asterismotrying http://www.namanb.com/2010/05/changing-bootup-resolution-plymouth-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx.html00:00
asterismobe right back00:00
ochosihomebrewcider: sorry, i think it's called "displays" instead of "xfce4-display"00:01
asterismoit worked only for the shutdown plymouth splash00:05
asterismonot for the boot up00:05
ochosiwell at least your system isn't broken now ;)00:06
asterismoafter a couple of seconds of no splash at all i was... like... please dont break00:07
asterismowill try another res00:07
asterismothanks, brb00:07
Ramidescan anyone recommend a good tiling windowmanager that works well will xfce? I'd like to try one out00:44
wapiflapiRamides: if you find one let me know, I am interested in that as well.00:52
Ramideswapiflapi: a fine gentleman in #ubuntu recommended awesome wm, i'm going to look into that one00:55
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wapiflapihi Gamera01:09
GameraDoes *ubuntu do upgrades between full number versions or only between same number versions (such as 11.04 to 11.10)?01:10
wapiflapiI think that depends on settings in the update manager, but i am not sure about it.01:10
GameraI am a long time, dedicated windows user, but really, I only use a few windows things I *need* (which can be run in Vbox just fine) but, I don't care to do a full system upgrade every year or however often a full version update is done... I used XP for almost 10 years... now in win7, and I may stick with it, but poking around and seeing if it's worthwhile to me to bother with *ubuntu for my01:12
Gameramain machine01:12
GameraI may be better off staying with win7 since I have machine more than ample in specs to run it without a problem01:13
GameraI have xubuntu on a machine for out in my garage which is older but for my main machine? not sure.01:14
wapiflapispecs shouldnt be the thing that makes you choose linux over windows ;)01:14
Gamerawell, to a certain degree it can be, like the garage machine. XP isn't getting any younger, the garage machine is too underspec'd RAM & video wise for win7, so xubuntu is a great choice for it. i considered win2k but some software is now XP and newer anymore01:16
wapiflapiof course =)01:16
Gameraamazingly, the newest firefox is still win2k01:16
Gamerabut for flash, they stopped at 10.x01:17
GameraI guess odds are I will stay with windows. it works for my needs on this machine just fine. I stick with free antivirus (avast) and use firefox for my browser, etc. i very rarely ever have any virus issues. maybe once every 4 years... if that even. and it's never been anything i couldn't fix01:19
GameraI'd rip my hair out of something went wrong with linux since I'd have no idea where to even begin hehe01:20
GameraI do like xubuntu though, hence it being on the garage machine01:22
wapiflapiSomeone any idea  how I could prevent skype from showing up in the notification area ? (next to wifi & co)01:32
wapiflapisome sort of whitelist / blacklist somewhere that defines who is allowed to popup there ?01:32
|Slacker|wapiflapi, I guess skype has a feature you can deactivate01:36
|Slacker|or a plugin or something01:36
wapiflapiWell, i didnt find the feature.01:39
wapiflapii'll see if I can find a plugin for that01:40
onryoWas wondering if there is a way to get lightdm to show the names of users.02:00
onryoas it is now have to type the name of the user and then type the pw02:01
onryousing ubuntu with only base. xfce as the DE, lightdm, Emerald as a windows manager and compiz as a compositor.02:02
onryoand it it works darn nice. Just that detail will not showing the names of users when I log in with lightdm02:04
onryoSo yeah its Ubuntu with xfcd and I would call this xubuntu02:05
wapiflapi|Slacker|: i cant find anything :/ idid download the source of the indicator plugin, i am looking at it right now; adding a whitlist should be prety easy, so i guess i'll just hack it that way ;)02:12
reapernewb here with a probably simple question if anyone has some time :)02:46
reaperI can not edit my etc/default/grub for some reason and i need to add radeon.audio=1 to it; any ideas? on the latest ver of xubuntu02:47
holsteinreaper: what errors do you get when you try and edit?02:48
reapersec ill post it :)02:49
holsteinsudo nano /etc/default/grub02:49
holstein^^ that should do it... you'll need to run sudo update-grub afterwards like it says at the top of the file02:49
reaperah good he just soled it i was trying for gedit which didnt work so i went to directory and edited it and it wouldnt save now to figure out howto usenano :-D02:50
reaperjust started linux today hehe so fresh guy here after many years inw indows :(02:50
holsteincool... hope you enjoy :)02:50
