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noodles775james_w: django-configglue certainly makes working with settings a lot easier (having a local.cfg to override, or overriding on the command-line etc.)07:37
dpmgood morning everyone08:11
dpmhey james_w, good morning!15:08
james_whey dpm15:09
james_whow are you?15:09
dpmvery well, thanks, how are things in Canada, is everything covered in snow already :)15:09
james_wmvo, hi, I played around with lp:~james-w/pkgme-binary/pdf-backend yesterday15:10
james_wdpm, yep :-)15:10
james_wwell, only a light dusting so far15:10
james_wjml, have you had a chance to look at https://code.launchpad.net/~james-w/pkgme-binary/stormify/+merge/84529 yet?15:13
mvojames_w: awsome!15:15
mvojames_w: lp:~mvo/+junk/deb2dsc may be interessting (but its really hacky)15:15
james_wmvo, it's untested as of yet, and doesn't match up with the way that the pdfs are currently packaged, but I think my way is better :-)15:16
james_wanyway, I'm pretty sure it is feasible to handle pdfs through pkgme as well15:16
james_wwe're just lacking a bit of information coming from myapps I think15:16
james_wwhich is probably the case for apps as well15:17
james_w(to do a really good job I mean)15:17
james_wmvo, yeah, I was going to look at converting that this morning15:17
jmljames_w: just then. sorry for delay. being a bit slack w/ email today.15:21
james_wjml, my recollection is that our care & feeding call was supposed to be weekly, and that I clearly forgot to make it a recurring event, am I misremembering?15:23
jmljames_w: yes.15:23
jmljames_w: sorry. No, you're not misremembering, you are correct.15:23
james_wjml, ok, want to go over it today?15:24
jmljames_w: sure, why not?15:24
mvojames_w: just looked over the diff, seriously good stuff !15:24
mvojames_w: but misses a test ;)15:24
james_wmvo, yeah yeah :-)15:25
mvo(says m'test-slacker'vo)15:25
mvo(cool how simple tihs looks)15:25
james_wwell, it's untested, so I can make it as simple as I want if it doesn't have to work :-)15:27
james_wmvo, lp:~james-w/pkgme-binary/dotdeb-backend15:46
james_wmvo, it ports about half your script over to pkgme15:46
mvojames_w: you are *fast* :)15:49
mvojames_w: the half that is good, right? that is what is ported - the bad half got rewriten15:50
marwdo you now any good tutorials about application indicators in ubuntu 11+ (python)? (c/p from beginners-dev)15:53
james_wmvo, I just ported a random half :-)15:55
james_wI think what is there would produce a working package, but not a replica of the input15:56
james_wthe README lists some missing things15:56
mvojames_w: looking at the diff I'm impressed yet again how simple this is, changelog should be striaghtforward to grab and copyright too (assuming its a sensible deb that puts it into the right spot) maintainer I guess we could simply use the contact from myapps (does that make sense?). and maintainer scripts make me wince as we get the expanded debehlper scripts of course, but *shrug* we can't get it to prefect15:56
mvojames_w: yeah, just looking over the diff :)15:56
james_wchangelog> that's a bit of an anomoly in pkgme right now, as it doesn't quite work like everything else in the debian directory15:57
james_wcopyright is easy, yes15:57
james_wmaintainer> contact would work, or just take the one from the .deb15:57
* mvo nods15:57
james_wmaintainer scripts> that's the tricky part of this approach I think15:57
mvoyeah, I guess you are right15:57
Cashi does anyone know what changed to python in oneiric that would break the namespace for our plugins18:15
seanbrighti hope this is the correct forum - i am trying the example code at http://kalmbach.wordpress.com/2011/03/12/gtk-3-0-client-side-theme/ (i've also tried this in my own application and failed) but under a standard desktop install of oneiric, there is no affect at all18:24
dpmseanbright, if there is no one who can help you at this time, you might want to try on http://askubuntu.com/questions/ask?tags=application-development20:21

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