' in the dahs search07:22
jitalolnhlsm, is it the default behavior or have i messed up with something ?07:22
lindahiexpo: Run  aslamixer  and see what you've got going on,.07:22
hiexpolinda, k07:22
lolnhlsmthen click 'user accounts' and its there where you can shut 'autologin' on or off07:22
lolnhlsmor login keyring07:23
ZekeSlolnhlsm: why do you want to go to jita and should I get some maelstroms handy ... oh wait that's a nick here sry07:23
lolnhlsmyour trying to get into wifi netework?07:23
Dustin1 do you know anything about apt-get root-system-bin installed correctly on Backtrack?07:23
pangolin!backtrack | Dustin107:23
soreausln45: What 'three magic wand special effects settings' are you referring to then?07:23
ubottuDustin1: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition07:23
hiexpook linda i have it up07:23
soreauafaik, those arent in 11.0407:23
sln45soreau: I'm sorry it was such an unspecific way of putting it. I was hoping you'd recognize what I was talking about. Give me a minute to get the exact name07:24
lindahiexpo: First,  see that your sound card is properly identified in the upper right corner of the window.  Next, see that nothing is muted and/or turned down.  (MM at the bottom of the channel's bar indicates muted.)07:24
lolnhlsmjita: it is default behavior, but it doesn't exactly happen all the time. i have to type in my pw to open it on occasion, im not to sure as to what prompts it07:24
hiexpolinda, it shows all good nothing muted07:25
jitalolnhlsm, it opens when i open empathy07:25
lindahiexpo: The right arrow takes you across to other channel controls, m to unmute, up arrow to turn up.....07:25
lindahiexpo: Is your sound chip properly identified there?07:25
jitalolnhlsm, so if i dont use autologin, it does not prompt for it07:26
hiexpolinda, yes realtek id 27007:26
jay3hey guys I got a questiong here? how do you install apt-get root-system-bin properly installed on ubuntu?07:26
lindahiexpo: Ok, good.  So tell me what applications will not play sound, or what is the difficulty you are having with audio.07:26
prince_jammysjay3: :)07:26
hiexpolinda,   i have no sound on anything07:27
jay3hello there prince_jammys07:27
Dustin1Hey Jay307:27
prince_jammysjay3: howdy.07:27
jay3How are you today>07:27
lindahiexpo: I see.  Are you sure you have the speakers plugged into a port that is outuptting audio?07:27
lolnhlsmjita, no, i thought you were talking about a separate issue, ignore my first comment. I have had to put in my PW for the key ring before when logging into seturn access points so i know its not unusual behavior, but that it only does that with empathy is a little odd to me07:28
lolnhlsmjita, but im not a pro :/07:28
hiexpolinda, it is a laptop07:28
lindahiexpo: ... plugged in all the way, securely... Oh, it is a laptop....07:28
=== Edgan_ is now known as Edgan
Dustin1Google is ur friend07:28
lindahiexpo: Is there any thumbwheels or sliders or anything on the laptop that might be turned down?07:28
hiexpolinda, nope07:29
lindahiexpo: And on laptops, there are usually Function Key combos that deal with audio.  Do you see that?07:30
arrrghhhuhm.  this is odd.  i am on a liveUSB install, with ~1gb persistence.  i installed the proprietary drivers for this wireless card, and on a reboot i can search & connect to wifi networks - but DNS isn't working?  i can ping, but not www.google.com.  browsing fails as well.  i tried doing a static configuration, and it connects - but still fails, with manual DNS servers entered.  what can i do?  just install and let it sort it out later?07:30
hiexpolinda, nope07:30
lindahiexpo: Back on the alsamixer window, go through all the channels and turn all of them up so that you can make sure nothing is turned down.07:31
soreauarrrghhh: Put nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf07:31
sln45soreau: Again, sorry for the delay. The setting is gone; I assume that's a result of my not having compiz for like a year now. I'm putting it back as my compositing manager... Might go back to fiddling with things myself instead of bothering you07:31
soreausln45: This is what you probably want to do: 1) Remove compiz-plugins-main package 2) In ccsm, disable everything except Move, Resize, Window Decoration, Application Switcher, Gnome Compatibility and Place Windows (and of course Annotate) 3) Run compiz and test07:31
jay3yep is diffently the main ip address for there dns server and router for sure07:31
arrrghhhsoreau, orly?  i figured that would've been taken care of with network manager, i'll try that.07:31
hiexpolinda, all are turned up07:31
jay3I reconise that address there07:31
sln45soreau: Oh! Okay, noted.07:31
lindahiexpo: Sometimes not all the channels are visible on the screen and if you keep hitting the right arrow it will go to another channel that is off the screen.07:31
hiexpolinda, ok let me see07:32
mithrophi here07:32
hiexpolinda, all is good there07:32
soreausln45: Since 0.9.4 has a fair amount of bugs that are fixed in compiz git master, I would go as far as recommending to install latest. There is a script to automate the process on 11.04 and installs to /opt (wont mess with your packaged compiz)07:32
arrrghhhsoreau, should i be able to edit this on a liveUSB install?  i'm getting an input/output error.07:32
sln45soreau: I'm going to try things, and I'll come back if I have any problems. Thank you.07:33
sln45ssoreau: You mean the dev?07:33
soreauarrrghhh: I/O error is bad. and yes, you should be able to edit it in a live session AFAIK07:33
sln45soreau: You mean the dev? Or is there a new build not in the repository?07:33
arrrghhhsoreau, could be this usb key.  it's been thru hell and back.07:33
mithropi'm looking for a way to easily put colours in my term, like in Gentoo. Somebody a solution plz ?07:34
arrrghhhmithrop, i think you can pretty easily do that with gnome-terminal07:34
Pauluntuanyone have any ideas why skype is so staticy i mean while it opens and closes its all staticy the audio is horrible07:34
lindahiexpo: Ok try this:  totem /usr/share/sounds/alsa/*07:34
sln45Ha ha ha, when soreau said "arrrghhh" earlier I thought it was out of frustration.07:34
arrrghhhsln45, i have that effect on people07:34
lolnhlsmPauluntu: it might of installed improperly07:35
lolnhlsmremove and install ?07:35
soreausln45: ubuntu heavily patches compiz to get unity working. Regardless, 0.9.4 has enough bugs to make it very frustrating to use. The main upstream development branch is reasonable from my experience07:35
sln45Pauluntu: Install pavucontrol, play with settings. It sounds like it is probably your mic, though. Does it do that in sound recorder?07:35
mithroparrrghhh: actually, I am in KDE, but I'm sure it's almost the same07:35
arrrghhhmithrop, konsole?07:35
lolnhlsmhow do you patch compiz for unity/07:35
arrrghhhmithrop, also, #kubuntu :P07:35
sln45soreau: I don't have unity. I probably should have mentioned that.07:35
sln45soreau: I can't run it.07:36
soreausln45: And if you must know, I personally did some work on annotate plugin for compiz 0.9.x so there are new features and bug fixes07:36
lolnhlsmI want to get compiz running for 11.10 but it wrecked my 11.04 desktop and i haven't touched it since07:36
sln45soreau: Oh! Hey, that's really cool. So yes, there's a new build and I'm not getting the dev?07:36
hiexpolinda,  i just plugged headphones in and i have sound in them so let me check to see if this laptop has speakers  lol07:36
* prince_jammys giggles07:37
soreausln45: I also wrote the build script for compiz 0.9.x tailored for ubuntu 11.04. In case you're interested, do this to install it: sudo apt-get install git && git clone git://anongit.compiz.org/users/soreau/scripts && ./scripts/build_compiz++07:37
mithroparrrghhh: ok, I'm goind to #kubuntu ^^ but I don't want just a background colors ;)07:38
sln45soreau: Oh, well... I actually have another machine of the same make and build with an older release I want to do this with, too. I don't think I'll be employing your script, though I appreciate it.07:39
jay3Hey I got some good news here guys07:39
soreaulolnhlsm: Can you show the output of 'glxinfo|grep renderer'?07:39
sln45jay3: What?07:39
jay3I think I may just have found what I was looking here for07:39
sln45jay3: Wonderful. :)07:39
lindajay3: So what did you find?07:39
jay3with apt-get root-system-bin07:39
lolnhlsmglxinfo isa not installed07:40
soreausln45: In compiz 0.8.x (included with <= 10.10) there's a bug in annotate where it 'skips'07:40
=== flack-Z is now known as flack
lindaNumerical data analysis framework - general applications ?07:40
jay3well a with a web page that give instructions on how to install it07:40
sln45soreau: Okay. Also noted.07:41
Pauluntumy mic wont pick up audio :( this sucks07:41
soreaulolnhlsm: Easily remedied.. by installing mesa-utils package07:41
sln45Pauluntu: Have you tried playing with pavucontrol? It's a great sound manager, I promise.07:41
Pauluntusln45, yeah the mic is suppose to pick up audio its not muted07:41
jay3So what do you think there sln45 you blive that will work for installing root-system-bin?07:41
lolnhlsmso ccsm will work afterwords?07:41
ZekeSpavucontrol <307:42
d34d1yIs there a program I can use to steam my desktop via webcam chats like stickam?07:42
machiolatehow do i uninstall my video driver on Ubuntu 11.10 ? I'm installing an updated driver and need to get rid of the old one.07:42
Pauluntusln45, yeah linux is nice but i gotta make the switch to microsoft i need video/audio capabilities07:42
sln45Pauluntu: On my computer I had to set one channel to zero, then click the green check.07:42
sln45jay3: Huh?07:42
sln45jay3: I'm sorry, i missed what you said07:43
lindad34d1y: skype has a desktop share function, small screen but...07:43
dr_willisd34d1y: i think i saw a tool called webcam studio that could do that and more07:43
sln45Pauluntu: Have patience. Sound issues are irritating, but they often have simple fixes. Be sure to google your brand and/or model heavily.07:43
d34d1yI tried messing around with webcam studio but no luck, i'll read documentation and give it another shot tho thanks07:44
jay3oh I was trying to download and install with apt-get with file downloaded here called root-system-bin07:44
jay3there ya go sln4507:44
d34d1yHow do i get my cursor theme to work all around instead of only in firefox?07:44
dr_willisd34d1y: it hadmore stuff then i wver needed :-)07:45
sln45jay3: Right... so it's a package in the ubuntu repository? you would do sudo apt-get install root-system-bin07:45
sln45jay3: What is root-system-bin? It sounds like a strange thing to install.07:45
jay3yes that is correct its for ubuntu07:46
jay3its the main software for root account07:46
sln45jay3: Um, okay.07:47
sebestHello, is there a place where i can find a repo for karmic?07:47
jay3yea no worries there sln45 its a bit diffrent of a ubuntu operating system07:47
pangolinold-releases.ubuntu.com sebest07:47
sln45jay3: Not well versed in these things, mind you. But what is your problem installing it exactly? Or do you still have it?07:48
sebestpangolin: thanx07:48
pangolinsebest: you really should consider upgrading07:48
sln45jay3: Oh, it was something you were installing to make it more like your distro.07:48
auronandacejay3: we only support ubuntu here07:48
Flanneljay3: it's not the main software for the root account.  It's the main software for the ROOT numerical analysis framework.07:48
auronandace!derivatives | jay307:48
ubottujay3: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition07:48
sebestpangolin: yes i know, but there is a lot of servers to upgrade and we have many custom packages to upgrade too07:49
pangolinsebest: okie dokie07:50
sln45soreau: 0.9.4 was the one I installed from the repositories. Is this acceptable?07:50
Flannelsebest: You should stick to LTS in the future, because you'll get multiple years of support instead of merely 18 months.  But you can move your repos over to old-releases.ubuntu.com07:50
jay3haha yep I know that guys its a bit diffrent but its ubuntu just modified is all07:50
Dustin1Hey dad07:51
prince_jammysDustin1: jay3: join #backtrack-linux07:51
sebestFlannel: we already have moved most of the servers on lucid, but some are harder to upgrade than others :)07:51
soreausln45: Like I said, there are a considerable amount of bugs in that version which is why I recommend installing from git07:51
Flannelsebest: I hear you.07:51
sln45Flannel: Sure, but it's so frustrating to get news updates on all the fancy things in the new releases. And wouldn't you know that support and effort for and LTS is dropped like a bad habit.07:51
jay3haha yea that the thing when you use /whois to check channels there in lol07:51
soreausln45: It should 'work' nonetheless07:52
sln45soreau: Okay. I wasn't clear on which you were referring to.07:52
darkstar999sln45: how does Canonical ensure that devs keep working on LTS?07:52
jay3yeah that a good question07:53
sln45darkstar999: Quite frankly, I wouldn't know.07:53
ZekeSDoesn't canonical pay people to work on ubuntu?07:53
darkstar999important for servers07:53
ZekeSAlso the debian backbone etc07:54
tonyyarussoZekeS: yep07:54
sln45Yes, they do. They spend a lot of effort on upcoming releases.07:54
ZekeSplus even kernel devs work on backports and stuff for the lts kernels07:54
Flanneldarkstar999: Canonical ensures that Canonical employees continue to support old releases by paying them money.  The rest of the community works on old releases for the same reason they work on new releases, and also the same reason *any* community supports its releases.07:54
sln45And it feels like when they're done with a release... off they zip to the next project. But my comment was focused on the community07:55
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
arrrghhhc'mon guys, this is offtopic.07:55
Flannelsln45: Canonical is not the community.  But my latter half is relevant.  The same reason any community supports its products for the time it said it would.07:55
sln45Okay, okay, fair enough.07:55
sln45Flannel: No, i know that.07:55
soreauarrrghhh: discussions about ubuntu support are not offtopic here07:55
dr_willissln45:  the non lts releases have allways been a bit of an experimenstal testing area  :-)07:56
arrrghhhsoreau, did you read the speculation?  lol07:56
darkstar999arrrghhh: we are on topic, and there are no support discussions going on right now07:56
arrrghhhi usually see new posts, and assume there is support discussion going on -_-07:56
sln45I don't deny it. I just get surprised about how much effort we get into having things perfect in one release, only to jump so quickly to the next.07:57
jay3lol I foget my old password for nickserv oh well it happenes07:57
tonyyarussosln45: Well, then volunteer for backporting and patching duty ;)07:57
lindasln45: Sounds like you are a good candidate for LTS.07:57
sln45I mean, on the one hand, that means big issues are fixed really quickly. On the other, niche problems.... and bear in mind niche problems for linux users bother like 5 people... may be ignored07:58
Flannelsln45: That's why some of us stick to LTS, we want something that allows us to be productive and not mess with new versions.07:58
sln45Ignored is a strong word. I guess just swept under the current07:58
sln45Flannel: For sure. This is my bad machine. The other has the LTS07:58
lindasln45: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS07:58
dr_willismanpower is always a limitation07:58
sln45linda: What is this for?07:59
lindasln45: LTS is happiness.07:59
sln45dr_willis: Too true07:59
sebestFlannel: even LTS is not really a solution because when you have a farm of servers you don't really need to upgrade the whole server07:59
sln45linda: This fact is known to me07:59
jay2abok now I got that changed and fixed I will re register with nickserv again here07:59
sebestOnly some key packages are needed like the kernel and mysql for example on a db server07:59
SystemzI enjoy ubuntu, but i use BodhiLinux for the moment.08:00
tonyyarussosebest: Are you saying you want to be able to upgrade the kernel and mysql without upgrading the rest?08:00
sebesttonyyarusso: yes08:00
sln45If something isn't broken, do you need to fix it?08:00
tonyyarussosebest: How come?08:00
sln45Oh God, here come the stones. What I mean is...08:01
sebesttonyyarusso: i don t really care to have a old version of ps, ls and so on08:01
sln45What I mean is that Ubuntu's usability is pretty refined, and I think applications and their productivity should absorb the focus.08:01
tonyyarussosebest: In English, "don't care to" actually means "do not want to" - I think you mean "I don't care *if* I have an old version of ps, ls, and so on".08:02
sln45Not that that's really Canonical's duty.08:02
tonyyarussoSilly differences coming out the opposite of what you intended :P08:02
sebesttonyyarusso: sorry :) but you get the  point08:02
tonyyarussosebest: Why do you need the upgrades to the kernel and mysql though?  Trying to understand the business case here.08:02
sln45Aagh, I was trying to do a thing with compiz. I'm going to stop rambling now.08:02
sebesttonyyarusso: only for performance and features, like new hardware or improved performance in mysql08:03
tonyyarussosebest: Okay, but if you're upgrading major system components, what's the reason *not* to upgrade the little stuff?08:04
sebesttonyyarusso: let s say you are a big LAMP shop, the only package we really care about are L A M P08:04
aum__hello everyone, i have installed ubuntu 10.04 command line only, after that i installed xorg, icewm08:04
aum__Now i want to login graphically automatically not from startx command. please suggest a way to do so...08:04
sln45Hmm.... Compiz thinks it's my compositing manager, but I see no drop shadows.08:05
sebesttonyyarusso: because it is a lot of trouble to upgrade from on LTS to another, a lot of things change, for example upstart08:05
ZekeSaum__: install a display manager of some sort08:05
tonyyarussoaum__: Pick a display manager, like gdm, xdm, etc.08:05
soreauaum__: gdm?08:05
=== bluemoon is now known as Guest39456
sebesttonyyarusso: upstart is useless for us and only gives us new issues08:05
somsipaum__: I'd recommend SLiM - very light and simple login manager. LightDM might also be worth looking at08:05
Artemis3aum__, you could install xdm, lightdm, etc.08:05
sln45soreau: Still there?08:05
sebesttonyyarusso: the little things gives you a lot of little issues08:05
tonyyarussosomsip, Artemis3: I don't think lightdm is in 10.04.08:05
tito_hey guys! I had fedora 16 (verne) and ubuntu 11.10(oneiric ocelot) installed on my PC. After the kernel upgrade in ubuntu yesterday, there are three entries in grub called "Fedora Release 16 (Verne)08:06
lindaaum__: System -> Preferences -> Login Screen08:06
tito_I've tried update-grub08:06
tito_but it doesnt help08:06
somsiptonyyarusso: I stand corrected, thanks. I'd still go with SLiM above the bloaties though...08:06
Artemis3very well, slim or xdm should do for a light system08:06
aum__but i do not want login manager i just want to login automatically ...08:06
soreausln45: Do you have window borders?08:06
tonyyarussosebest: I guess that makes some sense.  Are you able to get the packages you need from the backports repository?08:06
lindaaum__: I think you will need to explain more specifically what it is you really want to do.08:07
ZekeSaum__: there's probably an entry on the ubuntu wiki labeled boot directly into x or some such08:07
sebesttonyyarusso: most of the time we backport them ourselves08:07
sln45soreau: That I do, but I don't think I can even get Compiz to be my manager again (though it thinks it is.) Nothing has changed since I turned Metacity's manager off08:07
soreausln45: What is the output of 'ps ax|grep compiz|grep -v grep'?08:07
ZekeSI can link the arch wiki article, but there may be severe differences08:07
lindaaum__: You've taken a bit of an un-orthodox approach to installing, not sure why but maybe you need to explain what it is your trying to do.08:07
tatacan I resize partition ext3 with linux o.s., I mean is it demage my linux?08:08
sebesttonyyarusso: storing them on an internal reprepro08:08
somsipaum__: oh - misunderstood. Worht a shot - I've done this on Arch before: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Automatic_login_to_virtual_console08:08
tonyyarussosebest: Okay, but do you have to?  If they're already in backports then the functionality you're describing is already available.08:08
tito_can anyone help? please?08:08
=== jonah is now known as Guest77176
Artemis3tata, you can, but backup first... gparted does it08:08
sln45soreau: Wha..... There's no output at all!08:08
soreausln45: That means compiz isn't running and thus not managing anything at all08:08
sebesttonyyarusso: there is no 2.6.38 kernel for karmic or mysql/mariadb/percona 5.508:08
tataok, thank you08:09
sln45soreau: Ah, I'll fix that then.08:09
somsipaum__: And 10.04 specific: http://codemonkeytips.blogspot.com/2011/01/howto-enable-console-autologin-on.html08:09
lindaaum__: I guess the question is, what exactly do you want to login to automatically?  The GUI?08:09
tonyyarussosebest: Um, of course not.  Karmic is EOL.  There isn't anything for it.08:09
ZekeSlinda: ... that's exactly what he said, yes08:09
soreausln45: Try compiz --replace from Alt+F2 run dialog or 'compiz --replace & disown' from a terminal08:09
ZekeSaum__: You want to look at the /etc/inittab method https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Start_X_at_Boot08:09
aum__linda, yes i want to start firefox automatically ...08:10
sln45soreau: That did the trick. Thanks.08:10
sln45soreau: Continuing with your instructions08:10
ZekeSaum__: or better yet, use automatic login to virtual console then have the startx in your bash profile so console-kit et al dont break dramatically08:10
sebesttonyyarusso: the same for lucid08:10
lindaaum__: System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab.08:11
Scarra3How do you install the PAE Kernel into Ubuntu 11.10 and then remove the stock kernel08:11
aum__linda , i do not have gnome...08:11
sln45soreau: compiz-plugins-main is dependent on compiz. It won't go unless compiz goes08:11
lindaaum__: Which window manager are you using?08:11
lindaaum__: You may have .autorun  or .autostart or something. Do you see it?08:12
lindaaum__: .icewin/something-or-other....?08:13
somsipaum__: the URL I gave before will log you in on boot, then instrcutions here will start x on login. then you add entries to .xinitrc (or if icewm supports something else, do it there) to sytart individual programs. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Start_X_at_Boot08:13
lindaaum__: http://www.icewm.org/FAQ/IceWM-FAQ-4.html#startup08:13
Gskelligwhats going on here?08:13
soreausln45: then just leave it08:13
somsipGskellig: you're trying to change directory into a file08:14
Gskelligits definitely a directory08:15
somsipGskellig: pastebin ls -la egg*08:15
RefrezeHi. I have been experiencing a weird problem lately with 11.10. Every now and then I will get booted to the login screen for no reason and forced to enter in my details. After logging in my previous session is no more. Any ideas?08:16
lindaGskellig: "eggdrop: Not a directory"08:16
aum__thanks linda, but firstly i want to login automatically right now i have to login through command line then use the "startx" command08:16
aum__to get the X session08:16
somsipaum__: posted that twice for you already08:17
lindaaum__: That's not so hard is it?08:17
sln45soreau: Alright. Well, Compiz isn't wrecking me as much as I expected, though a little more than I'd like. I guess I can play with it and see if it'll work out okay. Thanks for helping me, it was cool to meet you.08:17
lindasomsip: ls -la egg* |pastebinit08:17
somsiplinda: no thanks08:18
lindasomsip: No problem.08:18
lindasomsip: file eggdrop  |pastebinit08:22
sln45soreau: Oh God, someting broke and I have to restart my computer.08:22
somsiplinda: should be aimed at Gskellig08:22
lindaGskellig: file eggdrop  |pastebinit08:23
soreausln45: What happened?08:23
Gskelligeggdrop: directory08:24
lindaGskellig: ls -la eggdrop |pastebinit08:24
Gskelligsame as before?08:25
lindaGskellig: Maybe you should first tell us where you got this directory (or file that thinks it is a directory).08:25
alecjwhi, how can i disable power management on my laptop?08:25
lindaGskellig: And what is supposed to be in it that you need?  (Or need to know about.)08:26
soreaualecjw: What do you expect disabling power management to do exactly?08:26
daggs-hello all, I have a question, I've installed kubuntu 10.04 lts and I'd like to install kdevelop from oneiric without upgrading the system, is it doable?08:26
alecjwsoreau: stop it from going into standby whenever i plug in or unplug my charger08:26
soreaudaggs-: Don't even think about it08:26
Scarra3What does everyone think about 11.1008:27
soreaualecjw: Which version of ubuntu?08:27
soreau! poll | Scarra308:27
ubottuScarra3: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.08:27
daggs-soreau: is it that bad of idea?08:27
lindaGskellig: And if eggdrop is of no use to you, I suppose you could try deleting it.08:27
soreaualecjw: Have you looked in sys>admin>power management?08:27
soreaualecjw: sys>prefs>pm08:27
soreaudaggs-: Very08:28
Scarra3What do I need to do to disable the integrated graphics card and use the one I have in my PCI slot08:28
