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arinelis this a good channel to ask about the ARM architecture?02:21
twbIf it's ubuntu-related, sure02:21
twbIf not, maaaybe02:22
arinelI'll take my chances then. I was wondering if the carry_out from the shifter is fed into the ALU?02:22
arinelin ARM v1-v5 (or so)02:23
twbWay above my head02:23
arinelI can't find a diagram that would show details on this02:23
twb##workingset might know of an appropriate channel, also recommend you lurk here02:24
arinelaha, thx!02:25
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dokoinfinity, can you see what is wrong with exo?09:19
infinitydoko: Well, the log just looks like bad quoting in variable assignment...09:21
infinityFOO=bar baz ./quux ; bash: bar: No such file or directory09:22
infinityErr, "baz: No such"... But you get the idea.09:22
infinityShould be FOO="bar baz" ./quux09:22
dokomust have been blind ...09:28
ogra_WOAH !09:32
ogra_0 upgraded, 1021 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.09:32
ogra_Need to get 325 MB of archives.09:32
ogra_After this operation, 955 MB of additional disk space will be used.09:32
ogra_thats from apt-get install ubuntu-desktop in my hf chroot !09:32
ogra_doko, infinity, you guys rock !09:33
ogra_janimo, can i have an armhf ac100 kernel ? :)09:33
infinityppisati: Any progress on ti-omap4 kernels for armhf?09:37
infinityogra_: 1021 newly installed?  What was that the build-deps for? :)09:37
ogra_build deps ?09:37
ogra_thats just a plain apt-get install ubuntu-desktop09:38
ogra_no build deps :)09:38
ogra_on top of -core btw09:38
ogra_abh, abootimg hasnt been built yet09:41
ogra_*bah even09:41
infinityCan fix.09:42
infinityAnything else you need?09:42
ogra_can you trigger a build without uploading a build1 version ?09:43
ogra_else i'm happy to do that09:43
infinityThere's nothing to trigger, I just had to score it up.09:43
ogra_oh, ok09:43
sefokumahi, i have a ecafe slim netbook with a A8 freescale i.MX51509:43
infinityCan I have it?09:44
sefokumai'm triying to change OS to Ubuntu from this way https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/MX5/QuickStart09:44
ogra_infinity, stay with the qiockstart :)09:44
sefokumabut when i try to boot system dont boot from sd crad09:44
infinitysefokuma: The uBoot on that card won't boot your system.09:45
infinityAnd the kernel may or may not.09:45
ogra_unlikely that the kernel works, but you should be able to boot with the exiting kernel and bootloader the device ships with09:45
ogra_you will need to do a bit of fiddling09:45
sefokumainfinity i select boot from external card with dip switch, i think that netbook must boot from it09:46
sefokumaif ubuntu armel for MX5 its prepared with uboot bootable... why dont work?09:46
ogra_sefokuma, the bootloader on the SD wont support that hardware09:46
sefokumaogra_ ok09:46
ogra_you need to find a u-boot binary that does and replace the one on the SD09:47
ogra_same goes for the kernel i guess09:47
sefokumaogra_ aham ok09:47
ogra_these images are specifically built for the quickstart board09:47
sefokumaoh! ok now i understand09:47
ogra_userspace will work on your device09:47
sefokumai will try install image on SD but overwrite uboot and ulinuximage with originals from guillemot09:48
ppisatiinfinity: i'm starting it now09:49
ppisatijanimo: off topic09:50
infinityppisati: Awesome.09:50
infinityppisati: I uploaded meta that assumes 1401 will build on armhf.  So, now I just need a kernel. ;)09:50
ppisatijanimo: is mosh micolay (whatever is the name/pronunciation) today?09:50
ppisatijanimo: Nicolai Mosh actually09:52
infinityppisati: It should just be a question of "for i in `rgrep -l armel *`; do sed -i -e 's/armel/armel armhf/'; done && for i in find . -name \*armel\*; do (I can't be bothered to type a decent automated version of "cp foo-armel foo-armhf"); done09:52
ppisatiinfinity: somehow :)09:52
infinityppisati: I fact, I can do that right now, if you like, and you can work on newer ABIs and shiny feature merges with 3.2? ;)09:53
ppisatiinfinity: i'm doing it manuallu right now09:54
infinityppisati: I would have done it already, but I didn't want to step on your toes and make you grumpy if you were half done.09:54
infinityppisati: Alright, cool.09:54
infinityppisati: Just watch for both "rgrep armel *" and "find . -name \*armel\*"... The file copies was what bit apw when he did it. :P09:54
infinity(As in, he forgot)09:54
apwppisati, very true, you need the d-i bits as well which are in files by arch name09:55
infinityogra_: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/abootimg/0.6-1/+build/2960109/+files/abootimg_0.6-1_armhf.deb09:57
ogra_yay, thanks !09:58
ogra_now i just need a kernel09:58
infinityYou have omap.  Break out a Beagle.09:58
* ogra_ would change the existing one himself but i really really dont want to touch git 09:58
infinityBut I can do ac100 on armhf, if you like.09:58
ogra_well, there is a 3.0 branch ready for testing09:59
infinityI wasn't going to touch git, I was just going to mangle the packaging and let jani sort it.  Not because I dislike git (I quite like it), but because I suspect I can't merge to whatever branch he's using anyway.09:59
ogra_i would assume that janimo is already on it and we get armhf with the next upload09:59
