ustudiquestionif i forgot to hit a checkbox during the install for audio, how do i install it without reinstalling ubuntu studio?21:28
holsteinustudiquestion: you can open the software center, or synaptic, or however you are comfortable managing packages and search 'ubuntustudio'21:30
holsteinyou'll see all the meta-packages listed21:30
holsteinsudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-audio ubuntustudio-audio-plugins21:30
ustudiquestionthink it'll be a one by one install or will it be the whole package?21:31
holsteinits a meta-package21:32
holsteinthat is equivalent to installing all the packages one by one that make up the meta-pacakge21:32
astraljavaMeaning it depends on all the packages that you'd have if you ticked the box install-wise.21:33
holsteinJACK, ardour + whatever else = ubuntustudio-audio for example21:33
astraljavaThere you go.21:33
ustudiquestionholstein: thats a great help, thanks friend. I am setting this up for my family member  who is unfamiliar with linux, if you know a page that is a whole "checklist of need to knows" like the one you just offered, thatd be a great addition to have in the bookmarks for them..21:33
ustudiquestionthank you both very much, great help.21:34
holsteinenjoy :)21:34
astraljavaustudiquestion: http://tldp.org for basic linux usage.21:34
ustudiquestionastraljava: thanks very much21:35
ustudiquestionthat worked great guys, is there a way to install all plugins for audacity in one command?22:31
holsteinaudacity comes with them right?22:32
holsteinanyways... ubuntustudio-audio-plugins is the metapackage im aware of22:32
holsteinyou can search again in whatever package manager you like to use22:32
ustudiquestionI had hundreds of plugins on my 10.1 install, 11 seems not to have many of them22:32
ustudiquestionahh, my mistake. it is there!22:34
ustudiquestionjust needed another reboot22:34
ustudiquestionThanks again!22:34
holsteinustudiquestion: :)22:34

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