alecjwi seem to have this problem with every version of gnome on every laptop - the solution i found was to kill gnome-power-manager, but then i dont get a battery level readout08:28
lindaScarra3: Most of us think 11.10 is rather cool.  Others think it's rather uncool.  Others are a bit undecided, (like you).08:28
soreaudaggs-: For one, you never want to mix packages or repos from different distro versions. Two, there have been significant changes in kde from 10.04 to 11.10 and it simply will not do whatever you're wanting it to08:29
somsipGskellig: I've seen this before and I remember it was something very simple, but it escapes me. As Linda said: 'file eggdrop' and what's the result?08:29
alecjwsoreau: what am i looking for in there? i think the problem is upower reporting stupid remaining times, like 2 minutes remaining just as i unplug it08:29
daggs-soreau: I assume that compilng from source is safe right? (without the install of course)08:29
soreaualecjw: What graphics driver are you using?08:29
Gskelligfile eggdrop gave me eggdrop: directory08:29
alecjwintel i expect, not sure though08:30
soreaudaggs-: Sure but it's not likely you will succeed because of the massive changes08:30
lindaGskellig: Where did you get eggdrop?08:30
Scarra3Linda: Well I stopped using ubuntu after 11.04 when I was having trouble with them, im just trying to figure out if I can get some of my hardware to work I know my graphics card works, but my wireless car is a Netgear WNA1100 and my webcam is a microsoft LifeCam Cinima HD08:30
Gskelligits a irc bot08:30
lindaScarra3: You might consider different hardware.08:31
lindaScarra3: I use LTS mostly08:31
soreaualecjw: In xorg.conf, you can try something like these options http://pastebin.com/W3vaLjvE08:31
soreaualecjw: You probably don't have an xorg.conf and will have to create one with said contents08:31
alecjwsoreau: i dont have an xorg.conf, i havent used one since about 2007 :P08:31
soreaualecjw: time of '0' means never08:31
Scarra3also can I video chat with skype in ubuntu08:32
lindaScarra3: It has been my experience that choosing wisely your hardware is a good start.08:32
alecjwsoreau: dont i have to have a complete xorg.conf or nothing?08:32
lindaScarra3: Sure, you can do video chat with skype.08:32
lindaI do08:32
Scarra3Ok awesome08:32
lindaI think skype has been taken out of the repos, but is available from skype.com for LTS08:33
icerootlinda: should be still in the partner-repo08:33
iceroot!skype | linda08:33
ubottulinda: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga08:33
Scarra3im just trying to figure out how to do a few things well the graphics card thing and then replacing the ubuntu kernel with the ubuntu PAE kernel so I can use up to 64 GB or ram on x86 OS but I don't know how to remeove the stock kernel08:34
lindaThanks for the info iceroot  Scarra308:34
Gskelligi fixed the weird file/directory problem08:34
GskelligI'm not really sure how though08:34
soreaualecjw: It should respect the settings you put in xorg.conf. The rest it should be able to guess at, just like it does without one08:34
ZekeSScarra3: ... > 4 GB of RAM in a 32-bit configuration is quite rare08:34
GskelligI removed it then just re added it08:34
lindaScarra3: There you go... and there is Ekiga08:34
Gskelligso, didn't really *fix*08:34
ZekeSWhy not just install x64 ubuntu08:35
somsipGskellig: well that's all that matters. But I'm sure I've seen the same question before on here...08:35
arrrghhhugh, why are all my usb keys cursed08:35
Gskelligit was really weird08:35
Scarra3Well I have 6 GB of ram but my system is x64 and I don't like the x64 versions of linux less program compatibility08:35
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alecjwsoreau: thanks, im going to try restarting x now08:35
lindaZekeS: Why is that?  Because people don't want to install RAM?  (I do not understand)08:35
somsipGskellig: I searched and found someone on Google with exactly the same problem as you. 6th result on Google. It was you. *way* to quick...08:36
icerootScarra3: what is not running with amd64 but with i386?08:36
ZekeSScarra3: fwiw I've never run into a single compatability issue on my 64-bit main pc, even running skype/32-bit flashplugin/wine/etc.08:36
lindaZekeS: Oh, I see, you mean more than 4G or RAM is rare... well, Ok, I'll buy that08:36
Gskelligsomsip, wait what?08:37
ZekeSlinda: yeah, specifically 4 GB of ram with a 32-bit OS these days :p08:37
lindaZekeS: But there is no problem with running a 32bit system with >4G ram either.08:37
somsipGskellig: nah - just saying that Google farmed your question on pastein within 15 mins...08:37
Gskellighaha what the heck08:37
=== makak is now known as Makaka
icerootScarra3: if the cpu supports amd64 there is not a single reason to use i38608:37
Gskelligthats hilarious08:37
lindaiceroot: I wouldnt' say that.08:38
alecjwsoreau: nope, didnt make any difference. im fairly sure the problem is with upower reporting the remaining battery life incorrectly08:38
Scarra3iceroot: ok then ill go with the x64 version but what about my graphics card problem08:38
lindaiceroot: There ARE reasons.08:38
somsipGskellig: anyway...good you fixed it. A mystery though08:38
icerootlinda: like?08:38
lindaiceroot: Software that is not available for 64bit08:39
Hippaforalkuscan it really be right that there are more linux nerds on irc chats than people that actually just chat?!?08:39
llutz_linda: running 32bit on pc with >4GB is a pointless waiste of RAM08:39
lindallutz_: Not necessarily08:39
ZekeSlinda: chroot or multilib08:39
llutz_linda: in every case, even with PAE it is (PAE is crap)08:39
icerootlinda: amd64 can run i386 software08:40
lindaZekeS: You are correct, if one is willing to deal with and install a multilib system, yes I agree, you can do anything you want with a 64bit system.  I'll agree with that.08:40
llutz_Hippaforalkus: on support-channels? yes hopefully08:40
icerootlinda: also every open-source software is also available as an amd64 built08:40
Hippaforalkusthis one is the channel with most users when i got a channel list08:41
lindaBUT, if one is not dealing with stuff that really needs a 64bit OS, it is a complication that one prolly does not need.08:41
ZekeSPAE = complication one prolly does not need tbfh08:41
llutz_Hippaforalkus: this is a support-channel, not for general chat08:41
lindaiceroot: Are you sure?  Last time I checked, that was not the case.08:41
pnormanI haven't had any complications from using a 64 bit OS. I have had complications using a 32 bit OS08:42
alecjwoh well, ive got 9am lectures to be at now, bye. thanks for the advice soreau08:42
lindaYou can have complications with either.08:42
pnormanMainly related to how the heck am I supposed to run this with only 4 GB of ram08:42
lindaOk, well, this conversation is not leading us to any conclusions, really. so...08:42
lindaYea, more than 4G is not going to be used that often whether you have 64bit or 32bit os08:43
icerootlinda: packages maintained from ubuntu are always available for all architectures. they "just" have to built the software for every architecture which is done automaticly by the buildsystem08:43
icerootlinda: and if you found a software built for 32bit only (like firefox) it will run fine with amd6408:43
pnormanlinda: I go to 8 GB used pretty quickly after startup. I've gone to swap with 16 GB of physical ram08:44
dwarderhow do i make ctrl-c work on other input languages08:44
somsipdwarder: what do you want it to do?08:44
dwarderto copy08:44
lindaiceroot: 32bit software will only run fine on a 64bit system if you install 32bit libraries.08:44
devkorcvincelinda I also have 16GB over kill i7 machine cause I run virtual machines for testing...08:45
icerootlinda: no08:45
lindano what?08:45
icerootlinda: look at firefox for example on amd64 systems08:45
dwardersomsip: to copy08:45
lindamd64 is different?08:45
icerootlinda: but even if special libs are needed they come by default,08:45
sln45soreau: You still there?08:46
lindabut they are needed.08:46
icerootlinda: so there is no single reason to use i386 anymore when the cpu supports amd6408:46
somsipdwarder: so you change your input keyboard to a different language and CTRL-C no longer works in the same applications?08:46
lindasimplicity is a reason.08:46
lindaLike I said, if someone is willing to deal with a multilib system, that is fine.08:46
Scarra3iceroot: So where can I got to find out if my wireless card and webcam work in ubuntu 11.10 x6408:47
dwardersomsip: yes08:47
dwardersomsip: well technically it is not ctrl-c anymore08:47
prince_jammys!hardware | Scarra308:47
ubottuScarra3: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection08:47
soreausln45: Why did you react so hastily?08:48
icerootScarra3: live-cd would give the best answer08:48
sln45soreau: Huh?08:48
lindaAnd I'm willing to conceed that it is probably not as difficult as it use to be to install a 64bit system and then try to get 32bit apps to run on it, but you have to admit that a 64bit system is still adding a layer of difficulty on the adverage desktop user.08:48
sln45soreau: To what?08:48
soreausln45: I assume compiz crashed and you had no window borders etc08:48
Scarra3iceroot: well my wireless card is the Netgear WNA1100 and my webcam is the Microsoft  LifeCam Cinema HD08:48
devkorcvincelinda installing 32bit libs is just simple as inputing sudo apt-get install ia32-libs08:49
icerootScarra3: i would suggest to try a live-cd08:49
sln45soreau: No, the compiz settings manager froze. Er, it thought it was closed, but the window yet filled my screen. Everything is fine now, after two reboots. :\08:49
soreausln45: You might want to install compiz-plugins-extra and enable crash handler plugin. Inside, tell it to start a fallback wm and make the command 'metacity --replace'08:50
linda64bit has gotten to be probably more easily compatable on Ubuntu, (apparently), but there are still some complications that a desktop can and will run into and this may not be so in the not too distant future. We develope pretty rapidly here in the Ubuntu community.08:50
linda*that a desktop user can run into08:51
sln45soreau: I certainly will. But the real irony is that everything but annotate is now working. Annotate is totally ignoring the mouse. The mouse just does its usual mouse thing.08:51
soreausln45: What keybinding are you using for it?08:51
Scarra3ok my wireless card works but it says I have to install the ath9k_htc08:52
Ragnarokikonia hey you reckless cocksucker08:52
sln45soreau: The default, alt + super08:52
soreausln45: Alt+Super what?08:52
lindaI'll tell you one thing, it is sitll a prolbem with MS Windows. Lots of legacy hardware will not run on 64bit becasue driver software does not exist - I've seen it with wireless cards on Win7 64bit08:52
sln45soreau: alt + super + left mouse click08:52
somsipdwarder: the only things I can find would involve editing your keyboard layout, or running a separate script after changing keyboard layouts to remap the keys you want. I don't have a solution for you.08:53
lindaThe situation is probably better here than on win7 (in respect to 64bit compatability).08:53
soreauScarra3: It's already installed.. check 'lsmod|grep ath' to see if it's loaded. If not, load it with 'sudo modprobe ath9k_htc'08:53
hiexpohey linda thanks for the help earlier i guess i should have plugged some headphones in before > this lappy has defaulty speakers08:53
soreausln45: It should work08:53
sln45soreau: I know that much. That's why I came to you.08:53
lindahiexpo: NP08:53
sln45soreau: Worked a year ago, for sure.08:54
sln45soreau: As someone who helped improve that function, do you have any thoughts?08:54
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Scarra3soreau: So I should disable the integrated graphics card in the bios then plug in the new one in the PCI Express Slot , Install Ubuntu, then install drivers08:55
soreausln45: worksforme even with default compiz 0.9.408:56
sln45soreau: I'm sure. But neither the touchscreen nor the mousepad are doing anything.08:56
soreauScarra3: The drivers should auto-load if you disable the onboard card and install one in a PCI slot08:56
dwardersomsip: thanks08:56
=== will302 is now known as zeep2986
hiexpois there a way to kill the touchpad on my laptop linda08:57
Scarra3Well its a NVIDIA GeForce 210 and I was gonna install the drivers from NVIDIA website08:57
sln45soreau: They each just select an area or click something. The function isn't activated at all. The windows key is the super key, right?08:57
JadedJacobHi, I'm wanting to back up my windows 7 partition, is this possible using a ubuntu live CD.08:57
soreausln45: yes08:57
sln45soreau: Oh, hey, maybe my super's the problem. Hold on.08:57
soreausln45: Maybe try the other set of Super+Alt buttons08:58
hamedاینجا باید فقط از لینوکس حرف زد؟08:58
JadedJacobI have 2 partitions, one for the OS (80GB) and one for storage (420GB)08:58
sln45soreau: Other set? I have but the one.08:58
soreauScarra3: Oh, I thought you were talking wifi chips08:58
sln45soreau: Tiny keyboard08:58
sln45soreau: Fits my little hands08:59
hamedایرانی نیست اینجا؟08:59
Scarra3soreau: no my graphics card lol08:59
soreausln45: Ah, well maybe try setting it to a different binding like Ctrl+Button1 or something08:59
arrrghhh!ir | hamed08:59
ubottuhamed: #ubuntu-ir baraye Farsi zabanan mibashad ke channele rasmie goroohe Iran-ie ubuntu ast. #ubuntu-ir  برای فارسی زبانان می‌باشد که کانال رسمی گروه ایرانی اوبونتو است.08:59
sln45soreau: Sure. One sec08:59
hamedبرو بابا09:00
soreauScarra3: In that case, it will likely load the nouveau driver by default. You'd have to install the nvidia proprietary drivers if you want to use them, but I'd recommend trying the ubuntu packaged version first09:00
hamedحوصله داریا09:00
Scarra3soreau: Why?09:00
sln45soreau: Zip. How do I debug this function?09:00
soreauScarra3: Because installing from the nvidia website can break stuff since the package manager doesn't know what you're doing09:00
arrrghhhhamed, i'm sorry if i didn't guess the language correctly, but english only here please.09:01
soreauScarra3: You'd have to reinstall them every kernel upgrade and manage them manually09:01
sln45arrrghhh: Try Farsi09:01
Scarra3Oh so everytime I update the kernel I have to reinstall the drivers?09:01
arrrghhhsln45, that's the one i guessed lol09:02
sln45arrrghhh: Arabic then?09:02
EvaStrollhi, i've a trouble, i've ubuntu 11.04 64 bit with virtualbox 4.1.2, two virtual machine one with windows xp and one with windows server 2008. every two virtual machine network interface are attached by bridge interface on the same physical card. when  windows2008 estabilish a tcp connection with other terminal on the net, it lose some packet (bad checksum) any have idea ?09:02
arrrghhhsln45, dunno how to make ubottu do that one09:02
sln45arrrghhh: me neither09:02
sln45I can say good morning to the guy09:03
sln45and thank you and some other pleasantries09:03
pnormanJadedJacob: Backing up the data from windows should be doable - but if you want to make a backup you an boot off of, windows tends to be a pain to move from drive to drive09:03
arrrghhhjust don't curse at him :P09:03
sln45The word for "where" is a letter off from a curse word.09:03
soreausln45: Try running compiz --replace in your terminal and look for related messages09:03
DriiperHello! Do anyone know if they introduced some kinda "Sleep" function to 11.10 (Server). when my server stands inactive for some hours/days it i can no longer access it, it takes like 10 minutes for it to reappear to the internetz.09:03
soreausln45: Or pastebin the output of 'dpkg -l|grep compiz' to pastebin.com09:04
judwhat's the beginners group called?09:04
pnormanoff to bed for me. got enough computational jobs queued up to keep my room warm overnight09:04
soreausln45: After restarting ccsm, does annotate remain enabled?09:05
sln45soreau: One sec09:05
sln45soreau: It does09:06
soreausln45: remove compiz-fusion-bcop for starters09:06
soreausln45: then in ccsm>Preferences, do Reset to Defaults (while metacity is running) and then reconfigure compiz. Also make sure FlatFile backend is selected there09:07
judbeginner here..so, to run this '/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup' as root, I run 'sudo//etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup'?09:07
JadedJacobpnorman: so I can't just clone the windows partition windows7.img, and then expect to be able to convert windows7.img back to a partition and for windows to boot?09:08
EvaStrollhi, i've a trouble, i've ubuntu 11.04 64 bit with virtualbox 4.1.2, two virtual machine one with windows xp and one with windows server 2008. every two virtual machine network interface are attached by bridge interface on the same physical card. when  windows2008 estabilish a tcp connection with other terminal on the net, it lose some packet (bad checksum) but the packets aren't lose on the ubuntu interface any have i09:08
EvaStrolldea ?09:08
soreausln45: If ~/.compiz-1 exists, get rid of it too09:08
somsipjud: need some spaces in there - sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup09:08
pnormanJadedJacob: I haven't tried that, so I'm not sure. I just know that when moving windows from drive to drive, expect things to go badly.09:09
judspace after sudo..that's it? cheers!09:09
somsipjud: and one less / after sudo...sudo /etc/init....09:09
sln45soreau: Is flatfile backend a plugin? Where am I supposed to see it?09:10
soreausln45: same place you Reset to Defaults09:10
DriiperHello! Do anyone know if they introduced some kinda "Sleep" function to 11.10 (Server). when my server stands inactive for some hours/days it i can no longer access it, it takes like 10 minutes for it to reappear to the internetz.09:11
Scarra3soreau: How do I know if the defualt drivers are working properly?09:11
soreauScarra3: What is the output of 'glxinfo|grep renderer'?09:11
Scarra3I haven't installed ubuntu yet09:11
soreauwell that would be a first step09:12
sln45soreau: Done! Now I try it?09:12
soreauScarra3: If they're working, you should be able to use compiz at least09:12
Scarra3thx again09:12
soreausln45: Did you reconfigure ccsm and re-enable all necessary plugins?09:12
Scarra3be back in a few I need to finish downloading ubuntu 11.10 x6409:12
sln45soreau: Er, I reset it if that's what you mean. Is there something specific I must enable besides annotate?09:13
soreausln45: Yes, all the plugins I mentioned earlier09:13
sln45soreau: I suppose I missed that list.09:14
soreausln45: In ccsm, disable everything except Move, Resize, Window Decoration, Application Switcher, Gnome Compatibility and Place Windows (and of course Annotate)09:14
soreausln45: conversely, enable those plugins^^09:14
sln45soreau: Right09:15
christinaok I removed my HDD from cabinet and then  i put usb drive and  tried to install ubuntu from that to usb drive but setup stopped because of bad cd and now when i try to bot winodws from HDD then it is giving me BOOTMGR missing error and windows aint booting09:15
soreauchristina: That's a question for #windows really, but you'll basically need to restore your boot loader from the windows installation cd09:16
soreaurestore_mbr or something09:16
christinabut why it happens when i tried to install ubuntu in usb drive and that too when HDD was removed form pc09:17
soreauchristina: That's a good question. Maybe windows sucks ;)09:17
sln45_soreau: Ugh... everything crashed.09:18
soreausln45: Did you enable crash handler with the fallback wm of metacity?09:19
sln45_soreau: I was going to, but I was in the process of disabling and enabling according to that list.09:19
soreausln45_: I told you to do that while metacity was running09:19
sln45_soreau: What??09:19
sln45_soreau: Ugh.09:20
sln45_soreau: You said it long after I had already been looking at the compiz-settings-manager09:20
soreausln45_: anyway, when compiz crashes you can just go to tty and run 'DISPLAY=:0 metacity --replace'09:21
soreauthen switch back to X09:21
sln45_soreau: Okay. But when things crashed before, I lost the list of things you'd been saying.09:21
soreausln45_: That means your IRC cleint sucks ;)09:21
sln45_soreau: So what plugins + how can I set metacity as a fallback?09:22
soreausln45_: Do yourself a favor and use a real client like xchat instead of the web interface09:22
sln45_soreau: I hardly know how to use irc, honestly. I use webchat.freenode.net09:22
soreau<soreau> sln45_: You might want to install compiz-plugins-extra and enable crash handler plugin. Inside, tell it to start a fallback wm and make the command 'metacity --replace'09:23
sln45_soreau: When my boyfriend is back for Winter break, it's the first thing I'll ask him, i promise.09:23
sln45_soreau: Okay09:23
soreau<soreau> sln45_: In ccsm, disable everything except Move, Resize, Window Decoration, Application Switcher, Gnome Compatibility and Place Windows (and of course Annotate)09:23
soreauThat's the last time I'll repeat it09:23
sln45_soreau: Fair enough. You've been more than patient.09:24
soreausln45_: Ask him what? xchat is easy to install..09:24
sln45_soreau: How to use IRC. It baffles me. I have an easier time playing with C than I do with this, and I have zero background in programming.09:25
soreausln45_: xchat is very easy to use. just apt-get install it and ubuntu channel is the default I believe09:26
sln45_soreau: Anyway, I really appreciate all your help, honest. But I have to call it a night. I've been sick for like three days, I'll try what you said in full later and hope it goes well, otherwise I'll pop into the forums.09:26
sln45_soreau: Thanks so much09:27
soreausln45_: pop into #compiz, it's easier to chat there09:27
sln45_soreau: Oh, perfect. That's exactly what I'll do. Gosh, I really should have done that in the first place09:28
soreausln45_: have a good night, I'm out too09:28
sln45_soreau: You too, you too.09:28
Phoenix_anyone good with gnu license here?09:30
icerootPhoenix_: #gnu09:30
=== Phoenix_ is now known as IcePhoenix
proxxhi all09:32
JadedJacobI resized my windows 7 partition to setup free space to install ubuntu, now windows 7 won't boot09:34
JadedJacobUsing ubuntu and gparted09:34
mmvjasonmsp: that's a good thing09:35
jenniewhy should i install ubuntu, I am pirated windows user09:35
proxxjennie; have fun bye bye09:36
jenniewrong answer09:36
proxxjennie; this is a support channel >> ubuntu-offtopic09:37
jennieproxx another problem is this , i downloaded ubuntu from website and burn to cd and now when i try to install then installation is giving read error in cd09:38
jennieshould i try  new cd ?09:38
proxxjennie, yes09:38
proxxalso do a md5 check09:38
=== bobby is now known as bob_dooley
dr_willischeck md5 of the iso and cd09:38
JadedJacobI'm glad I did with no data on it.09:38
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows09:38
toumboHi people!I just removed my nvdia propetiary driver and I cannot login to my ubuntu desktop anymore.What should i do?09:43
jenniewhere is MD5 code of ubuntu, whom i will compare the downloaded file09:43
hiexpojennie, usually it is in the iso  but where you downloaded it from also09:44
jenniei have ubuntu torrent in my pc from ubuntu.com09:44
jenniei have iso09:45
hiexpojennie, than the md5sum is at there site09:45
dr_willistorrents also have a verify feature.09:45
proxxthe link is above, next time just use google09:45
jennieok thANks a lot09:46
jenniei got it all09:46
dr_willisthen theres a verify option when you boot the cd i think09:46
proxxjennie: your welcome09:48
dr_willisive used torrents to fix bad iso files in the past also.09:48
proxxhe did09:48
elzoogCan anyone help me fix my sound?   I was trying to upgrade musescore (among other things) and now I have no sound.09:49
proxxits offtopic, high download speeds also appear to break files, at least i have with 60mbit connection09:49
dr_willisspeed kills  :-)09:49
elzoogCan anyone help?09:50
JoebyI just gots a full degree in computer science. All y'all cans asks me stuffs09:51
Stratispherehi all09:51
JoebyHi pappy09:51
Stratisphereanyone around for a bit of licensing advice?09:51
JoebyStratisphere, no, but I'll offer an opinion09:52
Stratispherework in education and just come across a company that provides a monitoring solution09:52
FlannelStratisphere: #ubuntu-offtopic would be a better place for that09:52
jennieproxx , please explain what you said ""proxxits offtopic, high download speeds also appear to break files, at least i have with 60mbit connection""09:52
K|nGHi there can someone tell me How I can write something without using nano just from Terminal example single line ??09:52
cYmenecho "hello" > filename.txt09:53
JoebyK|nG, little program called "vim"09:53
Stratispheretypical server-client structure, the server is running ubuntu and a number of other open source projects but there is no kind of decleration on their website about it. No credit or anything09:53
Stratisphereah rite, okat Flannel09:53
proxxjennie, when i download files at max speed, i often have to download files 3 times to get the checksum right, but this is offtopic as i said.09:53
K|nGJoeby: Nop I want to write without using any EDITOR :A just example type commant and create a document with one line on it understand ??09:53
Pumpkin-"echo SOMETEXT > file.txt"09:54
JoebyK|nG, I understand you have hostility towards vim09:54
K|nGPumpkin-: THANKS you verymuch :Q09:54
