Hilikushow do i install pulseaudio from 12.04 into 11.10?01:46
FernandoMiguelHilikus: you do know there's a lot depending there, right?01:50
FernandoMiguelpulse. alsa, kernel, etc01:50
FernandoMiguelHilikus: I would go with audio team ppa01:50
Hilikusno, because i haven't been able to try to install it01:51
Hilikuswhich ppa is that? they compile pulse for 11.10?01:51
FernandoMiguelHilikus: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-audio-dev/+archive/ppa01:57
FernandoMiguelstopped on natty01:57
HilikusFernandoMiguel: that's pulse 0.9.2201:58
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gnomefreakanyone else seeing unity_support crashing?13:32
pangolinnot since i switched to KDE13:33
pangolinunhelpful, sorry :/13:33
bjsnideryeah, at least kde is crash-free13:35
pangolinI don't know about that13:35
pangolinjust that i gave up on Unity...13:35
matrixa1unity is a lagfest13:49
matrixa1especially on mesa13:49
gnomefreakim not lagging13:50
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BluesKajHiyas all13:58
gnomefreakhi BluesKaj14:02
BluesKaj hi gnomefreak14:02
BluesKajI'm confused , if I install ubuntu 12.04 on my other pc (running kubuntu 12.04 here) , what desktop will be the default or do I choose during the install14:19
gnomefreakBluesKaj: unity is default in Ubuntu14:19
gnomefreakits either 2D or 3D you can choose when you login14:20
BluesKajgnomefreak, yeah, I was afraid of that :P14:20
BluesKajI have nvidia 8400gs card installed on that pc , so it should up to the task of running unity in 3D14:21
BluesKajshould be14:21
BluesKajI'm curious about all the fuss and complaining about unity14:22
gnomefreakit should. hell im using default ati drivers and it works great14:23
gnomefreakit has bugs a lot of them at times. right now the only one i have is unity_support crash on login14:23
gnomefreakbrb smoke14:23
VegarWhy isn't python-gobject-cairo packages for python3 as well?14:24
Vegar(this also goes for oneiric)14:24
gnomefreakVegar: its in 12.0414:31
gnomefreaksource package is pygobject14:32
gnomefreakubottu: info python-gobject-cairo14:33
ubottupython-gobject-cairo (source: pygobject): Python Cairo bindings for the GObject library. In component main, is standard. Version 3.0.0-0ubuntu4 (oneiric), package size 7 kB, installed size 248 kB14:33
gnomefreakVegar: ^^^14:33
gnomefreakits in both releases14:33
Vegargnomefreak: I can't find it14:41
Vegargnomefreak: python-gobject-cairo is for python 2.6 and 2.714:41
Vegargnomefreak: following the naming scheme used for other packages, I am looking for python3-gobject-cairo14:42
gnomefreakVegar: in terminal type without the "s "apt-cache policy python-gobject-cairo" it will tell you wher eit is than you need to make sure that repo is enabled. its in main so you should have it enabled but check anyway14:43
gnomefreakVegar: `it doesnt have a 3 in it14:43
Vegargnomefreak: that's the problem14:44
gnomefreakits version 3.0 why is that an issue>?14:44
Vegargnomefreak: python-gobject-cairo does NOT have support for python314:44
gnomefreakthan why is it version 3.014:45
Vegarversion 3 of cairo14:45
Vegaror python-gobject14:45
gnomefreakthe package you are looking for is there. now if that is not the issue file a bug on i t14:45
Vegarhere is what python-gobject-cairo contains:14:45
Vegarno .so for python3.014:45
Vegaror 3.2 or whatever14:45
Vegarit is version 3.0 of the gobject-introspection libraries14:46
Vegarbut it does not have libraries PYTHON 314:47
gnomefreakthis problem is why we file bugs14:47
VegarI see14:47
VegarI will do that then14:47
alkisgI'm interested in installing Precise on a real system (no VM) with btrfs with file system compression on... ...or it's not that stable yet, and I should stick to ext4?16:14
bjsnideralkisg, the latter16:22
alkisgThank you bjsnider16:22
bjsnideryou can convert from extx to btrfs in the future, but not the reverse16:22
alkisgNo problem; I'll postpone the compressed btrfs tests for later on, when it's ready16:23
* alkisg reboots to start the installation...16:28
edgyHi, I tried to use virt-manager with spice but it seems precise doesn't support it yet, any idea why?17:22
