DrDruifakgraner; how are the reviews going?01:22
dholbachgood morning07:54
bkerensahi dholbach10:05
dholbachhey bkerensa10:05
bkerensadholbach: Got the last released fix while you were afk :)10:05
bkerensarelease fixed*10:05
dholbachoh - what was wrong there?10:05
bkerensadholbach: I also filmed a half hour of HD from the Debian/Ubuntu event http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0na1LwPiZY10:06
bkerensadholbach: Some of the headings didnt come through10:06
bkerensaakgraner fixed the fridge and joey fixed OMG :)10:06
dholbachahh, great10:07
dholbachnice - that's awesome10:07
dholbachwe should link to it and add it to the next issue10:07
dholbachso people get an idea how a BSP or Ubuntu Jam work :)10:07
dholbachbkerensa, did you try adding new docs to the doc collection?10:08
dholbachI can't find a way to change the settings10:08
dholbachthere's ownly "allowed to make changes" and "owner"10:08
dholbachand I can just make one person owner10:08
bkerensanot sure on my gdocs there is a tab on folders that lets you share a folder10:14
bkerensaWe could just have one other doc10:15
dholbachyes, I shared it with you 3 already, no?10:15
dholbachcan't you add a doc to the folder?10:15
bkerensalet me see10:15
bkerensadholbach: Yeah (I think I may have been confused.... I was up at 7am yesterday for the jam and its now 2am the next day)10:17
bkerensatoo much caffeine10:17
dholbachhehe, no worries10:17
bkerensadholbach: Anyways the event went quite well... I think we had 15-16 multiarch conversions and a few SRU Verifications10:18
dholbachthat sounds great10:18
bkerensaI learned how to package and convert packages to multiarch10:18
bkerensain fact I have a package pending sponsorship at Ubuntu and Upstream10:18
dholbachI noticed ;-)10:18
bkerensagnight all ;)10:20
dholbachsee you around! :)10:21
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akgranerWe need some fresh eyes to review Issue 244 - any takers13:27
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
akgranerAnyone reviewed UWN today?  I need to add one story I forgot yesterday :-)16:40
akgranerpleia2, I have everything added it just needs reviewing now18:14
akgranerand I got clarification from Kate about derivatives so I'll fix the community wiki pages and our googledoc and template as well18:15
akgranerBut here's the list - and I'll get more information out this week18:18
akgranerOfficial Images18:18
akgranerUbuntu Server18:18
akgranerUbuntu Cloud18:18
akgranerUbuntu Netboot18:18
akgranerUbuntu Core18:18
akgranerRecognized Ubuntu Flavors (alphabetic order)18:18
akgranerKubuntu Desktop18:19
akgranerKubuntu Mobile [3]18:19
akgranerUbuntu Studio18:19
akgranerXubuntu Desktop18:19
akgranerKubuntu Mobile is likely to become Kubuntu Active in this cycle (so we'll just have to watch for that)18:19
pleia2akgraner: ok thanks :)18:26
pleia2I'll try to review UWN later18:26
* pleia2 looks now18:32
akgranerpleia2, if you can review  - if it's good I can publish this week if ya want18:33
pleia2akgraner: almost done with review, have you been able to fix newlines in gmail? I figured out how to see if it'll happen before sending (save draft, open draft, see if it's mangled...)18:46
akgraneroh good - I hadn't had a chance to look into it yet - thanks for doing that18:47
pleia2as far as fixing... I think I'm just going to send things in a mail client instead18:48
akgranerjust when I get comfortable  - I guess Thunderbird is going to win this email war I've been having :-)18:48
akgranerso do you want to send to the list and I'll publish elsewhere then?18:49
pleia2nah, you can publish anywhere18:49
pleia2just wanted to mention the issue so we don't end up sending out another smooshed newsletter (I got a ton of complaints)18:49
akgranerk - gosh that sucks about gmail though18:49
pleia2yeah, I don't know what's up with it :\ very annoying, and inconsistant (it doesn't happen with all emails)18:50
pleia2ok, I'm done review18:50
akgranerI know I think it happens with cut and pastes18:50
akgraneror so that's what I am seeing18:51
pleia2ah, good catch, I notice it does it for "important" emails I send out, and those are ones I tend to draft elsewhere, or copy templates of from old mailing list posts18:51
akgranernods - Ok I'll publish in just a few - finishing lunch right now :-)19:19
akgranerOh it mangles it - it's going to take a few minutes to manually fix this - so pleia2 I think it's a copy and paste think - guess I'll be filing a bug later....grrrr19:42
akgranerthink/thing even19:43
pleia2akgraner: hmm, I think it only does it in chrome for me19:47
pleia2firefox seems ok19:47
akgranerhmm /me looks into that now19:47
akgraneryep Firefox looks ok19:50
akgranerThe new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here:19:53
akgranerThanks everyone!19:53
pleia2thanks akgraner :)19:55
Zechariahohai people :)19:56
akgranerpleia2, I'll get the Fridge post done shortly - have to finish a survey for work and get that out right now19:56
* pleia2 nods19:56
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akgranerworking on the Fridge post now22:39
Unit193I wait for the G+ post ;)23:18
MrChrisDruifakgraner; about that new section, should I send emails to all of the teams regarding the new section? Will it only contain meeting minutes or all the news about the derivatives we get?23:33
MrChrisDruifDid we have a name for it, otherwise "Derivatives Details" might be a nice one =)23:34
akgranerIt should be the meeting summary - however they do those - just look at the other teams and you'll see - now that we have the list23:34
akgranercan you see the scrollback where I posted them in the channel23:34
* MrChrisDruif goes to internet for the scrollback.23:46
MrChrisDruifFound it23:48
akgranergreat  - so if you can email those  "flavors" teams that would be great23:52
MrChrisDruifSo basically it's just this list: http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/derivatives ;-)23:52
MrChrisDruifMeeting summary? Isn't that the same as meeting minutes? (Either properly cleaned up on the wiki or just raw from meetingology?23:53
pleia2Kubuntu Mobile/Active is not mentioned on the derivatives page23:54
pleia2yeah, same as minutes23:54
akgranerThat page looks right now - but the wiki page I think I need to update still23:54
MrChrisDruifThe entire Kubuntu set, I think it links to the kubuntu website. Anyhow, I'll try to contact those teams23:55
akgranerpleia2, I'll look at the Fridge and see if we need to add any of the links23:55
pleia2akgraner: I think we just need to add Lubuntu23:56
pleia2and s/Flavors/Derivatives23:56
MrChrisDruifakgraner; shall I send a draft of what I want to send first to you?23:56
* akgraner looks23:56
akgranerMrChrisDruif, nah - just let them know we are going to start including team meetings and to help us out to give you or the team the links each week23:57
akgranersee if we can get them to do it, but if not, keep in mind you'll need to track them down each week :-)23:58
MrChrisDruifAlright, I'll get to it23:58
akgranerpleia2, yep just Lubuntu23:58

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