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viKtor_hi guys do you know how to get desktop widgets hiden in a dashboard ¿?01:50
cxzwhat is the topic03:30
holsteincxz: you want me to pop it in a pastebin for you?... http://paste.ubuntu.com/761204/03:35
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...03:40
Resistancethedewey:  can we help you?03:43
thedeweyi am working through some network issues03:43
thedeweyresistance its like my connection throttles when I am wireless03:44
thedeweyon both ubuntu and kubuntu03:44
thedeweyso i am thinking it is a driver issue03:44
Resistancethedewey:  i doubt its a linux specific issue03:44
Resistancebut i'm not able to help atm03:44
Resistancetrying to diagnose a server03:44
Resistance(fyi, !ping is somethign i have on highlight thoug h:P)03:45
thedeweyyeah i was seeing if it affected my ping03:45
thedeweyit doesnt03:45
thedeweytjust downloads03:45
thedeweyand websites03:45
thedeweySo I am not losing connction its just being throttled03:46
keithzgHmphh, not that I really need flash most of the time, but it's really annoying that I've been unable to reinstall it after the upgrade to oneiric.04:03
keithzgI mean, why does the amd64 flashplugin-installer package depend on flashplugin-downloader, which is only i386? How is that even supposed to work, then?04:08
amason__keithzg: you can have 64bit and 32bit libraries on the same machine04:11
Steph__Can we install packages that seems only support i386 on amd64 systems?04:12
keithzgsamson__: I prefer to use aptitude (and all the GUI package managers are broken for me since the upgrade) so I had to disable multiarch.04:13
keithzgThe 64-bit plugin could be installed fine in Natty, so I'm confused.04:13
keithzgSo is my only hope to install flashplugin-downloader:i386 with dpkg --force-architecture?04:15
keithzgHmphh. It demands all the corresponding i386 packages, so that's not gonna work.04:16
keithzgThis is like when I first went 64bit back in Dapper, and there was no way to install Flash without hacking away and installing huge swaths of 32-bit libs. Full circle.04:18
Steph__How to install aplications in .tar.gz format(Might be source code)?04:19
keithzg.tar.gz you'll probably have to extract and then compile.04:19
keithzgIf you don't already know how, it's probably best to just try to find a .deb (or even a PPA) for it; what are you trying to install?04:20
Steph__A Chinese IM software called QQ.04:20
* keithzg doesn't seem to be getting any help with the impossibility of installing purely 64-bit flash on Oneiric, so might as well help someone else!04:20
Steph__But the website only have i386 deb packages.04:21
keithzgWell, for one I believe there are a number of other QQ clients out there you could use, AFAIK04:21
keithzgIf you're running Oneiric and haven't disabled multiarch liek me, though, you should be able to install the i386 deb anyways.04:21
Steph__I'm not so sure they works. I tried Empathy but failed.04:21
keithzgIf you're using Kubuntu, you might want to try Kopete.04:24
keithzgAt least, I think there's a plugin.04:24
Steph__And I even don't know which flash plugin is available for rekonq.04:25
Steph__The adobe seems just support Firefox on Linux.04:26
keithzgRekonq should just use nspluginviewer04:26
amason__afaik it does04:26
kadobancan anyone give me a hint towards understanding this conflict mess when trying to install the ia32-libs package? i don't even understand what's conflicting here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/761280/05:50
kadobanoh...it works in apt-get...what the hell05:54
fredixis there a webcam app in Qt ?07:52
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polрусские есть?08:33
Unit193!ru | pol08:35
ubottupol: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.08:35
frogonwheelsAnybody got any clues on mail giving 'Could not create collection'  errors? I don't even know what a collection could be in this context!?08:49
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naftilos76hi, is there a fast preview app for both images and pdfs in KDE?11:03
ArchangelSe7enPreview button in Dolphin11:04
naftilos76i know that - don't like it11:04
* ArchangelSe7en shrugs11:05
naftilos76something else faster11:05
ArchangelSe7enfaster than that .. pfft good luck finding it11:05
dinf           12:03
dinf      12:03
Golososo this is the Kubuntu channel...cool...how can I install a program12:45
Golosoin Windows is very easy...I have found difficult to install certain programs in Linux12:45
kbroulikGoloso: installing a program on Windows is easy? I hope you'Re just kidding …12:45
kbroulikGoloso: Kickoff menu → Computer → Muon program manager (or so) → Enter search term → install → done12:46
kbroulikno stupid downloading a setup program, no stupid programs wanting you to install a toolbar or ads or whjatever … :)12:46
GolosoI was trying to install my graphic card12:46
Golosoand it has been really a hassle to me12:47
Golosofor example...my file is extension run12:48
GolosoI was trying to figure out how to intall it12:49
Golosobut instructions are not clear and it is not like plug and play...the system detect the default configuration for my card, but it limits the full power of my  graphic card12:49
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Hopsy|2I am a developer should I use kubuntu?13:45
vprintswhy not :)13:46
vprintsKDE has very good developer tools13:47
Hopsy|2is this beter then ubuntu?13:47