infinity3.0 would be shiny, but any working kernel is good for now.09:59
infinityThough it's unsupported anyway, blah blha.09:59
ogra_hmm, so you wouldnt touch git either09:59
infinityWait for ppisati, and go armhf on your panda? :)09:59
ogra_then i can do it as well09:59
ogra_i want to upgrade my ac100 to precise anyway10:00
ogra_so i can as well try the adventurous cross grade :)10:00
infinityIt won't even remotely work.10:02
infinitySo, like.  Don't try.10:02
infinitylibc-bin makes the world explode.10:02
infinityWell, I guess you can try.  But be prepared to wipe and reinstall right after. :P10:02
infinityogra_: Anyhow.  I'm about to do the ac100 armhf thing.  Unless you really want to.10:02
ogra_if i unpack -core over my rootfs and then do a simple desktop install ....10:03
ogra_no. do it if you feel like10:03
infinityBuild needed 45:44:37, 8327584k disk space10:04
infinity^-- qt4-x11 on a babbage.10:04
infinityWe can't get rid of those things fast enough...10:04
infinityIt takes, like, 13 hours on a Panda.10:04
ogra_and 10min on a calxeda :)10:05
dmartBuild needed 45:44:37, 8327584k disk space> hah, I remember that.  Pretty painful10:05
apwogra_, but do you have one10:06
dmart10min> nice10:06
apwand indeed does anyone10:06
* apw would like one to build kernels on10:06
ogra_apw, sadly not yet10:06
ogra_in a year from now though ....10:06
apwthen build time ->infinity right now on one ;/10:07
xranbyyesterday i started a armhf deboostrap... http://paste.ubuntu.com/761449/   for some reason it stalled and have now been stuck for 12h I: Configuring console-setup...10:07
dmartSure 1 year + 10 mins ?10:07
xranbyam i the only one hitting this?10:07
infinityxranby: I've not seen it.10:07
ogra_xranby, did you mount /proc and /sys ?10:08
ogra_i had it doing weird things to my host when it configured procps10:08
infinityThe procps madness only happens on upgrade.10:08
infinityNot on debootstrap.10:08
xranbyogra_: no i simply crated the precise-hf foler and executed sudo debootstrap --verbose --arch armhf precise /media/dh0/chroot/precise-hf10:08
infinityxranby: Ctrl-C and try harder? :P10:08
ogra_oh, right mine was an upgrade10:09
infinityxranby: Although, I haven't tried a full debootstrap yet.  I'm only using --variant=buildd and --variant=minbase10:09
infinityxranby: (I'd recommend one of those)10:09
xranbyok i have now used ctrl-c10:09
xranbywill chroot into it and see if it are usable10:09
infinityIt won't be.10:09
infinityJust wipe it and use --variant=buildd.10:10
xranbyheh ok10:10
sorenWould Ubuntu work on the new Eee Transformer Prime (including graphics support)?10:33
infinitysoren: Graphics are a big "maybe, but not sure yet".  The bigger issue right now will be locked bootloaders.10:39
infinitysoren: So, uhh.  We'll see.10:39
infinitysoren: But I suspect a number of people will be buying them to make it happen. :P10:39
soreninfinity: What will I need to keep an eye on? Is there a tegra X.org driver where this is likely to land (for the graphics stuff, obviously)?10:41
soreninfinity: ...or is this all kernel-side these days, so keeping an eye on LKML will suffice?10:42
infinitysoren: Oh, we'll probably have non-accelerate video out of the gate.  It's binary drivers that will be iffy.10:43
xranbyinfinity:  --variant=buildd = works for me10:43
infinityxranby: Figured it would.10:43
infinitysoren: But, until we get past the bootloader, I make no promises about... Well... Anything. ;)10:43
soreninfinity: Oh, cool. Is there a generic graphics sort of thing for ARM as well (akin to VESA)?10:44
infinityThere are a few framebuffer drivers.10:44
infinityFor some large value of "few".10:44
infinityogra_: Running a test-build of linux-ac100...10:49
infinityogra_: If it's good, I'll upload before bed.10:49
soreninfinity: Using one of these framebuffer drivers instead of proper accelerated drivers, will that drain the battery with normal use, or only if I try to do a lot of OpenGL stuff, for instance?10:54
infinitysoren: Who knows.  The hardware's still a mystery to me until I have one.10:55
soreninfinity: Alright. I just thought that was the sort of thing you could answer based on past experience. No worries.10:55
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infinitysoren: Well, on the Tegra2 netbook I use, I don't use binary drivers, and I get insanely good battery life.  Not sure how useful that data point is, but I imagine Tegra3 stuff will play out similarly.10:56
soreninfinity: Wicked. Thanks.10:57
ogra_infinity, awesome !11:09
* infinity taps foot.11:09
infinityMy Panda needs some go-faster juice.11:10
ppisatiinfinity: i want to do another thing to P/omap4 before i upload, but if you want i can give you an omap4 armhf kernel now11:51
ogra_ppisati, we need it in the archive11:51
ogra_to build images11:51
sefokumahi again12:19
sefokumai have now a ubuntu-core running on my arm12:19
sefokumabut.. i dont know default password of ubuntu-core fs lol12:19
sefokumaany idea?12:19
ogra_there is none12:19
sefokumaand user¿12:19
ogra_nor is there a user or any networking config12:19
ogra_you need to configure that by hand12:19
ogra_-core is to build images on top of it, not for plain usage12:20
sefokumayes i know12:21
sefokumabut i need first boot and login12:21
sefokumato continue making system12:21