reaperim liking it so far! can i bug you one last time?02:51
holsteinsure... just ask... if someone is around, and/or knows, they will chime in :)02:52
reaperi edited the line i needed to adjust ( hopefully too  return audio ) and i see where ^x is to dit so i was wondering where do i hit that at then to do my update02:52
holsteincontrol+o saves02:52
reaperokay then how do i exit it bleh i hate being a newb02:52
holsteincontrol+x is to exit02:52
holsteinreaper: you just edit the file, and you save with control+o02:53
holsteinthen exit with control+x02:53
reaperah okay so when i see ^x it means cntrl and such02:53
holsteinyou can also run...02:53
holsteingksudo gedit /path/to/file02:53
holsteinif you prefer administrator rights to edit a systmen file with a GUI02:54
reaperhmmm interesting02:54
reapersee im used to windows im 24 and have used windows since i was about 9 years of age and am graduating with comp prog and analysis but have little to no linux experience heh02:54
reapercmd is fine for me i prefer it02:54
reaperwell terminal02:54
holsteinim sure you'll pick it up quickly02:54
reaperi hope so hehe brb gotta reboot to see if audio has returned!02:55
reaperwell that was anticlimatic still no sound poop03:00
holsteinreaper: lets start at the beginning...03:01
holsteindouble check that the speakers are on or whatever... and the speakers are capable of making sound03:02
reaperi learned in kernel 3.0 and above hdmi audio was disabled automatically due to black screens03:02
reaperso i re-enabled it in grub with radeon.audio=103:02
holsteinreaper: not sure about that, just get an older kernel then03:02
reaperwell heres the thing that fix worked in regular ubuntu03:02
reaperso im wondering why it is not working in xubuntu03:03
reaperi have it on my tv and my tv audio is loud and unmuted03:03
holsteincould be the applet?... when i muse, im muted03:03
holsteinthe hardware switch only mutes... wont unmute in xubuntu03:03
reaperwait hmmm so any suggestions03:04
reaperremember your speaking to a windows guy who is used to windows doing everything with basic commands heh damn i feel like a moron03:04
holsteinreaper: make sure you understand how the sound controls operate in xfce03:05
reaperhah shall i ask another dumb question lol looks like im going to have to look into xfce03:06
reaperhmm youtube video is not playing sound >.<03:06
holsteinreaper: try just a sound file... thats going to drag flash into the mix, and the web browser03:06
holsteinjust open a local audio file and play it with something simple like VLC03:07
reaperokay let me see if i can find any os basic sounds03:07
chaudhryreaper do you have 2 cards for sound03:08
reaper2 gfx cards both hdmi out only using one cards are xfire03:08
holsteinyeah, thats a good point... sound is probably coming out of the internal sound card03:08
chaudhryi got same prob now carefully listen03:08
reaperfound a ".mod" file which i guess is equivalent to .mp3?03:08
chaudhryinstall pavucontrol on your pc03:09
chaudhrygo to synaptic03:09
reaperok googling to find software03:09
holsteinreaper: dont google03:10
chaudhryno goto synaptic pakage manager its rhere03:10
holsteinopen synaptic, and install pavucontrol03:10
reapercan i do it from terminal?03:10
holsteinyeah... sudo apt-get install pavucontrol03:10
reapersorry im obnoxious folks bleh now i know what its like to be that customer i always complain about heh03:11
reaperok getting03:11
reaperok done.03:11
chaudhrynah i am recent shift from xp too03:11
chaudhryok open menu go in multimedia open pulse audio control03:12
reapercool how you canuse terminal to install software packages without having to go to sites03:12
reaperok opened03:12
chaudhryyeah i love it in linux03:12
chaudhrycan you see tabs for output devices and playback and input?03:13
reaperi see internal analog audio stereo03:14
chaudhryin every tab adjust the device to the card you want to use03:14
reapercouldnt i  just disable my onboard audio via bios?03:14
chaudhryyeah you can but i dont know how but after adjusting it you ll get your sound back03:15
wapiflapiyes reaper , that is the easiest, (at least it was for me)03:15
chaudhrynot all boards give options too03:15
wapiflapitrue :p but it is worth checking03:15
reaperok let me try adjusting it03:16
reaperstill no dice im looking at audio output and i moved every slider03:16
chaudhryyou can change card in configuration option and volume in other tabs03:16
chaudhrygoto configuration tab03:17
reaperthink i may have it or am close03:17
reaperim under playback derp03:17
chaudhrygoto configuration03:17
chaudhrychange the profile menu to what card you want03:17
chaudhryand turn off the internal; audio from there too it has option03:18
reaperok disabled both except the one card im using03:18
