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meetingologyMeeting started Mon Dec  5 18:06:51 2011 UTC.  The chair is jdstrand. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.18:06
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jdstrandThe meeting agenda can be found at:18:07
jdstrand[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Meeting18:07
jdstrand[TOPIC] Announcements18:07
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Announcements
jdstrandThanks to the following people who helped Ubuntu Security last week:18:07
jdstrand* Gabriel A. von Winckler (winckler) for the phpldapadmin debdiffs18:07
jdstrand* Dominic Hargreaves <dom@earth.li> for the request-tracker3.8 debdiff18:07
jdstrand* Arnaud Quette (Uzuul) for help in updating the nut qa-regression-testing script (LP: #894476)18:07
jdstrandYour work is very much appreciated and will keep Ubuntu users secure! :)18:08
jdstrand[TOPIC] Weekly stand-up report18:08
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Weekly stand-up report
jdstrandI'll go first18:08
jdstrandlast week was 'interesting' in that I did quite a bit, but not what I said I would :P18:09
jdstrandthat said, I am in the happy place again and I have several updates I am working on18:09
jdstrandseveral MIR audits need to still be done that have been backburnered for too long18:09
jdstrandassuming I can actually do those things, I will do some work items18:10
jdstrandmdeslaur: you're up18:10
mdeslaurI'm on community this week18:10
mdeslaurand I have some updates for colord, commons-daemon and dovecot that I need to test and release18:11
mdeslaurbesides that, I'm looking into the ffmpeg/libav issues18:11
mdeslaurand will pick up some other stuff from the list18:11
mdeslaurthat's it from me18:11
mdeslaurmicahg: you're up18:11
* jdstrand guesses he could get more specific: updates are for vsftpd, python-django and quassel18:11
micahgworking on updates, patch pilot, planning Firefox rapid release migration for lucid/maverick18:13
micahgalso starting to plan for webkit 1.6 migration as well18:13
micahgthat's it for me18:14
micahgtyhicks: you're up18:14
tyhicksI'm in the happy place this week18:14
mdeslaurmicahg: 1.6 or 1.8?18:14
* tyhicks waits18:14
micahgmdeslaur: 1.6 first, then 1.8 if we choose that for precise18:14
micahgto clarify: 1.6 in all stable releases18:15
tyhicksI am currently finishing up testing a fix for a private bug18:15
tyhicksI need to make some progress on my update queue and I'll probably focus on bzip2 first18:16
jdstrandmdeslaur: do you have an eta on the 1.8 decision? are you participating in that discussion?18:16
jdstrandmicahg: ^18:16
micahgjdstrand: haven't heard back, will check with the Desktop team this week18:16
jdstrandtyhicks: didn't mdeslaur take bzip2?18:16
tyhicksjdstrand: nope - he took it and then gave it back :)18:16
mdeslaurjdstrand: nope18:16
jdstrandah, sneaky18:17
tyhicksSo I'll bet there is something exciting waiting there for me ;)18:17
mdeslaurtyhicks: nah18:17
mdeslaurtrivial fix18:17
tyhicksmdeslaur: I do need to coordinate with you regarding the t1lib update18:17
tyhicksmdeslaur: Shall I run with it from here on?18:18
mdeslaurtyhicks: sure18:18
mdeslaurtyhicks: just make sure I didn't regress anything with the patch18:18
mdeslauralthough I don't know how that could happen18:19
tyhicksmdeslaur: Will do18:19
tyhicksI need to patch, test, and upstream a fix for the eCryptfs statfs() max filename length reporting bug (LP: #885744)18:19
tyhicksFinally, I'd like to get a 'make check' set up in ecryptfs-utils for eCryptfs tr18:19
tyhicksoops... that is "eCryptfs trunk tests"18:20
jjohansentyhicks: do you have the patch for that one already?18:20
tyhicksjjohansen: nope18:20
jjohansentyhicks: I might, let me check18:20
tyhicksok, great18:20
tyhicksjjohansen: You're up - that's it for me18:21
jjohansenThis week I will hopefully finish squashing the bugs around aa namespaces and get fake stacking up in a ppa so the server team can start integrating with it.18:21
