ScottLdoctormon, i have a spec for the ubuntu studio artwork stuff that shnatsel talked about00:03
ScottLdoctormon, why are you going to england?  are you originally from the UK?00:04
popeyhe owns a bowler hat, he must be00:17
PiciYeah, the tea and hat are rather good indications00:20
akgranerScottL, if you write about Studio and it hits the planet we usually include it - or you can blog and just drop us the link if you prefer00:31
akgranerScottL, do you all have weekly Studio meetings?  If so can you drop us the link  -- we are including a section with the official flavors meetings now00:33
ScottLakgraner, we try to have weekly meeting with limited success, but i can start shooting you links though :)00:55
akgranerScottL, Thanks a million! :-)00:55
doctormonAlanBell: Yeah will be great.02:22
doctormonScottL: Sounds good, send a bell into #ubuntu-design esp. at the next meeting on wed02:29
ScottLdoctormon, aye :)02:30
head_victimAnyone know a good contact for OpenStack in the Ubuntu/Canonical world?03:29
mhall119head_victim: jcastro perhaps03:31
head_victimmhall119: cheers, I'm about to send something to the juju list as well I think. I've had a request from an openstack user group in my country for someone to speak about it or juju from Canonical's perspective so trying to figure out where to start looking03:33
mhall119akgraner: thanks for the mention in UWN!04:05
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akgranerjono you still around06:05
jonoakgraner, I am06:05
akgranerI'm going to CC you in on a email thread b/c clearly I am not in a position to deal with it06:05
akgranerI I think if I add anything else to the conversation it will just make it worse06:06
jonono worries akgraner06:08
jonohappy to help06:08
jonoakgraner, btw, I have been making a point of posting UWN to our social networks, I hope it helps to get more readers and attract participants06:09
akgranerjono, it does!  IS had to tweak the servers to deal with increased traffic :-)  so thank you and everyone else who helps as well :-)06:10
jonoakgraner, do you have a wiki page I can point people to if they want to participate?06:11
jonohttp://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate ?06:11
jonohttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Join ?06:12
akgranerI need to update that - we are revamping all our wiki pages this cycle06:12
jonoI will use that link06:13
akgraneryou are cc'd to the thread - with my apologies in advance06:13
jonodo you have an IRC channel for the UWN team?06:13
jono#ubuntu-news ?06:13
jonoakgraner, np on the thread06:14
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akgranerjono let me send you the email that kicked all of this off  - I think it's be cut off..sigh06:16
jonoakgraner, pleia2 http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/12/06/thanks-ubuntu-weekly-news-team/06:18
akgranerjono, thanks a million!06:19
jonothanks to you!06:19
jonoI would like to gather some input from you folks on building Experience Teams07:16
jonosee http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/12/06/creating-experience-teams/ for more07:16
czajkowskijono: go to bed07:28
czajkowskiit's odd seeing you up when I'm up my dear :)07:28
jonothanks czajkowski :-)07:29
jononight, all!07:29
bkerensajono: You ask for feedback and you get it07:29
dholbachgood morning08:10
dpmgood morning dholbach08:11
dpmmorning all08:11
dholbachhey dpm08:12
dpmhey :)08:14
bkerensajcastro: Your Unity Developer Q+A on #ayatana Dec 9th is that 7pm UTC or?08:21
czajkowskibkerensa: *usally* all events are advertised as UTC08:37
alouriegood morning08:42
bkerensagood morning alourie09:35
pangolinWhat channel does someone join if they want to get help on making ubuntu work on a tablet?13:14
nigelbI don't think such a channel exists, there aer only mailing lists I believe.13:14
pangolinyou happen to know which?13:14
pangolinsomeone asking about Ubuntu on  Motorola xoom tablet13:15
pangolinyou ROCK nigelb13:15
nigelbpopey: ^ Any extra comments. :)13:15
nigelbbah, AlanBell ^13:16
nigelbSorry, wrong Alan :)13:16
nigelbThere seems to be https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-tablet as well.13:17
pangolinthank you much nigelb, that should get them started :)13:18
popeythere is #ubuntu-tablet ☺13:27
nigelbI knew one of you'd know :)13:28
pangolinthanks popey13:29
mhall119pangolin: you might also want to join #ubuntu-tv and #ubuntu-phone13:45
mhall119there's a lot of overlap in concepts13:45
pangolinI'll let the user know. thanks.13:47
popeypangolin: might want to let the user know that pressing the 'contact team' button in launchpad isnt the best thing to do13:59
akgranerjcastro you around?  Do you have like 10 minutes I need to talk to you about an Ubuntu User Interview :-)14:02
alouriehello there15:27
jonodholbach, dpm meeting time?16:00
dpmjono, yes16:01