Ddpbfwat do you develop?13:48
vprintswhat are you developing?13:48
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BluesKajHiyas all13:58
frogonwheelsHopsy|2: really it comes down to whether you like kde vs gnome.14:03
vghi somebody help me?14:04
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BluesKajis that short for 'morning ?14:53
DdpbfMoin (pronounced [ˈmɔɪn]) is a Frisian and Low German greeting from East Frisia, Southern Schleswig (including North Frisia and Flensburg), Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the eastern Netherlands and Southern Jutland in Denmark, meaning "hello".14:54
sea4everMoin' all!14:54
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!14:55
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList14:55
sea4everJust saying hi in a nifty language, was not necessary14:55
DdpbfBluesKaj: he just said hello in other language14:56
Ddpbfi dont think it is too big deal14:56
markusAll my american friends started to use moin to say morning :)14:56
markusits just shorter :)14:57
BluesKajnifty? ok ..yeah I got it , but like the factoid says , this is an English chat ...most ppl who speak english don't undesstand german coloqulisms14:58
Ddpbfthis is international chat14:58
BluesKajyour american friends are just trying to be ' cool '14:58
sea4everdbpbf_ just pointed out what moin meant a second before I came in14:58
Ddpbfenglish is used here as lingua franca14:59
markussince I upgraded my firefox it seems to take smalls breaks every one in a while. somebody else encounters this problem?15:00
BluesKajDdpbf, yes as the factoid above pointed out , lingua franca is probly something few North Americans understand the meaning of as well15:01
BluesKajmarkus, crashes ?15:01
markusnope. its just nonresponsive for like 2 seconds15:01
DdpbfBluesKaj:  most people on world does not understand concept of lingua franca :)15:02
BluesKajmarkus, freezing , I had some similar problems with the newest FF 9  , but I mostly use chromium so i didn't bother worrying about it.15:06
markusI installed chrome as well for that reason. But some things do not work good with chromium. like greasemonkey :(15:07
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BluesKajyeah, markus but greasemonkey is an epiphany extension , and this kubuntu not ubuntu15:11
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vg_hi , i need help for install minecraft in kubuntu...somebody help me16:08
Resistancevg_:  there's no "installation" necessary16:09
Resistancedownload the .jar from their site and run it16:09
Resistancethe one thing you will need is sun java, but i'm probably the last person who could help you with that :P16:09
vg_im just install java jdk 616:11
vg_but isnt run with it16:11
Resistancevg_:  you installed openjdk16:16
Resistancenot sun java16:16
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.16:16
Resistanceoh right16:16
Resistance*kicks ubottu*16:16
Resistanceyou'd have to manually install Java from Oracle's binary files, and that's something that is a pain, so i cant really help you with that :/16:18
Resistancebut you will need Sun/Oracle Java in order to use Minecraft16:18
lenzzzhow many people here!16:23
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Fleckanyone can help fix sftp kio problem?16:57
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BluesKajFleck, what's the error ?17:08
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FleckBluesKaj found in bug reports, problem with .ssh/known_hosts and new/old syntax with that file17:19
Fleckremoved entry with ssh-keygen -R and then connected woth kio17:19
Fleckafter that works with ssh and kio, ssh just always asks to say "yes"17:19
BluesKajhang on Fleck , let me check my .shh17:21
Fleck.shhhhhh! :)17:21
BluesKaji just have the rsa-key for my other linux pc in known_hosts17:23
Fleckhost ssh-rsa syntax ?17:23
Fleckthere is 2nd one - ecdsa-sha2-nistp25617:24
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BluesKajfleck in known hosts . i have just the IP : 192.168.X.XX ssh-rsa followed by the the key17:26
FleckBluesKaj thats the old syntax17:26
Fleckthen all will work good for you!17:27
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BluesKajI just run ssh on a lan , no remote ssh over the internet17:27
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vgi need help. How i can create an launcher in desktop on kubuntu?18:04
ArchangelSe7envg, unlock widgets , drag launchers from KickOff(Menu) to your destop18:07
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w30I need /dev/video0 and /dev/v4l/stuff. What do I search for to download?18:57
Resistancew30:  /dev/ devices are created on boot, and dynamically destroy/create themselves, /dev/video0 would be some type of video device, input or otherwise18:59
SEADHi all19:01
SEADHola zippytech19:04
SEADHi zippytech19:04
SEADhow are you?19:05
w30Resistance, that don't help me, tvtime wants dev/video0 and doesn't create one.19:05
SEADit is strange19:06
w30How do I make kubuntu create one or make tvtime create one?19:06
Resistancew30:  i just said, you need a video input device19:07
Resistancesuch as a tv tuner card, or a webcam, or something19:07
SEADI do not know19:07
Resistancevideo0 is *usually* an input device19:08
w30Resistance, I have a tv tuner card.19:08
Resistancedoes linux detect it?19:08
Resistancebetter question19:08
Resistanceis it a USB or a PCI card?19:08
w30Resistance, pci19:09