jjohansenI also need to testing on the new __d_path api, and once that is settled move apparmor to using it.  Oh and write some documentation for them on using it.18:21
mdeslaurjjohansen: did you find a solution to that?18:21
jjohansenoh and I guess I will try to publish a few kernel usns without breaking things18:21
jjohansenmdeslaur: yes al viro, created a new api18:22
mdeslaurjjohansen: cool, so we don't lose anything?18:22
jjohansenmdeslaur: we shouldn't but I haven't tested the api, nor changed the patch to it yet18:22
mdeslaurjjohansen: ok18:22
jjohansenmdeslaur: if not we do have a fall back that is I think 100% but its a lot more work as it relies on us getting our labeling in shape18:23
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jjohansenie. work not planned for this cycle18:23
* mdeslaur crosses fingers18:23
* jdstrand keeps fingers and toes crossed18:23
jjohansenoh, and not on disk labeling18:23
jjohansenthats it from me18:24
jdstrand[TOPIC] Highlighted packages18:24
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Highlighted packages
jdstrandThe Ubuntu Security team will highlight some community-supported packages that might be good candidates for updating and or triaging. If you would like to help Ubuntu and not sure where to start, this is a great way to do so.18:24
jdstrandSee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/UpdateProcedures for details and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in #ubuntu-security. To find out other ways of helping out, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/GettingInvolved.18:24
jdstrandopensaml2 and xmlsec1 should only need a merge from Debian per http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/d2u/18:25
jdstrand[TOPIC] Miscellaneous and Questions18:26
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Miscellaneous and Questions
jdstrandI have one thing18:26
jdstrandlast week I did a work items analysis which culminated in http://people.canonical.com/~jamie/wi/precise-canonical-security.html18:27
jdstrandthat page is rough, but it gives a percent completed and sums the days we initially estimated to complete the work18:27
jdstrandbecause we commit to essential and try hard to get all our high work items, there are separate stats for them18:28
tyhicksjdstrand: I think I spot a small mistake in my row18:28
jdstrandit should also be updated automatically via cron based on the work items tracker output18:28
jdstrandtyhicks: I don't doubt it :) let's talk after the meeting18:29
tyhickssounds good :)18:29
jdstrandso, the is preliminary of course18:29
jdstrandbut in general, I think looking at essential and high, the work is properly loaded18:30
jdstrandwe can discuss specifics in #ubuntu-hardened after the meeting if there aer questions18:30
jdstrandDoes anyone have any other questions or items to discuss?18:30
jdstrand'work is properly loaded' sounds funny. I should say 'the work load is correctly distributed'18:31
jdstrandok, thanks everybody!18:33
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meetingologyMeeting ended Mon Dec  5 18:33:20 2011 UTC.18:33
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2011/ubuntu-meeting.2011-12-05-18.06.moin.txt18:33
mdeslaurthanks jdstrand!18:33
tyhicksthanks jdstrand18:33
micahgthanks jdstrand18:33
mdeslaurthanks jdstrand18:39
* stgraber waves19:02
* micahg waves19:03
micahgbdrung: DMB meeting?19:04
tumbleweedand jbicha isn't online...19:04
stgraberand I didn't see a reply to Laney's e-mail either19:04
micahggeser: we have quorum for the first part of the meeting :)19:04
geserok, let's begin19:05
meetingologyMeeting started Mon Dec  5 19:05:16 2011 UTC.  The chair is geser. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.19:05
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geserWelcome to the Developer Membership Board meeting19:05
geser#topic Review of previous action items19:06
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Review of previous action items
geser* Laney to document package set application process19:07
geserwhat's the status of this?19:07
tumbleweedlooks done19:07
micahggeser: Laney isn't around ATM, but looks does19:07