batlockdoes 12.xx use gnome 3 or unity17:25
rigvedbatlock: it has unity by default. gnome shell can be easily installed.17:27
Picibatlock: unity is a shell for gnome 3, but it is not gnome shell.17:27
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batlockso .... is this unity bs going to be in 12?19:35
batlockor is there something new yall are trying19:35
FernandoMiguelbatlock: coming from someone who disliked it aswell19:37
FernandoMiguelit's getting better.... give it an honest try19:37
FernandoMigueluse compiz to make it be what you want19:38
FernandoMiguelI did19:38
FernandoMiguelI can _tolerate_ it and use it19:38
FernandoMiguelmuli monitor support is still very weak, and I hope they get it fixed before release19:38
Ian_Cornethey're focusing on that19:38
Ian_Cornein 12.0419:38
bjsnideryou'll soon all be forced to use gnome-shell. one of us! one of us! one of us!19:41
batlockso if i run compiz with an nvidia 9600gsm and nvidia-current will i see titlebars or will it refuse to draw them like it does in 11.xx19:41
bjsniderthere is no such problem19:42
bjsniderthat's a support request, not a bug19:43
batlockactually it happens on multiple systems with different nvidia cards..19:43
batlockall in 11 (ot in here sorry)19:43
batlockbut gnome3 does look shwagga19:44
batlockshwagga like unity19:44
bjsniderbatlock, what's the bug number?19:48
batlockhaven't filed one, can't run the bugreporter when that happens19:48
batlockusually i'm forced to tty1 sudo shutdown -r now19:49
Ian_Cornehow do you expect to get it fixed then?19:49
FernandoMiguelwhat's currently the best tool to erase a disk?19:49
bjsniderif unity doesn't work on nvidia, someone _must_ have filed a bug already19:49
batlocki'm not worried baout that, i'm about to fix it by reverting to 10.10 lts, i'm only in here, to ask about 1219:49
FernandoMiguelbatlock: you should have logs afterwards?19:49
FernandoMiguelor you could ssh in and get them19:50
Ian_Corne10.04 was lts19:50
batlockthe 04's are lts?19:50
batlockmy brain needs a kickstart then19:50
Ian_Corneand every even pre number19:50
Ian_Cornebut it's not set in stone19:50
batlockis 11.04 lts?19:50
Ian_Corneeven numbers19:50
Ian_Corne8.04, 10.0419:50
Ian_Corneand 12.0419:50
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batlockallright then.. ty19:51
Ian_Cornebut please19:51
Ian_Cornereport the bug19:51
bjsniderthat problem would have been easy enough to fix i'm sure19:51
Ian_CorneI haven't found the bug yet, and I've had unity on a 5600 card19:51
bjsniderhe just doesn't have nvidia-current installed19:51
Ian_Corneah he's gone19:52
Ian_Cornei've got quit/joins/parts ignored in this channel19:52
Ian_Corneto much clutter19:52
Ian_Corneit also works with nouveau I think19:52
FernandoMiguelis it me, or my PC doesn't know math?20:03
FernandoMiguelscrub: scrubbing /dev/sdb1 1500299265024 bytes (~1TB)20:03
bjsnidermaybe it's rounding down to the nearest terabyte20:06
Ian_Corneit does say ~20:07
FernandoMiguelisn't that a bit awkard?20:07
FernandoMiguel[162312.262618] sd 10:0:0:0: [sdb] 2930277168 512-byte logical blocks: (1.50 TB/1.36 TiB)20:07
FernandoMiguelI'm scrubbung it :D20:07
bjsniderwhat does that do, write ones and zeroes like dsx?20:10
FernandoMiguel nnsa selects patterns compliant with NNSA Policy Letter NAP-14.1-C;20:12
bjsniderthat's as clear as mud20:26
sskalnikbjsnider, more clearly http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=u.s.%20nnsa%20policy%20letter%20nap-14.1-c&source=web&cd=5&ved=0CDgQFjAE&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.oro.doe.gov%2Fprocurement%2Fitrfp%2Fpdf%2FPolicies%2FNAP%2Fnap14-01.pdf20:38
sskalnikEr, www.oro.doe.gov/procurement/itrfp/pdf/Policies/NAP/nap14-01.pdf20:38
bjsnideruse a url-shortener man!20:38
sskalniktl;dr, three passes of random data20:38
sskalnikhaha yeah, my mistake!20:38
guntbertbitten by google :)20:39
Ian_Cornelooks nice.21:06
alex_mayorgaCan you fill this up, please? https://secure.avaaz.org/en/save_the_internet/21:56
sskalnikFernandoMiguel, that looks sweet22:08

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