Resistancew30:  pastebin the output of 'lspci'19:09
Resistance!PM | SEAD19:10
ubottuSEAD: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.19:10
Resistanceread that last sentence before privmsging me again19:10
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ResistanceSEAD:  read what ubottu said19:11
Resistanceif you continue to privmsg me without asking, there could be problems19:11
Resistanceholy crap dude, ASK QUESTIONS IN CHANNEL, not via privmsg19:11
Resistancei'm not a person who tolerates random privmsgs19:12
w30Resistance, http://paste.ubuntu.com/761945/19:12
Resistancew30:  okay, lemme look thorugh that19:12
Resistancew30:  do you happen to know the brand/model card?19:12
t_ubuntuI want to turn my Ubuntu installation into a "pure" Kubuntu. Can I use the command given on the following page to "get rid of Ubuntu" after having installed kubuntu-desktop, or is it just for original Kubuntu installations?19:12
w30Resistance, HDTV19:13
Resistancew30:  that's not the brand / model19:13
Resistancew30:  who makes the card (brand).  what model number is the card (model).19:13
w30Resistance, it uses conestant (sp) chips19:14
Resistancet_ubuntu:  i take it you can't just fresh install Kubuntu?19:14
t_ubuntuI could, but it seems more comfortable to me to just install kubuntu-desktop and then remove those ubuntu packages with that command ... if it works. ;-)19:14
w30Resistance, worked fine in old box, now in new box19:14
Resistancew30:  well the system not detecting the device would explain the lack of the /dev/video0 device.  did you make sure its installed correctly in the box?19:15
Resistanceits from an old box?19:15
Resistancehow old is that "old box"?19:15
w30Resistance, I suppose 6 or 7 years old, new box is December 04 model (ha)19:16
Resistancew30:  the card might have an incompatible power signature, i.e. a lower or higher needed voltage...19:16
Resistanceprobably unlikely, but the computer isnt detecting the card in any case19:17
Resistancew30:  if the system does not detect the card there's nothing you can really do...19:17
Resistancew30:  you *may* want to try reseating the card in the box19:17
Resistanceand making sure that if it requires power from the PSU (not from the mobo) you connect that19:17
w30Resistance, if it's not detected, I better be crawling under My desk and changing slots or sumptin'19:17
Resistancew30:  or read my last two lines ;P19:18
Resistanceoh, and make sure you touch something that is grounded19:18
Resistancelike a light switch's screws before fiddling in your box19:18
ResistanceElectrostatic discharge breaks computers ;P19:18
w30Resistance, I allready sliced my finger on the video card *snffle*19:18
Resistancew30:  #kubuntu-offtopic for discussing our hardware mishaps ;P19:18
Resistancebut you could try another PCI slot19:19
w30Resistance, thank you19:19
seadX6howOn the suport page says #kubuntu on freenode19:20
w30Resistance, I also have a Hauppauge, maybe that will work19:22
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* w30 wanders off to slice fingers on computer cards...19:25
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KageeIs there a way to change the default audio plauback device using a key combination ?20:42
KageeCurrently i have to go System settings->Multimedia->Phonon and then change for all (Warnings/Music/Video etc)20:44
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new2netIf I run """ sudo apt-get auto-remove """ what am I really removing?  What is an "unused package" and how would I end up having an unused package?21:37
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avihay_new2net: packages have dependencies. let's say package a depends on package b, so when package a is installed, package b also gets installed automatically. if package a is then removed, package b will not be uninstalled. it's might be a bad thing to automatically remove package b, since you could be using it for something else too, that's why it's marked auto-remove but isn't removed without your consent.21:52
new2netavihay_, I see. thank you21:54
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aboudreaultcan anyone get banshee to run under kubuntu oneiric???22:25
Ddpbfaboudreault: did you consider using amarok? It is far superior player22:26
aboudreaultI used it a lot.22:26
phoenix_firebrdaboudreault: what is the problem?22:29
Ddpbfaboudreault: could you paste outpu when you trie to start it from konsole?22:30
aboudreaultinstalled via packages22:30
aboudreaultfrom ubuntu depo and just tried the banshee team PPA.22:30
phoenix_firebrdaboudreault: whats happening, does it crash ?22:30
aboudreaultit crash22:31
aboudreaultdo not start at all22:31
phoenix_firebrdaboudreault: can you change the gtk theme from oxygen-gtk to any other any try starting banshee again?22:32
phoenix_firebrdaboudreault: do you know where the gtk theme settings is?22:32
aboudreaultyou were right22:34
aboudreaultselected raleigh as gtk theme and it runs now22:34
aboudreaultit's ugly, but it runs :P22:34
aboudreaultphoenix_firebrd, thx22:38
phoenix_firebrdaboudreault: enjoy :)22:38
bbeckaboudreault: If I may make a suggestion regarding music players, you might consider giving tomahawk a try.22:39
aboudreaultbbeck, thx, didn't this one. will check for sure.22:40
pLpDoes anybody know an developer KDE channel22:43
pLpWITH people?22:44
phoenix_firebrdpLp:  #kde-devel22:48
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