geser* micahg to ping all packageset teams to get a description we can use for future changes19:08
micahggeser: not done yet, will try to have that finished before the next meeting19:08
geserok, is there a wiki page documentating the ones you got already a response?19:09
micahgI haven't sent out the initial mails yet :(19:09
geser* tumbleweed to create private DMB channel for realtime use during meetings19:09
geserthis is done19:10
tumbleweedit's currently invite-only, so not useful for people with questions19:10
tumbleweed(unless they get invited)19:10
geser* jbicha to create a list of packages from the .modules files for the desktop-extra package set19:11
geserdid we get that list? (I haven't checked my mails today yet)19:11
tumbleweedand no sign of him19:11
geserso the "desktop-extra" package set is on hold too, right?19:11
tumbleweedoh, hang on, he's online again19:12
tumbleweedI think I whoised him on the wrong network before...19:12
tumbleweed...anyway, not here now...19:13
* bdrung waves.19:13
geserin which timezone does he live? is it a time zone problem?19:14
stgraberlaunchpad says US eastern19:14
stgraberso both timezones shouldn't be too bad if he can connect from work19:15
geserlet's hope we get a list for the next meeting (to get this finally done)19:15
geser#topic MOTU application: Julian Taylor19:16
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: MOTU application: Julian Taylor
geser#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JulianTaylor/MOTUApplication19:16
stgraberyeah, I'm not against discussing it on the mailing-list so we don't need jbicha to be at the meeting. If we have the list and everything before, we can probably just vote on it19:16
geserjtaylor: your stage :)19:16
stgraberI don't think the package set was controversial or anything, we really just needed the list :)19:17
jtaylorhi, most of you have probably already seen me hanging around in the various ubuntu irc channels19:17
jtaylorI have now been involved in ubuntu and debian for almost a year in various areas, packaging, bug triaging, education19:18
jtaylorI was recently involved in a few transitions and tasks in ubuntu, namely as-needed fixing, dh_python2 transition and mono 2.10 transition19:19
jtaylorI now want to apply for motu membership to relieve the sponsors from some work :)19:19
tumbleweed'bout time :)19:20
stgrabercool, so a few questions based on recent events :) are you subscribed to ubuntu-devel-announce and read it usually within 24 hours of an e-mail getting on there? :)19:20
jtayloryes I'm subscribed to -announce and -motu and usually read it at least once a day19:20
jtayloralso -ubuntu-devel19:21
jtaylor(+ main debian lists)19:21
stgrabernow we're on alpha-2 release week and you have some universe packages to upload, what do you check and what do you do?19:21
jtaylorbefore alpha the archive is a soft freeze to not distrupt the iso building19:22
jtaylorbut so far I know that should only affect main19:22
stgrabernope, it doesn't, that's the tricky part :)19:23
gesers/main/packages on CDs/19:23
geserand some flavours build from universe19:23
* tumbleweed just wrote a tool to check that, I'd love reviews of it :)19:23
stgraberbasically anything that's seeded (be it main or universe) and that's not exclusively in the SUPPORTED seed19:24
micahgtumbleweed: I'd love to :)19:24
stgrabertumbleweed: awesome!19:24
tumbleweed[OT]: lp:~stefanor/ubuntu-dev-tools/on-images-87655419:25
tumbleweedback to regular programming...19:25
jtaylorah ok, should I be accepted I'll of course check up with expericend members before every action I do19:25
stgraberjtaylor: so yeah, not touching anything on the ISO during a release week without poking the release team about it is the right answer, just be careful as we have quite a few of them in universe now19:25
geserjtaylor: no worry, I've to remember myself about this too when it's time for a soft freeze19:26
tumbleweedjtaylor: any ideas for dealing with bugs that remain unfixed forever? I suspect you doing your best to fix them all would lead to burnout rather than a real improvement... :/19:27