proxxtouch example && echo "hi" >> example09:54
SolarisBoy1echo "hi" > example09:55
K|nGProthon: thank you :Q09:55
SolarisBoy1omg im blind as a bat09:56
greguHi. Can anyone tell me where are "additional" logs for update-manager? After update I can't login to my system. I type my password and it's going back to gdm screen.09:57
gaelfxI have an asus eee pc 1001p and after installing 11.10, I've realised that the mic doesn't work. What's more, the device in sound settings says analog stereo duplex when I know it should be digital. How ca I fix this?09:57
Joebygaelfx, install a version known to work with the mike09:58
proxxgregu:  cat /var/log/apt/history.log  here is the apt log09:58
proxxgregu; dunno if it helps10:00
vibhavhi guys10:00
Joebyproxx, wb10:00
JadedJacobpartimage looks really good, anyone used it10:00
proxxJoeby; ty10:01
greguI see there Linux kernel was updated, so I have removed fglrx drivers (dpkg -P fglrx*), copied /etc/X11/xorg.conf.original-0 to xorg.conf and still got problems10:01
JoebyJadedJacob, many times10:01
greguCan't login10:01
greguwhat the ...?10:01
daggs-I've installed python-ply but import lex fails on python, what am I missing? (using 10.04.3)10:01
theadmingregu: Try deleting the xorg.conf completely, it will make X auto-configure itself.10:01
JoebyJadedJacob, it works as advertised if that's your question10:02
=== dani is now known as Guest90990
JoebyGuest90990, hey Fonzie10:03
=== Gskellig is now known as Gskellig|afk
gregutheadmin: I think it have problems with mounting /home with ecryptfs after kernel update10:04
greguwhile gdm starts, it seems to be everything ok with xorg10:04
gregudon't know10:05
proxxgregu; so what is your problem? you can get into gdm, but cant login ?>10:07
greguproxx: exactly.10:07
greguafter update10:07
proxxgregu; can you log in from TTY ?10:08
greguproxx: yes10:08
proxxcan you ls ?10:08
gregubut /home isn't mounted10:08
bazZztidoes anybody know if it is possible to install firefox on xbmc live?10:08
proxxgregu; oke, i see so you can actually see and read files ?10:08
greguproxx: yes, if I login I can read and write files on root partition /, but /home isn't mounted (ecryptfs)10:09
proxxgregu; oke, can you manually mount your drive ?10:09
greguproxx: if I do that, it says that /home is already mounted, but I can only see "Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop" and "README.txt" in my $HOME10:11
proxxgregu; oke that sucks10:11
greguso it seems to be problem with ecryptfs which doesny decrypt my data after login10:12
greguand question is why?10:12
proxxgregu; I have to admit that i know to little about encrypted drives to give you good advice, can only guess10:12
User77hi to everybody-10:13
bluesignhow can I change ulimit (open files limit) for every user in ubuntu ?10:14
d34d1yAnyone know why my cursor theme only works in firefox?10:17
greguecrypt-unwrap-passphrase gives error when I type my password, but with that password I can login to my system10:19
greguwhat's wrong?10:19
d34d1yAre you typing with numpad?10:19
Scarra3God ubuntu 11.10 x64 is downloading so slowly10:19
proxxScarra3; try torrent10:20
Scarra3I have and it still at 0.00%10:20
SjimmieScarra3: install it and it's even slower10:20
theadminlol true true10:20
Scarra3I have 2 networks one is throttled the other one is fine but now I can't even torrent on that one10:20
proxxScarra3; whats ur MTU ?10:21
proxxmaximum transmission unit10:22
Scarra3IDK how to tell that10:22
gemunuI'm running ubuntu 10.04.3 and wanna install GUI grub. Will startup manager does this to me on grub 1.9*. or any alternate?10:23
theadmingemunu: There's no such thing as a "GUI grub".10:23
proxx>> nm-applet >> edit connections >> edit "auto"10:24
theadmingemunu: burg is close to that, yeah, but I heard it's broken10:24
Scarra3proxx: Im in windows that's why im trying to download ubuntu10:25
gemunutheadmin : any solution. I got a lot of lines of kernel versions on my GRUB.10:25
theadmingemunu: You need to remove older kernels10:25
proxxScarra3; ow omg, hehe thats what i thought at first, than i thought nah he means, the download speeds are slow lol10:26
proxxScarra3; as i said use the torrent10:26
gemunuI ve done that with ubuntu tweek. but its still there.10:26
Scarra3I said that my network isn't letting me for some reason10:26
proxxScarra3; good luck with that, not gonna support windows here10:26
nils_when booting I get "mountall: plymouth command failed". Is there a log for mountall and this boot stuff somewhere?10:27
proxxtry another mirror10:27
pangolinScarra3: ##windows may be able to help you10:27
pangolinScarra3: there is also ##networking you can try perhaps10:27
Scarra3Brb ill switch to another network and see if that works10:28
varikonniemihello, i am once again having problems with a package being held back at apt-get upgrade. Last time i was told to use dist-upgrade and it fixed it, now it also holds back. What now?10:28
gemunutheadmin: I removed them by using ubuntu-tweek.Its 1.32 or something like that. but there are two kernel versions still out there. 1.35 ,1.3610:28
gemununo 2.3610:28
theadmingemunu: Err, there's no 1.x kernel unless you're from times around 1990's...10:29
proxxvarikonniemi; did you try apt-get autoclean    >> apt-get clean ?10:29
gemunutheadmin sry 2.*10:29
skypenthow would I go about clearing my DNS cache in ubuntu?10:29
gunfire007guys over here what's the battery backup you get on Nvidia optimus technology ?10:30
varikonniemiproxx, no10:30
proxxgunfire007 ; backup ? you mean saving ?10:30
proxxvarikonniemi; please try that and rerun update10:31
varikonniemiproxx, did and did not help10:31
gunfire007proxx: ya10:31
proxxgunfire007; saves you a lot of battery , from my own experience + 1 hour at least on my pc10:32
=== martiert is now known as martiert-away
varikonniemican i see the reason why a package is "not upgraded" ?10:32
gemunutheadmin: I ve made a mistake there.Its 2.6.32-33 which I removed. but still *35 and *36 out there on the grub.10:32
theadmingemunu: Which one of these do you use?10:32
gemunutheadmin: *.3610:33
proxxgunfire007; do you have a machine with optimus now ?10:33
theadmingemunu: Okay, then sudo apt-get remove linux-{image,headers}-2.6.35* or something like that...10:33
gunfire007proxx: i am having netbook with optimus10:33
gunfire007just bought it 2 days back...10:33
gemunuok. thanks10:34
proxxgunfire007; you should use bumblebee for many reasons,10:34
skypentAnyone know how to clear a DNS cache?10:34
proxxgunfire007; gives you nvidia support to some extend + battery                    optimus is not officially supported, THANK YOU NVIDIA NOT!10:34
gunfire007proxx: i think i should give a try to it...10:35
proxxgunfire007; it runs fine on my machine , make sure to use the PPA :)10:36
Amr0dIs there anything similar to a Windows Terminal Server where people have their own desktops etc.?10:36
Fudgehi in regards to grub-update and grub-install, i have lucid on a partition and moved oneiric to another with gparted copy. now i have to use a cd to boot grub from hard drive, i thought after mount -o bind proc sys dev to my lucid partition then chrooting... i could grub-install /dev/sda and grup-update. but i am missing a step. what is the step i am missing?10:36
varikonniemihmm, now i found out something relating to why the package is kept back10:36
varikonniemispring : Depends: spring-common (= 84.0~11.10~ppa1) but 83.0~11.10~ppa2 is to be installed -- what does it mean?10:37
gunfire007proxx: can you give some link to it ??10:37
theadminvarikonniemi: Try this: sudo aptitude install spring (aptitude works better than apt-get most of the time)10:38
Joebydoes it now10:38
proxxgunfire007; uhm no :P >> google ?10:38
proxxgunfire007; wait10:38
proxxgunfire007; i meant the ironhide project10:38
gunfire007ok which project i should go for ironhide or bumblebee ?10:39
jangirke_hi how can I use a secure tunnel to a dns server?10:39
jangirke_*on ubuntu10:40
Joebyjangirke_, you could ssh tunnel it10:40
varikonniemitheadmin, aptitude tries to removbe some 100 packages including flashplugin and gcc and so on.. :P10:40
theadminvarikonniemi: Doesn't sound well... Don't listen to it10:40
icerootjangirke_: isnt there ssl for dns?10:41
abhijitwhere is the channelf or avant window manager?10:41
iceroot!alis | abhijit10:41
ubottuabhijit: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*10:41
gunfire007proxx: ok10:42
gunfire007proxx: does it provide power management10:43
=== Auriel_ is now known as Auriel
proxxgunfire007; yes, on or off :P10:43
Anon12832http://occupyto.org/livestream/ - LIVE POLICE EVICTION OF OCCUPIERS IN TORONTO IN MOMENTS - | timer 1 1 quit http://occupyto.org/livestream/ LIVE POLICE EVICTION IN MOMENTS10:43
gunfire007than it's cool i should try ironhide than...10:44
jangirke_Joeby: Thanks for the help10:44
proxxgunfire007; its off by default and powered on when you actually use it e.g.       "optirun64 glxgears"10:44
jangirke_her for the others on the channel how to ssl tunnel to a dns server http://zarb.org/~gc/html/udp-in-ssh-tunneling.html10:44
gunfire007proxx: this would  be really enhancing the battery charge cycle right ?10:45
proxxgunfire007; this way a new X server instance is ran inside the current X server ,, after you kill it the card goes down10:45
jenniei downloaded this ubuntu-11.10-alternate-i386 checked MD5 and then burned to one more cd and still it is giving RETRY error in installation :-(10:45
proxxgunfire007; it really does yes, a lot actually, the nvidia chip sucks battery even when its not used :)10:45
varikonniemitheadmin, so i can assume this is a problem by the packager, and not on my end?10:45
KamZouHello, i've a problem with my DHCP... I'd like infinite leases to my clients...(I set up : default-lease-time infinite; ...) . The "ends" entry in my .leases file show Year 2147 ... So ... Good, but when i restart the dhcpd daemon, the "Ends" entry show thah the lease is valid until 24h later only ... So i've a problem. Could you help me ?10:46
theadminvarikonniemi: Yeah...10:46
proxxKamZou; couldnt you try giving them a static lease ?? based on mac. ?10:47
proxxKamZou; dont remember how though10:47
KamZouproxx, for specific needs in my company i can't fix (directly on computers/servers the IP ... Or by the Fixed (host..) directive in dhcpd.conf)10:49
=== joo is now known as Guest86835
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=== thoidingjam is now known as jumbalalaOOOH
jangirke_I guess that is not what I am looking for.10:50
jangirke_I want to use a secure tunnel to  a DNS server like google or openDNS10:51
DriiperHello! Do anyone know if they introduced some kinda "Sleep" function to 11.10 (Server). when my server stands inactive for some hours/days it i can no longer access it, it takes like 10 minutes for it to reappear to the internetz.10:52
proxxKamZou; and if you make the lease time ridiculously long say 10 years ?10:53
radu_dudepls help!!! dual display, flash full screen problem!!! ps help for fix or replace flash!!!! searching forum for 3 days now!!! and still no fix!!!10:54
proxxradu_dude; known issue, go throw a molotov at the adobe labs10:54
IcePhoenixwhere can i download boobuntu from?10:54
gaelfxok, I've figured out how to get my mic working for Audacity, however, I can't select the same device in Skype nor pavucontrol, how can I fix this?10:54
radu_dudeproxx; can i replace flash with somthing else10:54
optimusMwhat if i accidently put a file inside the root folder10:55
optimusMhow do i move it to my home folder10:55
IcePhoenixikonia, i found a pic of your mom in boobuntu wallpapers10:55
gaelfxoptimusM: man mv should tell you how to do it10:55
gaelfxoptimusM: and you'll need to use sudo to move it probably (so "sudo mv [options]"10:56
=== ermo^ is now known as ermo
geoffmccoptimusM: sudo mv filename /home/user/directory10:57
lillemanMy sound on flash and rhythmbox stopped working with the last update of 11.10. It works fine in smplayer. Please help :)10:57
gaelfxwhy can't the dialog box in empathy grow beyond one line?10:57
jennieI want to install ubuntu in usb drive and i do not want dual boot , so if cd aint working then can i do this , extract the ISO to usb and then install it in same USB from USB ?10:57
proxxradu_dude no not really, have you upgraded to the latest flash ?10:57
optimusMok ill try that thank you10:57
luisthow big is a 10.04 mirror?10:57
optimusMi install ubunutu into virtualbox10:57
radu_dudeproxx; latest update and flsh aid10:57
proxxradu_dude; coz since a short while, i can use utube on my dual screen , an max on both, but this is on my intel drivers10:58
abhijithi. how do i add aps to awn in gnome3? help10:58
proxxradu_dude; heavily depends on the type of player u use10:58
radu_dudeproxx; i have nvidia gt 9800gt latest drivers10:58
luistwhere can i find an rsync server to make a mirror of ubuntu 10.04?10:59
lillemanThe volume control shows sound activity, but n othing comes to my speakers...10:59
proxxradu_dude; i think your out of luck, is this with all players ??, such a jws, or megavideo ?10:59
=== Wicet|2 is now known as Wicet
gaelfxlilleman: are you sure you have the right device selected? if you have input selected, then it's outputting to a dummy output11:00
lillemangaelfx: There, found it. Switched from HDMI to "Internal Audo Analog Stereo". Very crappy update to f*ck up my settings :/11:00
lillemanthanks for the help tho :)11:01
radu_dudeproxx; only flsh11:01
gaelfxlilleman: yeah, no problem, I'm dealing with a bum mic right now, so audio's on my mind11:01
KamZouproxx, i've just tryed to set a 50 years lease : default-lease-time 1576800000; When i restart the dhcpd daemon i've this error : dhcpd: write_lease: unable to write lease
proxxradu_dude; what iam trying to say is that this is a flash problem ( thus trow molotov at adobe) but some players, that are based on flash do magically work, try other online videos, thats what iam saying.11:02
=== dabukalam is now known as dabukalam_
radu_dudeproxx; ok thx11:02
=== dabukalamm is now known as dabukalam
=== dabukalam_ is now known as frozenirccloud
proxxKamZou; weird, i didnt use dhcpd for a long time so im a bit clueless here11:04
gaelfxempathy suuuuuuucks, I want pidgin back like in the good old days11:04
nils_gaelfx: you can just keep on using pidgin though...11:05
tuxnanihi, I get some stack related error these days and most of the work that I wrote, gets lost11:05
tuxnaniany error/bug?11:05
gaelfxUsing audacity, I can find and use my mic, but I can't find or use it in sound settings, how can I fix that?11:05
gaelfxnils_: yeah, but I'd rather force everyone to use it by default :D11:06
MonkeyDustgaelfx  only in audacity? if not, open a terminal and type alsamixer11:09
KoenigseggIs there a way to find the window type or something for f.ex the screen locked window? I would really like to exclude it from some rules in ccsm..11:10
gaelfxMonkeyDust: well, to be fair, I haven't tried others, but only Audacity lets me select the appropriate device, Skype can only use pulse server11:11
gaelfxseriously, why does empathy not expand the input box beyond one line?11:11
gaelfxMonkeyDust: totally weird thing, I can't change the selection at all in sound recorder, but sound recorder picks up sound from the mic as well11:15
MonkeyDustgaelfx  try audacious11:16
gaelfxMonkeyDust: I thought audacious was for playing sounds, not recording them?11:16
MonkeyDustgaelfx  you're right, i mix the two, sorry11:16
gaelfxMonkeyDust: no problem, happens to everyone11:17
MonkeyDustwebcam tool cheese has sound recording integrated, try that11:17
gaelfxMonkeyDust: good call11:18
Ehsan264Hi I have a bash scripting Question.I know that ` ` can be used instead of $() and () can be used instead of expr so why can I use $(($x + $y)) and also `expr $x + $y` but I cant used `($x + $y)`11:27
bobtheblueberryis there a channel for bash scripting?11:27
Ehsan264ow I dont know11:28
Ehsan264shall I ask this in a different channel?11:28
bobtheblueberryI dont know how to make a label for a while loop, silly me11:28
szalprobably #bash or ##bash (/me is in neither, so it's on you to find the correct one)11:28
geoffmccbobtheblueberry: #bash i think11:28
Ehsan264ok sry guys11:29
gaelfxMonkeyDust: well, cheese also fails, and not just on the mic front either11:30
=== as456fgt is now known as dury
=== mina86|aw is now known as mina86
SifrazooyI have a problem with kubuntu after last update the system don't want to startup any chance that i could remove last updated program11:33
duryhi there channel :)11:33
quick-hey i ma getting this error ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49) while configuring error for Ldap please hel p11:34
crizzy== wrong username or password11:35
Sifrazooypeople plz someone help me i want to remove last updated program11:35
quick-Sifrazooy: wat was ur last updated program ?11:36
quick-crizzy: i didnt got you11:36
Sifrazooyquick : actually that's what i want11:36
durywhat's the package to install an application that it's a red line you do it with the mouse in combination with Alt, or Ctrl keys... you know what I mean?11:36
rtaylorthere's a lot of freaking people in here11:36
tuxnanithese days my ubuntu machine goes into some freezed mode woth some terminal like structure, anyone else has such problem?11:36
solid_liqhow do you keep ubuntu from trying to automount a usb device?11:37
gaelfxI just tried to run apt-get autoremove (because I just installed and removed cheese), but it didn't remove anything, even though I know cheese installed a bunch of extra packages that aren't necessary. How can I get them removed??11:37
Sifrazooyisn't there any method that i can know last updated program11:38
geoffmccgaelfx: apt-get --purge remove <package>11:39
crizzySifrazooy: /var/log/apt/history.log11:39
quick-Sifrazooy: go to the ubuntu software center youl get all the information about the install update that too categorized11:39
toumboHow to save file using nano from recovery mode?11:39
gaelfxgeoffmcc: the problem is I'm not sure which packages it installed, since USC is terribly uninformative in that manner11:39
Sifrazooycrizzy:thnx :D11:39
crizzytoumbo: ctrl-o + enter11:39
quick-crizzy: i m creatinf the user for ldap for the 1st time and too the 1st user , where can the passwd be wrong ? Pls hel p11:40
geoffmccSifrazooy: software center / history / updates11:40
geoffmccSifrazooy: software center / history / updates11:40
Sifrazooyquick: actually i can't do that the only thing i can do is throw the terminal11:40
geoffmccoops sorry11:40
toumbocrizzy got it!!Thanks!!!11:40
geoffmccgaelfx: didnt u say it was cheese11:40
crizzyquick-: no idea, http://nixcraft.com/domain-name-server/17197-ldap_bind-invalid-credentials-49-a.html might help. i don't have that much ldap experience11:41
gaelfxgeoffmcc: yeah11:41
quick-crizzy:  thanks11:41
geoffmccgaelfx: well im not really familar with the package, but the command i gave will remove cheese and any config files, not sure about any other programs it may have installed11:42
gaelfxgeoffmcc: well, the reason I'm wondering about it is that when I first installed it, it said it would take something like 77MB of space, but then after I removed it, I looked at installing it again, and it said that it would take 12MB of space, so I can only assume, that there are some extra files11:44
durydoes anyone install11:44
durydoes anyone install  the feature that make with mouse red line to indicate something in the desktop11:46
geoffmccgaelfx: one sec11:46
duryhow does it call?11:46
geoffmccgaelfx: i ran apt-get install cheese and this is list of all that installed, http://paste.ubuntu.com/746930/ . I would say run the command i gave to at least get config files gone, and then check these extra packages to see if still installed11:47
geoffmccgaelfx: there may be an easier way, but unfortunatly im not sure of what to do, but at best this will tell you what all extra was installed11:48
duryhas anyone installed the mouse's feature to make red lines in the desktop?11:48
duryhow does it call?11:48
duryI want to install it11:49
durybut I don't know the package name... :(11:50
ikoniadury: I have never even heard of something that does that, let alone know the name of it11:50
SolarisBoy1i think it was in compiz11:50
bgtr34hello, new user here i've installed ydl before and ubuntu on ps3. just about to install on laptop through wubi. how do I get ubuntu to recognise my wireless card so i can connect to internetz11:50
duryyeah Ikonia there is11:51
geoffmccbgtr34: what kind of card?11:51
duryI don't the name11:51
durysorry I don't know the name11:51
bgtr34geoffmcc i'm not sure it is whatever is in dell 1520 as it came. i think a broadcom but I havent owned a pc in a few years im a little out of touch!11:52
gaelfxgeoffmcc: thanks man, very helpful11:52
geoffmccbgtr34: yea, if it dell most likley broadcom. you just need to go to software center and install the firmware-b43-install package, but you will need to have a wired connection to do it11:53
durySolarisBoy1: do you know that?11:53
rtaylorhow come all the text is not showing up when people type?11:53
bgtr34Ok. thats easy enough thanks geoffmcc. One question using WUBI, i havent done an install like this and only doing so because i dont have a blank CD on me. are there any downsides to doing it this way or is it just as good as setting up a seperate partition?11:55
geoffmccbgtr34: to be honest i never really gave it much of a chance, i tried it a while back, didnt like something about it but i dont even remember what that was11:56
bgtr34sorry for clarity, i guess you mean you didnt like wubi?11:56
geoffmccbgtr34: do you have a flash drive you can use?11:56
duryIkonia: http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/files/www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/nodes/2239/ss/doodle.jpg11:57
geoffmccbgtr34: i just never really gave it much of a chance, i remember installing it and then just kinda deleted it and partitioned and used iso to install11:57
gaelfxsound recorder and audacity can both use my mic, but  sound settings doesn't seem to recognize it and pulse definitely doesn't because my mic can't work in skype, so how can I make pulse get wise?11:57
elzoogHey guys, I am still having trouble with sound.11:57
bgtr34somewhere, but can't find. i think I'll try it through wubi first and then go get some CD's im going to give ubunutu and fedora a try and see which I prefer.11:57
gaelfxelzoog: welcome to the club, what's your particular problem with sound?11:58
kanhiyahelp me solve my bluetooth problem11:58
kanhiyai am very frustrated with this11:58
duryHOw do I install that feature?11:58
kanhiyai am using ubuntu 11. 1011:58
kanhiyabluetooth not working11:58
duryand how does it call?11:59
kanhiyait detects device but unable to send or receive files11:59
elzoogThanks gaelfx,  I tried updating from musescore 1.0 to 1.1 along with doing some other things.   One of the things I did somehow ruined sound.11:59
gaelfxkanhiya: does your bluetooth device show up in lspci or lsusb?11:59
luisthow can i sync just lucid repository to make a local mirror??11:59
kanhiyalet me see11:59
elzooggaelfx, I tried updating to 11.10 and that didn't fix it.11:59
bgtr34another probably daft question. i've only installed on a ps3 before, if I partition will I lose all my windows data? i'm guessing there is only one hdd in this dell and that its already partitioned into the 100gb C:/ and the 10Gb or so recovery D:/ can I keep D:\ as I need that to be able to recover windows if anything goes wrong but i kinda want a seperate partition11:59
gaelfxelzoog: well, I can only assume you've installed alsamixer and checked the channels not being muted that way, right?12:01
MrS1lentczhi :)12:01
gaelfxbgtr34: you could always install on a USB flash drive ;)12:01
gaelfxbgtr34: and just to be clear, I'm not talking about making a live USB, I mean actually installing it12:02
geoffmccbgtr34: yea, wubi is designed for window users to try ubuntu without fear of dataloss12:02
bgtr34do you mean have nothing on the actual pc?  is that better12:02
elzooggaelfx, It looks like nothing is muted12:02
gaelfxelzoog: ok, what is your audio device in lspci?12:03
bgtr34I only need to keep D:\ as it has the recovery for windows to restore to factory settings which i did yesterday. Im not worried about losing anything else as there is nothing apart from firefox and pidgin installed so far.12:03
jangirke_Bye Thanks12:03
kanhiyagaelfx: it's integrated bluetooth & wifi  , i think so, i am using a laptop & broadcom4313 wireless adapter which also does not perform well on ubuntu 11.10, but bluetooth icon is there on panel & it detect all devices and pair them , asks for DUN connection etc but not able to send or receive files, error code 13 appears12:03
geoffmccbgtr34: with wubi ubuntu is installed on c:\ubuntu\disks\root.disk. it does not get installed to its own partition12:03
gaelfxelzoog: or maybe aplay -l will be more informative12:04
SolarisBoy1dury: the name of the plugin?12:04
kanhiyagaelfx: It also says that permission denied(13)12:04
=== horte_ is now known as horte
gaelfxkanhiya: hang on, I'll look into that12:05
elzoogAudio device: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio (rev 05)12:05
Zpixhi all12:05
geoffmcckanhiya: in reguards to your wifi are you using the b43 driver?12:05
kandinskican you switch between unity and unity2d without loggig out?12:05