ogra_if you want to use it you need to make a bunch of adjustments before using it (create a user, install the networking bits, configure the system etc12:21
ogra_(before booting into it)12:21
sefokumai was following his steps12:21
sefokumahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Core - Deploying Ubuntu Core12:22
ogra_yeah, thats not complete yet12:22
sefokumaoh ok12:22
ogra_we have a task to update the documentation for precise12:22
sefokuma_sorry coniecction time out12:25
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sefokumaok works12:41
sefokumabut im thinking on copy armel MX5 rootfs directly to SD cardroot filesystem12:42
loolhey folks, does someone know whether someone still cares for the "mobile" packageset?13:08
ogra_nobody does13:08
ogra_same for netbook13:08
ogra_though i'm not sure kubuntu-mobile didnt migrate to just be called mobile13:09
ogra_better ask them :)13:09
infinityI'm not sure what mobile is anymore.13:11
infinityIt has xfce stuff in it..13:11
dokoxfce should build now, unless the desktop team hates xfce even more ...13:12
loolis there a web ui to check packagesets contents and upload permissions?13:12
loolI figure launchpadlib might expose it13:12
infinitylool: No idea.  I'm pretty packageset ignorant.13:12
infinitylool: I know that creating/managing them is still an annying by-hand affair with some voodoo.13:13
Davieylool: edit_acl.py13:17
loolDaviey: I'm not an archive admin13:17
Davieylool: neither am i, but you can use it to check who has upload access where13:17
Davieyand packageset contents13:17
loolDaviey: where is it?13:18
looloh wow, lp:ubuntu-archive-tools is public and I never used it13:19
Daviey$ edit_acl.py -P mobile -S precise query13:19
loolworked fine, thanks13:19
infinityhildon and xfce and other bits.13:20
infinityThat's so painfully obsolete.13:20
ogra_kill it !13:20
loolit seems we don't have a process for removing sources from packagesets13:21
loolI mean binaries from packagesets when we remove sources13:21
ogra_but you should be able to remove the whole packageset13:21
ogra_which in this case would be proper13:21
infinitylool: Eh?  Binaries aren't in packagesets.13:22
infinitylool: Package set define archive rights, it's source-level ganularity.13:22
loolah right13:22
loolindeed these are used for source upload rights13:23
loolOk; going to lie down a bit, I feel too sick13:27
infinitytop - 13:55:57 up  7:18,  0 users,  load average: 12.08, 10.66, 9.2913:56
infinityAnd they said the Panda wasn't server hardware...13:56
ogra_ha ha14:02
Davieyinfinity: did you do mdad raid via partitions on a single sdcard?14:03
S0NiCcan anyone help me to change some values for this tutorial https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/BuildEABIChroot? because http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/karmic/Release doesnt exist15:05
ogra_S0NiC, that howto i sreally really outdated15:13
ogra_S0NiC, if you feel like, please delete it ....15:14
ogra_(else we will delete it along woth the rootfs from scratch page etc)15:15
S0NiCogra_ can you tell me another howto?15:21
ogra_not yet, we will rework all this with the switch to live-build15:22
ogra_currently the existing howtos refer to obsolete tools adn the new tools arent properly documented yet15:22
S0NiChmm shit i have to crosscompile a programm for amr715:22
ogra_as for building a chroot, install qemu-user-static, run qemu-debootstrap15:23
ogra_that will create an arm chroot on an x86 machine15:23
ogra_at least on systems newer than lucid15:23
ogra_for lucid ask in #linaro for the lucid PPA of qemu15:24
S0NiCi am useing maverick15:24
ogra_might be ok ...15:24
S0NiChave i to specifiy a target-arch=15:24
S0NiCbecause i get this error?15:25
ogra_i think aemu-debootstrap defaults to armel ... if not, the same options debootstrap uses apply15:25
ogra_yeah, try --arch armel15:26
ogra_beyond that, all other debootstrap options apply15:26
S0NiCogra_ i tried... http://nopaste.info/4493dfff57.html but doesnt work ;(15:28
ogra_well, it tells you what you are missing15:29
ogra_just follow the suggestion the "usage" line gives you15:29
ogra_suite is the release name i.e. oneiric, maverick etc ...15:30
ogra_target is the dir relative to the dir you run the command in15:30
* ogra_ hugs infinity 15:33
ogra_so tomorrow is the image day :)15:33
ogra_ndec, before end of the week we should have armhf images for panda, beagle and ac100 ...15:34
ndecogra_: hey! cool.15:35
ogra_ndec, an armhf  recompiled gles driver for panda would rock soooo hard :)15:35
S0NiCsorry i was away15:40
S0NiCogra_ now it works. thanks15:43
ogra_S0NiC, does your project have heavy dependencies ? else you could just use the cross compiler15:44
S0NiCogra_ i have a question for my understanding: if its finished i change to the directory and can compile there my program?15:44
S0NiCwhat do you mean by heavy depndencies?15:44
ogra_you can run: sudo chroot <path to your target dir>15:44
ogra_that will switch your filesystem root to the chroot15:45
ogra_well, libraries etc15:45
S0NiCogra_ iam new to this ;D thanks, i read this already15:45
S0NiCi try to compile a qtwebkit program15:45
S0NiCi think, thats heavy? ;)15:45
ogra_ah, k, then the chroot approach is probably better15:45
S0NiCi did some tries but the conclusion was not soooooooooo good ;)15:46