dpmstrangely enough, it's not on my calendar this week16:01
jonodholbach, you here too?16:01
jonohere he is :-)16:01
dpmdholbach, do you mind going first with the notes? I'm writing mine as I speak :)16:01
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jono#meetingname Canonical Community Team Meeting16:02
meetingologyThe meeting name has been set to 'canonical_community_team_meeting'16:02
dholbach_yes, hang on16:02
dholbach_ - News Team: advertised news submission again, had a team call, published another update, team organisation.16:02
dholbach_do I need to wait for some other meetingology magic to happen? ;)16:02
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dholbachperhaps I should start again for the notes?16:03
jonodholbach, yes please16:03
dholbach - News Team: advertised news submission again, had a team call, published another update, more team organisation.16:03
dholbach - Advisory Team: had a call, more team organisation, still problems with stats/reports infrastructure, but almost there.16:03
dholbach - CC: Edubuntu Council reelection - also had a meeting with our first team catch-up: Edubuntu Council! It was pretty awesome!16:04
dholbach - ARB: discussion about statistics in myapps. Discussions about workflow with the ARB. Got read access to new queue.16:04
dholbach - Upgraded to precise. Helped debug a few kernel issues. WHEEEE!16:04
dholbach - Dev outreach: discussions with Linux Magazine about article series, enquiry from The Register about last development update.16:05
dholbach - Clarifying Platform/App dev: more discussions, going to write a longer blog entry, progress on renaming the guide.16:05
dholbach - Admin: dealt with some weird German employee form.16:05
dholbachDone :)16:05
jonoand all forms in Germany weird? :-)16:05
dholbachjono, yes and very complicated, this one was really weird - try translating my job title into a different language and see how I struggled16:06
jonodholbach, fun fun fun16:06
dholbachbut they said they can only pay me if I submit it, so I tried a bit harder ;-)16:06
jonodholbach, so what is the deal with the news team?16:06
dholbachjono, bkerensa and Alexander Vincent from AU (yes, we cover ALL timezones) both agreed to help out with compiling weekly dev news16:07
jonooh cool16:07
dholbachwe had a call, we set up google docs to organise our news sources and to write up the updates together16:07
jonosounds great16:07
dholbachand we started putting together a list of people we want to interview16:07
dholbachwe started slowly, but we're making progress16:07
dholbachit's good fun :)16:07
jonogreat stuff :-)16:08
jonoany questions for dholbach ?16:08
jonoI guess that is a no16:08
* dholbach curtseys16:08
jonoalrighty, dpm, you are up16:08
czajkowskithank you dholbach16:09
* jono hi-fives dholbach16:09
dpmok, bear with me, I'm writing the notes right now16:09
dpm* Set up metrics for the app developer community growth items we're measuring this cycle16:09
dpm* Several talks with dholbach, the ARB and the MyApps team regarding statistics and making the ARB queue public16:10
jonodpm, slacker16:10
* dpm kicks err... hugs jono16:10
cjohnstonjono still misspells my name. :(16:10
dpm* Helped the Italian translation team get the sources to translate a Canonical document ('Successful Ubuntu migration')16:11
dpm* Wrote a blog post with an overview of the Ubuntu App Developer communication resources16:11
mhall119cjohnston: he's just using the British spelling16:11
dpm* Set up a new time for translations calls to accomodate more participation16:11
jonocjohnston, oops16:11
dpm* Talked to the CC about adding the translations portal and app developer site feeds to Planet Ubuntu - the answer was yes16:12
dpmThere might have been other things, but I think these were the main topics16:13
jonothanks dpm16:13
jonoany questions for dpm?16:13
dholbachnot from me16:14
dholbachjust wanted to say that it's good fun to work with dpm together on the app review story16:14
jonono jorge today, he is on vacation16:14
jonocool :-)16:14
jonoI will go next16:14
* dpm hugs dholbach, ;)16:14
jonoso, the caveat here is that I am full of cold, and feel like crap16:15
jonoso get out your tiny violins please16:15
mhall119better than the other way around?16:15
czajkowskijono: stop staying up so late!16:15
jonomhall119, LOL16:15
jonoczajkowski, I wish I didn't need to16:15
jono * Finalizing metrics with dpm for the app dev work.16:15
dholbacho/~   ~\o16:15
jono * Finalizing metrics with dholbach and dpm for the ARB work.16:16
jonothese metrics are going to be important for us to drive growth16:16
jonothanks to dholbach and dpm for focusing on this16:16
jono * Continuing to review UDS content.16:16
jonofollowing up with folks regarding this16:16
jonothanks czajkowski for sending the LC content16:16
jono * Keynoted the Qt Dev Days 2011 event in San Francisco. Meeting with Nokia around Qt integration in Ubuntu.16:17