ZpixI can't shut down in ubuntu 11.10 :(12:05
Zpixwhen I want to shut it down it goes to login page!!12:05
bgtr34in your opinion is wubi then not a true  OS set up but a try before you take the plunge type of thing? i'm intending to make linux whichever flavour I settle on the most used OS on my PC. its an old second hand laptop, but all i need is to be able to type cv's and job apps and browse the web etc. nothing fancy12:06
luisthey guys… about the packages inside http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/   how do i know which ones are for each ubuntu release?12:06
geoffmccZpix: gear looking icon in upper right, click that and shutdown is last option12:06
durySolarisBoy1: the name of the plugin or feature whatever12:06
elzooggaelfx, Don't know if that helps.   I have been running Ubuntu for quite a few months on this laptop and only recently had a problem12:06
geoffmccbgtr34: exactly, its meant for you to try it before you commit to it12:07
afeijogood morning12:07
Zpixgeoffmcc: I know how to shut down! I said: IT GOES TO LOGIN PAGE instead shut down12:07
gaelfxelzoog: yeah, definitely need aplay -l, HDA intel has about a thousand and one different chips12:07
geoffmccZpix: yelling is not neccesary12:07
bgtr34Ok then i dont think i'll bother with wubi and get rid. its not what I'm looking for. thanks for your help guys. i'm off to get some cheap cd's and milk :D12:07
kanhiyageoddmcc: broadcom sta available in additional driver section, i activated them but performance was drastic so i disable them & switch again to default drivers12:07
bgtr34assuming most people here are guys...12:08
geoffmccbgtr34: if your looking to dual boot though, its always easier to do if you setup windows first, create a partition for ubuntu and then use the installer to do the rest, it will notice your windows and give you a install along side option12:08
Zpixgeoffmcc: it's necessary to read well and then talk about it :)12:08
afeijoI need to set up an virtual ubuntu desktop, so several thin clients can access it thru RDP, is it possible??12:08
bgtr34Ok. how do i set that partition up? its been about 10 years since I did that.12:09
glebihandury, that's the "annotate" plugin for compiz12:09
kanhiyai am asking from community, when one thing is running very  well, whether to update it's driver  to a non working situation & why do developer do that12:09
elzooggaelfx, Am tempted to reinstall ubuntu, but that would have the pain of fixing bugs the newer versions of ubuntu introduced (such as hidden scrolls)12:09
kanhiyamy bluetooth was working very well in ubuntu 11.04 or earlier versions12:10
geoffmcckanhiya: hmm. i have no problems on 11.10. i installed driver using firmware-b43-installer12:10
gaelfxelzoog: well, to be honest, I usually just reinstall if things get really buggy, but it does seem you should be able to fix it without that12:10
geoffmccbgtr34: winxp?12:10
quick-hey i ma getting this error ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49) while configuring the first user  for Ldap please help12:10
duryglebihan: so... to have that feature in my mouse first I have to install compiz12:10
kanhiyabut ubuntu 11.10  disappontied me except software centre12:10
bgtr34geoffmcc im on vista.12:11
glebihandury, compiz should be installed and enabled by default12:11
kanhiyageoffmcc: my internet speed was so slow on wifi using STA drivers & connection was also dropping12:11
geoffmccbgtr34: i believe it is in administrative tools/computer managment/disk managment/ then you right click on the partitoon and choose shrink and select a size12:12
quick-hey i am getting this error ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49) while configuring the first user  for Ldap please help12:12
bgtr34OK thanks geoffmcc!12:12
SolarisBoy1dury "Paint Fire on Screen"12:12
duryglebihan: all right... I see thanks indeed12:12
geoffmcckanhiya: yea i never use those ones, i always use the b4312:12
SolarisBoy1dury: if you play with the color/appearance setting on the plugin.. it doesn't always look like fire,, it could then look like red lines etc..12:12
glebihandury, you're welcome12:12
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=== whereswaldo is now known as gloomer
geoffmccbgtr34: no problem12:14
luisthey guys… about the packages inside http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/  how do i know which ones are for each ubuntu release? i'd like to rsync just the lucid repo12:14
duryglebihan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whhKOB6FIaA  thanks a lot :)12:15
glebihandury, you're welcome12:16
glebihanluist, you cannot use rsync to retrieve only the lucid packages12:16
luistglebihan: :T12:17
duryglebihan: great supporter... you are :)12:17
Toniush1 all! How make dhcp server use special file for log messages ? Now log mesaggew writing in syslog12:18
fedtobunthi there12:22
norpanHi, can someone answer a simple question? I installed a theme from gnome-look, and a new wallapaper appeared in  the wallpaper-selector, but where is that wallpaper stored?12:23
norpanIts not in /usr/share/wallpapers or usr/share/themes/ either12:24
geoffmccTonius: have a look at http://www.hacktopia.net/wp/force-dhcpd-to-log-to-its-own-file-with-syslog-mg12:24
afeijoI need to set up an virtual ubuntu desktop, so several thin clients can access it thru RDP, is it possible??12:25
geoffmccnorpan: did you mean /usr/share/backgrounds or is that your mistake12:26
bgtr34Ok just about to partition, think i'm doing something wrong here.... On disk0 there are 4 partitions 1at 196mb, then theres C:\ at 100GB and D:\at 10gb then something at the end that is 2.5Gb of seeming redundant space is that supposed to be there?12:26
fedtobuntI have a question too. I am leaving fedora land and want to backup my soft raid with lvm 40G to single 40G hdd. whats the easiest way to do this?12:26
geoffmccbgtr34: yea i always have a little unused space at the end, not a lot12:27
bgtr342.50Gb seems a hefty chunk of that tiny hdd can I reduce it to 1gb safely?12:27
geoffmccbgtr34: i couldnt say as i really dont know what it is12:29
bgtr34ok i'll leave it as is for now. how do i add another partition then for my linux install. I'm thinking 10Gb?12:30
norpanI found a new wallpaper in the wallpaper-selector when you right click, where is that stored? its not in /usr/share/backgrounds12:30
gaelfxwhenever I open a menu on the top panel, it appears, then disappears for a second and then reappears. How can I fix this?12:31
xskydevilxWhy does Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R  not work on Ubuntu?12:31
geoffmccbgtr34: i always right click on c and choose shrink and then set to size. This also may be handled buy the install disk too, but i always setup partition on my own first12:31
fedtobuntCan someone help here.  I am leaving fedora land and want to backup my soft raid with lvm 40G to single 40G hdd. whats the easiest way to do this?12:31
gaelfxxskydevilx: what is that supposed to do?12:31
xskydevilxgaelfx: Record the desktop.12:32
xskydevilxgaelfx: *Records12:32
slideHow can I updated flash 64?12:33
gaelfxxskydevilx: well, my best guess is that that's part of gnome-shell, which is no longer included in ubuntu by default12:33
geoffmccxskydevilx: are you using unity, as it looks like a gnome shell feature12:34
slidethe ppa that i used to use is now gone12:34
xskydevilxgeoffmcc: Yeah, I'm using Unity. So if that doesn't work, which screen record tool should I use?12:34
gaelfxslide: I think you can download the .so file and manually place it in the plugins folder (which I can't remember the exact location of offhand)12:35
geoffmccxskydevilx: sorry no help to you there, i just looked up the shortcut and found that it was gnome shell12:35
xskydevilxgeoffmcc: which screen record tool should I use?12:36
slidegaelfx, yea i was hoping for an automated way heh thanks12:36
MonkeyDustslide  PPA's or non-official sources, you need to contact the person who maintains it12:36
LuCiferHello Peple12:36
LuCiferCan anyone help me here12:36
geoffmccxskydevilx: sorry no help to you there, i just looked up the shortcut and found that it was gnome shell. I dont use any screen record software12:36
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norpangeoffmcc: yes i meant that folder12:37
Guest19002Umm can anyone help me bout12:37
Guest19002KDE interface12:37
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.12:37
norpangeoffmcc: you know where the wallpaper can be stored? it popped up where i chose wallpaper from righ-click dekstop..with all the standard wallpapers12:37
tusharkumarGuest19002: Tell me the problem12:38
Guest19002Who you talkin 212:38
tusharkumarOnly if you are facing a problem.12:38
Guest19002OH yes i do12:38
Guest19002Umm The Audio on backtrack12:38
Guest19002i dont know hwere to locate it12:38
geoffmccxskydevilx: take a look at http://youtube.com/watch?v=7DpCzLoDrFw12:38
szaldo you see anyone else naming themselves 'Guest19002'? ;)12:38
MonkeyDustbacktrack is not supported here12:39
Guest19002Can you point in the right direction then?12:39
gaelfxxskydevilx: you might try recordmydesktop from USC. I've never tried it, but it sounds like it should be able to do what you want12:39
MonkeyDust#backtrack Channel is open.12:39
Guest19002thank you guys12:39
geoffmccnorpan: sorry im not sure, i only said something cause i wasnt sure if you just typo'd that directory or if you were in the wrong one, sorry12:40
=== Guest19002 is now known as __G0D__
norpangeoffmcc: oh, ok. thanks anyway!12:40
geoffmccxskydevilx: gaelfx: yea i think that what youtube video i gave url to will have install, but it also gives some other packages for compression and what not12:40
kamilnadeemI have made a fresh installation of Ubuntu 11.10 using this partition scheme: 2.5gb swap(primary partition), 500gb /home(primary partition) and 20gb /(extended partition). Now is it possible to install another distro and use the same home partition?12:41
tusharkumarkamilnadeem: No12:41
__G0D__Backtrack Channel is sooooooooooooooooooooo quite12:42
kamilnadeemPlease may I know why.12:42
tusharkumarkamilnadeem: Linux uses ext partitions where as windows uses NTFS12:42
kamilnadeemI know sir12:42
HerrBlumehello, i would like to add addional packages to my ubuntu installation, where do i have to put them12:42
kamilnadeemI will not format it12:42
tusharkumarThere is one common partition... FAT3212:43
kamilnadeemlike I want to install, luninux OS , so I use the swap there , the 500gb home part(w/o formating_ and a new 20gb/(for root)?12:44
geoffmcctusharkumar: he wants to install another distro , not window12:44
kamilnadeemgeoffmcc: Yes12:44
HerrBlumeno i want to modify the installation cd12:44
kamilnadeemgeoffmcc: is it possible12:44
geoffmcckamilnadeem: sorry, im not sure if you can do that, i was just clarifying your situation12:44
kamilnadeemgeoffmcc: Ok :-)12:45
geoffmcckamilnadeem: quick scan of google looks like possible12:45
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geoffmcckamilnadeem: i searched can two distros use the same home directory12:45
kamilnadeemgeoffmcc: and?12:45
tusharkumarkamilnadeem: Yes12:45
geoffmcckamilnadeem: have a look12:46
kamilnadeemok searching12:46
kamilnadeembrb in 10min12:46
kamilnadeemurgent work sorry12:46
guzuhello all12:47
jereneptHello #Ubuntu12:48
guzucan ntfs partitions be mounted with suid option?12:48
jereneptI do believe so.12:48
kamilnadeemYes I12:49
kamilnadeemwas saying that , how to prevent the overwriting of grub when Installing a new distro?12:49
Cipherboy@kamilnadeem, generally you can prevent it from writing a boatloader12:50
Cipherboy@user_ what is your question?12:50
guzukamilnadeem, install the newer's distro bootloader on it's root/boot partition12:51
kamilnadeemCipherboy: When does one do that, I have installed many distro(both Ubuntu based and other) but I overlooked that part12:51
kamilnadeemguzu: where does this option comes while installing , sorry If I sound inane?12:52
guzuit seems that it doesn't work with ntfs-3g suid,exec12:52
guzukamilnadeem, this depends on the distro12:52
CipherboyGenerally you can select in in the install configuration. For Ubuntu, it is right before you click accept to start installing (not sure if that is the right word, lit has been a while since I installed)12:52
Cipherboy*select it in12:52
guzukamilnadeem, some don't have it. when it asks to install the bootloader ,it may ask (like in fedora) where to install it12:53
guzukamilnadeem, rumours are grub2 doesn't like this very much12:53
guzu(installing into partitions boot sector)12:53
Cipherboyyou can select (option in the Ubuntu installation) to not have a bootloader12:54
CipherboyThen you just add it to your other install's grub menu12:54
kamilnadeemCipherboy: via update grub12:54
matt123412Hi, I've got a program called fsl installed, I want to use various tools it has in the command line (for example fslchfiletype can change certain file types etc), but I'm having trouble.  I suspect I need to add the folder containing all these commands to the path, but i tried and whatever i did didn't seem to help.  any ideas?  I can only locate these functions in /usr/share/fsl/4.1/bin , but the bin folder is jsut a shortcut t12:54
guzuCipherboy, but you have to install the bootloader's files first, right?12:54
CipherboyIf you have a Linux distro, you shouldn't need to12:55
dr_willismatt123412:  you mean  the bin dir is a link somewhere else?12:55
CipherboyElse if you are chainloading another boot loader, it will work.12:55
guzuCipherboy, rfom my experience, not installing the bootloader may mean not installing grub*12:55
matt123412like when you create a folder shortcut on teh desktop12:55
matt123412with the swoopign arrow12:55
CipherboyWait, eoesn't he already have a Linux os installed?12:56
CipherboyAnd he wanted to add another distro in addition to it?12:56
guzuCipherboy, good point12:56
kamilnadeemSo I say install the bootloader in the root folder of the distro being installed then updating grub from my main Ubuntu 11.10?12:56
CipherboyNo, you should be able to select no bootloader when you install the second os.12:57
CipherboyThen in Ubuntu you run update-grub (with sudo)12:57
kamilnadeemCipherboy: Ok12:57
CipherboyWhat specific distro do you want to install?12:57
dr_willismatt123412:  use the terminal to see whats in that folder12:57
kamilnadeemCipherboy: :-) I am thinking of luninuxOS , I have actually started a blog about FOSS and it is for that but I am your regular distro tester even before that12:58
matt123412ls /usr/share/fsl/4.1/bin returns the expected list of files12:59
CipherboyKamilnadeem Okay. I was just wondering. I have like 20 CDs myself..13:00
dr_willismatt123412:  so you need to edit your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile to add that directory to your PATH13:00
kamilnadeemI used to install new distro , by cleaning the previous one , then I started keeping multiple distro's and each one updated the previous one, and when I deleted a distro thatI have grub running , getting grub rescue error13:00
kamilnadeemCipherboy: Its all live Usb here, Unetbootin,dd :-)13:01
matt123412sorry to ask what's probably blindingly obvious, but how do i go about doing that?13:01
nasso_does anyone know where i can find the application gnome-screensaver-preferences in xubuntu 11.10?13:01
nasso_(i guess this is not a xubuntu specific question really, just want to know what package it is in)13:01
CipherboyMatt123412 open up a terminal and type:13:02
Cipherboynano ~/.bashrc13:02
InvaderZimcan someone tell me why in unity my icon files that should be previewed are instead showing just a clock indefinately?13:02
CipherboySorry about new line, not used to IRC on the iPad. Scroll down to the end (arrow keys) and add the line:13:03
kamilnadeemnasso_: I don't use Xubuntu but check here http://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=screensaver%20in%20xubuntu&source=web&cd=4&ved=0CDYQFjAD&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ehow.com%2Fhow_7225016_adjust-screensaver-xubuntu.html&ei=9e7MTvKVKoHwrQf3ppnADA&usg=AFQjCNFPmtfaZQxPKWhS4EiUWAuZ25aPuw&sig2=S0yBjY8LW6IF9ieyjvd6qA13:03
EuroNerdHow do I tell the Update Manager to ignore some updates?  I've chosen not to install a couple (e.g. some related to Braille for the blind), but each time I launch the Update Manager it offers them again.13:03
dr_willismatt123412:  you may want to read up on BASH sometime soon and how it uses the PATH variable.13:03
kamilnadeemnasso_: here http://www.ehow.com/how_7225016_adjust-screensaver-xubuntu.html13:03
CipherboyWhich I don't know where that is off the top of my head (wasn't following your conversation)13:04
szalEuroNerd: why would you want that?  anything wrong w/ the updated version?13:04
kamilnadeemsorry for that google shoerade13:04
matt123412ok, thanks13:04
nasso_kamilnadeem: thanks. but that is not my problem. i have replaced the default xscreensaver with gnome-screensaver because is have crash-problems with xscreensaver13:04
matt123412and yes, ir eally do need to learn how this all works13:04
matt123412mainly using linux to allow me to use some command line stuff on data13:04
matt123412and see all my ram13:04
dr_willismatt123412:  some basics of it  (first google hit i saw)  http://www.troubleshooters.com/linux/prepostpath.htm13:04
afeijoI need to set up an virtual ubuntu desktop, so several thin clients can access it thru RDP, is it possible??13:04
EuroNerdszal, it's not that there's something wrong with having Braille capability, but I just don't need it.13:04
nasso_kamilnadeem: i have gnome-screensaver up and running but i cant get to the settings13:04
kamilnadeemnasso_: mean you are not able to access it13:05
szalEuroNerd: then uninstall it13:05
dr_willisafeijo:  should be doable. I do a similer thing only with vnc.13:06
CipherboySure. What protocol do you have in mind? RDP and VNC are not that secure, VNC+SSL would work, SSH+X11 forwarding is also good.13:06
nasso_kamilnadeem: i need gnome-screensaver-preferences to change the settings of gnome-screensaver. but gnome-screensaver-preferences was not contained in the gnome-screensaver package13:06
EuroNerdszal, well, good idea, except I've already uninstalled Gwibber for instance, and yet the Update Manager keeps throwing Gwibber updates at me.13:06
dr_willisafeijo:  how are the clients connected? local lan?what os are they runnbing?>13:06
afeijodr_willis, only vnc? how?13:06
afeijodr_willis, local wifi network13:06
dr_willisafeijo:  i just set up vnc on the server and vnc in as needed13:06
kamilnadeemnasso_:here http://askubuntu.com/questions/59577/replace-xscreensaver-with-gnome-screensaver-xubuntu, I recommend that you check #xubuntu13:06
guzudo you hapen to know how to tune a file system so that the reserved space is 100m ?13:06
afeijodr_willis, 1 server to multiple clients?13:07
pedrosanshi all, how can I change the default color scheme of the 'Radiance' in Ubuntu 11.1013:07
dr_willisguzu:  for ext* you use the tune2fs command13:07
dr_willisafeijo:  thats how servers normally work. :) yes..13:07
afeijodr_willis, AFAIK vnc is to 1 - 1 access13:07
=== SolidLiq is now known as solid_liq
matt123412i used that document earlier, it seemed to work but executing the command threw up a load of otehr errors saying it couldn't find other files which were present in the same directory13:07
dr_willisafeijo:  that is incorrect...13:07
nasso_kamilnadeem: you i followed that. but gnome-screensaver-preferences is not in that package. ( http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/amd64/gnome-screensaver/filelist )13:07
nasso_i will try #xubuntu13:08
dr_willisafeijo:  thgeres more to vnc then the limited vink vnc desktop feature of gnome13:08
matt123412and when i closed and re-opened the terminal it decided it couldn't find the original file again13:08
afeijodr_willis, cool, I'll google about it13:08
dr_willisafeijo:  you could have a dozen+ hidden vnc sessions if you wanted13:08
kamilnadeemnasso_: yes that will be a better place to find your solution13:08
afeijoI want 4 to 6, probably13:08
dr_willisthats how vnc normally works. the share the 'seen' desktop is a special case13:08
szalEuroNerd: stupid GUI tools, tend not to work as expected (w/ one notable exception on another distro)13:08
nasso_kamilnadeem: it was there in natty though: http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/amd64/gnome-screensaver/filelist13:08
guzudr_willis, thank you13:09
nasso_but not in oneiric13:09
kamilnadeemnasso_: I can't say about packages , sorry13:09
EuroNerdHow do I tell the Update Manager not to pesk me with Gwibber updates when Gwibber is already uninstalled?13:09
guzudr_willis, i see only [ -m reserved-blocks-13:09
guzu       percentage ]13:09
dr_willisguzu:  i normally set mine to 0% :)13:10
guzuah :)13:10
supereuronerd you can try blacklisting gwibber13:10
guzuok, then13:10
guzuthanks again13:10
MonkeyDustEuroNerd  is there no ~/.gwibber you can delete?13:10
dr_willisguzu: [-r reserved_blocks_count]13:10
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
EuroNerdMonkeyDust, should it be directly in the Home folder?  If so, no, it's not there. (And yes, i'm seeing hidden files.)13:11
superhii... how can i become anonymous online ??13:11
dr_willissuper:  just irc or always?13:12
superthe browser ...13:12
guzudr_willis, yes, i've seen that13:12
nasso_EuroNerd: apt-get purge gwibber13:12
MonkeyDustsuper  there's tor, but i have no experience with it13:12
xskydevilxDoes anyone have this problem? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcI-OfPQ3aU13:12
nasso_EuroNerd: sudo find / -iname gwibber13:12
superyes always ... anonymous how can i do that ?13:13
dr_willistheres tor guides online.13:14
dr_willis!info tore13:14
dr_willis!info tor13:14
ubottuPackage tore does not exist in oneiric13:14
ubottutor (source: tor): anonymizing overlay network for TCP. In component universe, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 1064 kB, installed size 2216 kB13:14
supertor i too slow and i dont really trust there exit nodes ... is there any other way ??13:14
dr_willispay for a vpn13:15
supercan't i configure squid for complete anonymity ??13:15
dr_willisthats not what squid does13:16
InvaderZimcan someone tell me why in unity my icon files that should be previewed are instead showing just a clock indefinately?13:16
superthen what it does ??13:16
dr_willis!info squid13:17
ubottusquid (source: squid): Internet object cache (WWW proxy cache). In component main, is optional. Version 2.7.STABLE9-4ubuntu4 (oneiric), package size 711 kB, installed size 2040 kB13:17
dr_willissquid is just a cacheing  proxy13:17
kamilnadeemCipherboy: Thank You once again13:17
kamilnadeemBye everyone13:17
superand what about tinyproxy ??13:17
MonkeyDustsuper  i guess being 100% anonymous is quite impossible13:18
gaelfxwhen I open a menu from a panel item, the menu flickers before it fully appears, how can I fix that? also, when my computer wakes from sleep, I have to unlock it twice?13:18
dr_willisany proxy YOU run would be tracked back to you. so you need to  use someone elsews proxy. or clairfy what you are wanting to do13:18
superwhat about 99% ??13:18
gaelfxMonkeyDust: untrue, library computers and really good masks ;)13:18
EuroNerdnasso_, this is what I got from find: http://paste.ubuntu.com/747006/13:18
supermaybe i need a shell account ...13:19
gaelfxoh, and underground tunnels that are unknown to any others13:19
jacob11guys does anyone know is it possible to list all or most domains of .me domain?13:19
jacob11i need help13:19
nasso_EuroNerd: ok. i would have tried to install it again and then purge it with apt-get pruge gwibber13:20
superwell i already got one but when i try to run my browser through it i get some errors ...13:20
EuroNerdnasso_, I'll try that, thanks.13:20
TaZeRholy shit guys I just installed the new ubuntu with gnome 3 it looks freakin amazing!13:21
EuroNerdDid anyone notice this weird behavior after recent updates:  When you "stick" a window to the monitor edge, so that it's automatically resized to take up half the screen, you can no longer grab an edge (say, the one in the middle of scr) and resize the window?13:21
supergood for you tazer ... ;)13:21
Gentoo64TaZeR: nice to see someone who likes it for a change13:21
gaelfxTaZeR: just wait until you start trying to customize things. that'll learn ya good13:21
TaZeRi was using 10.04 LTE this entire time!13:22
TaZeRyea im getting into the customizing a bit now =DD13:22
superim on 10.04 too13:22
Gentoo64inb4 cant boot13:22
EuroNerd...I wonder if that's a bug or another of Shuttleworth's retarded ideas.13:22
MonkeyDustEuroNerd  please don't start ranting13:22
gaelfxTaZeR: btw, I think you're referring to Unity, not gnome 313:23
EuroNerdMonkeyDust, point taken, but do you see the described problem on your system?  Do you have 11.10 with the latest updates?13:23
TaZeRno i actually installed gnome3 first thing13:23
gaelfxTaZeR: ah, gotcha13:24
gaelfxis there any way to set a screensaver?13:24
OinsDoes anyone have experiences  with the Lexmark T430DN printer? Does it works well as network printer with Linux. What's about the printer itself. It is a good choice?13:24
supergaelfx yes use xwinwrap13:24
digitalfizis there a way to make ubuntu reinstall a package complete even the files in /etc/ and such?13:28