ogra_if it would have been a cmdline thing that only needs libc that would be lightweight enough to not use a chroot15:46
S0NiCe.g. with make i can compile my program on my target (pandaboard) and on my desktop machine. i tried it with g++ and it doesnt work (its a little c++ program)15:47
S0NiCi see thx15:47
ndecogra_: are armel PPA building for armhf by default as well?15:48
ogra_ndec, not yet15:48
ogra_all that armhf stuff went way faster than expected (after massive probs in the bringup phase we're suddenly far ahead of the plan)15:48
ogra_ndec, but whats there should be enough to re-roll the binary blob in preparation15:49
ogra_i'll take care for PPAs soon15:49
ogra_(i hope we can just make them dual build for both arm arches and be done)15:50
S0NiCogra_ wow that needs a lot of time... to build the chroot15:50
ogra_S0NiC, well, it downloads all packages from the archive15:50
ogra_then it unpacks them without using dpkg ...15:50
ogra_and then it configures them by running the maintainer scripts ... in a qemu chroot each process is wrapped by a qemu call ...15:51
ogra_so while thats a lot faster than running an actual qemu machine, its indeed a lot slower than if you would build an x86 chroot15:51
S0NiCsounds deep in the system ;D15:51
ogra_it is deep in the system ... actually on kernel level (for the wrapping of the processes)15:52
S0NiCokay finished no i try to chroot15:53
S0NiCokay i chrooted an now i can try to compile my program ?15:53
ogra_you will want to install some bits to actually be able to compile15:54
infinityogra_: "dual build for both arches"?15:54
ogra_a chroot like this is a virgin system15:54
ogra_infinity, armel and armhf15:54
ogra_in two runs15:54
ogra_would that be very complex ?15:54
infinityogra_: Yeah, I didn't quite get what you were driving at, though.15:54
S0NiCorga tahn apt-get updaten and so on?15:54
infinityogra_: PPAs get armel and armhf build records.  Just like every other arch.15:54
ogra_S0NiC, apt-get update; apt-get install build-essential15:54
ogra_that should get you the very basics15:55
S0NiCah thanks15:55
ogra_infinity, well, the armel ones are currently limited (artificailly i think) to build armel only15:55
infinityogra_: Not entirely true.15:55
ogra_S0NiC, and then indeed the -dev packages for the libs your app needs15:55
infinityogra_: There's been plenty of armhf PPA activite.15:55
ogra_infinity, ah, cool, i didnt know15:55
S0NiCorga thanks15:56
infinityogra_: It's only the "virtual" ones that have that strange limitation (and they're not actuall virtual, obviously)15:56
infinityogra_: It's... Messy.15:56
ogra_infinity, well, we need to enable ndec's PPA for hf then so he can build us the shiny for panda :)15:56
infinityWhich team/ppa is that again?15:57
ogra_that has a physical builder attached15:57
S0NiCogra_ sorry for interrupt your conversation but i get an E: Unable to locate package build-essential15:57
infinityogra_: That was remarkably unhelpful.15:57
ogra_ti-omap-dev is teh team iirc15:57
infinityI'm thinking not. ;)15:57
ogra_S0NiC, hmm, did you apt-get update ?15:57
* infinity asks his panda.15:58
infinityogra_: Oh, I can't tell from looking at it what kind of PPA it is.  But it might just magically get armhf build records on the next upload.  Dunno.16:00
infinityogra_: Oh, I can't tell from looking at it what kind of PPA it is.  But it might just magically get armhf build records on the next upload.  Dunno.16:02
ogra_infinity, https://launchpad.net/~tiomap-dev/+archive/release16:03
* ogra_ had a crash here 16:03
ogra_chromium actung up usually leads to OOM at some point16:03
ogra_i'll better buy a bucket to stop the leaking16:04
infinityOr open fewer tabs.16:04
S0NiCogra_ i have to leave now, it possible to talk later to you=?16:04
ogra_luckily i dont use a laptop ... so it doesnt leak on my lap ...16:04
ogra_a netbook must leak to the net, right ?16:04
S0NiCcu guys and thanks for the help16:06
dokoinfinity, can you apply the mmap patch to the ac100 image too?16:50
ogra_doko, i guess thats rather a task for janimo16:50
ogra_(he maintains the git tree)16:51
infinitydoko: Yeah, I was just enabling armhf in the packaging, jani's working on 3.x source mangling.16:51
ogra_and he doesnt seem around today16:51
ogra_(probably a holiday in romania)16:51
infinityI believe someone said it was, yeah.16:51
infinityogra_: You have an ac100 kernel.16:52
ogra_done already ?16:52
ogra_geez, these pandas are so fast16:52
infinityogra_: Can't make images with it yet, cause I can't publish it until the librarian is recovered. :P16:52
infinityogra_: But you can download it from LP and install it locally and such.16:52
ogra_right, i plan to roll manual builds tomorrow16:52
ogra_and will then test the full image16:53
infinityBuilds should Just Work.16:53
infinityUnless I screwed up. ;)16:53
infinityBut what are the odds, right?16:53
ogra_else i'll fix them16:53
ogra_if they all work fine i wonder how to make them autobuild ... i fear we are getting to a point where a full set of images will take 24h :)16:54
ogra_i guess we should just do some selected areches for the start16:54
ogra_ac100 and omap4 or so16:54
infinityWell, it's on a different machine.16:55
ogra_sure sure16:55
infinityAnd post-processing doesn't take long at all.16:55