chaudhryyeah now unmute all tabs and try the sound now03:18
reaperno dice03:20
chaudhryletme think03:21
chaudhrydid yoou close up the control03:22
reapernow when i playback via youtube ( cant find an audio file ) it shows the bar with blue a little but its ultra fast03:22
reaperit is like it is playing a minute a second03:22
reaperi see the bar fluxuating with blue03:22
chaudhryopen again n check the settings again03:22
reaperits on alsa plugin plugin container btw03:23
chaudhrychange to pulse audio03:23
reaperhow do i change it03:24
reaperjuniper hdmi audio radeon 5700; alsa plugin container03:24
chaudhryletme do breakfast :) you want some03:25
reapercan always go for some grub hah unintentional03:26
reaperbleh damn this sucks i fixed it easily in ubuntu now this is becoming a pain hah brb going to disable onboard audio in bios03:28
reaperstill fighting the audio fight hah03:33
reaperwondering what im missing from standard ubunut to here03:33
chaudhrynow follow carefully03:33
reaperbut i love xubuntu03:33
oobilozare u having sound issues too?03:33
reaperyar but mines because i chose to hdmi out via gfx adapters03:33
chaudhryopen up the sound icon from taskbart03:34
reaperboth the playback are the juniper radeon 5700 and now pulseaudio03:35
reapernot alsa03:35
chaudhrychange the sound card option to the card you want and mysust be on pulse audio03:35
reaperyeah its on the card and pulse03:36
chaudhrysee the master control it mustnt be mute or low03:36
reaperits on full blast03:36
chaudhryopen pulse audio control from multimedia03:37
chaudhrychange output port to analogue output/amplifier03:38
chaudhryinput to analogue microphone03:38
reapersays dummy output03:39
reaperderp okay anyways following my mistake03:39
chaudhryconfiguration profile to analogue stereo duplex03:39
chaudhryturn off internal audio from there03:39
reaperoutput only gives me hdmi not analog03:39
reaperinternal was turned off in there and is now off via the bios03:39
chaudhrythen change all to that03:39
chaudhryor can you see it digital there03:40
reaperi can see hdmi and digital hdmi03:40
chaudhryif it dont  gives you sound try changing profiles03:40
chaudhrychange to digita03:40
chaudhrydigital*....check it ll be back03:41
reaperima try to download the drivers from ati and see if they resolve any issues03:53
well_laid_lawnI'd try pavucontrol03:53
well_laid_lawn!info pavucontrol03:53
ubottupavucontrol (source: pavucontrol): PulseAudio Volume Control. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.99.1-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 136 kB, installed size 1024 kB03:53
reaperdidnt work now i got a run file i dont even know how to use heh03:55
reaperfff i hate being new03:55
reaperhow do i use a run file? cause maybe if i run this it will resolve my current issue03:56
reaperoh well brb03:58
Gamerahm. this other pc i'm putting together is sure rigged together04:13
Gamerareplaced the fan in the power supply, have a brand new (but old) AMD heatsink tghtly zip tied down onto a p4, works nicely..04:14
Gameragota love the p4 bracket, allowing you to zip tie down a heatsink04:14
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zuswhat is the XFCE default  Terminal? when i click on the  icon it asks for the associated program and  brings up the usr/bin and i have to scroll through...05:52
Gamerawhen you click on the icon for what?05:57
zusmy terminal...05:58
zusfrom my launchers, and from my menu05:58
Gameramust not actually be the terminal then. should be under the accessories menu05:58
Gameraterminal emulator05:58
zusyeah it opens a window askin which terminal  and opening  up my  usr/bin  location06:01
Gamerashould be it06:02
Gamerayep it is06:02
Gamerago to accessories > run program and type that in06:02
Gameraheh although you can do that with any command to run in terminal i just noticed06:04
Gameraif you check the box06:04
zusin the window with the programs i see XFCE-terminal.wrapper is that it?06:06
Gameracreate a launcher if all else fails with that program name06:08
zusproblem is from menu or  my launcher from default panel is opening a window with usr/bin no terminal  attached to the launcher06:09
zushmm i got  firefox to work but i dont see  the XFCE-terminal06:17
well_laid_lawnzus: is it a terminal app?06:18
zuswell, the launcher was default, my tilda i ran from menu when i wanted to use it.06:19
well_laid_lawnor the terminal itself you want to open?06:19
zuswell the default button form the  panel. doesnt open termial no more06:19
well_laid_lawnyou've checked its' properties and it points to something that exists?06:20
zuswell, it worked when i opened the terminal did "sudo apt-get update" and thats the last time it worked.06:22