digitalfizi uninstalled mysql and then deleted /etc/mysql but when i reinstalled it, it didn't put those files back13:28
SolarisBoysudo apt-get --reinstall install <package>13:29
InvaderZimhow can I create a vnc session on display :0 (the same I'm logged in locally, I don't want a new display!)13:29
Anomie21Hi, Just installed ubuntu - can I access my company/domains fileserver anyhow? I can't see it via the file browser.13:29
georgehello. trying to save alsamixer settings returns me this: http://paste.kde.org/149882/   Help please?13:30
EuroNerdDid anyone notice this weird behavior after recent updates:  When you "stick" a window to the monitor edge, so that it's automatically resized to take up half the screen, you can no longer grab a window edge to further resize it manually.13:30
SolarisBoyEuroNerd: yes i have13:30
lgp171188Hi, there is this wonderful puzzle game called Phlipple created by the same person who created Zaz. It is now packaged in debian unstable. Will ubuntu automatically pick up the same downstream or is there some process to be initiated? It'd be awesome to have the game packaged and installable in ubuntu.13:31
EuroNerdSolarisBoy, OK, so it's not just me, good to know.  Do you think there's any point reporting this as a bug, or is it another Canonical's "features" to drive users crazy?13:32
superthis is the error i get when i try to connect to the ssh server through my browser .. " channel 3: open failed: administratively prohibited: open failed"13:32
superhow can i fix it ?13:32
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SolarisBoyEuroNerd: I have been contemplating the same questions13:33
MonkeyDustEuroNerd  i don't like Unity either, so i switched to a different fork13:34
Jezzzis there an 'ipconfig /flushdns' equivalent in ubuntu?13:35
EuroNerdMonkeyDust, I don't think it's Unity as such, it's more about the people who are making some of the user experience decisions.13:35
Jezzzor linux in general i suppose13:35
digitalfizSolarisBoy that did not reinstall the configs13:36
EuroNerdMonkeyDust, and as such, I think these should be stigmatised in the public as frequently as possible.13:36
SolarisBoywhats /etc/mysql?13:37
SolarisBoyi always thought config started at my.cnf13:37
digitalfizthe my.cnf and other configs for it13:37
gnagnohello all13:37
guspurhi all13:37
EuroNerdMonkeyDust, Ubuntu was supposed to be for the "normal" people - not Linux nerds, but casual users switching from Windows. I regard myself as such a person and I'm driven crazy by Ubuntu.13:38
gnagnoI am having an issue after updating from natty to oneiric, I installed gnome shell and when I launch it I still have gnome2 panels...13:38
guspursome one help me please13:38
SolarisBoyoh wait.. maybe just without --reinstall... i dont see how it can't install config files and exit succesfully13:38
coz_gnagno,  did you log off  and then choose gnome under the sessions pull down ?13:38
guspurhow to mount dual layer dvd iso13:39
gnagnocoz_, I even restarted my machine different times...13:39
coz_gnagno,  well you have to choose gnome in sessions for it to be default13:39
SolarisBoymount -o loop /path/to/iso.iso /path/to/mount/folder13:39
gnagnocoz_, yes... I choose gnome, but it's loading gnome3 on top of gnome213:39
coz_gnagno,  are you sure?  that's odd...ok open a terminal and type     gnome-shell --replace & disown  to see if it gets rid of the gnome 2 panels13:40
supergnagno : goto system administation and select login screen ...13:40
supercheck ur session there13:40
xanguagnagno: how did you exactly upgrade¿ please don't say "I switch natty to oneiric on my sources.list"13:41
gnagnocoz_, did it... still the same13:42
gnagnosuper, it's not a problem of login screen13:42
gnagnoxangua, I used update manager of course :)13:42
theadmingnagno: Can you just apt-get remove gnome-panel?13:42
xanguagnagno: just making sure ;)13:42
supergnagno: i dont know his complete problem13:42
coz_gnagno,  no but  check under there anyway.. it does allow you to ch oose  which is the default session13:42
gnagnoI am removing gnome-panel from apt-get13:43
coz_gnagno,  also would you take a screenshot and upload to picpaste.com ,, I would like to see what this looks like13:43
coz_gnagno,  you could also try   in terminal   killall  gnome-panel13:43
gnagnoI am pasting on picpaste13:44
gnagnocoz_, here is how it looks like: http://picpaste.com/Schermata_del_2011-11-23_14_43_44-k9C5uG5o.png13:45
dpwhat is the latest ubuntu suggested IM client?13:45
coz_gnagno,  mm  I do see the lower gnome panel there13:45
gnagnocoz_, there is even the upper gnome panel behind the dark one...13:46
coz_gnagno,  try in terminal   killall gnome-panel  and tell me that lower panel disapears13:46
theadmindp: Ubuntu comes with Empathy by default13:46
=== Wicet|2 is now known as Wicet
gnagnocoz_, yes with killall gnome-panel it disapperared13:47
gnagnothank you :)13:47
dptheadmin: thanks. that's what I was looking for13:47
coz_gnagno,  ok  that might only be temporary.. you can try to log off and back on again to see if they disapear13:47
theadmindp: However, I strongly recommend against it, it's interface is bloody confusing, even Finch is easier to use13:47
gnagnocoz_, do you think I should try to restart my session to see if it will reappear?13:47
Dante_gnagno u can try removing the gnome panels ..13:47
coz_gnagno,  yes:)13:47
dptheadmin: any idea if it supports meta contacts like pidgin?13:47
Dante_apt-get remove gnome-panel13:47
Dante_if u dont need it anymore (;13:48
theadmindp: Does not, it's quite... a broken thing13:48
coz_gnagno,  ubuntu upgrades are consistently inconsistent13:48
dptheadmin: flail. you know if empathy is the sticking-with client, or are they planning to change it in ubuntu+1?13:48
gnagnolol... now the gnome3 panel isn't working :)13:48
matt123412hi, I'm trying to locate my .bash_profile fielto add a directory permanently to the path, but can't find the .bash_profile.  the web succester that it's be in /home/[my username]/.bash_profile or in /root/bash_profile, but i can't locate either, I'm aware that the . prefix probably means it's a hidden file13:48
coz_gnagno,  oh boy13:48
gnagnoI can't logout :)13:48
gnagnook I will restart from terminal13:49
philipballewHey, I think I am accdently configured to a proxy. Can someone help me fix this13:49
theadmindp: They don't plan to change, and honestly I suggest you just switch away from Ubuntu (pm me if you want to know about other distros, I have tried a lot and I'm sure I can find the right one for you :D)13:49
icerootmatt123412: ~/.bash_profile13:49
coz_gnagno,  in terminal    gnome-sessioin-save --kill13:49
icerootmatt123412: if it does not exist, create it13:49
mcoredi let ubuntu 11.01 extend the partition and install and i got this 1024 misalignment warning msg http://img7.imagebanana.com/img/izip6qcb/750GBHardDiskATAWDCWD7500BPKT75PK4T0.png13:49
matt123412ok, so I create the document bash_profile13:50
matt123412add the relevant lines13:50
Dante_mcored u can't extend ubuntu partition like that :S13:50
theadminmatt123412: Not just "bash_profile", mind the dot in front of it13:50
matt123412how do I then make the OS recognise that and add the relevant bits to teh path?13:50
mcoredbut thats what ubuntu installer did Dante_13:51
matt123412already sued in this folder13:51
Dante_ubuntu can't manage partitions like windows does ...13:51
gnagnothank you for your help guys, now I don't have gnome2 panels anymore :)13:52
coz_gnagno,  excellent :)13:52
gnagnoI think now I will try unity as well.... I didn't like unity with gnome2 panels on top of it...13:53
Dante_the partition you assign to ubuntu for installation much be alligned  in the harddisk13:53
lucaCan you help me with default keyword?13:53
coz_gnagno,  Unity still seems to be split down the middle with who does and does not like it :)13:53
Dante_it can't even mout disalligned partitions13:53
thrillERboyHi, I've installed Ubuntu using wubi with like 10 GB disk, is it possible to resize it to bigger disk now?13:53
matt123412can anyone tell me how to open and edit the hidden ~/.bash_profile file?13:53
llutzmatt123412: nano ~/.bash_profile13:54
Dante_no it's not possible thrillerboy ...13:54
thrillERboymatt123412, in GUI or in command line?13:54
matt123412command line13:54
Dante_you need to install it again :P13:54
matt123412is probably for the best13:54
llutzmatt123412: nano ~/.bash_profile13:54
coz_llutz,   if you open the home directory and hit ctrl+h  to show hidden files  , it should open in gedit13:54
capcookwith user interface go to your home directory and the press CTRL + h13:54
mcoredi chose "Install Ubuntu side by side with Windows", hit next, and chose the HDD, and it did all the repartitioning automatically13:55
llutzcoz_: tell it matt12341213:55
joseph810Hello all, I am running ubuntu 10.04 LTS and my internet keeps on logging off. It is a university internet connection and it doesn't happen on my windows side. Do any of you have suggestions? just incase i get logged off my email is jgrig2@gmail.com13:55
matt123412ok so I've got it open in nano13:55
mcoredbtw is it possible to always show Taskbar rather than being auto hidden13:55
thrillERboymatt123412, then as llutz says nano ~/.bash_profile , Nano comes with ubuntu by default, you can use any of your fav CLI editors instead of nano tho13:55
coz_matt123412,  if you open the home directory and hit ctrl+h  to show hidden files  , it should open in gedit13:55
Dante_mcored:  then how you extended the linux partition ??13:55
coz_llutz,   sorry guy13:55
matt123412ok, i think i've leave the command line for now and just use gedit13:56
gnagnocoz_, unity was ugly with gnome2 panels anyway :)13:56
mcoredsomething Ubuntu installer did for sure because i did nothing with it13:56
capcookwho's bily gates?13:56
dptheadmin: I'm fine with ubuntu, other than the constantly changing "end goal"13:56
capcookyour not welcome here13:56
coz_gnagno,   ok ,, stick to what you like :)13:56
theadmindp: Hehe, well, can you PM me? I have some ideas for you.13:56
joseph810did someone read my message13:57
coz_joseph810,  I did not sorry13:57
joseph810Hello all, I am running ubuntu 10.04 LTS and my internet keeps on logging off. It is a university internet connection and it doesn't happen on my windows side. Do any of you have suggestions? just incase i get logged off my email is jgrig2@gmail.com13:57
joseph810I just reposted it coz13:58
coz_joseph810,  that13:58
Anomie21I found this tutorial on joining a windows domain (https://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/336477:how-to-join-a-ubuntu-machine-to-a-windows-domain) but when I try and join the domain I get this error Error: LW_ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED [code 0x00009cde]13:58
=== void_ is now known as someone-noone
coz_joseph810,  oh, that sounds odd,,, could it be a setting on the university system perhaps?  firewall?  etc?13:58
joseph810I don't think so13:58
joseph810noone else is having this problem13:59
joseph810and I wasnt untill yesterday13:59
matt123412ok so I can now locate teh .bash_profile and edit ti, it seems I'm not locating teh correct stuff13:59
coz_joseph810,  mmm.... not sure what that could be,,, I also run LTS here with no issues however not on a university system...13:59
llutzmatt123412: what are you looking for/planning to do?14:00
matt123412I've installed this program fsl, and it's spread all ove rthe place, but after some searching i found the folder full of commands i want in /usr/share/fsl/4.1/bin14:00
TxEdition Anyone know why sound only works in some games on Wine? MW2 sound works perfect each time, but Crysis 2 I can not get the sound to work and WoW will work for a second then crackle and then no sound. I am using Ubuntu 11.10 w/ Wine 1.3.28 If you would like any other info just ask.. I did try the WineSupport channel, but no one there14:00
matt123412i want to be able to run things like fslchfiletype , which changes certain file types14:00
matt123412in the commant line14:00
bilygates@capcook oh i'm just here to convert you to the microsoft religion14:01
llutzmatt123412: export PATH=$PATH:/usr/share/fsl/4.1/bin                          add this line to ~/.bashrc14:01
theadminTxEdition: I can give you a hint, try this command for running your game: padsp wine /path/to/whatever.exe14:01
matt123412I tried that14:01
BluesKajHiyas all14:01
matt123412that then lets me run fslchfieltype, but ti throws up errors saying it can't find otehr stuff14:01
matt123412which is in the same filder14:01
bahrdamn ... ubuntu has improved a lot sine version 9 and 10 lately :o14:02
bilygatesdoes anyone know how i can stop ubuntu from getting newer versions of a particular software from the official repos? more specifically, official kernels newer than tuxonice kernels?14:02
bahrit looks awesome now :D14:02
llutzmatt123412: in that case you have to write wrapper-scripts placed somewhere in your PATH14:02
matt123412and also14:02
MonkeyDustbilygates  please tell EuroNerd ;)14:02
matt123412as soon if i close and re-open the terminal14:02
matt123412it's forgotton the path again14:02
MonkeyDustbahr   please tell EuroNerd ;)14:03
xanguabilygates: compile it yourself14:03
matt123412i ahve no idea what a wrapper-script is14:03
xangua!latest | bilygates14:03
ubottubilygates: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.14:03
matt123412i probably shouldn't be using linux in the first place, but it should make my life a lot easier with data processing14:03
EuroNerdMonkeyDust, bahr, I totally agree in terms of sheer looks. But functionally it's just a tragedy. And I use this word because this system could really be something - for the normal person (i.e. not a Linux nerd). Instead it's a vanity exercise of a guy who thinks he's the next Steve Jobs.14:04
bilygates@xangua hmm i think i didn't explain well enough14:04
bahrHaha I'm gonna tell anyone. I love that everythings seems so well integrated now, developers have really done a great job there14:04
=== flack is now known as flack-Z
matt123412also, should saving PATH=$PATH:/usr/share/fsl/4.1/bin   ; export PATH into the .bash_profile file not make that a permenant thing?14:04
bahrEuroNerd: What functionality do you miss?14:05
bilygates@xangua i install custom kernels from a ppa, but every once in a while the official repos get a new version, and my custom kernels are being updated to official ones (until the other folks update their ppa)14:06
EuroNerdbahr - let me give you an example from today, after the recent updates:  When you snap a window to the side of the screen, so that it's automatically resized to fit half the screen, I can no longer grab an edge and resize it further manually.14:06
lindabilygates: You are notified of updates and you see the list, when you see a kernel image on the list, just uncheck it.14:06
VanuatooI've installed jdk1.7u1 from Oracle site. I'm on livecd now. When I try to run java from terminal it says No such file or directory14:07
lindabilygates: Is that good enough?14:07
EuroNerdbahr, I'd like to think it's just a bug, but I'm pretty sure that when I waste an hour to set up an account on Launchpad and fill out the whole elaborate bug report form, it will be ignored for two months and after that someone will tell me that it's a conscious design decision to make things "simpler". And it makes me really angry.14:08
bilygatesi was hoping for a way to "ban" kernels from the official repos, or something like that :s14:08
edbianEuroNerd: hahahaha, welcome to open source software!14:08
xanguabilygates: then complain with the ppa maintainers ;) and is not like the kernel is uninstalled, is still there and you can select it on your Grub14:08
lindabilygates: Well, maybe someone else knows how, but I don't.14:10
EuroNerdedbian: I know, which is why I will discourage my friends from picking up Ubuntu (or Linux altogether since there's probably no better alternative).  I'll switch back to Windows for getting things done and perhaps set up a Linux machine on the side for things where security is essential (on-line banking etc.).14:10
guzubilygates, i know that in yum you can tell it to exclude certain packages from upgrade, and also you can give priority to some repos, maybe something similar exists for apt14:10
MonkeyDustEuroNerd  let your friends "start" with Linux Mint14:11
edbianEuroNerd: well now I didn't say linux is useless.  I got ALL of my work done on linux.  Of course I'm a computer science major14:11
edbianEuroNerd: indeed, mint is the new ubuntu14:11
bahrEuroNerd: Well isn't that the way development works? Not everyone can be made happy? I would consider your issue a minor thing, cause I don't really use it, opposed to you, who naturaly consider this a major issue. I  don't think you ever can make every people happy, and with such a wide ranging distro like Ubuntu, compromises and design decisions are made all the time, and sometimes some users just don't like it14:11
lindaEuroNerd: I didn't understand what your complaint was.  And I'm curious.14:11
VanuatooCan anyone tell me why I can't run java?14:11
RalieghAnyone here want to help me stress-test my server? It'd be greatly appreciated.14:11
icerootVanuatoo: no14:11
somsipRaliegh: what sort of server?14:12
lindaEuroNerd: Maybe you just need a different window manager?14:12
edbianVanuatoo: what do you mean?  You can only run java programs.  java itself is not runnable (I don't think)14:12
icerootVanuatoo: not with the details we have at the moment14:12
xanguaVanuatoo: if you mean install oracle/sun java, is no longer on ubuntu official repository and neither parter's14:12
Vanuatooiceroot: file is executable14:12
EuroNerdedbian, nor do I think it's _useless_, just driving me crazy, since I want something that "just works", and doesn't require googling forever for answers and getting my hands dirty in command line.14:12
icerootVanuatoo: jar-file?14:12
guzuRaliegh, inquisitor? what kind of stress?14:12
edbianVanuatoo: how are you running it?14:12
VanuatooI've unpacked14:12
=== dhruvasagar_ is now known as dhruvasagar
edbianEuroNerd: buy a mac14:13
RalieghUbuntu. I just need people to test concurrent connections via my custom Icecast-Flash page. Listen to some nice tunes in the process14:13
EuroNerdlinda, you mean the recent specific problem with windows that I've described?14:13
antnashHi guys. I'm getting an error when I open my file manager saying that it's having trouble stating ~/.gvfs Transport endpoint is not connecting14:13
somsipRaliegh: could you use ab (apache bench) ?14:13
xanguaVanuatoo: if you want to install oracle/sun java, there is a PPA for version 6 and manual install instructions for 7 on webupd8 blog14:13
VanuatooI'm running it in the terminal: jdk1.7.0_01/bin/java14:13
antnashI get the same transport endpoint error if I try and cd into ~/.gvfs14:13
icerootedbian: sugessting someone to buy a mac is the worst thing a person can do14:13
RalieghI'm also trying to collect statistics on my Icecast listener-memory ratio.14:13
edbianiceroot: hahahah, opinion :)14:13
Vanuatooand it does exist14:13
icerootedbian: true!!!14:13
icerootedbian: :)14:14
VanuatooI'm on livecd now, does it make any difference?14:14
edbianiceroot: for the record I would never buy a mac.  They're too expensive14:14
icerootVanuatoo: tha is the java-binary.14:14
edbianVanuatoo: no, you should be able to run java stuff on the live CD14:14
edbianVanuatoo: how are you running it?14:14
bilygates@xangua @linda @guzu apparently you can do "aptitude hold <package>" so it won't update, but you can't set it for a specific repo. but thank you anyway!14:14
VanuatooI've downloaded tar.gz file from Oracle, unpacked it and try to run it14:14
guzunp bilygates14:14
RalieghNo help? Damn, oh wells, lol.14:14
antnashgot it14:14
edbianVanuatoo: with ./ ?14:15
lindaVanuatoo: What is this file?14:15
lindaVanuatoo: what's it for?14:15
EuroNerdbahr, I don't think it's a big issue either, it's just that there's a gazillion of issues like that and this is just the most recent one. And some of them are very obvious - like the one described. Why on earth would anyone introduce such a limitation? How does it make life simpler for anyone?14:15
Vanuatoofile java14:15
Vanuatoojava: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.9, not stripped14:15
lindaVanuatoo: ls -l filename #See if it has executable bit set.14:15
matt123412Ok, i'm sort fo getting somewhere now14:15
xanguaVanuatoo: did you see the install instructions in the post i send you¿14:15
edbianVanuatoo: what happens when you ./ it ?  errors?14:16
matt123412editing my ~/.bash_profile file doesn't work, btu if i run FSLDIR=/usr/share/fsl/4.1/ . ${FSLDIR}/etc/fslconf/fsl.sh PATH=${FSLDIR}/bin:${PATH} export FSLDIR PATH in the terminal, it does what it's supposed to do14:16
icerootVanuatoo: that is the real java-binary, you dont want to run it directly14:16
Vanuatoo./java: No such file or directory14:16
matt123412so for whatever reason the terminal isn't reading the ~/.bash_profile when i start it up?14:16
icerootVanuatoo: you want something like /opt/bin/java -jar foo.jar14:16
lindaVanuatoo: What is the full name of the file?14:17
icerootmatt123412: #bash14:17
matt123412does that reload the .bash_profile?14:17
Vanuatoolinda: /home/ubuntu/jdk1.7.0_01/bin/java14:18
matt123412no luck14:18
bahrEuroNerd: well I'm sure there has been some good reasoning behind, ask the developers who made it? Issues arise all the time you know. Maybe you style of use has just been "hit hard" by the recent design decisions made, where others might not experience these issues. There will be such issues all the time, but compared to other linux distributions I think that Ubuntu is one of those that has the fewest amount of "issues"14:18
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icerootmatt123412: that is the channel for bash here on freenode14:18
matt123412I see14:18
Vanuatoo-rwxr-xr-x 1 ubuntu ubuntu 5654 2011-10-03 08:39 /home/ubuntu/jdk1.7.0_01/bin/java14:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 5654 in debsums (Ubuntu) "debsums: merge new debian version" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/565414:19
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!14:19
Anomie21How do I launch an application in Xubuntu? I read this "To start up the GUI click F2 and enter domainjoin-gui to open up the graphical tool "  // but F2 does nothing?14:20
yeatsAnomie21: do Alt-F214:20
Anomie21yeats: ty14:20
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
G4rb4linda: did you resolve your graphics problem?14:23
Anomie21It says I'm joined to my works domain, but how do I mount the network drives onto my PC?14:23
* phlak_user is back14:26
Dante_how can i install gnome3 on ubuntu 10.04 ?14:26
MrMist1Hi all14:26
MonkeyDustDante_  i think you need a PPA14:27
Dante_i already got that ...14:27
phlak_userDante_: are you stuck someplace in the installation ?14:27
Dante_i added this repo ppa:gnome3-team/gnome314:27
allodoes somebody know a commandlinetool to import a exported network manager (vpn) configuration?14:27
Dante_i did the apt-get update14:28
Dante_what i do after that ?14:28
theadminallo: Why not use the network manager cli (nmcli)?14:28
phlak_userDante_: sudo apt-get install gnome314:28
allotheadmin: it does not seem to have options to import vpn-settings?14:28
=== bl4ckcomb` is now known as bl4ckcomb
alloand the gui lets me import and export settings14:28
alloso i would like to export them, and import them via cli14:28
Dante_i guess i tried that but not working .. wait a sec let me try again14:29
allobecause we want to import them automated on fresh installs14:29
xanguaDante_: if you want gnome3 please upgrade to oneiric14:29
totyko_j #ubuntu-es14:29
EuroNerdbahr, I totally disagree. Being able to resize windows is not some fancy pesky wish that I have. If a system suddenly stops supporting it in certain situations because the "visionary" leader of Canonical had some new "idea", someone should be punched in the face.14:30
alloor maybe any other option to add a vpnc cisco-vpn to the networkmanager via script14:30
Dante_xangua: but i can't upgrade .....14:30
xanguaDante_: then download oneiric and install from scratch14:30
icerootEuroNerd: what support is stopped?14:30
Ph0en1xikonia, JustinBieba says hi14:30
Dante_i can't migrate from 10.04 ... thats why i just needed to know if it's possible to install gnome3 shell on it ??14:31
icerootDante_: it will break the system14:31
theadminEuroNerd: It's not Ubuntu's fault, it's GNOME 314:31
icerootDante_: 11.04 is the first where you can install gnome3 and even there it will break things14:32
Dante_can't i compile the gnome3 binaries for my system ??14:32
icerootEuroNerd: canocial has nothing to do with the fact that gnome2 is stopped from the gnome-project14:32
van7huhi folks14:32
dr_willisDante_:  it will break the gnome2 thats on the system i belive14:32
icerootDante_: yes as dr_willis said14:32
icerootDante_: the problem is not to install gnome314:33
EuroNerdtheadmin, may well be, but as a casual user (i.e. one of "those Windows people", whom Ubuntu is supposed to target) I'm not supposed to know that or care about it.14:33
Ph0en1xdr_willis, hi14:33
MonkeyDustEuroNerd  now you know ;)14:33
Ph0en1xany relation to bruce willis?14:33
van7humy ubuntu (10.04) system plays welcome sound when I login, but totem and others could not sound, what would be the problem?14:33