gesertumbleweed: invent cloning :)19:28
tumbleweedyeah, we could use more jtaylors19:28
jtaylorI currently follow the procedure that when someone asks directly via email or irc about an annoying I try to get it fixed or at least on the right track19:28
tumbleweedsure, I do that too. But then we just fix the issues raised by people who know ubuntu-developers...19:29
micahgjtaylor: are you aware of how to get the relevant changelog entries into a .changes file and verify they're in there?19:30
jtaylorhm dpkg-genchanges creates the changes files, and you can read them with a text editor19:32
micahgjtaylor: right, but how do you make sure that the relevant entries are in there?  default is just the last entry19:33
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jtaylorI don't know :/19:34
stgrabermicahg: you mean, like when merging from Debian?19:34
micahgjtaylor: if you pass -v to dpkg-buildpackage (or debuild) with the last version uploaded, you'll get all the entries after that version19:35
micahgstgraber: yes19:35
jtaylorah it passes that to dpkg-genchanges19:36
jtaylornot scanned the manpage fast enough ;)19:36
micahgjtaylor: right :)19:36
geserany other questions?19:37
* stgraber is ready to vote19:38
* micahg is ready19:39
geser#vote Should Julian Taylor become a MOTU?19:39
meetingologyPlease vote on: Should Julian Taylor become a MOTU?19:39
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)19:39
tumbleweed+1 [ I endorsed him ]19:39
meetingology+1 [ I endorsed him ] received from tumbleweed19:39
meetingology+1 received from geser19:39
meetingology+1 received from stgraber19:39
meetingology+1 received from bdrung19:39
micahg+1 good packaging work, good interaction w/peers and community in general19:39
meetingology+1 good packaging work, good interaction w/peers and community in general received from micahg19:39
meetingologyVoting ended on: Should Julian Taylor become a MOTU?19:40
meetingologyVotes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:019:40
meetingologyMotion carried19:40
tumbleweedthat was easy19:40
tumbleweedjtaylor: congratulations19:40
micahgjtaylor: congratulations19:40
jtaylorthanks :)19:40
geser#topic Core Dev application: Micah Gersten19:41
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Core Dev application: Micah Gersten
geser#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/micahg/CoreDevApplication19:41
* micahg moves to the other side of the table19:41
gesermicahg: your stage19:41
stgraberah yeah, right, he isn't a core dev :)19:41
micahgHI, I've been an Ubuntu developer for about 18 months now, working on various things, FTBFS, RC Bugs, Xubuntu, Mozilla stack19:42
stgraberwin 4019:43
stgraberdoh :)19:43
jbichaand you helped keep19:43
jbichaChromium going!19:43
micahgI enjoy solving problems (getting pkg-config and cmake to play nice was fun)19:44
gesermicahg: what's the biggest difference between MOTU and core-dev in your eyes?19:44
micahggeser: Both are generalists, core-dev I believe is expected to know more about the possible impact of changes that updating a package can have on the rest of the archive, also be a driver of transitions and other release related activities (with consultation with the release team of course)19:47
geserbased on the comments in your application, I guess there is no need to ask you questions about policies :)19:48
micahgA core-dev is also a leader that tries to help other developers DTRT or fix other issues19:48
micahggeser: I still have plenty to learn :)19:49
tumbleweedmicahg: do you see any solutions to the latest-crack-in-PPAs issue you raise?19:49
stgrabermicahg: so are you subscribed and reading -announce? :P19:49
micahgtumbleweed: well, the -backports team seems to have new life thanks to you and broder, I recently became a member of that team as well, I think we can leverage -backports for some of those packages, as for others, I don't think I have an answer for it ATM19:50
* tumbleweed isn't even part of the team, but shh19:51
micahgstgraber: yes, I post there sometimes as well :)19:51