XaseHow do I mount the preinstalled image again to replace the kernel, i cant seem to find it on the wiki.16:55
ogra_Xase, just re-plug the card after writing it16:55
infinityI bet all 4 flavours on armhf will build in about the same time as they do on armel over two buildds.16:55
XaseOh lol..16:56
ogra_thats 4h per build and flavour16:56
XaseNever thought about tbhat16:56
Xaseit's not even dd'd yet16:56
ogra_so 8h for two flavours of the same subarch16:56
infinityogra_: Yes, but arches build in parallel.16:56
ogra_16 for 4 etc etc16:56
infinityogra_: My point is that armhf should be about the same speed as armel, so adding it slows nothing down.16:56
ogra_it fuills the few time gaps we have öeft16:56
infinitySame time.16:57
aquadranhi, i'm sure it's good place to ask here. i have issue with hdmi audio working on pandabaord with ubuntu 11.10. analog audio works. for hdmi i get 0,5 sec proper sound then it cut and nothing and only some low clicks. worked fine on 10.1016:57
ogra_you can only build two in paralell16:57
infinityWhat are you talking about? :)16:57
ogra_omap4 is always built on the same builder16:57
infinityarmel+omap4 is.16:57
ogra_we build at least four flavours of omap4 images atm16:57
infinityarmhf+omap4 is another machine.16:57
ogra_we have new live builders ?!?16:58
infinityAdding armhf slows nothing.16:58
aquadranis there know issue for hdmi audio, i know for some it works fine16:58
ogra_OH !16:58
infinityLamont and I have been debugging the armhf builder for the last two days. :P16:58
* ogra_ humps infinity's leg16:58
ogra_i DIDNT KNOW !16:58
ogra_i would say disregard the caps but they somehow feel appropriate :)16:59
GrueMasterErm, ogra_, infinity.  Kernel panic with the omap armhf netinstall kernel.17:05
ogra_when ? did you get to any console or directly on boot17:06
infinityGrueMaster: Output of the panic would be nice.17:07
GrueMasterWorking on it now.17:07
infinityGrueMaster: To see if it's the kernel's fault, or a userspace fuckup.17:07
ogra_or the bootloader probably :)17:08
ogra_on omap you never know17:08
infinityMy bet's on userspace (well, the initramfs), but I'm blindly guessing. ;)17:08
infinityI haven't actually done a by-hand install yet.17:08
ogra_thats why i asked about console :)17:08
infinityI guess with the ti-omap4 kernel rolling, I can replace armel on my Panda with armhf.17:09
ogra_how do we go forward btw17:09
ogra_do we concentrate all efforts on armhf and leave el be el ?17:09
ogra_given the state of it i would actually be in favour of that17:10
GrueMasterHmmm.  Not finding init.17:10
ogra_OTOH, if we find a hard blocker we might be screwed17:10
infinityogra_: I don't see why they're mutually exclusive.  99% of the work I've done for armhf was duplicating armel.17:11
Xasewill renaming uInitrd to uRamdisk be the same thing or is it different?17:12
infinityogra_: In rare cases, you need an entry for each in a rules file or something (a package that cares about float-abi), but that's 5 seconds of your time.17:12
ogra_well, i wouldnt like to duplicate testing efforts etc17:12
infinityogra_: For testing efforts, that's tougher, I agree.17:12
XaseBecause the u-boot on the nook color looks for uRamdisk17:12
GrueMasterXase: ???17:12
Xasenot uInitrd17:12
GrueMasterAh.  Should17:12
infinityogra_: Testing effectively 8 arches instead of 4 is daunting.17:12
rcn-eeGrueMaster, i'm seeing that same with Debian Sid armhf with mainline.. ;)17:12
ogra_infinity, plus the work janimo does on live images :) thats one more17:12
GrueMasterrcn-ee: ouch.17:12
ogra_and likely really slow17:13
infinityGrueMaster: Okay, I'll replace armel with armhf on my Panda today and figure out WTF that's all about.17:14
GrueMasterogra_: I thought the live images were manually built for the moment.17:14
infinityGrueMaster: It's almost certainly userspace.17:14
ogra_GrueMaster, yes, currently17:14
ogra_infinity, i'm not sure17:15
GrueMasterAs to image testing, I am working hard to get a lot of it automated.  All the headless testing should be automated by EOY.  That leave me with desktop to manually muck about.17:15
infinityogra_: I did say "almost".17:15
ogra_"Trying to unpack rootfs image as initramfs..."17:15
XaseLessee if udev crashes like crazy this time.17:15
ogra_thats usually the line before "freeing init memory"17:15
GrueMasterAlthough I will be short non-omap4 platforms for automated installs.17:15
ogra_i dotn see it in tobins paste17:15
XaseNope... it seems to be working :D17:16
Xaseubuntu on Nook Color with a mouse :p17:16
ogra_GrueMaster, well, omap4 should soon be netinstallable on hf too17:16
XaseNothing else so far =/17:16
XaseProbably something else broke...17:16
GrueMasterOr equally broken.  :P17:16
infinityGrueMaster: Does current omap netinstall work on armel?17:17
infinityGrueMaster: Cause the kernel's identical.17:17
Xasebut if it got past the kernel loading, I should now be able to retrieve some sort of log from the SDCard right?17:17
XaseOh wait17:17
GrueMasterI wonder if the switch to no initrd has anything to do with this breakage?17:17
XaseIts still doing its thing17:17
ogra_Trying to unpack rootfs image as initramfs...17:17
infinityGrueMaster: That should be the nail in the coffin.17:17
XaseGuest Session login ;)17:17
GrueMasterWill try armel.17:17
ogra_no error though17:17
XaseHmmm. Ghetto. The touchscreen is nil working17:17
