dumb1224Hi, how can I suspend when using a WM like openbox? without root passwd? uPower?12:12
moylanyou're in late22:56
airurandohey moylan23:00
airurandoworked mon tue23:00
airurandooff wed thurs :)23:00
airurandohow are you moylan?23:00
moylantime to put on the combat boots and crimbo shop? :-D23:00
moylangetting by.  did you see xtravisions android for €100?23:01
* airurando shudders at the thought :(23:01
airurandonot the android23:01
airurandomore the crimbo shopping23:01
airurandoand no i didn't23:02
moylanonly negative i can see is no mention of market place.  might be locked down as archos has a history of that23:03
airurandovery interesting23:05
moylanjust that a few months ago a lot of stories around the hp tablet were focused on android tablets would only suceed when £200 tablets were common and here we are with 100 versions around23:05
moylanapple will keep the high end but their dominance in this market is over.23:06
moylanfor the price of their cheapest you can carry 5 7" tablets.  that's 50 hours of battery life if toy wanted...23:08
moylanthough you'd look a bit silly with 5 tablets23:08
airurandobut android will always suffer/benefit from maannnnyyyyy hardware variants.23:08
airurando7" min23:08
moylani'd rather schools bought android than ipads for students23:09
moylanone is a open and encourages creative minds and the other is an ipad23:10
airurandomy daughter is involved with a north/south project called dissolving boundries23:11
moylannow if we can only get past the dublin accents! :-D23:11
airurandoa wiki is involved23:11
airurandomy daughter Orla doesn't have a dub accent!23:12
airurandoding pics to the wiki was interesting23:12
airurandoloads of licensing options23:12
airurandoincluding all the cc23:13
* airurando haad a very interesting discussion with orla about the licensing options23:13
moylanwell she can learn a valuable lesson today.  even zuckerburgs private images were leaked.  what goes on the internet stays on the internet.  http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=331865223:15
airurandoI chatted with her about http://creativecommons.org/licenses/23:19
airurandomade some heradway23:19
airurandobrought it to the attention of her teacher23:20
airurandowas met by a blank face....23:20
moylannow THAT is useful.  if the teacher listens that is...23:20
airurandosent a hardcopy of the page to the teacher23:20
airurandobut fear it was ignored23:21
airurandothe project is run through NUI maynooth23:21
moylanthere was great article recently about an american school that saved a few thousand dollars by creating its own school books.23:21
moylanwell the price of school books is silly.  and they are changed minutely every 2-3 years so that used ones lose their resale value23:23
airurando2-3 years? 2-3 mins in my opinion23:23
airurandoI hear ya23:23
moylanand stick an electronic version on a €100 ebook reader with e-ink and save the kids a hernia23:24
airurandoyou speak logic23:26
airurandobut logic currently does not prevail23:26
moylanthe problem is they are using logic to fix a human problem.  they need to use bribery.  ie. any budget saved on books goes to teachers resources in class.23:28
moylanmake a teachers job easier and they are motivated to try23:28
airurandoif only it were that simple23:29
airurandoit is23:29
airurandobut if only (riddled with sarcasm)23:30
airurandomoylan: you are preaching to the converted23:41
airurandohow can this achyieve critical mass?23:41
airurandothat appears to be the perenial problem.23:43
moylanwell with the recession more and more parents will struggle to pay for school materials.  this is the opportunity to reach them if it saves them money with little effot23:44
airurandolol. I know the effects of the recession.23:45
airurandofor the first time in 6 years I've talked to my wife about returning to work23:45
airurandomoylan; how do you fignt against the norm?23:46
airurandoeventhough the norm is wrong.23:47
moylanhumour is the best weapon, for me.  example: http://twitter.com/#!/angryearthling/status/144201042077302785/photo/123:47
airurandowithout even looking at it i agree.23:47
airurandohumour is a great weapon!23:48
airurandodahm we are at level 4???????23:49
moylani would have put us above italy myself23:49
airurandowe have " the referendum"23:50
airurandoI'd place us at the top tier!23:50
moylanoh yes, lets get rid of the seanad.  that will help.  then the politicians will have no one looking over their shoulders23:50
airurandonot a chance any REFERENDUM will pass23:51
airurandoSEANAD WILL NOT GO23:51
moylanthey can always manourvre a few crises or scandals before it to help.  also a release of how much it costs won't help the seanad23:52
airurandochecks and balances23:52
moylanthat's the whole point of the seanad23:52
airurandos3eanad will not go IMO23:52
* airurando must go to bed as there are kids to be dealt with in the morning23:55
airurandogreat kids btw.....23:56

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