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debfxbulldog98_: what happened to the kubuntu patches in rekonq 0.7.90-0ubuntu1?10:15
ScottKUploaded soprano to the oneiric PPA.15:00
debfxsoprano 2.7.4 has been released fwiw15:10
ScottKHeh.  Of course.15:12
ScottKI'll look into it.15:12
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Riddellagateau: how was the qt-at-spi issue resolved?16:33
agateauRiddell: ah, need to check the status of that16:33
agateauRiddell: basically, we are disabling a11y for qt apps except unity-2d16:34
agateauRiddell: this is a two-step process: upload a new unity-2d which sets up a11y for itself only,16:34
agateauRiddell: then upload a new at-spi2-core which does not enable a11y for qt apps16:34
Riddellok seems like that is in process16:35
ScottKNew soprano uploaded.16:35
agateauRiddell: unity-2d package has reached oneiric-update16:35
agateauneed to follow up with at-spi2-core16:36
debfxI could use some help convincing the firefox maintainers to fix a regression in the kde integration.16:56
debfxFiling a bug, mentioning it multiple times on IRC and creating a merge request doesn't seem to be enough.16:56
debfxbug #88583616:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 885836 in firefox (Ubuntu) "firefox-kde-support breaks right click > save image as..." [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88583616:57
debfxopening natty-precise tasks would be a first step ;)16:58
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bambeehi ^^17:19
ScottKmicahg: ^^^ ?17:27
Riddelldoes kdesudo still work, first merge after my accident and I want to make sure I do it right :)17:44
BarkingFishyour...accident??? Physical accident, or online "uhoh i borked something" type of accident? :(17:45
ScottKBarkingFish: Read kubuntu-devel17:47
BarkingFishScottK: is there an online archive? I've not been getting my ML messages from it17:48
ScottKYes.  See lists.ubuntu.com17:48
BarkingFishholy cow...17:54
ScottKYou're welcome.17:54
BarkingFishThank you ScottK 17:55
BarkingFishand I hope you're getting back to your regular self, Riddell - damn.17:55
BarkingFishI still have to find out why I'm not getting messages from the ML. Is there a human administrator who runs the mailman?17:56
ScottKI'd try to subscribe again.18:05
micahgdebfx: will talk to chrisccoulson about it, I know we dropped the patches on trunk18:27
debfxmicahg: I can understand that supporting the patches in daily builds is not manageable but I hope that doesn't affect releases18:31
micahgdebfx: well, if the integration patch gets no test coverage, it's problematic18:32
debfxmicahg: there are still beta releases18:34
micahgright, let's see if he's willing to rebase for those18:35
debfxmicahg: it is enabled in the beta (9.0~b4 / precise). anyway the bug is also about a regression in existing releases (the current firefox versions in natty and oneiric)18:40
micahgdebfx: if it's enabled in the beta, we should be able to get it for the next release in 2 weeks18:41
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micahgdebfx: is that patch you attached in the bug just a refreshed version of what's in the beta or a new patch?18:45
debfxmicahg: it's a patch of the patch18:48
debfxthe same as https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/firefox-4.0.head/revision/83818:48
micahgdebfx: so, is this piece missing currently or in 9.0 beta 4?18:49
debfxmicahg: it's missing in the firefox releases that are currently in natty, oneiric and precise18:51
debfxmicahg: if you'll push firefox 9 to all of those fixing it there is enough18:52
micahgyeah, Firefox 9 will go to natty/oneiric on Dec 20 barring testing issues, there will be a new beta for precise later this week18:52
debfxbut please make sure that it's also fixed in the branches for future firefox version (e.g. trunk even if it's disabled there)18:53
debfxso the regression won't be introduced again later18:53
apachelogger_skaet: sorry that I could not help with release stuff, I was not around last week22:14
apachelogger_debfx: uhhh, firefox :S22:17
apachelogger_maco: "UDS seems to be just about all the meeting that needs to be done to make Kubuntu happen. Efficiency!" I wonder if that is really a good thing22:18
apachelogger_Riddell: how are you?22:19
Riddellapachelogger_: bit zonked.  I should do a dist upgrade tomorrow and see what useful things I can do22:24
apachelogger_Riddell: are you back in scotland?22:28
valorieyay, I see Riddell, apachelogger_ and ScottK activity in channel!22:59
* apachelogger_ hugs valorie23:01
* valorie {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} back23:02
valorieI'm not the only one whose been missing you23:03
valorieglad to see you back23:03
apachelogger_valorie: back might be an overstatement23:05
* apachelogger_ is figuring out things23:05
valorieok, actual words in IRC, then23:07

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