macPawnscan i just add it?00:02
philipballew_hey can someone help me compleate this opperation on my system http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1728905 the bottom last post.00:06
philipballew_I want to do that just by editing text files00:07
philipballew_Any help would be hot :)00:08
MaynardJKeenanif I instal the wireless drivers of my laptop through the software center00:19
MaynardJKeenanshould this fix my wireless problems?00:19
bobweaverhello there I was looking aroung the net looking for top ten things to do after install ubuntu install. and Have found some cool stuff. but I guess I would like to hear from you also. Like what do you install after installing ubuntu. also I am having some troubles with my nvidia (02:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: nVidia Corporation C77 [GeForce 8200M G] [10de:0845] (rev a2)) I can not seem to get anything to record the desktop,00:22
bobweavercorrectly that is. also my interneal mic will not work here is alsa for that http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=c862089cec79175cfa218c69e04a720c4460136d00:22
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holsteinbobweaver: i would suggest, if you are new to linux/ubuntu, just choose your battles... maybe pick one thing.. maybe the graphcis card01:20
bobweaverthanks holstein01:20
holsteintheres really no manditory reason to install the nvidia drivers01:20
holsteinunless there is something not working as it should01:21
holsteinfor the mic, i would install pavucontrol01:21
holsteinits like a suped up GUI for pulse (kind of)01:21
bobweaverwill do thanks01:21
holsteini would also run in a terminal...01:21
bobweaverholstein:  I have01:23
holsteinyou can look there at the settings available, and i would tweak them all carefully01:23
bobweaverand slo tried capturing it01:23
holsteini would not trust the labels there01:23
bobweaverlrt me find link to question on fourm01:23
holsteingtk-recordmydesktop is the usual ap01:24
holsteinbobweaver: you've installed pavucontrol?01:25
bobweavernot yet01:27
holsteinbobweaver: is that you're hardware mentioned in that forum post?01:27
holsteindid you run alsamixer?01:27
holsteinhave you tried newer or older kernels or alsa versions?01:27
holsteinthese are the things that will help you trouble shoot...01:28
bobweaverThe following NEW packages will be installed:01:28
bobweaver  pavucontrol01:28
holsteini would also just check for upgrades01:28
bobweaverno I have not ^^01:28
bobweaverI am up to date01:28
holsteinok.. you can always just try live CD's if you are not comfortable messing about with kernels and alsa revs01:29
bobweaverI have also tried kernel from 2.6.3X up01:29
bobweaveroh I am01:29
holsteinbobweaver: open a terminal and run01:29
holsteinaplay -l01:29
bobweaver**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****01:29
bobweavercard 0: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 0: CONEXANT Analog [CONEXANT Analog]01:29
bobweaver  Subdevices: 1/101:29
bobweaver  Subdevice #0: subdevice #001:29
bobweavercard 0: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 3: HDMI 0 [HDMI 0]01:29
bobweaver  Subdevices: 1/101:29
holsteinoutput that to http://paste.ubuntu.com/01:29
bobweaver  Subdevice #0: subdevice #001:29
holsteinok.. NM... next time bobweaver ... output that to http://paste.ubuntu.com/01:30
bobweaversorry will paste >> next time01:30
holsteinok... give me lspci01:30
bobweaverI will get you more01:33
holsteinwow... looks like duanedesign has your hardware, and he is here sometimes01:37
bobweaverthere is some more info that will be more helpful01:42
bobweaverI was looking at fourm and last post says to change some things in  alsa-base.conf is this the modual its self ?/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf01:44
holsteinalso, these days hardware is so cheap, depending on what you are doing, $20 might get you something more friendly, and with better quality01:46
bobweaverI do not have $20.00 usd01:48
bobweaverif I did I would by food :>)01:48
holsteinbobweaver: its a loose suggestion01:49
holsteinyou *can* fix your device... its something that i would need to be in front of to tech it out01:50
holsteinits something that if i were working on it, i would personally ry the knoppix live CD, and the ubuntu 12.04 daily live CD01:50
bobweaverI ran: sudo find / -name  alsa-base.conf   this is all I got /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf01:50
bobweaverdaily builds how to update eachday  ?01:51
bobweaversvn ?01:51
holsteinbobweaver: you just run it live, and see if your hardware works01:52
bobweaverwill do01:52
holsteinif you want to install nad run it, you update just like normal, but i would expect breakage01:52
holsteinthis is one of those battle you are going to have to choose01:53
holsteini mean.. you spend a couple hours, and maybe get closer to getting it to work (or not)01:54