micahgtumbleweed: you helped make tools :)19:51
geserany other questions?19:52
* tumbleweed is done19:52
geser#vote Should Micah Gersten become an Ubuntu Core-Dev?19:53
meetingologyPlease vote on: Should Micah Gersten become an Ubuntu Core-Dev?19:53
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)19:53
meetingology+1 received from geser19:53
meetingology+1 received from bdrung19:53
meetingology+1 received from stgraber19:53
meetingology+1 received from tumbleweed19:53
meetingologyVoting ended on: Should Micah Gersten become an Ubuntu Core-Dev?19:53
meetingologyVotes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:019:53
meetingologyMotion carried19:53
micahgI'm honored, thank you :)19:54
jbichaMy apologies for being late again, do we have enough time left in the meeting?19:55
geseras jbichs is now here, let's get back to: * jbicha to create a list of packages from the .modules files for the desktop-extra package set19:55
tumbleweedjbicha: I see you just mailed us19:55
stgraberlooks good, I just wouldn't move vinagre for now until it's been officially dropped19:57
jbichastgraber: yes, that makes sense19:58
stgraberI'm guessing all the -sharp moving from -desktop and core are because of the drop of tomboy, gbrainy and banshee?19:58
micahgI'm not comfortable with mono in there19:59
jbichamicahg: why not?19:59
stgrabermicahg: I tend to agree with you, especially as we'll likely keep it in main as a common build-dep for a few packages in main20:00
micahgjbicha: it's an entirely different system of packages20:00
stgrabermicahg: I'm quite surprised it's not currently in core20:00
micahgjbicha: I'm fine with GTK/GLIB based apps and libraries20:01
jbichastgraber: maybe it's still in core?20:01
stgraberjbicha: could be, I just assumed that if he wasn't in your list of stuff to drop from core it's because it currently isn't20:02
micahgstgraber: I think since Kubuntu doesn't use it maybe20:02
jbichamicahg: you're proposing that the set description say "except Mono" ?20:02
stgraberyeah, it's in core currently20:02
stgraberand also in cli-mono20:03
stgraberand some bits are in ubuntu-desktop20:03
micahgjbicha: no, I'd like it limited to GTK based apps/libraries, not cores of other stacks20:03
* micahg remembers pulseaudio on the original list but not in this update20:04
geserdo you want to discuss this now or per mail till the next meeting and/or IRC with #ubuntu-desktop?20:05
jbichamicahg: ok, are you saying no to mono, but banshee for instance would still be ok?20:05
stgraberbanshee would be fine as it's part of the gnome project and not in the default install20:06
stgrabermono is a programming language that's not part of the gnome project20:06
micahgjbicha: yeah, since that's a GTK based app, I think that's fine + what stgraber said20:06
jbichaah ok, I don't have a problem with that then20:06
jbichaI just misunderstand :)20:06
stgraberin most cases I'm fine pulling some of the dependencies in the package sets, but pulling a whole language seems a bit too much :)20:06
micahgyeah, I'd like to limit it to things that are developed as part of the GNOME project and not their core dependencies (pulseaudio, mono)20:07
geserare you ready to vote on the package set? or on the next meeting?20:08
stgraberI'd rather have a new package list. I don't think it's blocking a lot of work at the moment and I'd rather have it done properly the first time around20:09
jbichamaybe vote on the mailing list?20:10
micahg+1, I'd like a definition that limits this to GNOME developed apps as well (I think any external dependencies could be posed as an exception if it's worth adding)20:10
geserok, so next meeting it is20:12
geserany other business?20:12
geserany volunteers for chair?20:13
stgrabergeser: next one in alphabetical order, or just re-assign to cody :)20:13
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meetingologyMeeting ended Mon Dec  5 20:14:04 2011 UTC.20:14
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2011/ubuntu-meeting.2011-12-05-19.05.moin.txt20:14
micahgthanks geser20:17
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