olbihello :)16:39
pleia2some xubuntu love here http://www.ainer.org/ubuntu-alternatives-xfce-having-a-go-with-fedora-1617:18
olbiFedora 16 with Xfce look ugly :P17:23
olbiXubuntu and LMDE Xfce looks better17:24
Sysilike article says, fedora has upstream xfce defaults17:26
Sysithat bug with nvidia in selinux-problem, it's actually trivial to fix ..once you know what to do17:27
astraljavaSysi: You just described about 99.74% of world's IT problems.17:40
Sysiastraljava: basically all, "what to do" just varies really much17:52
astraljavaWell, not all that much. The bulk of the work is always finding out the problem.17:54
pleia2ordered some round xubuntu stickers from moo.com, once I receive them and confirm their awesomeness I'll add instructions to the wiki (or site?) about how to order some yourself20:55
micahgmr_pouit: Ubuntu just seeded gvfs-bin to make sure gnome-open is available, does xdg-open use exo for us or do we need this change as well?20:57
micahgwe happen to get gvfs-bin for free at the moment due to gthumb20:57
olbiis there possible to add translated files of xfce 4.8 from i.e. todays to near updates?22:24

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