GrueMasterXase: You have an ubuntu image on nook color????  COOL!!!17:17
GrueMasterWell, aside from touch.17:18
XaseYeah, it needs cypress truetouch...17:18
XaseI'm using Dalingrin CM sources plus some patches from a  mer developer.17:18
XaseBut mer dies while loading udev.17:18
XaseFigured it'd continue on the Ubuntu image17:19
XaseBecause the suspect in the Mer case is bad dding17:19
XaseHowever now it's time to see if I can recompile with TrueTouch in menuconfig :D17:19
ogra_GrueMaster, "switch to no initrd" ? do you refer to my spec ? nothing has been done for that yet17:19
ogra_so no worries17:20
Xasemake ARCH=arm menuconfig right?17:20
ogra_i guess apw will explicitly tell us if he (potentially) breaks the world17:20
GrueMasterOk, something broken on the hf image.  I'm in netinstall on armel on omap.17:20
ogra_lets wait for omap417:21
ogra_and see if thats omap3 specific17:21
XaseGrueMaster: the ubuntu image doesn't seem to see battery... something having to do with Kernel?17:21
ogra_rcn-ee, you dont happen to know a workaround ?17:21
apwGrueMaster, odd indeed as the armel and armhf should basically be the same bits17:22
GrueMasterXase: Possibly.  Not sure, since I haven't had time to muck about on my NC.17:22
Xasealso I  need SGX530, can I chroot into the ARM image from my machine and apt-get install that way?17:22
ogra_apw, well, compiled differently17:22
ogra_(theoretically that shouldnt have any impact indeed .... theoretically ...)17:22
apwogra_, well not really the only change is the float interfaces, and they kernel doesn't use float ever17:22
rcn-eeogra_, nope, debugging it too right now..  what's weird, it worked fine with the "debian unstable armhf" (sep time frame) repo's.. so something changed between that timeframe and the current sid repo.17:22
apwkernel normally panics if you do use float as the fpu isn't available17:23
ogra_well, it doesnt seem to be the kernel17:23
ogra_and by the looks of it even the initrd is fine17:23
apwogra_, well that is something at least17:24
ogra_it just chokes on "no init found"17:24
apwhmmm ... maybe we have no upstart17:24
rcn-eeGrueMaster, if it helps, my old armhf image is still available: http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardDebian#armhf_Demo_Image17:25
XaseTruetouch is enabled in my kernel already...17:25
Xasebut I'm getting no response from the screen.17:25
ogra_i dont think d-i uses upstart17:25
ogra_(unless it has been ported recently)17:25
apwoh alternative cds are they, i was assuming live17:26
ogra_easiest to test :)17:26
apwcould be a heap of things, do you have the network drivers in your initrd for instance17:27
ogra_it loads all fine, see the paste of the dmesg output17:27
GrueMasterWhat (if any) config changes to the kernel are in the armhf rev?17:27
ogra_GrueMaster, none17:27
GrueMasterapw: See my pastebin.17:27
ogra_its just a rebuilds for armhf17:27
apwits configuration is identicle between armel and armhf17:28
infinityThe kernels should be almost literally identical.17:28
infinityI'm sure the issue is userspace.17:28
ogra_probably d-i's init uses floating point :P17:28
ogra_yeah, i know17:28
infinityMy bet's on initramfs-tools, and possibly the interpreter not landing in the initramfs.17:29
ogra_well, lets see how desktop images behave tomorrow, could as well be a d-i issue17:29
infinityI haven't actually built an initramfs on armhf yet.17:29
ogra_d-i doesnt use initramfs-tools, does it ?17:29
GrueMasterI think it does.17:30
* ogra_ thought it uses cpio and whatever compressor directly 17:30
ogra_as it doesnt use upstarts init17:31
infinityIt might do.17:31
ogra_so i would rather like to wait until we have desktop images and compare with that17:31
GrueMasterWe have core, right?  I could muck something together that way.17:32
infinityinitramfs) \17:32
infinity  (cd ./tmp/omap_netboot/tree && find . | cpio --quiet -o -H newc) >  ./tmp/omap_netboot/initrd; \17:32
infinitygzip -v9f ./tmp/omap_netboot/initrd; \17:32
infinitySo, how it's populating that will be interesting.17:32
ogra_from udebs indeed17:32
ogra_intresting would also be what init it uses17:33
infinityMy bet's still on the linker.17:33
GrueMasterCould it be busybox?  How do I differentiate between armel and armhf versions?17:33
infinityLet me tear apar this initrd.17:33
ogra_hmm. good question, the file command doesnt know the difference17:34
ogra_at least not with std output17:34
infinityadconrad@cthulhu:~/ung$ cat initrd | cpio -t | grep ld-linux17:35
infinityAnd that's the problem.17:35
infinityI figured.17:35
infinityNow to see if that's the udeb's fault, or d-i's build process.17:36
GrueMasterdiff initrd/bin/busybox busybox/usr/lib/initramfs-tools/bin/busybox17:36
GrueMasterBinary files initrd/bin/busybox and busybox/usr/lib/initramfs-tools/bin/busybox differ17:36
infinityGrueMaster: Of course they differ.17:36
infinityGrueMaster: But the problem is above.17:36
infinityLinker in the wrong place.17:36
GrueMasterWhere should it be?17:37
infinity /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ld-linux.so.317:38
GrueMasterin the initrd?17:38
GrueMasterSeems odd.17:38
infinityAnd it's my fault.17:38
infinityThe udeb has it in the wrong location.17:39
infinityeglibc upload incoming. :/17:39
* GrueMaster points blame.17:39