jonomeeting seemed to go pretty well16:17
jonothere was a lot of excitement about Ubuntu there16:17
jonoI basically summarized the work going on between the two communities16:17
jonothe meeting was good - David Pitkin (head of Consumer Apps) and I met them16:17
jonoalthough we were a little outnumbered...there was like 8 Nokia people in the meeting :-)16:18
jono * Followed up and started building a reqs document around Qt needs in Canonical.16:18
jonothis was more about collating together our strategy16:18
jonostrategically Canonical has an interest in Qt (e.g. the Unity 2D) work, but the reqs for Qt were not really articulated all that well so I kicked this off yesterday16:18
jono * Continued hiring for the QA Community Coordinator role - zoning in on a candidate.16:19
jonoI hope to get this finalized in the next few days16:19
jono * Planning the rally in January in Budapest.16:19
jonoBudapest is going to be *cold* in Jan16:20
jonobut the smell of burning keyboards should keep us warm16:20
jono * Discussed with the rest of the mgrs the rest of the fiscal year and budgeting.16:20
jono * 12.04 plan on-going: the team is in good shape, burndown looking good.16:20
jonothis is when things start ramping down, so I am pleased with the progress being made16:21
jono * Helped Will Cooke to develop a strategy for the Ubuntu on TV community.16:21
jonoWill is a great person to be involved in this work16:21
mhall119lots of good discussion goinng on around that16:21
mhall119in #ubuntu-tv16:21
jonoand he is passionate to work with the community16:21
jono * Upgraded to 12.04.16:21
mhall119what's his nick?16:21
jonoall seems fine so far16:21
jonomhall119, willcooke16:21
* mhall119 apologizes for hijacking16:21
jonohey, no worries, mhall119, that is what this meeting is for :-)16:22
jonoand that's m16:22
jonoany questions for me?16:22
czajkowskijono: did someone replace CHarleS16:22
jonoczajkowski, charlieS16:22
czajkowskiI ask as he used to be the contact for the LC when we needed to escaled things16:22
czajkowskiyes sorry CharlieS16:22
mhall119czajkowski: elmo has taken over his position, IIRC16:23
jonoI know they are looking for someone new16:23
czajkowskijust we're back to chasing tickets from October again. will poke elmo thanks16:23
jonoczajkowski, poke elmo and let me know if you have issues16:23
jonoI will see what I can do to help16:24
czajkowskichers. I may go to millbank loaded with cookies and coffee :)16:24
jonocool :-)16:24
jonoalright, any further business?16:24
dholbachnot from me16:24
jonoalourie, shoot16:25
alouriehow was the 12.04 upgrade?16:25
jonoalourie, fine16:25
jonoeveryone works pretty well here16:25
alouriehm, ok :-)16:25
alourieI'll take kernel panic issues where they belong then :-)16:26
jonoalright, I guess that is a wrap16:26
dholbachjono, did the kernel patch work for you?16:26
jonodholbach, didn't try it yet16:26
jonothanks for the pointer though, dholbach16:27
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meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Dec  6 16:27:35 2011 UTC.16:27
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-community-team/2011/ubuntu-community-team.2011-12-06-16.02.moin.txt16:27
jonothanks everyone!16:27
* alourie needs to read backlog now16:28
akgranerThis is cool and what a way to use Ubuntu - The Animals House of the Rising Sun Old School Computer Remix - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w68qZ8JvBds&sns=em17:06
dholbachalrightie - I call it a day - dinner with my sister and brother now - see you tomorrow :)17:52
mhall119dpm: ping19:49
dpmhey mhall119, I'm about to go, but if I can help, just let me know and I'll try to come back to you tomorrow or later on19:59
mhall119dpm: I saw wunderlist on the top 10 free downloads20:04
mhall119but it's not in software center for me20:04
mhall119nor even apt-get installable20:04
mhall119was wondering what the story was, it is only in 11.04 or 12.04 or something?20:04
mhall119nvm, I'm reading their blog now, and people in the comments are saying it's not available in 11.1020:07
mhall119wow, so an app that's only available in Precise made it to the top 10?20:08
mhall119or maybe it's only for < 11.10....20:09
nigelbwunderlist is a pretty aweomse app I've heard.20:09
dpmmhall119, it's only available in natty and maverick - https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/natty/wunderlist/. The top 10 downloads list was counted across releases20:19
dpmmhall119, the reason why it's not available I think it's because appcelerator is not available in Oneiric yet, but jpugh should be able to give you more details if you're interested20:19
dpmjpugh is zoopster on #ubuntu-app-devel20:20
mhall119yeah, john's in my loco, I know him20:38
mhall119thanks dpm20:38
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