zuswell sudo apt-get update / sudo apt-get upgrade / y..... then i shutdown hour later i opened it up to play around.06:23
well_laid_lawnhere the launcher points to   exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator06:23
well_laid_lawnso it might be an exo problem then06:24
well_laid_lawncheck in   exo-preferred-applications   what the terminakl app is and if it still exists06:25
zusexo-open --launch TerminalEmulator thats what i got .06:25
well_laid_lawnso you need to check what exo-preferred-applications calls the terminal06:26
well_laid_lawncheck in   exo-preferred-applications   what the terminal app is and if it still exists06:26
zusis the  s/akl/al the path to check?06:27
well_laid_lawnno that's regex to repair a spelling mistake I did06:28
zusoh where do i check to see what exo calls the terminal?06:28
well_laid_lawnopen the menu -settings-settings manager-preffered applications-utilities tab06:29
zusok sorry im  a bit slow,  lol06:33
well_laid_lawnheh it's fine :) not much else happn'n atm06:34
zusit has "no application selected",... and still takes me to the  window with usr/bin  path06:34
well_laid_lawnI only have xfce4-terminal-wrapper in /usr/bin so maybe try that one06:35
well_laid_lawnat least you know why it wasn't working06:35
zuslol guess that is  true.06:36
well_laid_lawnI lied - I have a xfce4-terminal in /usr/bin - it didn't show when browsing through preferred applications tho ...06:37
zusi ill see if its installed by looking in synapptic,....its not a big deal  i have tilda and terminator, BUT why did an update/upgrade muck up the default?06:40
well_laid_lawnI couldn't say06:40
zuswell_laid_lawn,  in synaptic.... XFCE4-terminal is installed.... and exo-utils has a star on the green box.... i dunno wot the  star means but now im at a loss.06:55
well_laid_lawnzus: afaik the star means there is an update06:55
zusoh? cool06:58
zusi didnt kn06:58
zushow do i hold back an update?07:01
well_laid_lawnI've no idea07:02
zusi dont want cups for example...using the terminal your kinda along for the ride...07:02
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bigbrovarJust came here to say a big thankyou to everyone responsible for xubuntu 11.10, came here from kde and I have been really impressed with how stable and simple the who xubuntu set up is. Its been a joyful ride so far so good :)10:27
robro003My session automatically saves on logout, even though I have it unchecked in Session and Startup10:34
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gregeHi. Okay. Now I don't want to guess how many people have this problem :-) After yesterdays update I can't log in into my system, and talking specifically ecryptfs was broken, what is not funny http://pastebin.com/crB4qSFg12:18
gregethis pastebin shows what update-manager have installed, and after reboot i get that ecryptfs error12:19
gregeshould I downgrade to 3.0.0-12 (yes, this version was installed before upgrade)12:20
wapiflapihi, how can I remove skype from the indicator-plugin ? there is No option in skype, i looked at the source code for xfce4-indicator-plugin there seems to be a configuration files witch allows blacklisting, but I can't get it to work :/12:28
wapiflapianyone has any experience with this ?12:28
reaperhey how do i get pavucontrols13:02
TheSheepreaper: install it with the package manager13:05
reaperis that the more indepth one trhat corrects sound issues? heh fresh here ill have to find the package manager13:05
TheSheepit's in the system menu13:06
reaperinstalling :)13:07
wapiflapihow can I remove skype from the indicator-plugin ? there is No option in skype, i looked at the source code for xfce4-indicator-plugin there seems to be a configuration files witch  allows blacklisting, but I can't get it to work :/ anyone has any experience with this ?13:07
nasso_i have tried to install gnome-screensaver in xubuntu but cant find gnome-screensaver-preferences13:09
bouzillaI am from Russia.13:09
nasso_it is not there in oneiric http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/amd64/gnome-screensaver/filelist13:10
nasso_but its there in natty http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/amd64/gnome-screensaver/filelist13:10
nasso_does anyone know where i can find it?13:10
nasso_or if its replaced by something else?13:10
reaperbleh crap i can get audio in ubuntu but never xubuntu >.<13:11
reaperwhen i go to pavu the playback just says alsa plug-in container: alsa playback13:12
reapernot the card im using13:12
reapersweet got it13:14
reaperhehe yay finally fixed my hdmi audio issue13:14
reaperpain in the ass but yay13:15
reaperubuntu is just too slow this is so much more efficient13:15
reaperand i already set my root password so im good to go13:16
