saidinesh5falktx: up already?02:22
falktxsaidinesh5: it's 2am02:23
saidinesh5Ah my bad02:23
saidinesh5 i still keep forgetting the timezones02:23
* abogani waves all08:36
aboganiScottL: ping08:36
aboganiScottL: FYI I switched to Precise kernel (3.2) for the lowlatency kernel. I provide that version for Precise and Oneiric through my "Lowlatency kernels" PPA. The old version (3.0) for Oneiric and Natty won't be updated and are provided through my "Old lowlatency kernels" PPA.09:33
aboganiScottL: The git trees (for both new and old version) lives on the usual place (kernel.ubuntu.com/git).09:35
ScottLabogani, fantastic!  thank you :)15:22
holsteinwho has used the rteval script?20:28

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