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RodrigoJimmyGreetings my friends! I'd like to personalize the boot and installer process of ubuntu server. Change boot menu options, set default idiom, set default partition schema, and so on. What's the best way? Changing iso contents em regererate ISO by mkisofs or genisofs? or change debian-cd and debian-installer packages to do this? Or neither?13:05
RodrigoJimmyps: sorry about my english13:05
ogra_you should be able to do most of that by using a preseed file13:06
RodrigoJimmyogra_: thanks! And about change boot menu options and gfx logo?13:07
ogra_well, that might take some more effort ... i think there are wikipages (likely outdated though) about modifying images13:07
RodrigoJimmyogra_: with pressed I can set default answers for debian installer, and some other things13:08
ogra_right, i.e. the partition scheme13:08
RodrigoJimmyogra_: yes, I saw some like that: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization13:09
ogra_right, that should give the right hints13:09
RodrigoJimmyBut I'd like to change color schema of debian-installer too13:10
RodrigoJimmyI don't know where I should change debian-installer13:10
RodrigoJimmyin initrd of a ISO CD, or in debian-cd package or debian-installer package and later regenerate ISO by debian-cd scripts13:11
RodrigoJimmybecause debian-installer leaves in initrd of a ISO cd13:12
ogra_it used to be in some gfxboot-theme-* package in the past iirc13:14
ogra_not sure thats still true though, i havent touched that area in a long time, others might be better to comment here13:14
RodrigoJimmyhmm, right. And after I change the packages, like gfxboot-theme-*, what I supposed to do? Wher a shuld put the new packages that I changed?13:16
RodrigoJimmythat's one of my big doubts13:17
RodrigoJimmylol, this is a big picture: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Installer/Development13:23
RodrigoJimmyogra_: thanks for the help, you gave me a North.13:30

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