reaperwarcraft doesnt work on linux correct?13:19
reapertime to learn hehe so quiet13:20
phunyguy_workok, please help me.  This works on all of my other workstations, but one fully updated ubuntu 11.10 PC I can connect to via vino-server, and can see the screen, but I can't control the remote mouse or keyboard.  (NOT set to view only)14:39
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olbihello, I have problems16:32
olbiI try to change default apps in ods file but system types me that it cannot create this on mimetypse because of permisions16:33
olbi.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list.OH394V: fails: No access16:33
olbiin other files it's same16:33
TheSheepolbi: can you open a terminal, type 'ls -ald .local/share/applications' and pastebin the result?16:43
olbiTheSheep, ok16:47
olbidrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 2011-11-14 16:12 .local/share/applications16:47
olbionly this was written16:47
TheSheepolbi: this directory is owned by root16:50
TheSheepolbi: but it should be owned by your user16:50
Sysisudo chown regularusername:regularusername ~/.local/share/applications16:50
Sysinever run GUI apps with sudo, only gksudo16:51
olbii didnt run it as root, only loggeg as user :/16:51
TheSheepolbi: the command that Sysi gave you will change the ownership of that directory to "regularusername"16:51
olbiyesterday I could change16:51
TheSheepolbi: but you may have more directories with wrong ownership like that16:51
olbitoday it shown16:51
olbiwhy this happens? :(16:52
olbii am using system on external drive on USB cable :]16:52
Sysimy guess was that you've ran thunar with sudo, but maybe it's interference of some other OS16:53
olbion computer where I running Xubuntu on ext.drive is installed Windows 7 Pro16:54
olbivery thx for help :) works now normally16:56
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Arpad2how to fix a package system which is broken?20:49
matthewHello, I just installed Xubuntu 11.10 did updates and restarted. Then installed ATI proprietary drivers and restarted. I try and start amdcccle and apply settings for a dual monitor setup and it crashes and says Segmentation fault and doesn't apply the settings.21:21
matthewHelp please?21:22
matthewAnybody there?21:23
olbiwhat cards do you have?21:25
loderndentechIs there anybody here?21:31
olbiyes :)21:33
loderndentechWell lets hope you can help.21:33
olbiwhat problem you have?21:33
loderndentechI just install Xubuntu 11.10 and installed update and restarted. Then install ATI proprietary drivers and opened amdcccle and tried to setup dual monitors and I click apply and it crashes and says Segmentation fault21:34
olbiso what card do you have?21:34
olbion MotherBoard?21:35
loderndentechIGP? whats that21:35
olbiIntegrated Graphics Processor :)21:35
loderndentechyes its a laptop so probably mobility21:35
olbiyou want connect external monitor to laptop?21:36
loderndentechyes i rarly use it outside of home21:36
olbitry first connect it and check if on display is image21:37
olbidual monitors on AMD isnt working so great like on NVIDIA21:37
loderndentechok does the monitor make a difference21:38
olbiafter connect monitor to laptop it should take image to monitor21:39
loderndentechok unplug it and plug back in?21:39
olbiand what happen then21:39
loderndentechok it came back up just the same21:40
olbisegmentation fault?21:40
olbino image on monitor?21:40
loderndentechok thats when i type # amdcccle in terminal21:40
loderndentechand change settings and click apply21:40
loderndentechthere image21:40
olbiok, so cloning works21:41
olbiand you want dual desktop?21:41
loderndentechyes where i can drag windows across21:41
olbihmmm, never tried this on AMD :P only on NVIDIA and that works fine, could we w8 for tommorow with this? I will check that on my Radeon and 2 monitors :)21:43
loderndentechSure what time21:43
olbiwhen you will be here?21:43
loderndentechIDK let me look21:44
loderndentechwell im mountain time so anytime after 4:00 pm21:44
loderndentechits 2:45 right now21:45
olbiI have 10:45 pm21:45
loderndentechwow lol21:45
olbiyou have 2:45 am?21:46
olbior pm21:46
loderndentechlol should have said that21:46
olbiok, I will w8 until midnight :)21:46
loderndentechso anytime really21:46
olbitry to be 3 pm like today21:47
loderndentechok  can do21:47
olbiand type to me on PM, I will be tommorow21:47
loderndentechstaraneg question are there any good xrandr confige tools until then21:47
olbigrandr or arandr21:50
loderndentechok thank you21:50
olbiand gnome have screen resolution which is front end for xrandr21:50
olbiI think21:50
loderndentechdoes XFCE4?21:50
olbixrandr is part of x.org, so xfce support it21:52
olbiin settings21:52
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