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head_victimGday wilvk 03:45
head_victimFor anyone remotely close to Brisbane, please print a few of these off and paste them up wherever is appropriate - http://spreadubuntu.org/en/material/poster/ubuntu-au-installfest08:24
* benonsoftware would but isn't in Brisbane :)08:26
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head_victimblahdeblah: did you by chance have a monitor amongst that stash you put up the other week?09:23
head_victimI'm getting rid of my entire stash of P4 era stuff making up 2 computers to the best they can be for my nieces and nephews (going to use Edubuntu of course!) and the only thing I'm missing is 2 monitors.09:24
blahdeblahhead_victim: i had a 15" LCD and 19" CRT and someone has asked for them both.  If they don't pick them up by the weekend, you're welcome to them, though.09:24
head_victimAh if they're spoken for that's ok but yeah if they don't get picked up let me know09:25
blahdeblahwill do09:43
blahdeblahhead_victim: Do you still need sponsorship for the installfest?  I haven't had a chance to scratch myself since talking to you, but i'm still willing to help out that way.09:45
head_victimblahdeblah: we gave up on the edge, we've moved to the Brisbane City Council Library in the CBD (it's free). I guess if you wanted to sponsor light refreshments perhaps? Apparently there are tea and coffee making facilities but you have to provide your own tea/coffee. I was just going to buy a jar of coffee and a packet of tea bags. Not sure how much you were wanting to spend.09:47
blahdeblahhead_victim: How much are you likely to spend on that?  I can't conceive it being much...10:03
head_victimReally depends on what we want to serve I guess.10:04
head_victimThat and I don't have the faintest clue how many people will even walk through the door.10:17
blahdeblahhead_victim: Well, name a figure, and i'll probably be happy with it.  If i even get 1 day's work out of it, it's a worthwhile investment of a couple hundred bucks.10:29
jferhead_victim: hi. how is everything going?10:52
head_victimjfer: pretty good, yourself?10:54
jferhead_victim: pretty good things are starting to slow down for the year.10:55
head_victimIs that good or bad?10:55
jferhead_victim: good as it gives me a change to get back to things I want to do rather than the things that I have to do. are you planning on heading to linux.conf.au next year?10:56
head_victimjfer: I'd love to but can't afford the trip so giving it a miss10:56
jferhead_victim: ok. fair enough. I will be there. sounds like they have a pretty good line up as far as talks and speakers goes.10:57
head_victimYeah I've been looking on enviously10:58
jferhead_victim: Well perhaps you will have the chance to catch some of them online or watch them later when the videos go up.10:59
head_victimYep hoping to11:00
head_victimjfer: you're sunshine coast right?11:05
jferyes, that is right.11:05
head_victimComing down for the installfest? :)11:06
jferno sorry.11:06
jferI am having an issue with dual monitors. my secondary monitor on the right is smaller this is causing notify to display partially of the top right of my screen. any suggestions on how to fix this?11:06
head_victimTis ok, just checking.11:07
head_victimjfer: what drivers? WIth nvidia I think you can click and drag the window to the top or bottom of the rhs of the other one11:07
head_victimThat and you can offset it to whatever you want to the pixel11:08
jferhead_victim: how do I offset it?11:08
head_victimIf you open nvidia settings, then go to x server display configuration11:09
head_victimThere you select the monitor you want to adjust (secondary on the right) there should be a "position" that can either be "right of" "left of" "clone" etc but you want the "absolute" option11:10
head_victimThe input box to the right of that allows you to set it to the pixel, eg mine is +1920+0 as my lhs monitor is 1920 wide.11:10
head_victim+1920-100 would be 100 pixels higher, etc.11:11
jferdo you understand what I mean? I am talking about NotifyOSD.11:11
jferrun the following command to see what I mean: notify-send test11:12
blahdeblahjfer: Sunshine Coast, eh?  Know anyone who needs help with Linux & network support up there? :-)11:20
blahdeblah(For money, i mean... ;-)11:20
jferin that case not really.11:21
jferHowever a lot of small businesses on the sunshine coast have rather outdated systems.11:22
blahdeblahThat seems to be the case with a lot of small businesses - if it ain't broke, don't upgrade it.11:22
blahdeblahEven if it's critical and you've got no backups and all of your data is on one 7-year-old hard disk...11:24
head_victimjfer: yeah I was thinking maybe that if the position wasn't right it might cut some off11:24
head_victimThat's the first thing I thought of anyway11:24
jferhead_victim: I am not using the proprietary driver as it didn't work.11:25
jferI am also experiencing issues with workplace switcher with dual monitors. has anyone else had this issue?11:25
sagaciI don't use the workplace switcher/"multiple desktops" or dual monitors11:30
blahdeblahI use dual monitors when it's convenient.  I've had occasional issues with the screen background being offset.  But i use 10.04 LTS with icewm as the window manager, so it's probably a bit different in how it handles it.11:31
blahdeblahWorkspace switching works fine, though.11:31
jferblahdeblah: The issues I am experiencing are with Unity.11:32
blahdeblahAnd the display settings icon in the notification area seems to work all right as well. 11:32
blahdeblahYeah - pretty much everything's different there, i think.11:32
head_victimjfer: sorry mate, that did work for some that had the issue, find a bug for it?11:34
jferI am looking for a bug on launchpad now. I have read a lot of similar issues. Apparently notify osd is meant to be offset by the panel not the viewport so I am not sure where this bug is coming from.11:39
gggsjfer: I've had a fair bit of strife with my dual-screen nv setup, why couldn't you get the proprietory drivers working?12:31
jfergggs: When I used the proprietary driver it said I exceeded the maximum resolution of my graphics card.12:32
gggsmust be big monitors?12:33
jferno. I think it is a driver issue. It works fine with the open driver12:34
jferapart from the other issues12:34

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