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PendulumTheMuso: would it be possible for us to sit down sometime this week and go over some bugs to see if we can find some bitesized ones that I can blog about? I'm going to try to go over a bunch of current a11y bugs today to see if I can come up with a list that might have a few. If you have any, too, feel free to let me know.09:24
* joanie wonders if someone could be convinced to maintain ppas for WebKitGtk and Orca, each from master, for ubuntu 11.10 so that we can get more users testing the latest a11y goodness we're working on for Orca+Epiphany.18:25
* joanie pokes Pendulum, TheMuso, and AlanBell w.r.t. the above :)18:26
* AlanBell feels a sharp poke in the ribs18:47
AlanBellI wonder if we can do the automatic recipe thing for daily builds18:48
joanieI wonder what the automatic recipe thing is19:34
AlanBelljoanie: some special magic that does a pull from trunk and merges packaging and builds a new deb file every day19:36
joanieoh, interesting19:37
joanieif such magic could be used to make testing of these items easier, it would really be awesome.19:37
joanieSome users who are willing to test have a hard time with things like "just pull Orca master and build it."19:38
joanieSo "and do the same for WebKitGtk" is a total non-starter19:38
AlanBell"you can take any buildable branch — whether hosted in directly Launchpad or imported from Git, Subversion, CVS or Bazaar hosted elsewhere"19:40
AlanBellsounds kinda good19:40
* joanie looks19:40
macoim a packager and that "do the same for webkitgtk" sounds about as pleasant as building chrome or firefox19:40
joaniemaco: heh19:40
maco(read: not very)19:40
AlanBellI did set one up for dasher but it went a bit wrong and I couldn't fix it19:40
joaniemaco I do it and once your build environment is set up it's just a matter of going to find something else to do for an hour or so ;)19:41
joaniebut you see why this is a non-starter for most end users19:41
joanieand yet WebKitGtk a11y is really coming along nicely 19:42
joanieso that is where I'm putting my focus with Orca in terms of web content access19:42
joaniebut I need users testing19:42
joanieI also need  to find some dinner. Early flight tomorrow.19:44
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AlanBellhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/webkit is this webkitgtk?19:53
AlanBellhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/webkit/trunk/files looks somewhat like the webkitgtk source, but with extra stuff20:04
AlanBellok, it is webkit trunk, including some stuff that doesn't get into webkit releases20:07
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TheMusoPendulum: Sure, happy to do so. Perhaps the same time as we used to have our regular meetings, Wednesday at 20:30UTC?21:10
TheMusojoanie: I'll see what I can do re webkit and Orca testing, need to get some other precise based work finished first, thats taking most of my attentino atm.21:10
PendulumTheMuso: sounds good21:14
* AlanBell is doing a local build of orca with a source recipe22:44
AlanBellhttps://code.launchpad.net/~dusek/+recipe/gnome-orca-daily it is already being built daily22:53
AlanBelljoanie: ^^22:53
AlanBellhttps://code.launchpad.net/~hannes-janetzek/+archive/enlightenment-svn webkitgtk should be in this one somewhere22:55
AlanBellhttps://code.launchpad.net/~hannes-janetzek/+recipe/ewebkit-svn it is failing to build from source though22:56
AlanBellbzr: out of memory22:57
valorieperhaps the Project Neon guys could be enticed into setting up the PPA, or at least helping?23:13
valoriethey have it down to a science for KDE23:13

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