GrueMasterIn the meantime, I'll reassemble this and tally forth.17:39
ogra_awesome, that means desktop images wont be affected :D17:39
infinityCan you manually mangle the initrd to move ld-2.13.so and ls-linux.so.3 to that path?17:40
ogra_why not17:40
ogra_you can cat cpio archives together, the one you append acts like an overlay17:40
infinityI meant to be asking GrueMaster to try that. :P17:40
infinityNot asking if it was possible.17:41
GrueMasterI have a couple of scripts for exploding and reassembling initrd.img17:41
infinityGrueMaster: If you can move those two files (and make sure the symlink still resolves), and try again?17:41
ogra_so just pull both files out, roll a cpio archive witgh them in the right place, and just cat it at the end of the existing cpio initrd ... then compress it again17:41
GrueMasterogra_: Don't over-complicate things.17:42
ogra_GrueMaster, huh ?17:42
GrueMasterEasier for me to reroll with my existing scripts.17:42
XaseSo... I have my touch driver enabled in kernel... however, I don't know how to get xorg to use it.17:42
ogra_thats way faster than unpacking everything and re-rolling the whole thing17:42
GrueMasterogra_: On a Core2Quad running at 3ghz?  Speed is not the issue.17:43
GrueMaster(actually takes longer for this discussion).17:43
GrueMasterinfinity: Not seeing ld-2.13.so.17:44
ogra_grab it from a -core image ?17:44
infinityGrueMaster: It's in lib...17:44
infinityGrueMaster: I see it here.17:44
infinityI'm looking at the udeb.17:44
GrueMasterNo /lib/triplet directory.17:45
infinityYeah, nevermind.  d-i canonicalises the paths, so no ld-2.13.so17:45
infinityld-linux.so.3 is a real file, not a symlink.17:45
infinitySo just move that.17:45
infinityGrueMaster: You have to create the directory, it's not there. :P17:45
infinityGrueMaster: /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ld-linux.so.3 is where that one file needs to live.17:46
ogra_GrueMaster, lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ that is :)17:46
GrueMasterI know that part.  I was just looking for the other file.17:46
infinityYeah, the other file isn't on the initrd.17:46
infinityOn a real system, ld-linux.so.3 is a symlink to ld-2.13.so, in the initrd, ld-linux.so.3 *is* ld-2.13.so.17:47
GrueMasterHad me worried.  find was returning nothing in the initrd.17:47
GrueMasterThought this was horribly broken.17:47
infinityAlso, glibc's udeb building is making my eyes cross.17:48
GrueMasterogra_: time pack-initrd initrd.img initrd17:48
GrueMasterreal    0m1.341s17:48
GrueMasteruser    0m1.340s17:48
GrueMastersys     0m0.076s17:48
GrueMasterJust fyi.17:48
ogra_yeah yeaqh17:49
GrueMasterMuch better.17:51
ogra_boots through `17:51
GrueMasterI'm in the installer.17:51
* ogra_ goes afk for an hour or so17:52
GrueMasterI'm being hit by bug 838200 (not an armhf issue).17:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 838200 in u-boot-linaro "No network support on Beagle XM" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83820017:54
GrueMasterOk, moving forward again.17:55
GrueMasterYea.  seems to only affect me, as I have a rev B beagleXM.  Rest of the world is on rev C.17:56
GrueMasterHrm.  "No installable kernel was found in the defined APT sources."  Might need to fix this in d-i.18:06
* GrueMaster can preseed around it for now.18:06
infinityThat sounds like an oops.18:06
GrueMasterI think d-i has hardcoded arches.18:07
infinityIt does.18:10
infinityI suspect Colin just missed a spot or something.18:10
* GrueMaster facepalms18:10
infinityLet me guess, it's using archive instead of ports?18:11
GrueMasterNo, actually it is using my local mirror.18:11
GrueMasterBut it is updated every 2h, so that shouldn't be the issue.18:12
GrueMasterI think I had to do the same thing for omap4.  I know I have the linux-omap4 meta listed there.18:15
rcn-eesweet, the /lib/ld-linux.so -> /lib/arm-linux-gnueabi fixes debian sid armhf.. ;)18:17
infinityrcn-ee: Yeah.  Working on fixing eglibc now, will push to Debian too.18:17
rcn-eethanks infinity! was about to just figure out where to submit the bug.. ;)18:18
Xaseis there a sample xorg.conf or some way of telling xorg to use evtouch?18:30
XaseNo one? :(18:36
GrueMasterXase: You might be better asking that in #ubuntu-desktop.  I think all the xorg guys hang out there.18:37
Xase ok18:38
GrueMasterinfinity: Rebooting into armhf.  Fingers crossed.18:47
infinityGrueMaster: If it installed, I'm confident it'll boot. ;)18:48
infinity(eglibc uploaded and building)18:48
GrueMasterGrr.  I hate that it sits and spins waiting for a network.  On this broken system, means I have to manually unplug/plug in the cable for link detect to work.18:50
GrueMasterStill waiting on something in init to finish.18:51
GrueMasterIt is pingable, but no getty so far.  Will need to enable console logging in the boot.scr to see what is borked.18:53
GrueMasterDo I need the updated eglibc or something?  It is hanging after "Starting configure network device".  System is pingable, but no login.19:00
infinityNope.  Not eglibc's fault there.19:00
GrueMasterssh appears to work, but no shell.19:00
infinityNo shell sounds ominous.19:00
GrueMasterssh logs in, lays out the welcome mat, then closes.19:01
GrueMasterHrm.  Appears there is no /bin/bash19:02
infinityThat seems rather unlikely...19:02
