bdmurrayjibel: written thanks!00:28
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bkerensabdmurray: I found the problem.... So the FF extension is not supported by FF9 which is the version available in Precise ;)10:10
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trijntjeHi all, how can I submit an apport-report to an existing bug?11:19
micahgtrijntje: apport-collect BUGNUMBER11:24
trijntjemicahg: thanks, but it looks like more people have reported this problem already, I've found 4 very similar bug reports about it11:26
micahgtrijntje: what type of bug?11:26
trijntjesegfault in gnome-terminal11:26
micahgah, ok, yeah, well see if any are missing information11:27
trijntjemicahg: I think not, they were both reported by apport, so they should have all information right?11:30
micahgtrijntje: automated information maybe, sometimes triagers as for more11:31
trijntjeso far nothing, I guess someone will look at them eventually and notice the duplicates11:32
trijntjemicahg: thanks for your help, it looks like all info is already present on launchpad, so I wont be submitting anything after all11:41
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bdmurraybkerensa: yes, I saw that but if stock replies isn't working as a greasemonkey script its not likely to work in the extension15:28
bil21alhelo how to install adobe flash player through terminal software center is not working in precise16:50
bil21alany suggession16:50
iktbil21al: sudo apt-get install adobe-flas17:08
bil21alikt:terminal is saying unable to locate  adobe-flash17:11
bil21alwhat to do?17:12
icerootbil21al: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-downloader17:47
bdmurraybkerensa: I'm waiting for a new version of firefox-lp-improvements to build that will work in Precise19:07
bil21albdmurray: thanks for confirming the libreoffice bug22:23
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