Dante_hmmm... well if i install gnome3 it surely will break a lot of things on my system i guess ..14:33
Dante_okay.. thanks anyway ... i will do a lil googling about it ...14:34
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=== AGX is now known as AG0X
phunyguy_workok, please help me.  This works on all of my other workstations, but one fully updated ubuntu 11.10 PC I can connect to via vino-server, and can see the screen, but I can't control the remote mouse or keyboard.  (NOT set to view only)14:35
=== AG0X is now known as US3DNICK
phunyguy_workany ideas?14:35
FloodmanÀâòîð: Ëåòó÷èé Ìûøü14:36
FloodmanÍàçâàíèå: "Ñîëäàòñêàÿ øëþõà"14:36
Zap-Wis there an unofficial repository where I might find packages for 9.0414:36
FloodmanÑëóæèë ÿ â Çàáàéêàëüå, â çàõîëóñòíîì ãàðíèçîííîì ãîðîäêå, ãäå áîëüøóþ ÷àñòü ñîëäàò è îôèöåðîâ ñîñòàâëÿëè "ëèöà êàâêàçñêîé íàöèîíàëüíîñòè".  îñíîâíîì, ýòî áûëè àçåðáàéäæàíöû. Åñòåñòâåííî, ÷òî â íåêîòîðîì îòäàëåíèè îò íàøåé ÷àñòè ðàñïîëàãàëñÿ ñâèíàðíèê, òàêîå ïîäñîáíîå õîçÿéñòâî. Òàì ïîñòîÿííî äåæóðèëè äâà ñîëäàòà, êîòîðûå òàì æå è æèëè â âàãîí÷èêå. Åñòåñòâåííî, ÷òî çà ïîëíîé ìîåé íåñïîñîáíîñòüþ ê âîèíñêîé ñëóæáå ìåíÿ è îòïðàâèëè â ñâèíàðè.  ñâèíàðêè. Òî åñò14:36
phunyguy_workand here we go14:36
pendergastkick him please14:36
Floodman     Ïåðâàÿ íåäåëÿ ïðîøëà, â îáùåì-òî, ñïîêîéíî. Òî åñòü, êîíå÷íî, ðàáîòàòü íà ñâèíàðíèêå ìíå ïðèõîäèëîñü îäíîìó - êîðìèòü ÷åòûðåõ ñâèíåé, íîñèòü èì åäó, áåãàòü â ñòîëîâóþ çà çàâòðàêîì, îáåäîì è óæèíîì äëÿ Øàìèëÿ. Øàìèëü íå äåëàë íè÷åãî, îí öåëûìè äíÿìè ãäå-òî ïðîïàäàë, ÷àñòåíüêî âîçâðàùàëñÿ ïüÿíåíüêèì è òîãäà íà÷èíàë ìåíÿ "ñòðîèòü". Ñèëüíî ìåíÿ îí íå áèë, ïàðó ðàç òîëüêî ñòóêíóë ïî ùåêàì, êîãäà ÿ ïîïðîáîâàë åìó ÷òî-òî âîçðàçèòü. Òîãäà îí ïîòðåáîâàë, ÷òîáû ÿ14:36
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, pangolin, nhandler or Jordan_U!14:36
jrib1Zap-W: why?  9.04 is no longer supported14:36
Floodman     ß óæå ëåã ñïàòü, êîãäà â âàãîí÷èê ââàëèëñÿ âäðûçã ïüÿíûé Øàìèëü. "Ýòî ÷òî òàêîå?- çàîðàë îí - Äæèãèòà íåò äîìà, à áàáà óæå ñïàòü çàâàëèëàñü? Êàòüêà, ïîäúåì, åáàíàÿ ñóêà!" ß âñêî÷èë ñ ëåæàíêè, âñòàë ïåðåä íèì. Îí ñåë íà ëåæàíêó, ÿ îïóñòèëñÿ ïåðåä íèì íà êîëåíè, ñòàùèë ñ íåãî ñàïîãè. À êîãäà ïîñìîòðåë íà Øàìèëÿ, îí óæå ðàññòåãíóë øèðèíêó è äðî÷èë ñâîé äëèííûé ÷ëåí. È ñìîòðåë íà ìåíÿ. È ìîë÷àë. È óëûáàëñÿ. Î÷åíü íåõîðîøî óëûáàëñÿ. ß ñìîòðåë íà íåãî, ïîòîì 14:37
capcookcan someone kick him out?14:37
lindaA lot of the window manager complaints are from people that should be on LTS, (imho)14:37
Zap-Wjrib1: I know, still is there?14:37
Floodman     "Íó ÷¸ ñìîòðèøü,- ñêàçàë Øàìèëü - Æèâîãî õóÿ íå âèäåëà, ÷òî ëè? À Êàòÿ?" ß ìîë÷àë. Òîãäà îí ñõâàòèë ìåíÿ çà ãîëîâó è ïðèòÿíóë ê ñåáå òàê, ÷òî ÿ óòêíóëñÿ ëèöîì ïðÿìî åìó â ïàõ. È òîãäà ÿ ïîöåëîâàë åãî ÷ëåí, ïîòîì ñòàë îáëèçûâàòü, ïîòîì âçÿë â ðîò... "Õîðîøî, áëÿ", - ñêàçàë Øàìèëü. Ïîòîì îí íà÷àë äâèãàòü òàçîì, çàãîíÿÿ ÷ëåí ìåíÿ ÷óòü ëè íå â ñàìîå ìîå ãîðëî, à ïîòîì ìíå â ðîò áðûçíóëà ãóñòàÿ ãîðüêàÿ ñïåðìà. ß ñ òðóäîì ñäåðæàë òîøíîòó è ïðîãëîòèë ñïåðìó.14:37
MonkeyDustdon't give attention, guys14:37
jrib1Zap-W: yes, but why.14:37
capcookif your trying a bot, please go to #bots14:37
Floodman     "Ìàëàäýö, Êàòüêà,- òîëüêî è ñêàçàë Øàìèëü ïåðåä òåì êàê îòêèíóòüñÿ íà ñïèíó è çàõðàïåòü. ß óìûëñÿ âîäîé èç âåäðà è òîæå ëåã ñïàòü.14:37
Zap-Wjrib1: where?14:37
Floodman     Óòðîì Øàìèëü êàê íè â ÷åì íå áûâàëî ïîãíàë ìåíÿ â ñòîëîâóþ, ïîòîì ïîåë è óøåë, îñòàâèâ íà ìíå âñþ çàáîòó î ñâèíàðíèêå. Âðîäå áû íè÷åãî íå ñëó÷èëîñü. Íî ÿ áûë òåïåðü Êàòüêîé. Ñîâåðøåííî Êàòüêîé. Ñîëäàòñêîé ñâèíàðêîé.14:37
Floodman     À âå÷åðîì Øàìèëü ñíîâà âåðíóëñÿ. Íî ïî÷òè òðåçâûé è ñ íèì ïðèøëè åùå äâîå åãî çåìëÿêîâ. Îíè ïðèíåñëè ñ ñîáîé áóòûëêó âîäêè, Øàìèëü ïðèêàçàë ìíå ïðèãîòîâèòü çàêóñêó. Îíè ñèäåëè, ïèëè, ðàçãîâàðèâàëè íà ñâîåì ÿçûêå è ïåðèîäè÷åñêè ðàçãëÿäûâàëè ìåíÿ. ß ñèäåë â óãîëêå. Òàê ìíå ñêàçàë Øàìèëü. "Ñèäè, ïîêà íå ïîçîâó, - ñêàçàë îí. "Ìîæåò, ÿ ïîêà â ðîòó ñõîæó? - ðîáêî ñïðîñèë ÿ. "Ñèäè òóò. Âäðóã ïîíàäîáèøüñÿ, - ñêàçàë Øàìèëü, è ÷òî-òî äîáàâèë ñâîèì äðóçüÿì. Îíè ðà14:37
bahrEuroNerd: but the if the removal of the resize feature is due to decisions made in gnome 3, then you are free to change to another window manager. Ubuntu does not force you to use gnome 3. You can't expect a completely different OS to behave similar to Windows. And gnome 3 has made a lot of controversial design decions, and some like them others not. I.e I hate the fact that they removed the minimize button, but I don't feel that I'm a14:38
bahrllowed to complain about it, cause I'm free to switch to another window manager if I want or an entire new distro. I don't really know why they removed that resizing feature, but because you don't like it, it hardly indicates that it is a bad design decision at all. It just not suits your style of use.14:38
phunyguy_work(sorry for the repost, my original rolled off the screen quickly thanks to Floodman): ok, please help me.  This works on all of my other workstations, but one fully updated ubuntu 11.10 PC I can connect to via vino-server, and can see the screen, but I can't control the remote mouse or keyboard.  (NOT set to view only)14:38
pendergastif using wubi, which device do I run grub for? /dev/null0 ?14:39
yeatsphunyguy_work: I would try to run it via the command line to see what error messages are generated (that or look for a log that it may be logging to)14:40
pendergastsry, /dev/loop014:40
jribZap-W: you should upgrade to a supported release.  Ubottu will send you instructions14:40
jrib!upgrade | Zap-W14:40
ubottuZap-W: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade14:40
phunyguy_workyeats, i would if I could, but I even forgot to install SSH on taht workstation14:40
yeatsphunyguy_work: do you not have physical access to the machine?14:40
phunyguy_workyeats, not at the moment14:40
phunyguy_worki can see the screen but can't do anything...14:40
yeatsphunyguy_work: what about from the client end?14:41
phunyguy_workyeats, i can't ssh, but I can VNC, and can't control the desktop14:41
yeatsphunyguy_work: what I'm saying is, can you run the program you're using to access the desktop from the command line to see if there are errors? (this is the only way I know to troubleshoot this kind of thing)14:42
* phunyguy_work kicks himself in the face for forgetting to install ssh14:42
phunyguy_workaww dangit.  I see the issue.  the config on the server end must be set to not allow control14:43
phunyguy_workbecause the popup on the server end says that someone is "viewing" not controlling14:43
Zap-Wjrib: where is the repository for 9.0414:43
phunyguy_workso yeats, am I boned?14:44
bahrCan someone recommend a pdf editor which allows me to highlight text, make lines, bubbles, etc.? The standard one, doesn't really have a lot of features14:44
yeatsphunyguy_work: I can't think of a way you can get to the machine remotely, if that's what you mean14:44
jribZap-W: you keep ignoring my question as to why you want the repositories for some reason.  That's fine.  But I'm going to suggest to you one more time that you should upgrade.  I've sent you the upgrade instructions.  If you read them, you'll see that the repositories are listed as part of the instructions.14:44
Zap-Wjrib: why do you care, I want it14:45
jribZap-W: I care because running an unsupported release is dangerous.14:45
cbirdbahr: pdfedit?14:45
Zap-Wjrib: but it is me who is running why do you care14:45
Zap-Wjrib: heh14:45
JustinSandersubuntu runs good on a netbook14:46
jribZap-W: when I provide support, I give advice I would want given to me14:46
G4rb4bahr, try xournal14:46
Zap-Wjrib: but I didn't ask for an advice14:46
G4rb4bahr: okular also allows review14:46
jribZap-W: you did :)14:46
Zap-Wjrib: no :)14:46
jribZap-W: anyway, I've given you your answer already14:47
G4rb4bahr: but okular will install all kde dependencies14:47
JustinSandersdose anybody know how to get a good driver got a HP Mini 210 touch pad14:47
bahrG4rb4: ok thanks :)14:47
JustinSandersits multi-touch but i cant seem to find anyhting for it14:47
martianZap-W: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/14:48
pendergastcould someone just confirm that the place for grub is loop0 under wubi?14:48
Zap-Wmartian: thank you... god bless14:49
zykotick9pendergast, there are wubi specific instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub214:49
pendergastthanks zykotick914:49
martianjrib is right about danger. Security threats won't be patched, but if it's a non-networked box, no biggie.14:50
atlasairi would like to try awesome, I've installed it, how do i now change the window manager?14:50
jribatlasair: at the login screen, you should be able to change your session14:50
GirlyGirlHi, I have kubuntu on an ASUS EeePC 1005HA running Kubuntu 11.10.  All fan speed monitoring apps / widgets do not detect sensors on the system. In previous versions, I could monitor the fan speed under ubuntu. Is there any workarround for this?14:52
atlasairjrib, okay I'll have a look14:53
pendergastGirlyGirl: previous versions on the same computer?14:53
caddooGirlyGirl: you chosen that name to get helped quicker?14:53
GirlyGirlpendergast: Yes14:53
pendergastcaddoo: my thoughts also ^^14:54
GirlyGirlpendergast: caddoo This is my usual nick on freenode14:54
pendergastGirlyGirl: try installing the version from a previous release that worked14:54
GirlyGirlpendergast: Version of what?14:55
pendergastthe monitoring app that worked14:55
GirlyGirlpendergast: Its same with all monitoring apps14:55
JustinSandersi think he is saying install a older version on the app, or a older version of kubuntu14:55
VanuatooOk I've made java work. It seems that when you load ubuntu live cd x64 build, you cannot run 32bit java14:55
pendergastyou said previous versions had it working14:55
VanuatooI've downloaded 64 bit java and now it's running14:55
GirlyGirlpendergast: Version of Kubuntu not the app14:56
GirlyGirlVersion of the app is same anyways14:56
pendergastGirlyGirl: I doubt that14:56
* phlak_user changed servers14:57
GirlyGirlpendergast: It was same before as I used a backport version of kde with a widget for monitoring and that worked on natty ... the same versions on Oneiric did not14:58
yeatsGirlyGirl: have you tried running 'sensors' on the command line?14:59
GirlyGirlpendergast: Do you have a solution or are you taking me in circles here with your "i doubt that" remarks15:00
GirlyGirlyeats: Yes15:00
ubentoboxhey everyone15:00
GirlyGirlyeats: No output concerning fan speed only temperature15:00
ubentoboxhave a question that has been unanswered on the forums for months.  Don't even think anyone even took a glance at it15:00
yeatsGirlyGirl: ok15:00
pendergastGirlyGirl: having that kind of username and being cocky is not going to help you15:00
GirlyGirl!language | pendergast15:00
ubottupendergast: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.15:00
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ubentoboxWhen starting Ubuntu 11.04 a "search" gump is fighting with the keychain for control, and it makes it impossible to use my netbook.  Does anyone know how to shut that off at launch?15:01
ubentoboxIt shows up as gnome do when I click the search window15:01
ubentoboxbut i dont want to kill the whole process just the search15:01
GirlyGirlpendergast: Besides there is nothing wrong with my username15:01
brianhermani put in a new video card in ubuntu and then the display went away15:02
brianhermanin my box15:03
brianhermando i have to reinstall?15:03
nebajothladies and gentlemen: ctrl-alt-t shortcut not opening terminal in gnome3. I googled around on my home workstation and found a bug report for this recommending a fix of blowing away some configuration file and letting it recreate it. This worked, but I cannot now re-find the link (have been googling for 15+ minutes). Any idea what the fix for this is?15:03
szal_!details | brianherman15:03
ubottubrianherman: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:03
nebajothbrianherman: try removing your xorg.conf if you have one15:03
=== gaurav__ is now known as Guest32847
brianhermanoh ok15:03
brianhermanand it will regen the xorg.conf15:03
brianhermanwhen i reboot15:03
nebajothprobably don't even need to reboot15:04
ubentoboxWhen starting Ubuntu 11.04 a "search" gump is fighting with the keychain for control, and it makes it impossible to use my netbook.  Does anyone know how to shut that off at launch?15:04
brianhermanwell i have to turn it off when i install it15:04
nebajothjust /etc/init.d/{gdm/kdm/lightdm} restart15:04
Phoenix87some murrine themes don't seem to be working correctly, controls looks ugly but window borders are pretty fine15:04
brianhermanok thanks15:04
=== Guest32847 is now known as GauravButola
brianhermanwell when i install the card in 11.10 i get no monitors what so ever15:04
brianhermanmaybe its my bios15:04
phunyguy_work!patience | ubentobox15:04
ubottuubentobox: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:04
yeatsbrianherman: what model card?15:04
brianhermanthere is one on the motherboard15:05
brianhermanati 467015:05
brianhermanand a 3300 on the motherboard15:05
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto15:05
yeatsbrianherman: see if that helps15:05
brianhermanill try again15:05
ubentoboxI have asked for support since JUNE and still havent had a single answer, see? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=179948615:05
brianhermanthank you yeats15:06
Dante_hii... how can i compile the gnome3 for my ubuntu 10.04 from the source ??15:06
=== szal_ is now known as szal
pendergastubentobox: the search task may be called "tracker" or some variation thereof15:06
mehlolDante_ why not just use the packages?15:07
yeatsDante_: I would upgrade to 11.10 and install the gnome-shell package15:07
mehlolOr you could add the papa.15:07
pendergastyou may get some joy from just uninstalling the appropriate pkg15:07
mehlol*ppa, sorry, on iPad15:07
yeatsDante_: far less trouble and no breakage ;-)15:07
Dante_i like 10.04 and dont wanna upgrade ....15:07
mehlolDante_ generally you can get the source, build it,15:08
ubentoboxpendergast: Tracker you say?  Is this something that would be nested inside the gnome do config?  It is probably going to take me a good 10 tries to restart ubuntu just to get past the conflicting keychain/GD search15:08
Dante_yeahh.. i got the gnome source site .. but wat all sources do i need to compile i dont have a list ...15:08
mehlolAnd then install, but it would take time to build gnome3, depending on processor specs, and you would need a whole bunch of packages.15:08
pendergastubentobox: why don't you go via commandline: Ctl+Alt+F2 iirc (for tty2)15:09
mehlolDante_ what do you want?15:09
dr_williseven compiling it would break the gnome2 thats installed wouldent it.15:09
pendergastthen you can kill it e.g. via killall after inspecting "ps -A"15:09
ubentoboxpendergast: I try, but the problem is it locks the system completely.  I cannot do anything until the keychain is entered into, but like I said it locks the system out because the tracker keeps jumping to the forefront for some reason15:09
phunyguy_workdr_willis, it shouldn't15:10
Dante_the list of all the packages for gnome3 ... i need to build15:10
phunyguy_workmake install would break it15:10
yeatsubentobox: you might experiment with either 1) creating a new user and seeing if the problem recurs or 2) moving your /home/<username> directory out of the way.  In either case you could migrate your data to the newly-created home directory15:10
Dante_from the source15:10
dr_willisubentobox:  you can set the keyring to not ask for a password.. as a test/work around.15:10
pendergastubentobox: you can boot into a lower runlevel to get access to console if nothing else gives15:10
Dante_i got the gnome-session , gnome-panel , gnome-shell15:10
yeatsDante_: I don't think anyone in this channel is going to recommend that you do what you're trying to do ;-)15:11
zykotick9yeats, agreed15:11
dr_willisI definatly see a broken system for Dante_   :)15:11
Dante_i know ... but i just wanna try it what can happen15:11
dr_willisDante_:  a complete reinstall to fix it...15:11
ubentoboxlol took me 7 tries but finally got past that stupid tracker15:11
ubentoboxafk a few gotta do some work15:12
Dante_i already got a back of my entire system ...15:12
Dante_using tar ...15:12
pendergastDante_ aside from what others have said, there should be a compile script available that automates it all for you15:12
Dante_so i dont have to worry about reinstalling anything15:12
dr_willisif you want to test out gnome-shell, be easier to just install a disrto that has it in virtualbox. ;)15:12
phunyguy_workDante_, if you have the space, an offline dd would have been a better option to backup15:13
* yeats finds it amusing that most of the complaints in this channel are about wanting to revert to GNOME2 and here we have someone wanting to install GNOME3 the hard way ;-)15:13
pendergastDante_ dr_willis: or a live disc, even!15:13
Dante_i got a virtual ... but i got windows on it and it's too much pain to install ubuntu in a virtualbox now :S15:13
Dante_so i will directly try it on my system ...15:13
zykotick9Dante_, but compiling gnome3 on top of a distro that wasn't designed to use it - that's not a pain...15:14
yeatsDante_: nah - installing Ubuntu in Vbox takes like 10 minutes15:14
square__can anyone please help me? i am running ubuntu 10.10 and vmware.. when i launch a java application within a windows vm, mouse and keyboard won't work anymore and it seems x freezes.. when i replug the keyboard i can change to another terminal and reboot.. java in linux based vm's work without problems15:14
Dante_i have backuped everything using this command : tar cvpzf backup.tgz --exclude=/proc --exclude=/lost+found --exclude=/backup.tgz --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/sys /15:14
brianhermanthanks whoever helped me with the xorg thing15:14
brianhermanit worked15:14
phunyguy_workDante_, if you really want to play, grab the ubuntu 11.10 alternate install, and just do a text install.  Then compile away~!15:15
Dante_i just need a terminal to get everything back to it's place ...15:15
phunyguy_workthen you are starting with a clean slate.15:15
=== flack-Z is now known as flack
Dante_well .. let me first build all the packages ..... for gnome3 ...15:16
IcePhoenixRebornHOW CAN I PM SOMEONE IN IRC15:16
phunyguy_workbut if you are going to do that, might as well just upgrade to 11.10 and then install gnome15:16
IcePhoenixRebornWHAT IS THE COMMAND15:16
Dante_is there a list for all the source files for gnome3 ?15:16
spinx60anyone here who can help me out with an issue regarding new install of a new kernel15:16
phunyguy_work!caps | IcePhoenixReborn15:16
ubottuIcePhoenixReborn: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.15:16
yeats!pm | IcePhoenixReborn15:16
ubottuIcePhoenixReborn: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.15:16
IcePhoenixReborni dont know how to pm15:16
phunyguy_workIcePhoenixReborn, /msg <user> <message>15:17
ssbplsubottu:what does a PM mean?15:17
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:17
phunyguy_worknot really a ubuntu support question, and you probably could have googled it, but glad to help15:17
yeatsssbpls: private message15:18
brianhermanuse /msg15:18
IcePhoenixRebornubottu, are you a bot?15:18
ubottuIcePhoenixReborn: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:18
iElectricare there any know regressions for update batch yesterday?15:18
phunyguy_workYES ubottu is a bot.15:18
iElectriclenovo laptop is lagging like shit.15:18
IcePhoenixRebornubottu, then just say YES n00b.15:18
ubottuIcePhoenixReborn: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:18
phunyguy_work!language | iElectric15:19
ubottuiElectric: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.15:19
IcePhoenixRebornubottu, are you retarded? dont repeat15:19
ubottuIcePhoenixReborn: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:19
yeats!bot | IcePhoenixReborn15:19
ubottuIcePhoenixReborn: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots15:19
brianhermanIcePheonixReborn: use /msg15:19
IcePhoenixRebornubuntu = troll15:19
IcePhoenixRebornubottu, ^15:19
zykotick9!botabuse | IcePhoenixReborn15:19
ubottuIcePhoenixReborn: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".15:19
ssbplsyeats:when someone says "i am a bot",what does he mean?15:19
brianhermanyeats: were you the guy who helped me?15:19
brianhermanyeats: thank you15:19
pendergastssbpls: a bot a computer program, not a human being15:20
nebajothctrl-alt-t not opening terminal in gnome315:20
nebajothany idea?15:20
IcePhoenixRebornpendergast, i live in tron15:20
IcePhoenixRebornso its the same15:20
yeatsbrianherman: I directed you to the ATI link - it was nebajoth I think who suggested the xorg.conf resolution ;-)15:20
ssbplsyeats:thank you!15:20
phunyguy_worknebajoth, I would assume you need to set your keyboard shortcuts15:20
brianhermannebajoth: thank you nebajoth15:20
nebajothphunyguy_work: they're set properly15:20
nebajothphunyguy_work: at least to the naked eye :P15:21
brianhermannebajoth: it worked15:21
nebajothbrianherman: you're welcome15:21
nebajothphunyguy_work: additionally, ctrl-alt-t should be default15:21
phunyguy_worknebajoth, I have issues with keyboard shortcuts not working unless a panel has "focus" - like ctrl-alt-l for lock.15:21
IcePhoenixRebornubottu, cya in tron15:22
ubottuIcePhoenixReborn: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:22
nebajothphunyguy_work: all other shortcuts work, including lockscreen15:22
phunyguy_workso i just click the panel, and then do the kepresses now out of habit15:22
nebajothphunyguy_work: its just ctrl-alt-t15:22
phunyguy_workjust providing input15:22
nebajothphunyguy_work: yup15:22
nebajothphunyguy_work: just providing feedback :P15:22
iElectricany known regressions on last kernel update batch from yesterday? ubuntu is freezing every 5 sec15:22
phunyguy_work!patience | iElectric15:23
ubottuiElectric: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:23
szalphunyguy_work: what is it w/ that !patience trigger?15:23
phunyguy_workfolks are asking very quickly.  can still see their previous mesages on my screen15:24
BlouBlouiElectric: If you think it's kernel issue, run the old one (you can choose it from grub2)15:24
iElectricBlouBlou: kernel or xorg15:25
iElectricwill try15:25
phunyguy_workspeaking of updates, i need to restart for that batch.15:25
AdvoWorkive installed the server version of ubuntu 10.04 but sendmail isnt on there, can I just install it?15:26
nebajothAdvoWork: you sure can15:26
nebajothAdvoWork: apt-get install sendmail15:27
jrrwubi filesystem is impressive voodoo magic, but sheesh does it fragment the heck out of the ntfs partition15:27
nebajothAdvoWork: sudo apt-get install sendmail15:27
SanusOkay.  Hello.15:27
bfreisHi, I'm trying to create a bootable usb stick with Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure live image, but "Startup Disk Creator" fails right after I click "Make Startup Disk" saying "Installation Failed". ~/.cache/usb-creator.log says "TypeError: Expected a string or unicode object". Googling, I've found some reported (and fixed) bugs with similar symptoms, but this is different: the bugs I've seen occur when the image's path contains non-ascii characters, which is no15:27
bfreist the case here. Any ideas?15:27
nebajothbfreis: try installing unetbootin and see if you have luck with that15:29
nebajothits a less-integrated liveusb creator15:29
nebajothI find I get better success with it generally15:29
bfreisnebajoth, apt-get install unetbootin wants to install packages "syslinux-themes-debian" and "syslinux-themes-debian-squeeze" as well, won't it create a mess on my system?15:30
nebajothbfreis: they're just themes, first of all15:31
nebajothbfreis: second, I think that's just to apply to the liveusb if its debian15:31
bfreisnebajoth, oh, ok15:31
nebajothunetbootin has the ability to do a bunch of distros single-click15:31
nebajothit will download the iso and apply it to the usb stick15:31
nebajothdebian included15:31
nebajothyeah, I don't use it for that typically15:32
nebajothbut it seems like it could be handy if you're into flashing lots of distros to usb15:32
nebajothit also has the ability to apply an arbitrary iso15:32
nebajothwhich is what you're looking for15:32
bfreiswow, it has a Windows95-like ugly interface!15:32
nebajothyeah, its not super pretty :P15:32
nebajothwhich is probably why they don't integrate it into ubuntu15:32
lindaunetbootin is pretty cool.  I keep several ISOs in my ISOs directory and can make a bootable USB stick in minutes.15:32
SanusI'm in 10.04... And I don't have a wireless manager.  Help.  :C15:33
nebajothSanus: sudo do-release-upgrade15:33
SanusUh, no.15:33
SanusNot if it's going to upgrade 10.04.15:33
AdvoWorknebajoth, and thats it?15:33
lindaAll my USB sticks are bootable.15:33
norpanRaTTuS|BIG: hey, yesterday you said to me to do something with "blablala | pastebinit" to see my cores etc to cpu, could you rememeber what it was?15:33
AdvoWorkno config etc15:33
lindaand different15:33
SanusI just went through hoops to install 10.04.  I just need a wireless manager.15:33
nebajothAdvoWork: essentially. You might have to do some configuration on the other side. Why Sendmail, though?15:33
lindaSanus: You need what?15:33
nebajothAdvoWork: what are you trying to do?15:34