holsteinhours, or maybe days... then, you have your internal mic working...01:54
holstein*any* external mic is going to be better quality, and more appropriate for skype, or making screen casts01:54
bobweaveryes that is true I do have a extrenel mic and it works. I guess that for me it is about learning. I know nothing about sound in gnu/linux01:58
bobweaverbut I would like to make some tutorials. and I can not gtk-record my desktop is real bad will not work. xvidcap works but I only capture 80% max. so sound is way off. After openshot.01:59
holsteinbobweaver: the problem is not that you or i understand linux.. i mean, theres more i could know for sure... the problem is the vendors02:02
bobweaverffmpeg in kde record desktop works but crashs all the time + no mic. So I guess that I would like to have sound and vid at same time to record. Know of Any program for that ?02:02
bobweaver+1 holstein02:02
holsteinall you can really do is 'vote with your wallet'.. buy machine that come with linux.. buy from vendors that support linux02:02
bobweaveryes I got this computer for 80 usd02:03
holsteinrecordmydesktop is the usual tool02:03
bobweaver30 usd for desktop then I traded it on CL for this laptop and had to by HD there is 50 usd so 80 all togeather02:04
bobweaverreboot time02:05
deper29hey guys, I'm having trouble setting up my HDMI sound on my tv. I have a gtx 550 ti video card, and tried following this link but I'm not ending up with any results02:10
deper29might someone be able to help? :)02:11
holsteindeper29: you running 10.10?02:12
holsteincool... i usually just try live CD's to troubleshoot that kind of thing02:13
deper29I came to you guys for help a few weeks ago, we never got it, then I hit midterms, tried reading to do it on my own, now I'm here again02:13
holsteini would get a 12.04 daily02:13
holsteintheres maybe some kernel/alsa config you can come up with that can provide support02:13
holsteinbut, maybe not02:13
deper29I'm unsure :/02:14
deper29I just updated to a 3.0.1 kernel02:14
holsteindeper29: did it break in that upgrade?02:15
holsteinor it never worked, and still doesnt?02:15
deper29no :(02:15
holsteinthen, reving alsa could help02:15
holsteini would like to say, it cant hurt ;)02:15
deper29how would I do that?02:15
holsteinused to be scripts http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=658981002:16
holsteindeper29: for me, its such a non-trivial event, i just test with live CD's02:17
deper29how do I test with live CDs?02:17
deper29I have a 10.04 live cd :P02:17
holsteinjust download and burn it to a DVD, or USB http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/02:18
deper29ah, so you're suggesting to just test out 12.04 occassionally?02:19
holsteindeper29: ?02:19
holsteinim suggesting that you try it... live, just the one time really02:19
holsteinin there will be a different version of ALSA02:19
holsteinand a different kernel02:19
deper29okay, I will boot this from a USB and see how it goes02:19
deper29thanks :)02:19
holsteinif its still broken, i think its safe to assume its not going to be fixed02:20
holsteinby ubuntu that is02:20
deper29kk, that's fair :P02:20
holsteinyou might find a proprietary driver that might work02:20
deper29oh, on that topic02:20
deper29why would those bottom ones appear as not found?02:21
holsteinlooks like that ppa is gone?02:21
deper29can I add it back?02:22
holsteindeper29: like, its down now02:22
holsteindead... maybe02:22
deper29oh, I see02:22
holsteinim not sure whats up with your sources though... dont quote me on it02:22
holsteini would go through my sources list, and make sure all is looking right and working as expected02:22
deper29is it possible to remove it so that doesn't come up every time I apt-get update?02:22
deper29how could I tell?02:23
holsteinyou can do that in 'sources'... you can do that in synaptic02:23
deper29yeah, I'm in sources02:23
deper29but how could I tell if something is up?02:23
holsteinyou can edit the text file... i would give a read to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/CommandLine02:23
holsteinjust to familiarize before you do unecessary damage02:24
holsteinyou can really bork some things02:24
deper29kk, thanks for this :)02:25
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ApOgEEI'm playing with lib source. I did ./configure, make and make install09:11
ApOgEEthen try to use it from other source code09:12
ApOgEEbut the other source code couldn't find the lib09:12
ApOgEEI read that it is about *-dev or *-devel package09:13
ApOgEEbut I install it from source. is there any command like 'make install-devel' or something?09:13
Fathymy Internet connection is completely throated as when i start downloading with transmission i cant do any thing else even browsing any help13:48
Fathynot just transmission but get the idea13:48
geirhaLimit the upload speed13:50