GrueMasterNothing stands out in syslog.19:06
GrueMasterI have the rootfs drive on my PC now, so I can root arount.19:06
XaseWell that's pretty useless no one helpful with X seems to be in #ubuntu at the moment19:13
GrueMasterXase: Some of them may be on vacation.19:14
Xasejust my luck.19:14
XaseI'm unsure why the already there evdev rules don't catch the screen19:14
GrueMasterIt could need to be updated with your device info, and an xorg.conf file could work around it.  I am just not sure how to do that.19:18
XaseWell if I even try to add anything to a new rules file or an xorg.conf ubuntu fails to boot.19:19
GrueMasterDo you get an Xorg.0.log when you change the config or rules?19:35
XaseWell I have to change it on the sdcard but I'll check, I have no other way to input besides the non working touch screen ;)19:35
XaseWhere would it exactly be located?19:36
GrueMasterYea, I know (I have a Nook Color as well).19:36
GrueMasterShould be in /var/log19:36
XaseNope it's blank.19:37
XaseI'm sure I'm editing them wrong anyways.19:37
XaseIt gives me a very specific error19:37
GrueMasterIt should at least complain.  Anything in /var/log/sysog?19:37
XaseWhen I mess with xorg it gives this during boot.19:39
Xase(stk) :line disc installation timed out19:39
Xaseti_st_open: st_register failed -2219:39
GrueMasterThat looks like a bluetooth error.19:39
XaseSo I'm seeing something normally hidden by x19:40
XaseThen boot isn't crashing19:40
XaseX just isn't loading19:40
XaseI'm definitely editing things wrong :D19:40
XaseNothing in syslog about x11 or xorg19:41
GrueMasterI just got a link from one of our devs.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EloTouchScreen19:41
GrueMasterAlthough he also says evtouch is obsolete.19:41
Xaseyeah apparently just evdev is used19:42
XaseSo try evtouch?19:42
GrueMasterI can't really answer.  But the link has some good pointers at least.19:42
Xasewell I have no clue how to do that. as I have no idea how to chroot into this sdcard since it's arm.19:42
GrueMasterWhat are you using for a base image?19:44
XaseUbuntu Preinstalled Omap319:44
GrueMasterI don't know if the gadget port can be enabled or not, but if you could figure that out, you might be able to get a serial console working.19:46
XaseSomeone else I'm working with had issues...19:46
GrueMasterAlso, the preinstalled image will be a bit more difficult, as it resizes the rootfs and launches oem-config.19:46
GrueMasterbut if you are able to boot this far, there is a lot that can go forward.  I don't know how to do it, but I'm sure you could use qemu to chroot into the image for adding packages and such.19:48
janimoinfinity, thanks for the armhf/ac100 bits, I'll add them to the packaging git tree (also I'll check if zinc is still alive in the meantime for user kernels trees)19:48
Xasewould... syslog show what devices were detected at startup GrueMaster ?19:50
GrueMasterI would think so.  You could also edit one of the init scripts (/etc/init.d) to execute some discovery commands that pipe to a log file.19:51
Xasesort of lshal >> /var/log/lshal19:52
GrueMasterCan you give me a link to your kernel?  I'll try to muck with it a bit here in my spare time this week.19:52
GrueMasterYea, something like that.19:53
XaseSure, just my uImage?19:53
GrueMasterActually, I would need that and any modules.  Or are they all built-in?19:53
GrueMasterBetter still, if you can give me a dd of your sd boot partition, that would give me everything I need.19:54
XaseAll bubuilt in sure19:55
GrueMasterdd bs=4M if=/dev/mmcblk0p1 |gzip boot.img.gz19:55
Xaseok I was just about to ask.19:56
Xasegzip: boot.img.gz: No such file or directory19:58
GrueMasterOops.  dd bs=4M if=/dev/mmcblk0p1 |gzip >boot.img.gz19:59
GrueMasterMissed the >19:59
GrueMastermy bad19:59
GrueMasterinfinity: Any hints for what to look for as to why the beaglexm won't boot all the way in armhf?20:01
infinityGrueMaster: Not sure off the top of my head.20:01
GrueMasterI can chroot into the image (using a preinstalled-server image).20:01
infinityGrueMaster: But I'm going to fiddle on my panda in a bit.20:01
GrueMasterFiddler on the Root.20:03
* GrueMaster is in a weirdish mood today.20:03
XaseHold on.20:06
janimoinfinity, do you know what's with many FTBFS (today at least) not having build logs available?20:06
XaseGrueMaster:  data.excloo.com/~jase/boot.img.gz20:08
GrueMasterCool, got it.20:09
XaseFack I can't remember how to add a host to known_hosts20:10
GrueMasterOn your desktop?  Which release?20:10
XaseI have debian to be honest =/20:11
XaseI'm trying to ssh into my ipod20:11
Xasead it's omplaining about it... probably because I downgraded its firmware20:11
GrueMasterI usually just delete the offending key entry.20:13
XaseThat's what I just did.20:14
Xaseman sftp is frustrating20:21
infinityjanimo: The librarian is down.20:21
infinityjanimo: Or, rather, was.  It's being recovered.20:21
janimoinfinity, I had moments today when it worked so I was not sure if it is down or just being flakey atm20:21
janimoit being LP, I do not know of intricacies such as the 'librarian'20:22
infinityjanimo: The librarian is the massive back-end filesystem where large things that aren't database bits are kept.20:22
infinityjanimo: packages, logs, etc.20:22
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