bschaeferthumper: to sum it up, the lens is getting a new area for a no results message00:00
bschaeferarea meaning just a string, like name00:00
bschaeferthumper: that way we can handle a case such as "This lens needs an internet connexion to provide results"00:01
thumpersounds like a plan00:01
thumperis it well documented on the bug?00:02
bschaeferno, it was talked about earlier this morning with gord and mhr300:02
thumperdid JohnLea agree?00:03
bschaeferthumper: well his thoughts didn't seem to change on what he wanted. It was gords idea and this way JonhLeas plans stay true00:03
thumperfair enough00:03
bschaeferthumper but now Ill look into if there is size of how many ResultView the VLayout has in LensView00:05
* thumper nods00:05
bschaeferwhich should give me a better update if there are no more results and I should be able to insert the code in a better place...00:05
bschaeferand now off to work!00:05
bschaeferthumper: also I like the C++ tip of the day :)00:06
bschaeferthumper, are you still around?04:49
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ockham_kamstrup: hi, i'm currently trying to package unity-lens-bliss13:49
ockham_kamstrup: which is using autotools for a mere python script13:49
ockham_kamstrup: have you considered switching to something python-esque instead?13:50
kamstrupockham_: yeah, when I started I didn't know how ambitious I'd get :-)13:50
kamstrupockham_: if you want feel free to send a patch for distutils instead13:51
mhall119would it be possible to put the window icon in the Unity panel?  That way I at least know at a glance which application the menu/window controls are for13:56
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hyperairom26er: ping16:22
om26erhyperair, pong16:23
hyperairhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/878627 <-- this has only *one* issue described in the bug report.16:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 878627 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity regularly gets confused about Firefox's window" [Medium,Confirmed]16:23
om26erok so all the problems appear together you mean?16:23
hyperairom26er: it goes like this. first unity behaves normally. then suddenly it gets confused about firefox's window state. and then *ALL* the symptoms appear.16:23
om26eri have seen bug reports for individual issues16:23
hyperairthey're symptoms of the same issue.16:24
om26erso was wondering maybe you might have reported a few together16:24
hyperairi just enumerated them from my observations16:24
om26erits possibly a compiz bugs16:24
hyperairit's not a compiz bug.16:24
hyperairthat i can guarantee.16:24
hyperairscale (spread switcher, as you call it) works fine16:24
hyperairi mentioned in the description16:24
hyperair*every* other switcher in compiz besieds unity work16:24
hyperair*ALL* of them work as expected16:25
om26eri am seeing a lot of problems lately where the launcher is losing track of the running app, the icon would vanish from the launcher, minimized app wont be raised16:25
hyperairit's probably all the same issue.16:25
om26erits BAMF then16:25
hyperairhmm are you sure about that?16:26
* om26er wonders whos looking after bamf these days16:26
hyperairom26er: unity still seems to be able to recognize that the firefox window is being focused16:26
om26erto my thinking it could also be related to the 'minimized window preview thing'16:26
hyperairi can't screenshot it at the moment because i dion't know how to reproduce the issue.16:26
om26ercould you disable that in unity plugin16:26
hyperairit's not that. i disabled the minimized window preview16:27
hyperairisn't it in another plugin rather than unity?16:27
om26erno its in unity plugin16:27
hyperairlemme check16:27
om26erin ccsm>>unity plugin16:28
om26erswitcher tab, the last option16:28
hyperairokay, i disabled it.16:28
hyperairbut i don't think it's that either16:28
hyperairwhen firefox's window is focused, the < triangle appears16:28
hyperairyou know, the one on the right side of the icon16:28
hyperairbut the > triangle remains unfilled.16:29
om26erthat seems unity losing track of the app16:29
hyperairexactly what i'm saying.16:29
hyperairunity seems to know that firefox's window has focus16:29
hyperairbut it thinks that firefox's window is on a different workspace16:29
om26ermy report focused on three types of main issues in Unity and one of them was apps mis behaving with launcher/alt-tab16:30
hyperairwhich report?16:30
om26erlibreoffice is so broken with unity16:30
hyperairit is?16:31
hyperairi didn't notice any breakage with libreoffice16:31
om26erthere are a ton of bugs, where libreoffice is running but not appearing in the launcher16:31
om26erlaunching it from launcher would launch it but unity wont know if its actually running16:31
hyperairi see.16:32
hyperairi think it's different from this.16:32
hyperairbut then again my firefox icon is one of those always-present icons16:32
hyperairthe "keep in launcher" kind16:32
om26eryeah its different from this one. i was referring to a general problem16:33
hyperairi see16:33
om26ergtk apps behave better with unity, apps like firefox and thunderbird not so, application matching really needs fixing16:34
* om26er is tagging bugs ;-)16:34
hyperairyeah i can imagine.16:35
hyperairdocky and all those other launchers had their own fair share of issues16:35
hyperairit's really ridiculous16:35
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