DarwinSurvivorhas anyone here had issues with gnome-terminal not redrawing properly?00:43
FiReSTaRTDarwinSurvivor: terminal? no.. but i've had shell crashy crashy segfault issues (open bug)03:39
FiReSTaRTdownloading xfce just to try it out... my lappy is borderline too old for modern gnome :(03:40
willwh FiReSTaRT try lubuntu (lxde)05:44
willwhrunning it on my thinkpad - it's nice.05:44
FiReSTaRTwillwh: my comp is still OK with gnome and could probably handle the next revision, but i'm liking what i see in xfce.. might even keep it if i can figure out how to make the windows snap to the "top" bottom bar instead of the bottom one :P08:45
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BluesKajHiyas all13:58
FiReSTaRThey BluesKaj15:21
BluesKajhi FiReSTaRT15:24
FiReSTaRTwhat's shakin :)15:25
BluesKajodd , the tab for #ubuntu-ca here , just changed to just ubuntu15:26
FiReSTaRTno idea... im currently focused on properly tweaking xfce :)15:27
BluesKajI have a not so new beta version of konversation 1.4 and it's acting up renaming chatroom tabs and duplicating them ...not serious but odd anyway15:37
BluesKajthis client has been in beta for over a yr now , perhaps the devs should move on to debug finish this version15:39
willwhdscassel: around?17:08
BluesKajhe's in the nicklist , willwh :)17:09
willwhdscassel: I reinstalled - no more encrypted home partition17:18
willwhgood bye silly screen issues :P17:18
BluesKajwillwh, isn't there a method to selectively encrypt certain data , and not all that resides on the partition?17:30
willwhthis is a little webdev box in my house though17:33
willwhI really have no need for encryption17:33
willwhall the code on there is hosted on github anyway :)17:33
BluesKajgithub..ok , tried some git versions of apps , but cmake doesn't come with ./configure files anymore so i get no target errors when I run "make" . Obviously I don't have a lot of experience compiling from source, but I no longer know what to do about this problem. afaik ai have all the right apps/libs installed for build-essential, make , cmake and mercurial.17:43
BluesKajso what am I missing or not doing correctly, willwh ?17:44
willwhBluesKaj: well17:52
willwhI'd need to see the app :)17:52
willwhI mean - I am working with node.js a lot now17:52
willwhyou simply do; git clone https://github.com/joyent/node17:52
willwhcd node17:53
willwhmake install17:53
willwhone more step, after you cd node, git checkout v0.6.417:53
willwhthat could be your prob BluesKaj - you are probably cloning the master repo - which doesn't have a current release17:53
willwhyou need to just cd <yourdir> && git checkout <push tab a bit to see all possible checkout versions>17:54
BluesKajthat's java stuff you're referring to ..I'm talking about git versions of apps like google earth17:56
BluesKajwhy would I need to cd into my dir , isn't that ~/ which is the current prompt in the terminal ?17:58
willwhBluesKaj: ohh18:05
willwhI haven't tried compiling google earth18:05
willwhI could though :)18:06
willwhalso - node is server side javascript18:06
willwhit's written in C tho18:06
BluesKajdunno anything about C ..i'm a user not a coder18:08
BluesKajthink I'll break a rule and crosspost this in #ubuntu18:09
willwhBluesKaj: can you link me the google earth repo you are using?18:14
willwhso I can clone and try and compile?18:14
BluesKajwillwh, I can't find it anymore , forgot ..it was one of the git repos18:20
BluesKajwillwh, it's no big deal , I use google maps instead , it's practically as good18:30
BluesKajbesides google earth hasn't worked properly on this pc in ages , since 10.10 , lsb-core not18:36
BluesKajor not18:37
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dscasselwillwh: So you've got irssi logs now?19:48
willwhyar never a problem19:50
willwhit must be something to do with the /home partition encryption19:50
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dscasselOdd. I don't encrypt, but I'm still not getting logs.21:02
dscasselI should probably try debugging my config again.21:02
dscassel(Mind you, this channel's logged by bots, and it's the only one I worry about missing things in)21:03

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