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skaiI need some help09:16
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Guest66658can somehelp help me09:17
Guest66658I m using lubuntu 11.0409:18
Guest66658I want to change caps lock to shift09:18
Guest66658ım using xkeycaps09:18
Guest66658but when ı restart09:18
Guest66658it's going back to caps lock again09:18
Guest66658I look also to system->preferences->keyboard->layouts->options09:19
Guest66658but I havent found any menu like this in lubuntu09:19
Guest66658please help09:19
bioterrorhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaKeys gives you some hint09:20
bioterrorxkeycaps is a graphical interface for the xmodmap09:21
Guest66658ı need some commands09:34
Guest66658is system->preferences->keyboard->layouts->options possible in lubuntu09:35
Guest66658how to enter system preferences in lubuntu09:35
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skailubuntuis there anybody to help09:47
myrmidettedoes anyone use the beagle search engine?11:29
bioterrorwaste of resources11:30
myrmidettebioterror, but search is awesome11:30
pmatulisusing (non-mirrored) dual monitors, is there any way to specify which monitor a newly opened application will show up in?12:30
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morrianybody hiome?16:41
pmatulismorri: there are 57 people in this channel16:55
morrianyway- can anybody of thoswe 57 people tell me if there is a way to make windows phone photos visible on lubuntu? my other half has a windows phone unfortunately and it doesnt seem like it is possible to see the photos because of their format16:56
br0therwhat format is it using if it is not jpg? sounds strange17:04
br0thercan you run file on it?17:04
br0thermorri: open a terminal and typ (no quotes) "file path/to/filename"17:04
br0therbrother ~$ file Desktop/393198_10150437764572318_514567317_8516569_1062931290_n.jpg17:05
br0therDesktop/393198_10150437764572318_514567317_8516569_1062931290_n.jpg: JPEG image data, JFIF standard 1.02, comment: "*"17:05
morritry that17:06
TrudkoGuys I got tip on Lubuntu because I am using something on which I can develop for Android with only 1GB Ram and my Windows Xp is not enough20:15
TrudkoIs there any more lightweight but still easy to set up?20:15
Unit193So, you want something easy to setup and use, but with less than 1G of ram that's not Lubuntu? (I don't quite get your question)20:26
TrudkoI have 1GB ram so using windows XP is for developing (Eclipse, Android SKD) is slow as hell20:29
Trudkoso until I buy new PC i wanna work on something more lightwegiht, but I dont want to spend hours trying to figure out how to run it.20:30
TrudkoI think that eclipse/java should not be problem.20:30
Unit193Well, there's Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Puppy, SliTaz, AntiX, BodhiLinux, and many more :P20:30
TrudkoI just need lubuntu (or something else) to detec my phone20:30
TrudkoWhat I am asking whats would be ...is lubuntu light enough ? :)20:31
Trudkobtw not sure whats the name but I know that you can install ubuntu from windows directly using some utility. It is possible for lubuntu too?20:31
Unit193I run it with 500MHz, and 510MB ram (some taken from video)20:31
Unit193Wubi is.... Not something I20:32
Unit193d'd recommend to someone I like ;)20:32
Trudko_Unit193: does it run smooth?20:33
Trudko_sorry I got disconnected20:33
Unit193I have never used Wubi, I have no idea how well it'd work with Lubuntu compared to Ubuntu20:34
bioterrorit's hard to use wubi when you dont run windows at all20:34
* bioterror runs away20:34
Trudko_bioterror: ? I do20:36
Trudko_btw I found piece of advice To add a new distro you need to edit data/isolist.ini and recompile wubi20:36
Trudko_I hope I will find something more easy then that20:36
Trudkook I found this http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde20:41
Trudkoput what he means is that I should install ubuntu and just run all this commands?20:42
Unit193That's if you already have Ubuntu and want to "switch" to Lubuntu20:43
TrudkoUnit193: thats sound like plan :)20:44
Trudkoso I just unistall of that and LXDE is already there?!20:44
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Unit193No, at the end there is a section to "install" Lubuntu20:45
Trudkoou ok so i run just whole thing in terminal20:46
Trudkoand I can run it, right after I load ubuntu?20:49
Trudkono need to turn off gnome or something?20:49
Unit193It'd be better to just install Lubuntu, but I suppose you could do that20:50
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