Sanuslinda: A wireless manager.15:34
RaTTuS|BIGnorpan cat /proc/cpuinfo | pastebinit15:34
lindaSanus: wicd15:34
Sanuslinda: I thought there were problems with wicd15:34
lindaSanus: If you don't like what the normal network-manager is doing, install wicd.  I think you can have both but you can remove network-manager if you want.15:35
norpanRaTTuS|BIG: thank you so much15:35
lindaSanus: What problems?15:35
RaTTuS|BIGnp - is it better now15:35
lindaSeems to work fine far as I can tell.15:35
Sanuslinda: Network-manager just doesn't seem to detect my net card.15:35
Sanuslinda: I'm guessing I'm going to require updating.15:35
nebajothAdvoWork: PM me if you want15:36
=== ericm|ubuntu is now known as ericm-Zzz
GirlyGirlHi, I have kubuntu on an ASUS EeePC 1005HA running Kubuntu 11.10.  All fan speed monitoring apps / widgets do not detect sensors on the system. In previous versions, I could monitor the fan speed under ubuntu. Is there any workarround for this? I tried running sensors-detect and sensors; they only find the temperature sensors15:37
lindaBut you need to install wicd first.  i.e.  sudo apt-get install wicd ; sudo apt-get remove network-manager #And be sure not to skip the part where it asks if you want to add your user to netdev group.15:37
grendal-primeok i got two machines now that everytime i open firefox (or attempt to) i get the error about how its already running and i have to go kill off the process.  It happens every day now.  What is causing that?15:37
lindaSanus: Yea, you will need to reboot.15:37
SanusRebooting is the least of my worries15:38
dpis there a way for the alt-tab window to show me the title of my urxvt windows, instead of just "urxvt"?15:38
lindagrendal-prime: pkill firefox15:38
lindagrendal-prime: ALt-F2 pkill firefox15:39
grendal-primeya i know how to fix it...problem is..my 11 year old daughter is a bit...unskilled in the area...and although she is learing...she did ask a good question.  "why is that now happeneing when it wasnt before?"15:39
AdvoWorkanyone know how i can find a flatbed scanner that will definaetly work with ubutnu?15:39
Qualiahow do i close xterminal15:40
grendal-primeAdvoWork, most usb's should work..15:40
Qualiaafter ctrl alt f115:40
Qualiahow do i change back to GUI15:40
ocs_hi, does uck (ubuntu customization kit) work with lubuntu isos ?15:40
lindagrendal-prime: What window manager are you using?  Is she pulling the plug or doing something weird?  What version of firefox is it?  Is the system fully updated?  What is your version number?15:40
zykotick9Qualia, alt+f7 to get back to GUI (or F8, if F7 fails)15:40
grendal-primeQualia, ctrl alt f715:40
QualiaThank you both, but when i get back to Xterm again, theyre open15:41
AdvoWorkgrendal-prime, tried a canoscan one and it wont :S so i need to buy one, but I dont want to buy it if it wont work15:41
Qualiaisnt it possible to close it ? :p15:41
zykotick9grendal-prime, while in VTs you don't need the CTRL - that's an Xorg shortcut (but i think it'll still work)15:41
Qualiaanyway, i guess its my lack of information about xterm. its a kernel module that cant be closed probably15:41
grendal-primezykotick9,  oh i missunderstood his environment sorry...15:42
zykotick9Qualia, the (ctrl+alt+f1 -> f6) aren't actually xterm's they're called Virtual Terminals - and they don't close15:42
AdvoWorknebajoth, pm'd thanks15:42
chris_in_reginaGood morning15:43
chris_in_reginaGood morning15:43
lindayou said that already15:43
chris_in_reginaNobody responded.  :)15:44
grendal-primeOOOO you Qualia  yo wanted to know why they were still open...ok..ya what zykotick9 said...they are always there..(thank god)15:44
chris_in_reginaHow are you today, Linda?15:44
lindachris_in_regina: It is probably a good morning in your timezone, but not every one is in your time zone.15:44
lindaI'm fine. Thanks for asking.15:44
chris_in_reginaTrue - where are you?15:44
chris_in_reginaI am in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.15:45
lindait's morning here too.15:45
KoenigseggHow do I find the window type for the 'Computer locked' or 'Screen locked' window?15:45
grendal-primenot really15:45
chris_in_reginaVery cool.  :)15:45
lindagrendal-prime: Awesome.... wish I could go15:45
chris_in_reginaIs Texas warm this time of year?15:46
=== Korvin is now known as Guest85743
lindaKoenigsegg: Screensaver?15:46
Guest85743I installed ubuntu while a flash drive was in my computer, and the boot record installed on the flash drive15:46
grendal-primeI was just kidding..i hate surfing,  its cold..and well there is sharks..deadthings everywhere and..sand, and it gets everywhere.15:46
lindachris_in_regina: Texas is warm and cold this time of year depending on what time of day it is,.15:46
Guest85743How can I fix that15:46
zykotick9chris_in_regina, this isn't really a general chit-chat channel.  Do you have an Ubuntu support question?15:46
Koenigsegglinda: No, the one that is used when I leave the computer for a while and the screen is locked(enter pw to get back in, etc, etc).15:47
chris_in_reginaHa!  Tennessee is like that too.  We have eight inches of snow on the ground in Regina.15:47
grendal-primemy stupid broser is always broke15:47
lindaKoenigsegg: And you want to dissable that function?15:47
lindaKoenigsegg: If so, go to the screensaver options, you'll find it there.15:47
zykotick9!ot > chris_in_regina15:48
ubottuchris_in_regina, please see my private message15:48
martianGuest85743: this may help you: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows15:48
deej1976Guest85743: 1672 nicks15:48
theadminzykotick9: You know, I suggest using | rather than > for ubottu, there's no point in pming people randomly15:48
sandra_Hello my fellow Ubuntu inmates :-)15:48
sandra_I trust you are doing well15:49
=== Guest85743 is now known as GuyWhoNeedsHelpD
zykotick9theadmin, they had just PMed me ;)  so i knew they could get them - i ususally do use |15:49
Koenigsegglinda: No. I'm using a window animation in Compiz, and that Screen locked window is included there. But the animation isn't really suited for a window that covers the whole screen(at least not on this computer..), so I'd like to exclude that window from the animation in compiz settings. But to do that I need to id it somehow.15:49
GuyWhoNeedsHelpDMartian, I'm booted in, as I can just boot off the flash drive and have it initialize the installation on dev/sda1, is it possible to just install grub?15:49
GuyWhoNeedsHelpDIt's ubuntu server15:50
GuyWhoNeedsHelpDShouldve mentioned that^^15:50
martianGuyWhoNeedsHelpD: I have never had to do it myself, but I'm pretty sure that page I linked to explains how to do just that15:50
lucadear friends I have a problem with a form html i a file php15:50
sandra_I would like to ask if any of you are experiencing  glitches with Skype and staying connected with Ubuntu 11.10 ?15:50
GuyWhoNeedsHelpDI see thank you martian15:50
lindaKoenigsegg: Someone else will have to answer your question on that.  I do not use compiz  and am not up on that sort of stuff.15:50
martianGuyWhoNeedsHelpD: even thought it references windows, the topic is restoring a grub installation that was destroyed by windows (or in your case, that never existed)15:51
Koenigsegglinda: Thanks anyway :).15:51
lindasandra_: Is it dropping calls?  Or just disconnecting from the network?15:51
lindawhile not in a call....15:51
bfreisnebajoth, looks like it worked!15:51
bfreisnebajoth, it took *forever* to boot though...15:52
lindaI use skype but on my 10.04 PC not on the 11.10 one, and it never seems to have a problem, but again, that is on 10.0415:52
GuyWhoNeedsHelpDMartian, it seems as though my actual hdd isn't mounted?15:53
Dante_do i need gtk-3 for gnome3 ??15:53
sandra_Well linda my skype seems to work well for  a few minutes then my call will drop and then my wireless connection drops I'm currently on Xubuntu and seem to be doing well which seems all the more confusing lol15:53
theadminDante_: Duh15:53
nebajothbfreis: booting time on usb can take a while, especially if its a slow USB stick15:54
sandra_linda_: natty 11.10 seems to run w/out a hitch as far as skype goes.15:54
lindasandra_: Sounds like it's a network problem on the LAN15:54
Dante_well im building the gnome3 packages from source for my ubuntu 10.04 and there is one gtk-3 source file too , do i need to build it too ??15:54
grendal-primeis gnome3 going to be an option in ubuntu? cause i hate unity15:54
zykotick9!notunity | grendal-prime15:55
ubottugrendal-prime: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic15:55
martianGuyWhoNeedsHelpD: looks to me like your 550G drive is mounted on /15:55
sandra_linda_: it only happens when on 11.10  and never happens on 11.0415:55
lindasandra_: May be that it is dropping the connection to the AP on your LAN15:55
hrolfWhy would I require "Important Security Updates" from unauthenticated sources?15:56
sandra_linda_: I was wondering if anyone else was suffering from these odd glitches in 11.1015:56
lindasandra_: You might try look at the wireless signal and settings, see if it is due to dropping connection to the LAN, which I just about imagine is the problem.15:57
Scarra3I just installed ubuntu 11.10 how do I tell what graphics card my OS is using?15:57
lindasandra_: YOu are 64bit?15:57
zykotick9Scarra3, "lspci | grep -i vga"15:57
GuyWhoNeedsHelpDMartian, right, but how do I specify that drive when using grub-install /dev/XXX15:57
Dante_well im building the gnome3 packages from source for my ubuntu 10.04 and there is one gtk-3 source file too , do i need to build it to15:58
martianGuyWhoNeedsHelpD: I'm not really sure I'm afraid. I've never really had to deal with this sorta thing :)15:58
Scarra3and how do I run .run files threw the terminal15:58
sandra_linda_: I did check but as I said my windows 7 Linuxmint 11.04 and Ubuntu 11.04 work fine with skype w/out any problems. The problem only occurs with Oneiric 11.1015:58
zykotick9Dante_, because of your current decision - your issue is no longer #ubuntu related, you shouldn't expect much (if any) support here - and should seek Gnome support directly.15:59
lindasandra_: 64bit?  or 32?15:59
Dante_ummm... okay15:59
lindaScarra3: ls -l  filename.run  #And see if the executable bit is set.16:00
lindaScarra3: If so, just like any other executable file.16:00
sandra_linda_: I'm currently on Xubuntu 11.10 which seems to work fine too which is why I'm at a loss in regards Ubuntu 11.10 having problems with skype and intermittent connection loss. I'm  on 64 bit edition.16:00
zykotick9Scarra3, "./filename.run" once it's executable ("chmod +x filename.run" if it isn't)16:01
grendal-primethanks man...the problem im having right now is that the machine that has 11.10 on it ..does not have a very good video card in it (onboard) and no place to put one.16:01
=== flack is now known as flack-Z
grendal-primeI cant get it to display anything but 600X800  but i dont need the  compiz stuff16:02
lindasandra_: Well, the only differnece in xubuntu is the windowmanager is xfce instead of unity and I doubt that would have an effect on skype16:02
grendal-primein 10.04 it has some more options for screen resolution.16:02
lindaI could be wrong but....16:02
=== staylor_ is now known as staylor
klonkrCan anyone help me regarding xrandr and also with aplay? I wonder how i output to my TV through hdmi, well, ive got this working but its mirroring, how do i add a screen? Also, how do i send all audio to it? I can, with aplay, send a secific audiofiles output to it, but how do i send all audio?16:02
lindaklonkr: See man xrandr16:03
klonkrlinda: I did, maybe it's the language barrier, am I looking for panning?16:04
GuyWhoNeedsHelpDAnyone have any idea as to how to install grub onto the main harddrive rather than booting off of a flash drive?16:04
Scarra3alright well I booted ubuntu and the screen got all choppy16:04
klonkrlinda: What's a second non-mirroring screen called?16:04
sandra_linda_: that's why I wondering if anyone else was having any issues with Oneiric 11.10. Oh how I wish Ubuntu would just bring back the classic menu for those of us who think Unity was huge mistake for desktop use. lol16:04
Bisu[Shield]how do you get firefox native titlebar and borders as opposed to the system's16:05
Bisu[Shield]I am using gnome 316:05
klonkrsandra_: I agree, and choose another distro :)16:05
lindaklonkr: in xrandr it will just be identified by the output device, far as I know...16:05
sandra_klonkr_: what distro are you currently using ?16:06
lindasandra_: Sounds like you are a good candidate for xfce.  It can be customized to look and feel and function just like gnome2 did in 10.0416:06
ubuntu__i fuck you)16:06
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, pangolin, nhandler or Jordan_U!16:06
sandra_Oh my who let the minors in lol ?16:07
BluesKajlinda,, sandra_ ..KDE is a good alternative16:07
sandra_linda_: mind if I ask  what distro you are currently using ?16:07
lindaBluesKaj: Not as good as xfce. For me anway, I like a window manager that stays out of my way.16:08
sandra_I did look at KDE and found it very interesting16:08
lindaBluesKaj: But KDE is good to.  Three best ones are gnome2 xfce and KDE  IMHO16:08
BluesKajlinda, I have no probs with kwin ...works fine from a home user POV16:09
lindagnome3 has gone into lala land for now.... may be back with us soon but for now, it is a bit too far out for most of our likings.16:09
grendal-primeused kde for a loooong time...the kio slave is kick ass16:09
lindaI admit KDE 4x is very nice.16:10
sandra_In my opinion gnome 3 and unity where not a well thought project sadly they seem to have bypassed the wishes of the average end user.16:10
bfreisnebajoth, damn, I can't boot actually16:10
sandra_oops thought out..16:10
sandra_just call me the typo queen16:10
Tobecan someone please help me. My microphone is always on and i dont have any programs on that require it to be on. when i try to mute it with (alsamixer) it works, but then i cannot use it with my chat programs16:11
sandra_linda: what distro are you currently using ?16:11
lindasandra_: I think the idea behind unity was to simplify things and keep the window manager out of the way.  In some ways they missed the mark.  BUT, it is new!  And WILL be improved.  We just have to see what the future brings.16:11
BluesKajsandra_, we have alot of ppl disappointed in the latest ubuntu desktop direction , joining Kubuntu for relief16:11
bfreisI'm trying to boot the live image of Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure on a USB stick, but it shows tons of /init: line 7: can't open /dev/sr0: No medium found, then drops to BusyBox and sans (initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system. Any ideas?16:12
theadminlinda: Hey um, mind if I pm you?16:12
lindaUnity is not THAT bad really.16:12
savagetigerTobe: Is it a USB mic? then usually you can not turn it off, unless it has a hardware switch16:12
lindatheadmin: sure16:12
theadminlinda: Well, actually I already did but haven't gotten any reply16:12
Tobesavagetiger: no its the kind that plugs into the back of the pc with the jack thing.16:13
Bisu[Shield]how do you get firefox native titlebar and borders as opposed to the system's.  I am using gnome 3  <-- AM I INVISIBLE?16:13
zykotick9Bisu[Shield], we read you16:13
savagetigerIn that case there is no on or off, its just picking up noise and sending it to the Soundcard, its standard behaviour actually16:13
theadminBisu[Shield]: Do you mean... Well, honestly, it's a Windows-only thing (that special titlebar with built-in tabs)16:14
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rumpe1Bisu[Shield], install gnome-tweak-tool and configure it in there16:14
Bisu[Shield]hmmm chrome looks the same on windows and ubuntu, is that not possible with firefox?16:14
savagetigerUnless you hear yourself through the speakers or headphone, in that case your soundrouting is not configured right :)16:14
=== szal_ is now known as szal
Bisu[Shield]how would gnome-tweak-tool help?16:15
Bisu[Shield]I have it installed16:15
jereneptBisu: it is possible, but chrome uses nonstandard display system.16:15
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fornixmy ubuntu 11.10 seems sluggish. top command gives ksoftirqd using 100% CPU http://pastebin.com/KcAUYa3B Why is it using all my CPU ?16:21
=== gwen` is now known as capcook
rhizmoewhy is there such a delay when i open a directory in nautilus? seems to be a lot of perpetual disk scanning.16:25
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Naked89How to install libqtcore4 (>= 4:4.7.0~beta1) in ubuntu10.04?16:26
Kim4xfornix:  cat /proc/interrupts16:27
Naked89How to install libqtcore4 (>= 4:4.7.0~beta1) in ubuntu10.04?16:27
rhizmoeNaked89: looks like it's in qt4-x1116:27
rhizmoeNaked89: and don't repeat every minute16:27
Naked89rhizmoe: What does that mean>16:28
rhizmoeit means you pasted your question again right after asking it16:28
azertyiihello there16:29
azertyiicut is what's for ?16:29
Naked89rhizmoe: I thought nobody have seen my q.16:29
rhizmoeNaked89: why, because it wasn't answered instantly?16:29
llutzazertyii: type "whatis cut"16:29
fornixKim4x: just a moment16:30
azertyiiwhat is cut ?16:30
rhizmoeman cut16:30
azertyiiok what is cut ?16:30
azertyiiyes man16:30
llutzazertyii: in a terminal, thats a command16:30
akSeyahi folks :)16:30
rhizmoeazertyii: good one, beavis16:30
azertyiiyou don't know ?16:30
azertyiiyes of course it is a command16:30
rhizmoeazertyii: you've been answered16:30
fergawHi. I'm looking for some nice subtitle editor. It would be nice if it would run in console, dont need any GUI.16:30
llutzazertyii: stop trolling16:30
fornixKim4x: http://pastebin.com/3UzYWSi2 is the output of cat /proc/interrupts16:31
Dante_hii fellas16:31
akSeyaofftopic question.. "lol" means "laughing out loud". Do people use it to say they are laughing loud or like laughing without reason?!16:31
llutzakSeya: most just use it without reason, just to show "hey look, i'm dumb"16:32
rhizmoeakSeya: urban dictionary is thataway ->16:32
rhizmoeit will educate you to the nuances of the english internet language16:32
urthmoverI'm installing 11.10 using a minimal install.  The Kernel to install section has many choices.  What is the difference between linux-server and linux-image-3.0.0-13-server ?16:34
llutzisn't "inux-server " just a meta package pulling latest PAE-kernel (actually linux-image-3.0.0-13-server)?16:35
SanusOkay.  I'm back.16:38
Sanus10.04 is -not- detecting any of my drivers.16:39
Dante_wb sanus16:39
Dante_you mean sound driver ??16:39
SanusNo wireless connection (It's a laptop), no video drivers, (Radeon HD 6350 or thereabouts)16:39
SanusI haven't heard any sounds either.16:39
Dante_is it dell ??16:40
Dante_what wireless chipset you got ??16:40
SanusHP Compaq Presario cq5716:40
Dante_broadcom or atheros ??16:40
SanusOne moment.16:40
SanusRealtek semiconductor...?16:40
Dante_thats your sound card i guess ...16:41
SanusCan't even enable desktop effects.16:41
SanusNope, ethernet16:41
Dante_im asking the wireless16:41
SanusI know.16:41
SanusIt's the ethernet and wireless card.16:41
sandra_linda: do you mind if I ask what it is you do for a living ?16:41
SanusSemiconductor doesn't necessarily mean sound.16:41
van7huhi folks16:42
SanusIt literally says "Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Divice 8176 (rev 01)"16:42
Dante_i know ...16:42
van7huis there a way to disable "executable space protector" in ubuntu?16:42
Dante_well atheros drivers works fine with ubuntu but broadcom are blacklisted ...16:42
Dante_u need to remove the blacklist if u got broadcom16:42
Dante_goto system admin and hardware drivers ...16:43
SanusNo proprietary drivers.16:43
gladosv2hi guys, what is a good program to burn dvd's in ubuntu? documentation is terribly outdated :(16:43
Dante_you did a system update ??16:43
sandra_odd broadcom is a very popular networking chip I wonder why Ubuntu would black list it ?16:43
Dante_brasero disk burner16:44
dr_willisgladosv2:  you mean to CREATE movie dvd's from avi files? or to burn dvd iso images? or make dvd data disks16:44
Chotaz`WorkIs it possible to check the ongoing File Operations on the terminal?16:44
Kim4xfornix: I really don't know. You should try to analyse with  "cat /proc/interrupts" which service is taking so many ressources16:44
gladosv2movie dvd's from avi files, yes, dr_willis16:44
Dante_well .. it still is ...16:44
SanusWhat about the disk burner?16:44
zykotick9gladosv2, check out devede16:44
dr_willisgladosv2:  i use devede normally for that. Its a bit basic. but it does exactly what i need.. a little weird to learn. but works decently well.16:44
soreaugladosv2: I second devede16:44
Dante_brasero disk burner16:45
gladosv2thanks, I'll check it out :)16:45
gladosv2I recall having problems with brasero, though16:45
soreauDante_: You can't create dvd's from avi files with brasero16:45
dr_willisfun thing about devede. its writen in python. :) i was able to customize it some to be  better for my needs16:45
soreaudr_willis: interesting, I didn't know that16:45
Chotaz`WorkIs it possible to check ongoing file operations from the shell?16:45
AdvoWorki think ive got a package on my system called ebox  how can I check, and remove it?16:46
phlak_userChotaz`Work: yes16:46
lindaapt-cache search ebox16:46
SanusSo, Lucid Lynx is not detecting any of my hardware.16:46
dr_willisebox was renamed to somthng else i think16:46
dr_willis!info ebox16:46
ubottuebox (source: ebox): Zentyal - Core. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.16-0ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 666 kB, installed size 4052 kB16:46
SanusAnd it's not updating for any drivers.16:46
ubottuzentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).16:46
Dante_you need a video cd maker ??16:46
phlak_userChotaz`Work: processes like cp, mv etc are visible in ps -fe16:46
Chotaz`Workphlak_user:  thanks =D16:46
lindasudo apt-get remove ebox16:47
zykotick9AdvoWork, to check if you have it installed use "dpkg -l | grep ebox"16:47
Dante_sanus what ubuntu version u use ??16:47
SanusDante_ Lucid Lynx16:47
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1004 - Supported until April 2013 (Desktop), April 2015 (Server)16:48
Dante_u can try upgrading .... i use 10.04 myself though16:48
AdvoWorkzykotick9, yeah i do, can i completely remove it?16:48
zykotick9AdvoWork, it's "optional" so that's up to you.16:49
n4dspRunning 11.04 ,,,,how and can I download Google Earth?16:49
ubottuGoogle Earth is available as the package "googleearth-package" in !Multiverse. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GoogleEarth16:49
=== 77CAA2ALN is now known as Technicus
Dante_n4dsp ... apt-get install googleearth16:49
dr_willis!info googleearth16:50
ubottuPackage googleearth does not exist in oneiric16:50
dr_willis!info googleearth-package16:50
ubottugoogleearth-package (source: googleearth-package): utility to automatically build a Debian package of Google Earth. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.6.1 (oneiric), package size 9 kB, installed size 68 kB16:50
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories16:50
BluesKajdr_willis, heh..google earth will install , but good luck trying to launch it ...it just times out here even with the lsb-core files installed16:50
dr_willishavent tried it in ages.16:50
n4dspwill give it a try. thanks16:50
Dante_anyone here tried installing gnome3 on ubuntu LTS ??16:52
dr_willisone way to break a system :)16:52
BluesKajdr_willis, google maps dos the job now ...it's almost as good as aworking google earth , even has the street view option16:52
soreauThe fonts in google earth here are HUGE. Any idea how to fix it?16:52
dr_willisBluesKaj:  i use my android phone 99% of the time now.16:53
james538227hey has anyone had much luck installing a wireless driver on a headless ubuntu server especially  the RT2860 ralink driver?16:53
BluesKajdr_willis, cool :)16:53
klonkrCan anyone help me with aplay? I want to output sound over hdmi and Im able to do so with "aplay -D plughw:1,3 /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav" But is it possible to send all audio with a sinple command?16:53
Dante_de_willis :what if you build the packages from the source for your system and then install it ??16:54
dr_willisklonkr:  checked the settings in pavcontrol yet?16:54
dr_willisDante_:  i imagine that will break just as badly...16:54
dr_willissince the packages are 'built from the source' ...16:54
dr_willishow would it be differnt then allready made packages.16:55
klonkrdr_willis: I run arch and dont have that installed16:55
AdvoWorkzykotick9, dpkg -l | grep ebox lists loads of packages but sudo apt-get remove ebox says it doesnt exist. Any ideas?16:55
santanucis there any version of ubuntu to run on tablets like Galaxy Tab?16:55
dr_willisklonkr:  no idea on arch. pavcontol is part of the pulse audio tools16:55
Dante_well u need resources to build the packages ... and the packages will be build according to the resources available on my system ...16:55
BluesKajklonkr, yeah make your hdmi out Card 0 or default device in alsa.conf16:55
=== horte_ is now known as horte
dr_willissantanuc:  not seen any... yet.16:56
Dante_not any other ...16:56
Dante_so it may work ...16:56
dr_willisDante_:  i imagine theres some deeper reason for things breaking..16:56