Sidewinder1Fathy, Might it be a port forwarding issue? Or do you think your ISP is throttling the torrent protocol?13:50
Fathyno i tried with windows every thing is ok13:51
Fathyso if it port forwarding how to fix it13:51
Sidewinder1Fathy, Keep in mind that *nix/ubuntu handles porst, quite differently form win.13:51
Sidewinder1ports, even..13:52
Sidewinder1Opening/forwarding ports is rather complicated as it's generally done on your router (, or whatever) first; then you must tell your torrent client which ports to open/listen on...13:54
Sidewinder1Not really a "beginners" issue, IMHO.. :-) But it's all good..13:55
Fathysorry but i but my self under beginners :-)13:55
Sidewinder1Fathy, Also, please keep in mind that I use Vuze, formerly known as azureus; so might not be too much help with transmission.13:56
Sidewinder1But the concepts are still the same. :D13:57
Fathybut i guess its not a torrent client issue because that happens too when i just download some file  with firefox or download manager13:58
Sidewinder1Who is your ISP? Not that that's particularly relevant as ISP.s don't generally throttle torrent protocol, anymore..13:58
Sidewinder1And, what bandwith do they advertise?13:59
Fathy1 megabyte14:00
Fathymy ISP is TEDATA egypt14:03
Sidewinder1Well, that may be the bottleneck; I think I get about 22Mb/sec down; and 14mb/sec, down. I can get a two hour movie, if it's well seeded in less than 10 minutes.. :-) Verizon broadband..14:03
Sidewinder1Not bragging, just saying, that's probably the reason for the slow downloads..14:05
Fathymay be, but are sure about the bragging part :-)14:06
Sidewinder1Fathy, Hey, when I first started I was using a 1200 baud modem! I won't tell you how many years ago, that was. We've come a long way, baby!!! :-)14:10
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coalwateranyone here upto a small grep help15:51
coalwater grep -iF "\s.*:$" test, doesn't match any line15:51
Sidewinder1coalwater, I'd be more than happy to try, but, I stink at CLI. :-(15:54
coalwaterok well, i think i fixed it but i need 1 small change15:55
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coalwater^word$^word$^word$, assume im trying to catch each word between ^ and $, mine catches the first ^ with the last $, i want it to see the ones in the middle15:56
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coalwaterSidewinder1: :)15:57
jlxbHello!  I am new to Ubuntu and in 30 years Ive never used IRC before.  Help I'm stuck!  Anybody know where I should go to get assistance recovering an NTFS file system on a newly installed Ubuntu 11.10 on Dell inspiron 6000?  Thanks19:53
urlin2ujlxb, did you overwrite the ntfs, and are  you using that computer right now?19:54
jlxbNo not on that system...... Yes maybe overwritten or partially.  I can see the file system but with no files/directories.  do you need a short explination?19:56
urlin2ujlxb, details always matter, not sure if I'm the one to help, personally I always have backups just for this sort of occasion.19:57
urlin2ujlxb, the deal here is you see a file system, is it just not showing the files due to maybe needing a chkdsk, or did you actually overwrite it is the question from me.19:58
urlin2ujlxb, you might also try ##windows since it is a ntfs as well.20:00
jlxbI was installing Ubuntu in order to recover a crashed MBR.  I followed directions carefully.  Ubuntu install gave me the option to install alongside of an existing windows install in order to dual boot.  Upon successfull install and reboot there was only one boot option (ubuntu).  from the ubuntu install I can see that it has devided the ntfs file system in order to install - not sure20:02
jlxbif it wacked any files in the ntfs file system.  So ubuntu shows me the ntfs file system but with no files.  Can't figure out if windows xp or any files are actually there or recoverable.  What is ##windows?20:02
urlin2ujlxb, ##windows is the windows irc channel. So your using the ubuntu on the same HD as the XP right? Did you know how many partions were on the HD when you installed the ubuntu?20:05
urlin2ujlxb, you could have recovered the mbr so that XP would have booted without installing Ubuntu, using the Ubuntu live cd as well.20:07
urlin2ujlxb, so can you boot thwe live ubuntu disc on that computer and run this script and pastebin the results text.  http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/20:09
jlxbyes and yes.  there is one additional partition now.  Ubuntu took a single 80gb NTFS partition and devided it into two.  One is labeled as ntfs @ 47gb and the other is ext4 @ 33gb (the new ubuntu install).  I followed the directions to preserve the windows install.  This is what I got.20:10
jlxbI tried do a recovery from the live CD.  It was wicked unstable, slow and such poor color/resolution selection that I could not make out the screen or see anything to control or change it - black screen.20:12