kool_toolI just installed Ubuntu (64bit) 11.10 on my new PC. Both of my USB scanners worked after the installation (using simple scan); however, they don't after I run & install the 175 + updates. Presently, I re-installed 11.10 on my PC, and am not updating the PC. Is there a work-around for this problem?16:56
klonkrBluesKaj: but i dont want it to be default, this is my laptop and i just need to be albe to switch to hdmi output sometiems16:56
zykotick9AdvoWork, you need the specific package name from the "dpkg -l" output, but it looks like the package name is "ebox" (sorry difficult for me to see, as it's not an included package on my non-ubuntu distro)16:57
Dante_well there is a high possibilty that my gnome2 may completely collapse with gnome3 not even working ...16:57
Dante_but it's worth a shot ;)16:57
dr_willisDante_:  i dont find it worth the effort.. you been asking about this for some time now.. why havent you allready done it?16:57
Dante_i wanna see how will it respond ...16:57
yrlnryIn KDE, is there a way to change the title of a single window?16:57
Dante_coz im building the packages right now and installing a virtual machine with ubuntu 10.0416:58
Dante_i will test it there first ...16:58
Dante_im not that crazy :S16:58
dr_willisDante_:  now if you installed Kubuntu, in the vm.. then well it might work...16:58
new2netHow do I change my hostname correctly?  I did it with `sudo hostname newhostname` about two weeks ago but it didn't work, some things are still recognizing my old hostname, some things (terminal) recognize my new hostname.16:58
dr_willisassuming the breakage is from gnome conflicts16:59
zykotick9!hostname | new2net16:59
ubottunew2net: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.16:59
Dante_yeps ...16:59
BluesKajklonkr, pls explain "all audio" do you mean pcm/spdif ?16:59
new2netzykotick9, Oh wow... I would have never guessed that. Thanks16:59
dr_willisklonkr:  you are running arch linux right now on it?17:00
zykotick9new2net, be SURE to change in both files!  that sudo "may not work properly" means sudo won't work!17:00
AdminSetupHi....Can I install Ubuntu on a tablet ?17:00
Dante_well it's easy to change login sessions from gdm but how you do that in xserver ??17:00
dr_willisAdminSetup:  ive not seen any tablet roms with ubuntu made into them..17:00
new2netzykotick9, hehe ;) i will make sure to do it like how ubottu told me17:01
klonkrBluesKaj: I'm not sure what that is, but what I want to do is to send video and audio (movie) over hdmi to my TV and keep my defaults to my laptop17:01
klonkrdr_willis: yea17:01
dr_willisklonkr:  if you are using arch linux, then you should be asking in their channel, and checking their decently done faq/wiki pages.17:01
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:01
klonkrBluesKaj: the video part is fixed, easily done with xandr and some flags, but I'm not able to get the sound going17:02
dr_williswhen i plug my laptop into hdmi in ubuntu with gnome. it switches over to the monitor automaticially last i tried it.17:02
dr_williswell i may have to hit the laptops fn-monitor keys. :)17:02
klonkrdr_willis: thanks but i've read all there is to read about this in their wiki (and i got video working, yay). Will try to channel, thanks!17:03
santanuchi is there any version of ubuntu for tablets like Galaxy Tab17:03
dr_willisim not sure why you were trying #ubuntu when you were running arch.. the 2 disrtos are about as differnt as they can be. :)17:03
shankyhi, I wrongly removed /etc/nginx17:04
dr_willis!find /etc/nginx17:04
klonkrdr_willis: hehe yea I know, but the command aplay should work the same17:04
ubottuFile /etc/nginx found in nginx-common17:04
dr_willisklonkr:  ubuntu and gnome use pulse audio.. thus the use of pavcontrol17:04
shankydr_willis: thanks17:04
RiceKingI want the old screen saver menu with the bunch of screensavers back.  How can I without crewing things up?  I am using Ubuntu 11.1017:04
saimanojhello everyone.17:04
saimanojIs the new patch of the Linux Kernel regarding ASPM problem is being added to precise?17:04
jrib!precise | saimanoj17:05
ubottusaimanoj: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 | Discussion and support in #ubuntu+117:05
llutzshanky: get the nginx.deb and then: sudo dpkg --force-confmiss -i package.deb17:05
shankyllutz: that did not work, it was due to nginx-common, it is working now thanks to dr_willis17:05
jribshanky: nginx-common according to ubottu.  You should just be able to do something like: apt-get -o DPkg::Options::="--force-confmiss" --reinstall install nginx-common17:05
shankyjrib: thanks17:06
Dante_how can u unzip all the tar.bz2 files in a folder ...17:06
santanuci want to uninstall android and run ubuntu on Galaxy Tab. is it possible?17:06
jribDante_: for loop17:06
JragonFor some reason my keyboard is not on the British English layout, how can I fix this?17:06
murfiefor t in *.tar.bz2; do tar xjf $p; done17:06
Gentoo64Jragon, setxkbmap gb17:06
murfieeh, $t17:06
jribJragon: you can also just use the keyboard preferences application17:07
Gentoo64^ sorry17:07
Dante_thanks a lot .. :)17:07
Gentoo64i assumed hed tried thta17:07
JragonThanks very much Gentoo6417:07
marcin_mHi how can i obtain in 11.10 suare layout of virtual pulpits not 4 screens in one line, when i switch the pulpits17:07
Gentoo64Jragon, did you try the keyboard prefernnces?17:07
Gentoo64Jragon, you should be able to add a layout17:08
zykotick9jrib, hopefully .tar.bz2 files won't have spaces in them ;)17:08
Gentoo64Jragon, use the preferences instead17:08
beterrabaHi.On a minimal installation what should i install first; LXDE or LightDM? Do i need to install any X before that?17:09
Gentoo64doesnt matter17:09
beterrabaGentoo64: doesn't Xorg?17:10
JragonWhen ever I boot Ubuntu I have my external HDD plugged in, but I have to take it out and re-plug it in, to mount it... How can I automatically mount it?17:10
Gentoo64beterraba, lxde should pull in xorg though17:11
Gentoo64beterraba, install xorg then lxde then lightdm17:11
Gentoo64for the sake of it17:11
beterrabaGentoo64: doesn´t matter LXDE or LightDM. How about X?17:11
Gentoo64no it doesnt matter what order i mean17:11
beterrabaGentoo64: thanks so much17:11
Gentoo64Jragon, add it to fstab17:12
beterrabaGentoo64: just apt-get install xorg? (sorry)17:12
JragonWhat's fstab?17:12
Gentoo64beterraba, im not sure the name17:12
Gentoo64beterraba, apt-cache search xorg17:12
beterrabaGentoo64: it's ok. thank you!17:12
Gentoo64probably xorg-server17:12
santanucJragon: u need to have a /etc/fstab entry for the filesystem on ur drive17:12
zykotick9!fstab | Jragon17:12
ubottuJragon: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions17:12
zykotick9Jragon, will you ALWAYS have the external attached?17:12
JragonBut most of the time17:13
zykotick9Jragon, then you might not want to use fstab, or use the noauto option.  Good luck.17:13
JragonHow can I mount a .cue file?17:13
santanucJragon: then put a mount entry in .profile or .bash_login17:14
zykotick9Jragon, you can't.  You can try to convert it to ISO but that will fail for many disk image types (especially ones in bin/cue format)17:14
JragonCan I mount a .bin then?17:14
zykotick9Jragon, nope - see above17:15
raheelhow we can change buttons of close and minimize to right side?17:15
JragonWhat can I do to fix this then?17:15
zykotick9!controls | raheel17:15
ubotturaheel: Starting in Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information and workarounds, please see http://pad.lv/53263317:15
Artemis3Jragon, install a package called acetoneiso17:16
zykotick9Jragon, Artemis3's suggestion might work17:16
rockbadger2I'm running mythweb on ubuntu with static IP address. From another computer it works completely fine, so there is a working network connection. However, on the Ubuntu machine, I can't get internet for Firefox/synaptic etc. - any ideas/links?17:16
zykotick9rockbadger2, see if you have /etc/resolv.conf with valid DNS server inso17:17
rhizmoeyou would also need a default gateway17:17
zykotick9rockbadger2, are you using Network Manager or the interfaces file to set static?17:18
beterrabaGentoo64: both LXDE and LightDM pull X packages. thanks for your help. :)17:18
rockbadger2someone else set it up - last time I used it it was working, but someone may have changed settings when setting up the static ip17:19
Gentoo64well cat /etc/network/interfaces17:19
rockbadger2i suspect they would have used network manager though17:19
zykotick9rockbadger2, in that case you need to investigate the N-M settings for DNS/default gateway then - sorry I haven't used N-M for a while so not sure what you should be looking for, BUT N-M is going to overwrite resolv.conf so checking that is useless.  Good luck.17:21
ubernoobanyone here use geeqie? I'm trying to configure it so that I can launch pdfs in document viewer, when I use the thumbnails view of geeqie. I can't seem to find any way of doing this...17:21
rockbadger2thanks all17:22
zykotick9ubernoob, my geeqie doesn't seem to support PDFs at all17:23
ubernoobzykotick9, not even to the extent of firing off another program to handle the actual file?17:24
ubernoobwow, I didn't expect that at all17:24
ubernoobwhat's a good general thumbnail viewer then? something that's sort of equivalent to Adobe Bridge?17:24
zykotick9ubernoob, mine doesn't even show the PDF (but we are probably using different versions, so yours is probably different)17:24
Dante_how can i build a .deb file from a source file ??17:25
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Gentoo64ubernoob, what about eog17:25
ubernoobzykotick9, mine didn't either, I had to root around in the preferences to get filters off and to display hidden files17:25
Gentoo64ubernoob, or feh17:25
=== OZ4KK is now known as erikja
Gentoo64eog is nice17:25
ubernoobGentoo64, I've never heard of either (as the name implies, I'm a newbie). Thanks for that. I'll install both and see how I get on with them.17:26
Gentoo64im pretty sure ubuntu comes with eog17:26
Tahvokhi there, i've been using openSUSE for about 5 years as a modern user, and recently moved to ubuntu. Is there any guide to move from one distribution to ubuntu?17:26
Gentoo64Tahvok, no17:27
Gentoo64Tahvok, apart from the package manager and some files, youll just learn as you go. should take less than a day17:27
ubernoobGentoo64, oh? I definitely have to look around then 'cos I've installed geeqie just to use the thumbnails to view folders and sort through all the mess I have.17:28
Tahvokthat is what i'm asking, just the beginning (package manager, some good known commands..)17:28
searchfgoldI'm trying to install gtkmm2.0-dev so I can compile a program, does anyone know how to do that?17:28
Gentoo64Tahvok, apt-get instal to install17:28
Gentoo64Tahvok, apt-get remove or apt-get purge to remove. apt-cache search to search17:28
zykotick9!checkinstall | Dante_17:28
ubottuDante_: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!17:28
zykotick9searchfgold, see !checkinstall above as well17:29
th^2hello. im trying to set up sylpheed for gmail. is there any way to tell sypheed to download like 10 newest mails?17:29
Dante_thanks ... :)17:29
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searchfgoldThanks, I didn't know about that. But I haven't even gotten to that point yet, it's a ./configure error.17:30
Tahvokanother problem i have, install the video card driver (ati). in opensuse, i just added a repo, then installed two packages from it, called "fglrx" and another "ati - something.." is it the same for ubuntu? is there any guide?17:30
Gentoo64Tahvok, type in terminal jockey-gtk17:30
Gentoo64if you cant find it elsewhere17:30
ubernoobalso, is vlc the best video player available? (it's very good and I have no complaints, just curious)17:30
Gentoo64it should manage the drivers in a gui17:31
zykotick9!ati | Tahvok17:31
ubottuTahvok: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto17:31
th^2hello. im trying to set up sylpheed for gmail. is there any way to tell sypheed to download like 10 newest mails?17:31
zykotick9ubernoob, there is no best, it's what you find best.  VLC is OK, but "mplayer - The Ultimate Movie Player For Linux"17:31
BluesKaj!patience | th^217:32
ubottuth^2: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:32
TahvokGentoo64, zykotick9 : thanks for all the help!17:32
raheelhow can I add new panel in ubuntu 11.1017:34
theadminraheel: You can not.17:35
james538227hey, has anyone install rt2860 wireless driver on ubuntu server, i have installed the whole thing but need some points in setting ip/wep config17:36
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic17:36
QualiaI can't kill a process, it simply doesn't kill the program, the program is stuck (skype)17:36
QualiaWhat can i do ?17:36
Rods_TigerI can't get gparted to start. I installed it, I start it, it asks for my password, I give it, it gives me a turning wheel for a short while, then nothing. Every time.17:37
zykotick9Rods_Tiger, try starting it from a terminal, and see if it gives any output - you might need gksudo to start it.17:38
zykotick9Qualia, do you know the exact PID or the exact process name?17:38
Rods_Tigerfrom a terminal I get this: /usr/sbin/gpartedbin: error while loading shared libraries: libgtkmm-2.4.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory17:38
Qualiayes zykotick917:38
A|i3NHi! I've got lamp installed on one of the local machines, and also on the one I'm on now. On both computers there is a wordpress installation. When I go to the other computer's IP address, the main wordpress index comes up just fine. But when I try to go to wp-admin, it redirects me to wp-adming on *this* computer. I've tried stop apache2 on this machine and it just comes up with 404 so I'm guessing the problem is on the other computer? A17:39
A|i3Nnyone know what causes this?17:39
Rods_Tigerbut surely it's just supposed to work when I click on the icon?17:39
zykotick9Qualia, basically use "kill -9 PID#" or "killall -9 PROCESSNAME" - don't start using -9 for everything though, you should ONLY use it after trying a regular kill/killall first17:39
new2netzykotick9, k. now im awake enough to try this17:39
ubernoobthanks all17:40
zykotick9new2net, the hostname change - good luck (i'm sure you won't need it though)17:40
new2netzykotick9, so do I need to use "sudo hostname newHostName" to change it permanently or just edit the files mentioned?17:41
Qualiazykotick9, thank you kind sir. It worked.17:41
Rods_Tigergparted is still not starting, either properly or through the terminal17:41
zykotick9new2net, don't worry about the hostname command - just change in both files and reboot17:41
luisthey guys i have a chroot to generate a livecd. i cant run update-initramfs -u to update the loading logo: http://pastie.org/2884835    im following this guide: http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-customize-your-ubuntu-live-cd-p2  (the liveCD is working already, just cant update the loading logo)17:41
zykotick9Qualia, nice17:41
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Rods_Tigereverything is up to date17:42
=== go is now known as go^
Rods_Tigernever mind, I'll find another app if gparted doesn't work17:43
new2netzykotick9, so easy :)  gksu gedit /etc/hostname && gksu gedit /etc/hosts17:43
zykotick9new2net, yup ;)17:43
sirjoebobHey all. I have a quick conundrum. I am away from work and need to be able to get to my ubuntu 11.10 box from home. I am connected with SSH but need to enable auto-login so I can access the vino VNC server. I am able to forward X11 over VNC but need actual vnc access to my box17:43
sirjoebobI meant I can forward x11 over ssh17:44
dbolserwhat is the last version of ub to include gnome2, and where can I download it?17:44
zykotick9dbolser, if your looking for a supported distro with gnome2 i'd suggest debian stable - it'll have gnome2 for probably another year or more.17:45
dbolserzykotick9: IC17:45
dbolserand how about ubutu (no support obviously)17:46
zykotick9dbolser, or 10.04LTS17:46
Artemis3zykotick9, wheezy switched to gnome3 already... perhaps ubuntu 10.04 lts17:46
sirjoebobCan anyone tell me how to enable automatic login on ubuntu 11.10 from command line only?17:46
Lin-ZZzZdamn you guiys type alot17:46
Rods_TigerI can't find another partition editor other than gparted, which doesn't work.17:46
zivesterhow does one exit fullscreen mode with vncviewer?17:47
dbolserThe devs go to all this troube to support the blind, deaf, mobility impaired and so on, but the anally retentive need support too (i.e. don't keep changing things) ;-)17:47
Artemis3Rods_Tiger, gdisk is worth if you don't mind cli17:47
Rods_Tigergdisk? Ok, I'll try17:47
dbolserzivester: shift-alt-f11 or something17:47
JragonHow do I mount my windows drivE#?17:48
new2netzykotick9, worked... but now unity is kind of odd... is there any way to adjust screen resolution/position for unity?17:48
hrolfHow can I use k3b to create an iso image of a CD ?17:48
Rods_Tigergdisk is no use, it can't resize17:48
JragonSorry, how can I mount my windows partition17:49
Guest52766I just installed openssh-client and server17:49
JragonIt's in sda117:49
Artemis3Rods_Tiger, is parted failing?17:49
Guest52766But still i can't login to the pc17:49
zivesteryah i dont want to enter it because i will have to hard reset my comp again.. because i dont know how to kill it17:49
Rods_Tigergparted doesn't start at all17:49
dbolserzykotick9: is 10:04 (with gnome 2) debian only, or is that a ubuntu release too?17:49
Guest52766and i have forwared port 22 too17:49
Artemis3Rods_Tiger, parted is the cli only17:49
zykotick9dbolser, Ubuntu 10.04LTS is an ubuntu release17:49
dbolserzykotick9: that comes with gnome 2?17:50
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dbolserGuest52766: which server?17:50
zykotick9dbolser, yup, no unity at all there17:50
dbolserthe_holstar: which server?17:50
dbolserzykotick9: ty17:50
th^2how do i change lubuntu login wallpaper?17:50
dbolserzykotick9: can I download that somewhere official?17:50
new2netzykotick9, nevermind.. I got it :) perfect ^_^17:50
zykotick9dbolser, yup ubuntu.com17:50
Artemis3dbolser, debian squeeze is the last one with gnome2, but once wheezy becomes the new stable... well i suppose the time old-stable lasts17:50
dbolserzykotick9: ty17:50
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dbolser12:50 < Artemis3> dbolser, debian squeeze is the last one with gnome2, but once17:51
=== go is now known as go^
dbolserI meant to say, Artemis3, I'm scared to try Debian17:51
pikaciuJragon: it doesn't show in Nautilus side bar ?17:51
ragnarokQuestion: i installed an ubuntu 10.10 dvdrom and run apt-get update, upgrade, dist -upgrade. All done. I get a notification from package manager to update to ubuntu 11.04. i run it and it gets packages. WTF?17:51
dbolserI feel I should stick to ubuntu17:51
JragonNo, pikaciu17:51
dbolserreally I'm looking for good vmware 'unity' linux (different unity)17:51
Artemis3dbolser, as you wish, i suggest 10.04lts then... but seriously consider moving to xubuntu/lubuntu17:52
dbolseryeah... I'm in love with gnome 2 though17:52
Rods_Tigernever mind, nothing works17:52
dbolserxbuntu... what is it... xfce, it's nice, but its not gnome217:52
Artemis3dbolser, sadly, the gnome developers decided to end that project so...17:52
luisthey guys i have a chroot to generate a livecd. i cant run update-initramfs -u to update the loading logo: http://pastie.org/2884835    im following this guide: http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-customize-your-ubuntu-live-cd-p2  (the liveCD is working already, just cant update the loading logo)17:52
dbolserArtemis3: they don't support asburgers spectrum disorders ;-)17:53
dbolserI can't find a url for 10:04 on ubuntu.com17:54
dbolseronly a fancy downloader that lists two options17:54
pikaciuJragon:  you have to mount it in /mnt17:54
dbolserJragon: man mount17:54
ragnarokQuestion: i installed an ubuntu 10.10 dvdrom and run apt-get update, upgrade, dist -upgrade. All done. I get a notification from package manager to update to ubuntu 11.04. i run it and it gets packages. WTF?17:54
dbolserJragon: there may be a fancier way though17:54
Artemis3dbolser, http://releases.ubuntu.com/17:54
zivesterya, so anyone know how to exist tightvnc fullscreen on ubuntu 11.1017:54
* zivester exit*17:55
dbolserzivester: ctrl-shift-backspace?17:55
dbolserArtemis3: ty17:55
theadminragnarok: Well, you're upgrading to Natty now, so it has newer repos, and thus newer packages17:55
zivesterthat didn't work for me.. does that work for you?17:55
dbolsercan't remember17:55
sirjoebobIs it possible to enable autologin for Ubuntu 11.10 from command line?17:56
zykotick9ragnarok, apt-get update/upgrade/dist-upgrade stays on the same version, the update manager is now upgrading you to a new ubuntu as theadmin noted.17:57
sKeithswhen i start my computer both my network card exist. but after a reboot one no longer exists. the ethX is missing, and the entry in lspci is missing too.17:57
afrohow do I check wich port are in use and what prog are using them?17:57
Dante_nmap localhost17:58
llutzafro: sudo lsof -i17:58
Dante_afro or you can use nessus ...17:58
Dante_for more details17:58
llutzafro: or sudo  netstat -tulpen17:58
JragonWhen ever i do a sudo command I get this: sudo: /var/lib/sudo writable by non-owner (040777), should be mode 070017:59
new2netthats not good18:00
zykotick9Jragon, what is the output of "ls -ld /var/lib/sudo/"18:00
Jragondrwxrwxrwx 4 root root 4096 1985-01-01 00:00 /var/lib/sudo/18:00
zykotick9Jragon, ya, that's world writable18:01
llutzJragon: sudo chmod 700 /var/lib/sudo/18:01
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JragonOkay thanks18:03
trismsirjoebob: if you are using lightdm: http://askubuntu.com/questions/51086/how-do-i-enable-auto-login-with-lightdm (see the second answer)18:04
theadmin!find slim18:04
ubottuFound: python-slimmer, python3-slimmer, slim, slime, slimevolley18:04
theadmin!info slim18:04
ubottuslim (source: slim): desktop-independent graphical login manager for X11. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.1-8ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 755 kB, installed size 1424 kB18:04
theadminyay, available :D18:04
Shwaiilhi ppl18:05
Dante_!info fatrat18:06
ubottufatrat (source: fatrat): multi-protocol download manager, feature rich and extensible via plugin. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.3-2 (oneiric), package size 1046 kB, installed size 2348 kB18:06
sirjoebobtrism:  I don't have a lightdm folder in /etc18:06
ShwaiilQ: In Mac OSX there's a panel / widget that let us change current program we're on. Can I find that for Ubuntu too ? whats the name ? Tks for looking18:06
pikaciuJragon: what's the output of sudo fdisk -l?18:07
Dante_!info jondo18:07
ubottuPackage jondo does not exist in oneiric18:07
trismsirjoebob: then probably not using lightdm18:07
sirjoebobtruism: I believe I am still using gdm18:07
Dante_!info prism18:07
ubottuPackage prism does not exist in oneiric18:07
dr_willisShwaiil:  current 'program' meaning what?18:07
theadminShwaiil: Um, it's on the left, the panel?18:07
dbolserty all18:08
Dante_!info nmap18:08
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ubottunmap (source: nmap): The Network Mapper. In component main, is extra. Version 5.21-1.1 (oneiric), package size 1584 kB, installed size 7064 kB18:08
Shwaiildr_willis, theadmin tks for looking. Its a hotkey feature that u can find in ubuntu and also in win7 I think. Shows u a panel with some programs that are already running, u simple have to choose the program u want, and it goes to it18:08
theadminShwaiil: Alt-tab?18:09
dr_willisShwaiil:  you mean alt-tab ?18:09
theadmindr_willis: lol :D18:09
Dante_!info nessus18:09
ubottuPackage nessus does not exist in oneiric18:09
llutz!botabuse > Dante_18:09
era878How can I install jscalibrator in Oneric?18:09
ubottuDante_, please see my private message18:09
trismsirjoebob: the gdm admin guide: http://library.gnome.org/admin/gdm/3.2/configuration.html.en has information on configuring autologin in /etc/gdm/custom.conf but I haven't tried it recently18:09
ShwaiilALT + TAB thanks =D18:09
zykotick9Dante_, could you please do that in PM18:09
Shwaiildidnt knew I had this by default18:09
dr_willis!find jscalibrator18:09
ubottuPackage/file jscalibrator does not exist in oneiric18:10
dr_willisShwaiil:  a rather standard key combo. :)18:10
zykotick9dr_willis, i think it's in joystick (but could be wrong)18:10
Shwaiilnever used it :D pretty handy18:10
era878where can i find the source for jscalibrator?18:10
sirjoebobtrism: I will try those out. Thanks for the guidance.18:10
dr_williszykotick9:  i think its called somthing else these days..18:10
Shwaiilwe have this in win too ? alt + tab ?! dr_willis18:10
zykotick9dr_willis, could be?18:10
dr_willisShwaiil:  have for like the last 10+ years...18:10
Shwaiilnever used it18:10
panther3hey guys & girls, i have a problem..care to help?18:11
theadminpanther3: Sure thing, just ask18:11
Shwaiilits called a task switch I see18:11
zykotick9Shwaiil, see if you can find a windows-selector somewhere (that's what it's called in gnome2 anyways)18:11
era878So how can I reconfigure a joystick without jscalibrator?18:11
panther3installed ubuntu dual boot yesterday, can seemingly connect to wireless network, but can't load any webpages, and connection is erratic. also, ca