urlin2ujlxb, the more you use that HD that was messed up the less likely you will recover anything, it sounds like you had a max amount of partitions allowed for a single hd which is 4 primaries or 3 primaries and a extended. Hard to say though as I suspect you don't know this limitation hard to tell from my end.20:12
urlin2ujlxb, the mbr replacement you would have used is lilo does this sound familiar?20:13
urlin2unot grub20:13
urlin2uwithout a ubuntu install but just to boot xp.20:14
jlxbThere were 3 total to start with.  There are now 4 total including 2 that are factory installed to hold Dell diagnostics and installation media.  The only option dell gives is a distructive re-install20:15
jlxbLilo option did not present itself20:15
urlin2ujlxb, you probably had 4 but 3 if you did not add the extended to put ubuntu in could cause this problem. Lilo would not present itself you have to know how to just install it.20:16
jlxbI have seen and used lilo in other linux installs.  I did not see any option in the ubuntu install.  This system will not boot from an XP home or pro install CD - go figure.  It would boot from Ubuntu20:17
urlin2ujlxb, ho9w long have you been using the ubuntu on this hd?20:17
jlxbit has been on for 24 hours - nothing new written to the drive since install20:17
jlxbI am suprised it did not give me the lilo option as I followed the path that said go this route for a dual boot.20:19
urlin2ujlxb, lilo is in the repo and not part of any install, you would have just put it in the mbr and booted XP. YOu could look at testdisk but I would curb your hope here, and in the future clone your installs.  http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk  Check on the ##windows channel as well maybe there are recovery apps they would know about as well.20:21
jlxbIt would not boot from an Ubuntu usb stick either - even though the notebook is supposed to support it.20:22
urlin2ujlxb, you can always boot a workable cd or usb if you know the key prompts to get to the outside of the bios boot from menu.20:22
urlin2ujlxb, the method of changing the bios to read a cd or usb first does not always work so knowing this other menu and the key/keys to prompt at powering on are the key.20:23
jlxbI do not.   The notebook alows for usb and or cd boot but I could not get it to boot from any Windows cd or any USB boot stick.  It would boot from the ubuntu live cd - what gives?20:24
urlin2ujlxb, not sure to many variables there, we don't guess generally if we can avoid it.20:25
jlxbIf I understand you correctly... I know exactly how to get the pc to boot from alternate media - it just would not allow it after perhaps dozens of attempts20:25
urlin2ujlxb, are you familiar with the out of the bios not in the bios boot from menu, on my computer a acrer d250 netbook it is f12 at powering on the Ubuntu cd says to try f12 on the gui as it comes on if you look carefully.20:27
urlin2ujlxb, you have a very short time there though.20:27
jlxbRehtorical question - Why would Ubuntu not tell me that it had chossen a destructive install path when it gave me the option to do a non-destructive install?    Yes, am familiar,  it is f12 on the dell as well.  When using windows based boot media or any usb  - it would not boot.  When using Ubuntu cd it booted instantly.20:30
urlin2ujlxb, as far as the ubuntu telling you a destructive install will happen you have to have recognize that it did what you asked but you asked mistakenly I suspect.20:32
urlin2ujlxb, a install disc can't tell which NTFS is a operating system it just see partition types.20:32
urlin2ujlxb, sorry to hear that this happened though, I would never do a sise by side when you can do a custom and make sure you are in full control.20:34
jlxbPerhaps you are correct. Never above stupid user mistakes.  The problem almost always between the chair and keyboard.Ubuntu disk diagnostics it indicates the NTFS file system is not clean but shows no files/dir.20:34
urlin2ujlxb, you might look at the testdisk option I have seen people get full recoveries at least claim to but I have never actually used it. There are windows based apps I have seen suggested on the windows channel as well. I just clone stuff I lost a bit of music once that is all it took for me to always backup and clone now when needed.20:36
jlxbI have downloaded a copy of testdisk and will give a whirl. At this point I can only use it under linux/ubuntu.  Will try to run it off a cd.    This pc came from off my network - thats what I get for trying to help a friend.  Wait till he learns he lost 5 years of his precious email20:43
jlxbThanks all for your assistance20:46
urlin2ujlxb, you should only be using the testdisk from a live cd your trying to recover area that ubuntu us now in if i understand you correctly. Your friend should be backed up anyway clonezilla a open source cloner is free and easy to use.20:46
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